I’se Gotz Keey-uds tah Feed, Man!

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Maggots upset dat dey EBT cards not bees workin’

Fedez has six kids. And she expects you to feed them.

Why is it that these parasites are entitled to open-ended, unconditional access to other people’s resources? They expect to be cared for like children? Why not demand they be treated like children? That is, required to obey certain rules, such as use birth control (or get your tubes tied)?

These people aren’t victims – they’re victmizers.

It’s time to cut ’em off.

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  1. If you refuse to live for these fucking maggots, a terrorist in a government costume will kidnap you at gun point and lock you in a cage for 10 years. We can only hope that all tax-taker terrorists fucking STARVE.

  2. Like the unevolved infantile socialist maggots of Europe…Be a single mom with three kids and your living standard is higher than a degreed Engineer. You have to be THE.GREATEST.FOOL.ON.EARTH to work for a living in Europe.

  3. Alas, the suffering the disadvantaged must endure as a result of this cruel, Republican-mandated government shutdown! Oh, the humanity!! 😉

    Saw a sign in Atlanta Bread Company yesterday saying they were offering discounts for federal workers who’d been furloughed. I almost lost my lunch.

      • 8, you could run a blue plate special for furloughed feds: Week old bread and fish heads $12.95. trade for .40 cal. S&W semi-autos or whatever other arms they were issued.

        • Ed, “Furloughed” for me and you=hit the soup kitchen, start selling your shit, for them=take a vacation, full pay+”dangerous duty pay”+”dependent pay”

          • All the more reason for a Cops-only Blue Plate Special.
            Lots of high-quality foods – all sweetened with antifreeze…

            Go with a smile…

    • Great “furlough special” ideas. @Jean: Let’s throw in a big piece of Grandma’s famous Prestone Pecan Pie for the Boys in Blue! On the house!

      @8: Dead on. In fact, I read on Lew Rockwell that the Congressional Republicans passed something to provide full back pay to those few tax ticks who really have been furloughed. So it really IS a paid vacation. Ugh.

      • Yeah – but you HAD to know how the theatre was going to pay out, right?
        We know the Guv’ners always think THEY are the PRODUCTIVE class…
        They are the Thin Yellow Line between Order and Chaos…
        And with the 2000 Flushes Blue Line brigade, they’ll keep all us Tax Cows in the Milking Pen forever. Because we tax cattle wouldn’t know what’s good for us if it jumped up and bit us on the tits… Er, Udders.

        To borrow a line, from Hatari (John Wayne, on the African Safari) – The crew has “adopted” an elephant baby. They obtain goats to provide milk for said baby.
        “Pockets… What are you trying to do?” (JW)
        “I’m gonna milk this goat.”
        “That’s the wrong type of goat….” (JW)

        Yeah… Makes for comedy there, turns out goats and elephants don’t get along too well…
        Here? Well, I am the Walrus… But working to correct that. 😉
        Pink Elephants on parade, gonna break that whole milking pen to splinters!!!

      • @Robert – The Repubs will cave, just like last time. It is the “elephant-donkey” musical redux theater for the prols. Otherwise the Repubs wouldn’t get a single vote in 2016. Must keep the illusion game going.

        • Just like the Atlas Shrugged lines peppered throughout the book:
          “But Ms. Tagart, we tried, we couldn’t help it!” and “It isn’t our fault!”
          Man, she knew what she was talking about.

      • Robert, you take a Hyponex syphon, rig it with a small barb on each end for a keg line, drop it’s suction line into a bottle of cyanide at the cop bar. It’s fast. More cops show up, call the EMT’s, have a free beer while waiting. More cops come in, call the EMT’s, have a free beer while waiting…….Then the feds show up cause they got their ’emergency’ checks while waiting on regular back pay, OT and unnecessary suffering pay, call the EMT’s and suck down a free cold one…….Of course I don’t really mean that since I don’t think a Hyponex syphon would deliver on that low pressure….unless of course your suction line was attached to a pump up sprayer…….available at WM for $16, less in non-growing season…….

    • @Robert – Don’t be fooled. They had too much flower and “day old” inventory. They just decided to get some mileage and maybe a new customer or two out of it.

  4. Isn’t it funny how anyone who complains about people like that being a leech on society are immediately shouted down as “hating children” or “never having walked in that person’s shoes”?

    Isn’t it also funny how those doing the shouting down never seem to mention donating to a food bank or other charitable NGO? It shows the mindset that taking care of the poor and hungry is the government’s job. Merely being “okay” with being taxed for it is charity enough in their mind. Naturally, there are exceptions to everything but everybody knows at least one like this.

  5. Last week I met a coworker for lunch. We were walking downtown and passed the Elk’s lodge (or was it the Moose?). Anyway, this brought up a discussion of the charitable faternal orginaizations that used to be a source of assistance to those in need. People were encouraged to join these organizations as a right of passage and to remind men of their duty to their fellow man. The sheer number of buildings, in towns all over the US, that have the letters “IOOF,” for International Order of Odd Fellows, for example, is proof of the strength of these organizations.

    People joined and were active in these clubs, not because they were compelled to, but because they felt it was their duty to help their fellow man. Once the Great Society programs were put in place (and similar programs in socialist Europe), that duty was lifted and the fraternal societies whithered. Once the average man was disconnected from assisting the poor (and no longer felt the tax system was fair), the poor became demonized or at least dehumanized (which explains some of the unfortunate comments here).

    I’m sure there were always people who didn’t want to assist their fellow man, but poverty in the US was on a steady decline until the 1960s, where it became frozen and entrenched as a normal part of society. The replacement of charity by the government is one of the fundimental shifts in society that truly harms us all at a fundimental level and stratifies the classes, creating a dependent class and vilifying the middle class for resenting the transfer of tax revenue. Not to mention the insentive of government workers to keep people in the system for job security.

    What’s truly sad is there’s plenty of evidence that the only fix is to eliminate it. We in the US have shown time and time again that we’re ready, willing and able to help out others in time of need, but the answer again and again from media is big government is the only way. I say just look at the results, seek out the true history and compare the two systems. I’ll bet I can figure out the more effective solution.

    • @Eric G – It wasn’t a purposeful shift was it?
      The premise of the Cloward-Piven collective/anti-capitalist gospel decried “individual mobility and achievement,” celebrated organized labor, fostered the principle that “if each finally found himself in the same relative economic relationship to his fellows … all were infinitely better off.”

      The duo taught that if you flooded the welfare rolls and bankrupted the cities and ultimately the nation, it would foster economic collapse, which would lead to political turmoil so severe that socialism would be accepted as a fix to an out-of-control set of circumstances.

      The idea was that if people were starving and the only way to eat was to accept government cheese, rather than starve, the masses would agree to what they would otherwise reject. In essence, for the socialist-minded, the Cloward-Piven strategy is a simple formula that makes perfect sense; the radical husband-and-wife team had Saul Alinsky as their muse, and they went on to teach his social action principles to a cadre of socialist-leaning community organizers, one of whom was Barack Obama.


      It seems like a consistent thread of Big Government horror stories that pricey government programs with large volumes of participation tend to assume a ridiculous amount of good faith and honesty, when instead they should be assuming large-scale organized fraud. The ruling is careless to the point of carefree negligence with our money… but grows absolutely enraged when asked to cut spending, or when its demands for more tax revenue are rebuffed. It is increasingly difficult to escape the conclusion that much of this “carelessness” is deliberate, a conscious effort to create as much demand for government as possible.

      • That’s all true. But remember what Neil said?

        Welfare Mothers Make Better Lovers Dee Vor Cee!

        Kurt Cobain the Omega Rocker killed Rock & Roll. Left us only grunge, and now nothing. Elon Musk the Omega Automaker will kill Car & Driver. Leave us with nothing but iPhones with wheels and then nothing.
        Hey hey, my my.

        Chromatics – Into the Black – Neil Young Cover

        You pay for this, but they give you that. Once you’re gone, you can’t come back. When you’re out of the blue. And into the black. Hey hey, my my. Rock and roll can never die. There’s more to the picture. Than meets the eye.

        • @Tor – “Welfare Mothers Make Better Lovers Dee Vor Cee!” Been there, done that. Problem was that they wanted me to pay for dinner. Selfish ‘*itches.

          Here is what is really scarey:
          One woman attempted to steal $700 dollars worth of groceries despite the fact that she had a balance of just $0.49 on her EBT card.

          “As this small EBT card glitch clearly demonstrates, if given half a chance, many EBT card holders will immediately engage in the mass looting of food and supplies as long as they can get away with it,” writes Mike Adams. “This was not one or two isolated people; this involved masses of people who spontaneously transformed into a rampaging mob of looting maniacs that ransacked a private business and caused huge losses in stolen goods and displaced inventory.”

          If a relatively minor EBT card glitch that lasted just hours caused looting and “mini-riots” at several Walmart stores, what will the consequences be of a five day hold on food stamps?

          • Garysco, I just saw a headline that made me think about more tax dollars at work, the ‘Boys beat the Skins. We quit watching FB years before we quit tv, butchering venison or pigs was more entertaining, tilling the garden, anything. So I didn’t jump for joy UNTIL, I thought of some of those pols(and other yankees) that are really high on ‘Skins FB….and then I smiled. I couldn’t find “Understand Your Man”, what’s been running through my mind all morning so I play Rang Of Far. Everybody used to give on JC hell because he was “too” country. He shoulda had me open for him, he’d have been a breath of fresh air. Oh luuv is a burnin thang and it makes a fiery(thee syllables) rang

          • @8 – I am with you on that. Fortunate we are to have MP3’s instead of Bakelite disks and a 33 1/3 or 45 spinner, eh? That is change I can believe in. 🙂

          • “Oh luuv is a burnin thang and it makes a fiery(thee syllables) rang”

            Oh, Hail Yayuh.

            ‘Course nobody beats Lo-Retter Lynn’s famous lyrics:

            “In th’ daytime we worked hard.
            At night we slept, ’cause we wuz tarred”.

            Well shit y’all. It fuckin rhymes, don’t it? Stop laughin at her. Get up off the floor, now.

          • Ed, I’d rather listen to “ME and little J O E will be goin away.” than some of the greats. Neil diamond comes to mind. I have an old college friend eaten up with it, ah, that’s why you’re suck a straight fucker.

          • “Coal Miner’s Daughter” tells the story of Loretta Webb born 1932 in Butcher Hollow, near Paintsville, Kentucky to coal miner Melvin “Ted” Webb and mother Clara Webb.

            At age 15 she married and became pregnant by her husband who was known as “Doo” or “Mooney”. Always headstrong, their life together helped to inspire the music she wrote.

            She wrote growing up in a cabin on a hill in Butcher Holler, while her father spent all night in the Van Lear coal mine. And how she and her seven siblings lived off of a coal miner’s salary and that her father always made sure there was love in the Webb household.

            Lynn’s childhood experiences included her mother reading the Bible by coal-oil light, and having bloody fingers from constantly doing the laundry using an abrasive “warsh”board, ordering shoes from a mail-order catalog, and working so hard every day that everyone slept because “they were tired.”

            In the song’s final verse, the now-adult Lynn returns to her homestead, which has since been abandoned, she remarks that the “memories of a coal miner’s daughter” remain.

            Hole in the Ground – Larry Cordle

            [Music Cartel’s] Murder On Music Row – Larry Cordle

            Live Feed – Butcher Hollow, KY

          • “everyone slept because “they were tired.”

            Naw, now. They cain’t even half talk right, them writers. He got the warsh board part right (though he ain’t said shit about ranchin the close after you warsh’em) then he cain’t even say tarred, which is what rhymes with ‘hard’ (hmmmm, maybe it’s spelled ‘tard’). “Tired” don’t rhyme with hard. That fool can’t even pernounce simple stuff like that.

  6. I see the whole situation the same as I would if my neighbor were to put cat food out on his back steps every evening. It would attract a lot of cats, and possums, maybe some raccoons too.
    The animals might make a lot of noise, fight over the scraps, do some property damage, and while waiting for the next meal, perhaps eat some chickens. I wouldn’t exactly blame the animals for what occurs or how large their population grew. I wouldn’t get mad – at them.
    I wouldn’t like them either.

    If the neighbor profits in some way from those animals being there, he’s not going to willingly stop, no matter how the animals vote.

    Who really runs things in America?


    Would I expect the animals to stop eating the cat food?
    Would I expect a programed and brainwashed android to refuse to serve?

    • A couple more bits:

      How Elites View “The System” and How Libertarians Can Change It

      “First, when the government has the kids until they’re 18 years old in their “schools,” is it any wonder that people think that this is the “best system in the world”. Then, when everyone comes home at night and turns on the FCC licensed media that spout the same line, should there be any surprise?”…


      A Lesson Plan for Raising Up Compliant, Non-Thinking Citizens

      “In this way, we are being conditioned to be slaves without knowing it.”…


      • And you guys likely already know this:

        11 States That Have More People On Welfare Than Working


        On Labor Day 2013, Welfare Pays More Than Minimum-Wage Work In 35 States

        ““The current welfare system provides such a high level of benefits that it acts as a disincentive for work,” Tanner and Hughes write in their new paper. “Welfare currently pays more than a minimum-wage job in 35 states, even after accounting for the Earned Income Tax Credit,” which offers extra subsidies to low-income workers who take work. “In 13 states [welfare] pays more than $15 per hour.””…


        The woman might not be retarded for jumping on that ship.
        Unethical and such perhaps, but not retarded.

        • I would refine that further, as she’d be IMMORAL, yes – but NOT unethical. As a parent, it’s her duty to provide as best she can. the benefits provided are better than the benefits of working; I’m not on that being unethical for her.
          Immoral, yes – but it’s got to be weighed against the immorality of letting the kids starve, go naked, or fend for themselves – while she tries to work.

          Wouldn’t that be proof-positive that the system is DESIGNED to produce this failure?

          • Jean, one of the first things you learn when studying sociology is there are morals and mores and they each affect the other but nothing is written in stone for all peoples except outright murder….for almost all societies. The truth is for her, she has lived life as she’s been taught. I doubt she’d agree she’s done anything immoral. Except for always running to a priest and getting a union sanctified, where is the difference in those two lifestyles? She’s no Catholic I’d bet, has done nothing she needs to feel guilty about. She takes care of her kids and does the best she can as she’s been taught. There is immorality at play somewhere here but it reared it’s ugly head long before she was alive. It’s perpetuated because it’s very profitable. You and she may have different priorities but can you say she’s any less a pawn in the game than you? We’re all victims of greedy psychopaths since we’re not willing to kill, as they are, for our goals.

    • Roth, let’s see, I’ve identified 11 coons so far. They seem to be the top predator nothing else can compete with. 2 for CJ, I for me, elc. fence post, 3 with magnum 4 shot. I have a way to go, back to the reloader.

    • Ed, I’ll take summa them skins. eric is probably going to ban me for razzin him but I couldn’t resist. There is no difference if you have litters, a family or a bit of both and just a guess at daddy’s is good enough. Well, surely you don’t expect her to be pore with one child? Jean, you can dust off that seat for me now.

      • No doubt he will flog you symbolically, but I doubt he’d ban yo’ ass. 😉 Anyway, a bumper and a bag of skins might stay his hand. Barkeep! One 40 oz. Anchor Steam and a bag of your finest Bakenettes. Put it on 8’s tab. ahaha

        • Wow, let me see, a hot blond feeding me Bakenettes and Anchor Steam. reminds me of the definition of a pleasant surprise, cold beer from a hot titty. Yowsuh!

  7. Why is it that these parasites are entitled to open-ended, unconditional access to other people’s resources?

    It is a good question.

    Is it acceptable for me to rob another individual to provide food (or other goods) to others?

    Is it a good idea for a society to provide different benefits/goods to individuals that meet certain criteria through the use of coercive force?

    Does the ends justify the means?

    If an individual wishes to help others in need (either on an individual basis or through another organization), I do not think anyone will stop them.

    If the government did not step in to help (with money/resources confiscated from others often through threat of force.) would no one help others? Are people in society today such that no one would be willing to help another person unless they were forced to help?

    • The ones with a litter of kids sap my empathy to zip. Unless a person is literally retarded, they ought to be able to use contraception if they’re not capable of caring for the first kid they have. Number two is inexcusable. Number six, despicable.

      Yet they feel entitled to shit out as many as their bodies can produce – knowing others will be forced to “help” provide for them.

      • eric, I think you’re being a bit rough on her. It’s obvious she has worked this system exactly as it was set up to be and appears she’s done a bang up job. The system says “have more kids and you’ll be rewarded”. I think she deserves kudos for being such a good player. Jean, could you save another seat in that special part of hell please?

      • But then we are told it isn’t the fault of the children…. The useful idiots behind this sort of welfare can’t figure out they are being scammed. Scammed by the people they think get helped and scammed by the puppet string pullers.

        I think the ultimate goal of the welfare side of the state may be to get people so disgusted they will demand the ruling class control every aspect of our lives. This way there won’t be people having six kids on welfare.

        • Not the fault of the children.
          But the payment goes to the children as well, to the seventh son of the seventh son…

          Besides, euthanizing the willfully ignorant benefits society AND humanity, and prevents all those poor indolent children from even being born – born to suffer, and drain society… And starve and die in misery.

          Will no one think of the Children?

          • Your guys’ statements about euthanizing and sterilizing is a bit spooky. Would that be part of a gooberment program?

            And, consider this before condemning all those poor indolent children from even being born – born to suffer, and drain society… And starve and die in misery. This, the plus side, the benefit to society:

            Growing Up Poor Helped Make Me Rich

            “Yet young Mr. Belli, burdened with caring for a bedridden mother, having 32 rotten teeth, one set of smelly clothes and tennis shoes held together by duct tape, who flunked every class in grade school and became a truant to avoid the sting of being known as the dumbest kid in Harlem, rose from his poverty in a way that would overshadow the accomplishments of the most recent billionaire on Wall Street.”…


            And that’s just one example among many.

          • RE: “Will no one think of the Children?”

            Population Growth as Propaganda: The Greens and the Reds

            “The Malthusians always talk about the burden of more mouths to feed. They never talk about the economic benefits of more hands to work and more minds to think creatively beginning two decades later. ” …


            Too Many (Other) People

            Obama’s Marxists buddies, “Holdren and the Ehrlichs wrote:

            “If some individuals contribute to general social deterioration by overproducing children, and if the need is compelling, they can be required by law to exercise reproductive responsibility — just as they can be required to exercise responsibility in their resource-consumption patterns….” [… You guys are scary sounding when you speak like that…]

            Every argument on behalf of state-imposed population control rejects the concept of individual self-ownership and assumes that human lives — individually and in the aggregate — are a resource to be managed by society’s supervisors on behalf of the “common good.””…


          • “Your guys’ statements about euthanizing and sterilizing is a bit spooky.”

            Yes, it is, Roth. That kind of idea creeps me out. My view is that deciding who is to live or die or reproduce isn’t part of a human being’s exercise of free will. The desire to exercise control over others is a rejection of the principle of self ownership.

          • @ RothbardianamericanHelot RE: “Will no one think of the Children?”

            You forgot about opening the Southern border floodgates wide open @ 5 new ones per couple, allowing the undocumented to drain the pot the working class pays into to support them.

            First Cloward-Piven until the collapse, then the remaining sheep will beg for the Malthusian solution. Otherwise there would be too much resistance to the change.

          • I didn’t mention sterilization, but…
            “OW my balls” might catch on…. 😀

            Now, I was mostly facetious – but there DOES come a time where you need to stop the idiocracy. If you allow the indolent to reproduce without any sort of natural check, you force the rest of us to carry on in misery.
            See, there IS such a thing as a wise idiot. This is the person who KNOWS they’re not the sharpest tool in the shed, and is OK with that – because SOMEONE will provide. “The lord is my shepherd, I shall not want…” He maketh me to lie in green pastures (like chicago) and provideth me free healthcare…


            So, yes – I DO believe in limits. Hell, if Gov’t gonna get it wrong, get it wrong in the right ways!
            But that’s a self-fixing problem. So, in a way, is the current situation: We are selecting for brutes, criminals, & venal, corrupt people, to run our society. Such a society will collapse, eventually.
            We just don’t want to be anywhere near it when it does.

            I hear Venezuela is nice this time of year… And Brazil has hot chicks, and Carnival…

          • Garysco,
            “…the Malthusian solution.”

            Hmmm… How about the Modest Proposal? Written by Johnathan Swift?

            Or, we could set up a Hannibal Lecter solution, for the less erudite. 😀

            Soylent Green politics: Eat the indolent!

          • Jean mother nature has always put a limit on reproduction. If you don’t get enough to eat you won’t get pregnant and if you have half a brain you won’t reproduce when you and the children you have are starving. I remember when Hispanic women took on themselves to limit reproduction since men all got real religious(god says it ain’t right)when it came to nookie time but not so much when it came to feeding time. Other cultures did the same. Once it’s party time on a collective dime though, all bets are off. Sure, it would have been fun to have 20 kids, do all those things, go on vaca, have a party every week, just enjoy life, kids, etc. so when I come back as the human form of a disembodied seamonkey’s penis and testes, just swimming the waters for reproduction, send all your money to Eightsouthman, US, Southwest anywhere. Everybody will know me, I’ll get the money. Whee, I’m off to breeeeeeeeeeed

          • @Jean – My money is on the H1N1 zombie pandemic. More money for the drug makers. Why do you think green Hornady Z-MAX bullets have gotten so expensive? If the market wasn’t so rigged I would buy some of their stock. 🙂


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