The Definition of Statheist

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I recently came across a pretty precise definition of a word I first heard used in jest on the Freedom Feens talk show: Stathiest.  It goes like this:

a person who disbelieves or lacks belief in the existence of God or gods, yet believes in the religion of Statism. Worships and Pledges Allegiance to a Flag or Country. Thinks voting and the political process is progression for humanity. Casts out fundamentally religious people who participates in “voluntarily” organizations yet forces people to participate in their dogma via the barrel of a gun. Treats other humans as omnipotent “humans” with extra special rights over the ones below them. Feels obligated to pay “tithings” to the religion of the State because of the logical reasoning you were born here. Feels the fallible human race cannot progress without the leadership or ruling class of fallible humans.

I waited until the appropriate article on Alternet, which is packed full stathiests, came along to post it as a comment just to see the reaction I’d get.  It didn’t take long before one appeared.  My comment was the first, so it received a ton of attention and set the stathiests there on fire.  I had a good time trolling and poking fun at their disgusting belief system.



  1. Thanks for the comments, guys. Regardless of the stupid statist partisan divide, I love going into the belly of the beast and trolling their various lairs. This has been, thus far, the most successful one. Unfortunately, I’ve found that a vast majority are not receptive to the message of absolute freedom and liberty, and are at a point where they will completely ignore the gun in their collectivist hands, never acknowledging their vile disgusting belief system. It is much more productive to expose them for what they are: People who believe that a cohesive, just, peaceful, and moral society is one that can only be achieved via the barrel of a gun.

    BTW – I spelled Statheist wrong. Perhaps, Eric or Dom could correct the misspelling for me?

    • @I – As Ayn Rand put it – they are self haters from their youth. Best explanation I have found for the willing reality deniers.

  2. @I – I just read the comments left for you. They remind me of ants sprayed with Raid. Running all around in random nonsensical patterns with their antennae in the air.

  3. @IBerns- For the past two weeks I have been reading the screeming meemies all over the media demonizing the “Tea Party” (whoever they are) as sons and daughters of the evil one. The claim is that they are bent on starving every welfare recipient, minority, TBTF banker and unwed mother to death. Even some Republican “leaders” (Ha!) are demonizing them as the new spawns of Hitler. The coordination of the attacks at all media outlets is unprecedented. Something is really scaring the Statheist regulars. Next thing you know they will want to take the guns and children away from those who don’t swallow blue pills and believe in national debt to infinity.

  4. Iberns, I can no longer find the emotional strength to wade through such enmiring piles of statist nonsense. In many ways they are worse than fundamentalists and I believe far more dangerous. Good luck.


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