Obama speech: Miller Lite commercial: less filling, tastes great

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Jon Rappoport
January 17, 2014

Yes_We_ScanObama just made a Miller Lite speech, to calm fears that NSA spying is a bother and a problem. Not so. All is well.

He’ll cut down the NSA practice of spying on people connected to people connected to people of interest. The three layers will become only two.

This is great, except that NSA is already spying on everybody. Three, two, 16? What difference does it make?

For the “tastes great” part, the President reminded us that NSA snoops are just regular folks. They’re our “friends and neighbors,” he said.

I know. That’s the point. There are cold-eyed androids among us.

For the “less filling,” Obama proposed that the all-encompassing metadata of NSA-captured phone calls shouldn’t be held by the government. That’s bad. Instead, the phone companies themselves should hold it, and then let the government look at it.

Whew. What a relief.

We all know NSA will do whatever it wants to, in order to keep spying on us. Trim their capability a little over here, they’ll go over there and do the same thing from another vector.

That’s what the Surveillance State is all about.

Obama also jammed in a sideswipe at Snowden, just to keep the traitor narrative alive. And to let us know stealing State secrets is a heinous crime.

You see, the State can steal our information, but we can’t steal its information. That’s the basic principle.

But to quote our leader from an earlier speech(es), “We’re all in this together.”

I guess it depends on what the meaning of “together” is.

NSA won’t bother parsing that. They’ll just keep on watching and compiling and collating. Being Peeping Tom Central is in their blood. “To keep us safe.”

As the pollsters go to the phones and gauge public reaction to Obama’s speech, I have a suggestion. Ask, “Do you believe the President was being forthright and honest?” And then ask, “Okay now, do you REALLY believe he was being forthright and honest?”

And if NSA wants to repair its public image, I have more suggestions. Since you boys are spying on everybody all the time, release the following information to the press:

Conversations involving politicians, at all levels, on the subject of hookers and underage sex targets;

Elite pedophile rings;

Communications (military, intelligence, DOJ, State Dept., White House) re what really happened in Benghazi, what really happened in the Fast&Furious Op;

Brokerage house/banker/billionaire manipulation of the stock market;

Behind the scenes lies among the high-echelon execs at Monsanto.

Just for starters.

Obviously, you have all this info. Release it now. Prove you’re on our side.

What? All those people aren’t your targets?

We are?


Gotta go. My refrigerator just told me the toaster said I put hemp butter on my toast this morning. It’s an indicator I could have two tons of pot in my garage.

Jon Rappoport

The author of two explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED and EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at www.nomorefakenews.com


  1. I caught myself uttering a factoid about Cruz the other day, that he’s the third most powerful world politician. Heard that somewhere and it stuck. So easy to regurgitate, but so stupid if you think about it.

    Here’s a more believable factoid list of powerful people (still fake tho)

    Hollande’s probably the most important. France still hasn’t returned an ounce of Germany’s gold, how’s he going to keep weaseling out of that one? Better watch that old Pepe Le Pew cartoon closely!

    Likely 2016 US President Nikki and First Husband/Captain Michael

    The recycled guest-room waste-water fountains of Bellagio-Casino & MGM-Resorts-Int’l and her 70,000 corporocratic-union employs agree…

    We’re so proud to be an a’Murican, where at least we know we’re freeeee…

  2. Dear Eric,

    Larken Rose blasts Obama on precisely this issue!

    Check it out!

    What Limits?

    “To all those who still talk about representative government, will of the people, consent of the governed, and limited government, it’s time to face reality. Here is one reason why.”
    — Larken Rose

  3. Obama, what a fake nigger he turned out to be. I don’t vote, but I thought he at least’d bring some African perspective and laissez-40-oz wisdom to DC. He more prohibitionist anti-krunk than a whole chapter of the KKK and a whole dozen Jihad anti-sex sleeper cells. He done drank all the da Massa’s kool-aid. What a whack-ass snackbar Urkel dick-sucking faghag wookie-humping motherfucker he is.

    I’m blacker than he’ll ever be. He don’t know nothing about the infinite indignity of loved one’s awkward explainicating about this drunk floozy be they aunt baby mama and her little miss is they stepsister that everyone loves so very much and if y’all could just shut up and nod and not ask a single motherfucking question or make a solitary motherfucking comment that might just be best so we can keep on getting along and not need to fuck you up.

    I mean Fuck all the questions. Fuck the group approval process. Fuck all the materialism, Fuck the corrupt corporate mentality, Man, just fuck the whole world, Cause it’s all a fallacy.

    I mean Obama ain’t no beer drinker. He a jamba-juice dick-tucking tea-sipping wog capitalist gopher smiler with a butter knife. Herpes-derr I’m an anarcho-islamist, anarcho-communist blah blah blah. What lingerie should I rock at da inauguration oh capitalist overlord sirrah, Wants me to butter your bread with my best Harvard Crimson Poupon sandwich spread? Lawsee dosie do and a whole can of Crisco. I has a dream.

    I hate everything Muricans have become – from their affiliations with fascists and their support for police and prisons – even the best of them are hard to stomach – the things they espouse – from their perspective, just don’t make any sense.

    I mean come on you poser capitalists – let’s have the conversation that should have been had 50 years ago when Murray Rothbard introduced the term “anarcho-capitalism.” Why in the fuck do you capitalists want to be anarchists? I think you love your stuff way more than freedom, and if so, piss off already and leave anarchy to the real anarchists.

    I mean, I get it, we’re sexy as fuck. We light shit on fire, we throw really great parties, and we look great in our balaclavas. Nevertheless, here’s some food for thought for you unfortunate souls out there still on some NAP kick:

    Newsflash: it’s can’t be a violation of NAP if someone scratches your BMW or has a noisy get together in their own backyard. Your hatred of noisy welfare leeches and their drunken disorder does not equal voluntarism.

    You disagree with 90% of what anarchists believe. It ain’t just a question of historical lineage – today, the overwhelming, vast, incredible majority of anyone, anywhere, who calls themselves an anarchist is anti-capitalist.

    Anarchists oppose private property. Reject all prisons, police, and courts – especially privately owned ones. In case you missed the past million memo’s, here’s what anarchists think about property rights:

    Fuck Your Stuff – P.O.S. – We Don’t Even Live Here

    You participate in none of the same activities as anarchists. With the frequent – and bizarre – calls from capitalists to “unite” with anarchists “against the state,” one has to wonder how you idiots picture that unity actually functioning.

    Can you imagine anarchists voting for Ron Paul? Or taking part in one of their ridiculous attempts to establish “free market communities” in bum fuck nowhere, middle America?

    Also, when is the last time you saw a capitalist take a swing at a cop, or walk a picket line? Not. Gonna. Happen.

    You aim for a society that anarchists hate:

    Why you try to find common ground with anarchists, who are at best a political movement almost completely unconcerned with you, and at worst a Molotov wielding mob that would chase you out-of-town if you ever became influential enough?

    Look, you know it, and we know it. Everybody fucking knows it. You all came out of nowhere, stumbled into a political tradition with a hundred years of history and momentum behind it, and stupidly decided to start calling yourselves anarchists. Now, somehow, you’re really confused when no one believes you.

    This ain’t at all an attempt to win you over to anarchism, nor to rehash old arguments about that term’s definition (which, in this case, is beyond any reputable dispute). Its more out of pity, there’s nowhere for you to go with it, even if you manage to convince others you some anarchists.

    You need to get real about shit. You might get by calling yourselves private property anarchists, but how much private property do you motherfuckers really fucking need to keep private? If some nigger stole your big screen, you got to let that shit go, man. You done fucked up somehow, so let him take it. Fortify your castle and consider the loss a valuable lesson. Move on with your life and don’t be a bitch.

    What is you SHTF plan? My SHTF plan is to leave 90% of what I own and bequeath everything to my current family and bug out alone with my own damn self to the secret stash 10% they don’t know shit about. Cause that’s what an real anarchist does.

    Do yourselves a favor and find another political movement to latch onto; one you could actually find common ground with. One in sync with your ideas on abortion, and parental responsibility, and quiet neighborhoods and such. Might I suggest the Republican Party?

    Here’s anarchism 101 for your happy ass. Rock beats scissors. Rock beats paper. Rock beats rock. My rock beats everyone of the dumb motherfuckers who thinks shaping their fist into a rock, paper, or scissors, actually does something.

    Unlike the masses of compliant box-brained Bushobamabot dumbshits, I’ll be holding a real motherfucking rock in my hand every time I’m forced to join in one of those retard heirarch Santa Claus rainman games.

    • Obama’s selection was an act of calculated, deliberate genius.

      An inoffensive, mild-mannered, polite, light-skinned black man. Immune from criticism by dint of being black but at the same time genuinely reverenced because he is (nominally, at least) black. No white front man could have gotten away with the things this man has so blatantly gotten away with.

      Those of a “conspiratorial” (that is, thoughtful) mindset will also not miss the way the ground was prepared for him by The Chimp.

      No accident, that.

      Just as it is no accident that Obama is preparing the stage for the next Hegelian strutter upon the stage.

      It will be a “law n’ order” Republican. Probably Reichsmarschall Christie but the part could be played just as well by the odious Ted Cruz or any of several other partei pin types waiting to be anointed.

      They will restore “respect” for “the troops” and other costumed Heroes. And many other things besides.

      • The missus looves Ted Crooze. She even listens to Glenn Beck now. Becky says we’re all Libertarians now, whatever that means. Becky says the latest news is that in 2016 Rand/Crooze just can’t looze.

        I guess he does this on air quiz that shows just how stupid the Muricans are. She says he’ll ask how many rings are in the Olympic logo for example. People guess, 3 or 4 or whatever, and then he says, no sorry, the answer is 3.14. No one even disputes it either. It’s unreal.

        I say, just dismantle everything and cut out the middle men. Let us vote directly for corporations. I like Honda for president, and then ArmaLite, Colt, Bushmaster, Rock River Arms, Stag Arms, DPMS Panther Arms, Olympic Arms, Magpul, or other AR15 maker for vice-president myself.

        A Honda in every driveway. And a Magpul in every gunrack. Yes sir. Might have to register in that case.


        Based on what’s possible, I’m hoping for Hilary Clinton. When Bubba was running shit I had more money than at any other time. Listening to Limbaugh on the a.m. was just for shits and gigs, he used to be funny, cause things weren’t that bad yet, at least for me. Could just be a coincidence, and nothing to do with the White House, but I’m hoping.

        T-Cruz slams Obi-wan-care in Stuporbowl ad

        Eric, I think most of the lost freedom you mourn for, and most of what you hate seems to have originated in 1946 when the CDC was formed. Currently with only 15,000 nannies and an $11 billion annual budget they’ve ruined our lives significantly.

        But now that it’s got it’s chubby donut munching hands throttling the medical private sector directly, I can only imagine it’s going to be really really bad, doing national health care Murica-style.

        CDC – Morbidity & Mortality Weekly – Top 10 Achievements

        • Remember Hannibal Lecter’s reaction to TV evangelists?

          That’s kind of how I respond to Glenn Beck.

          I can take Limbaugh. He’s a genuine fraud. I appreciate a man who runs a good con.

          Ladies and gentlemen…!

          But Beck? I think he’s actually ill. Believes the unctuous half-wit Christo-publican sermons he preaches. I’d rather take Satan’s cock up my ass than listen to him for even half an hour….

          • I’ve always loathed to hear Glen Beck so I don’t. However I do end up hearing bits of his blather now and then. The way he morphs makes it hard for me to believe he believes in anything more than a way to make his wallet fatter. To find whatever niche he can between the Limbaugh, Hannity, Levin trinity and Alex Jones.

      • It’s amazing to me how people can’t see the manipulation. It’s so clear what a social manipulation it is. How it is just marketing and packaging so some people get what they want.

        And then when it is pointed out to them they decry “conspiracy theorist”

  4. Oh the irony. They steal from us and that’s OK but it’s a “crime” to steal.. i.e. “reveal” what has already been stolen?

    Fuck that!

    • Of course, that’s not how they see it.

      To them, taxation is – somehow – not theft. Because your representatives – whom you are allowed to vote for – gave you the opportunity to make your own wishes known… and all that cal.

      Nevermind that you didn’t ask to be represented, much less transfer blanket proxy power to a representative. And who approved this sham of agreeing to be bound by whatever a majority (and often not even that, just a clique that claims to represent it) decides? If you’re 1 out of a group of 10 and the other 9 believe they have a right to take your stuff whenever they want to in whatever amount they decide to be “fair” then you have no say whatever in the disposition of your things – of yourself, of your life. You exist at their sufferance – and are allowed to possess a few things temporarily under certain defined conditions that may be revoked at any time.

      This is “democracy.”

      This is America.


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