Trampled States of America: Special Report

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Tic Toc
October 13, 2013

Alex breaks down the ongoing rapid trampling on freedom in the US.

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    • The USA is ruled by clover law.
      From the vehicle code on up, it’s all clover law. It’s what people think the law is. It has nothing to do with the written law. Try to explain anyone written law on anything and watch them shut down and insult you.

      The ruling class has them convinced through the schools and media what the law is and they believe it. Try to explain to most people even clearly written vehicle code that is contrary to popular belief and it just won’t work. They can’t hear it.

      • I worked a while for USDA. I saw what was reflected in interviews and surveys I did was part and parcel of GMO companies, esp that M word. I can personally introduce you to 31 farmers in Jones county Tx. that are paying M millions of dollars as well as B for breaching a contract, never mind they didn’t know that’s what they were technically doing and never mind they are part of the problem. I could still be doing that job, and that job paid fairly well, and I need it, but I won’t ever be caught doing it again, no matter what. Sometimes, you just have to draw the line. If it takes someone to enlighten you, so be it. To say “Well, I’m not responsible” is either stupid or ignorant. Either way, you deserve no protection. No matter what you do, you are ultimately responsible even if you’re just picking up the change.

        • There is a parallel here, and I wonder sometimes if the “Looney Left” isn’t on to something.
          Here’s the parallel – Terminator. (and then T2). Remember, Sarah Connors was pursued by a machine from the future?
          She was labelled crazy, because she “sabotaged” a manufacturing plant… But you remember, in T2: the company had hidden the chip and the arm, and were reverse-engineering the tech, while keeping her locked up as “insane.”

          So, maybe a little more violence IS the answer. It’s not just the movies – it’s real. Monsanto Protection Act, anyone? FDA staffed by drug company executives? Etc. Need to cripple their infrastructure, EMPs might be a good start. Fry all their records at the business end.
          Maybe there’s something to “violent plan executed now” vis-a-vis “perfect plan next week.”

      • Yes – “poisoning the well” applied to the jury pool, which allows all sorts of abuses to get by the normal idiot Cloverite/Sheeple.

        A fat bitch in a black mu-mu gets to decide what you will and won’t hear – up to and including, preventing any effective defense against accusations (IE, defendant barred from taking the stand – prejudicial in the case to begin with. But then, defense is not allowed to MENTION that, either – confirming the jury’s bias. double-bind, left right and center. Only one case I’ve heard of, mind – the “Exception” which proves the rule.)

        so, you can be ticketed for going too fast, too slow, or pulled over for doing the speed limit – and Clover/Sheep doesn’t think ther’s anything wrong with that.
        you can be pulled over for “errattic driving” and then, “I smell marijuana” and now a search of your car can commence…
        And then – the courts cover it up. (Seriously, ever watch Law and Order? It’s not law, true – but I do think it shows you what’s happening behind the scenes, as in: Motion to dismiss, Motion to Supress, etc. Someone confesses to a crime after being Mirandized, and the lawyer – a co-conspirator in the murder the defendant is charged in – is not permitted to see his client. CLIENT did not ask for lawyer, LAWYER demanded to see Client. Confession supressed, because defendant didn’t have legal council – at council’s demand. WTF?)

        Now, I could look things up in LexusNexus, or the Caselaw online DB, if I had access. Things like that “Cold Justice” show, highlight these events: X is supressed, Jury never hears Y, indictment occurs but never prosectued – whatever.
        Point is – it’s too COMMON to be accidental.
        Also – since it’s part of the “common folklore” (TV), you need to wonder what is actually going on.

        I was called to Jury Duty once. The judge outlined the case: Young guy showed up to bar, intoxicated. Had more drinks, left, crashed car. No one injured. He was suing the bar for serving him.
        Now, the bar couldn’t prevent him from leaving – and he was already intoxicated! So – if they’d refused service, he would’ve wrecked and sued them for NOT serving him. WTF?
        Upon noting it was a drunk driving case – they had a sidebar and I was dismissed. Even though I only rephrased what the Judge had said a moment earlier.

        The lawyers were PISSED at me, as I’d “tainted” the jury pool.

        My thought? You did something stupid, managed to avoid serious injury – STFU and get on with life. WE shouldn’t be paying for YOUR negligence or lack of control.


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