Going Limp

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I’ve read that it’s an effective defense tactic to go limp – become deadweight – in the event someone’s trying to force you to go with them. It’s advice directed mainly at women facing the prospect of a kidnapping/sexual assault – the object being to make it harder for the thug to have his way by refusing to assist in your own abduction.go limp lead

There’s a valuable lesson here: Don’t cooperate.

Even better, don’t participate.

Two things come to mind, one facing some people – the other facing pretty much all people. The first is Connecticut’s (and Colorado’s) attempts to criminalize mere possession by the non-anointed (that’s you and me) of many types of firearms and accessories – such as “high capacity” magazines – on the premise that having a certain type of firearm (or “high capacity” magazine) is the same thing as using it to harm others. Kind of like having a penis means a man is – ipso facto – a rapist. Or that having a vagina must mean the individual is a prostitute.molon labe picture

The second thing is, of course, Obamacare – the federal government forcing everyone not already on the dole to hand over their money to an insurance mafiosi. This is a new low – even for Washington. But in a way at least, it’s more direct – more honest. Government has always been about profiting at the expense of others, using violence to achieve those ends. Obamacare makes this explicit. You – and I – are to be held up at gunpoint and made to hand over money for the profit of a private enterprise. To line the pockets – and bloat the salaries – of insurance executives under the pretense of providing “health care.” The fact is, all you’ll be getting in return is an insurance policy – quite a different thing.

If, that is, we play along.

For the first time in a very long time (perhaps not since the 1850s) there is widespread rejection in principle of the government’s actions. People – hundreds of thousands of them in CT and probably at least that many in CO – have already “gone limp” by refusing to play along. They have not turned in their banned firearms and illegal “high capacity” magazines. They have thereby placed the government in a very awkward – perhaps politically untenable position. It will either have to tacitly accept what amounts to a vox populi nullification of the edict.V picture

Or it will attempt to enforce it.

In the case of the latter, it is probable there would be widespread revulsion at the spectacle of SWAT raids on the homes of literally thousands of “law abiding” people. And – much more critically – these “law abiding” Mr. and Mrs. Middle America would finally be disabused of the pleasant fiction that Gestapo tactics are only used against “bad” people (i.e., not their type of people), that only those who “deserve it” ( you know, blacks – and of course, “terrorists”) ever feel the cold fist of the state’s power. At this point, the government has lost the one thing it must have to maintain its power – the appearance, at least, of consent. It can still maintain its power by the naked  exercise of force – but once that it is out in the open, the naked exercise of force is all it has left.  No more flag-waving, pin-wearing land-of-the-free 4th of July we’re the exceptional nation flapdoodle. The people will know. And once they do, the jig is up.

Or will be, in short order.

In the case of the former – tacit acceptance of the people’s nullification by widespread civil disobedience – the government also loses. The fiction of its unassailable authority is collapsed. If it can be disobeyed once without consequences, then why not disobey it again? Why obey it at all?

It becomes a toothless tiger.

Obamacare presents us with an even greater opportunity – because of the far more widespread rejection of being forced to hand over money to private, for-profit cartels. In every state, in every poll, there is majority antipathy toward Obamacare. Millions have already expressed their intention to not play along – to go limp – by not signing up.obamacare pic

The federal government faces the same lose-lose choice faced by the state governments of CT and CO. It can either accept what amounts to an informal public referendum on Obamacare and the implicit rejection of the government’s right to impose such a thing on people – and all that will inevitably follow from that. Or it can attempt to enforce its law. Which will entail (at first) confiscating people’s money and (if that’s insufficient) their property – and ultimately, threatening them with prison for failing to comply. In which case, once again, the public will be quickly disabused of any lingering notion about “consent of the governed” and “democracy.” They will know they live in a thugocracy – and henceforth will only obey if forced. Openly forced. No more  pretense, no more Happy Talk – no more illusions.

We win – again.

Because in the long run, societies openly held together at bayonet-point do not endure. Slaves – prisoners – are not productive. They do what they must, no more. Even the old Soviet Union was dynamic only so long as the people actually did believe the government was benevolent. That “good people” had no reason to worry.

Stalin showed them otherwise – and it held together, for awhile. Because Stalin was a rarity (thank god) even among sociopaths.

Most of them (sociopaths) are more like Obama – or his predecessors.They can be beaten because they themselves shy away from going all out – from mass murder. They countenance “wet work,” certainly – but prefer not to do it themselves, and perhaps like to pretend to themselves that it’s not done at all. They rarely have the stomach to see it done on a mass scale.

Prosecuting a lone tax protestor is easy enough. He has few friends – and little sympathy.Thousands of demonstrators protest again

But when the government goes after large groups of people heretofore “law abiding” – and regarding themselves and others as “good people” – then the game is afoot.

We can do our part by forcing the government to choose from either of two equally dangerous (to its  legitimacy and thus, its power) alternatives.

All we have to do is go limp – and not play along.

 Throw it in the Woods?

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  1. Protest Bolivian Style
    “Bolivian police clashed with groups of independent miners in Cochabamba in central Bolivia on Monday during a protest against a new mining law. The miners protested in 2012 in force. There have been rising protests since 2010 and they seem to be building.

    Police were forced to take cover as the angry miners hurled sticks of dynamite at them from the surrounding hills and blocked roads. The cooperative miners are angry over a new law passed at the weekend, which prohibits independent miners from working with their private counterparts to mine the country’s natural resources. It also states that any contracts to mine sites must first be approved by the legislature.

    The 100-thousand independent miners in Bolivia are traditionally political allies of President Evo Morales and are exempt from some taxes. This preferential treatment has upset miners from the private sector.”

  2. For better or worse, I’ve never been able to play along.

    Kute Korean Kid is slow to adopt the percept of Stranger Danger

    15 Year Old African is an Engineering Auto Didact

    Utah Kid Loses Bet, Forced To Be Street Performer

    Defiant Freedom Loving Dog Sticks It to the Man

    Rock, Paper, Scissors In Bristol England Traffic

    A Tale of a Real Wifi Hero

  3. http://www.blacklistednews.com/Manhunt_leads_to_massive_roadblock%2C_warrantless_car-to-car_searches/33700/0/38/38/Y/M.html

    “While stuck in traffic, motorists were approached by armed agents and ordered at gunpoint to submit to warrantless searches of the interior of their vehicles”

    “For those folks that wondered how is that the police can just walk through traffic like that and get folks to show their hands, get folks to pop their trunks, between the exigency of the circumstances and the information that we had, it gave us the legal foundation to do what we did,” the chief said, according to WTOP.”

    Someone needs to have this ass defend this BS in court. Oh, right, ‘their’ court. Never mind.

    Rights? What rights?

    ‘Exigent circumstance’ , ‘officer safety’, ‘stop resisting’

    I wonder how anyone can identify themselves as ‘American’ when the values that formed the country are dead and dust. Limp citizens is accurate.


  4. Dear Garysco,

    Well thanks for sharing. Otherwise how are any of us going to get to the bottom of the bottom? How else can one know the root of the root?
    – – –

    Yeah, I mean, who wants to give their money to loose young gypsy girls, get drunk on over-priced watered-down hooch, and gamble and play rigged games of chance, and generally enjoy life.

    I know I’m just living in Sin City to read the articles, myself.

    Gypsys Tramps And Thieves – Cher
    – – –

    I want to eat and drink right and healthy. I’m going to find a wagon to get on, starting tomorrow, I’m on road to redemption hallelujah.

    I want my life to serve the Socialist Civil Religious Ideal. I want the city to take my money against my will. I’m going to get a proper birth certificate ASAP. I’m calling up everyone in my family tomorrow. And then all 1 million Romani living here in the US.

    Romani People

    I want the city to run up many lifetimes of debt in my name, and give the money to government partner gypsys, tramps, and thieves halfway around the world. It looks amazingly fulfilling.

    I want the city to use my own money against me and control me like a caged animal. I want the city to ankle-band me and watch me at all times like cattle. I don’t want anyone to think I’m immoral like one of those sovereign self-owning gypsy types.

    Medulla Oblongata – Bobby – Waterboy

    Bobby: (stands up)GrandMama says that alligators are ornery ‘cause they got all them teeth but no tooth brush.

    (class laughs)Other student says: … it’s because they have an enlarged medulla oblongata.

    Teacher: That is correct. … medulla, ob-lon-ga-ta! Now, is there anybody here that can tell me where happiness comes from? Anyone? Alright, let’s hear what GrandMama has to say on the subject.

    Bobby:(stands up again) GrandMama say that happiness is from magic rays of sunshine that come down when you’re feeling blue.

    Teacher: Well, GrandMama’s wrong again.

    Bobby: No Colonel Sanders, you’re wrong. (class laughs) GrandMama’s right.

    Teacher: (Bobby runs to the door) Something’s wrong with his medula oblongata!

    Bobby: (runs towards teacher and knocks him over) EEEEERRRRRSSSSSUUUUUEEEEE!

    1910 Ethnic Austria Hungary Matrix VolksGrid

  5. In South India, Where Individualism Is Lacking Or Stunted:

    The Tamil Hindu does appear to conceive of the person differently from the way Westerners do. For example, the Western notion of individualism—the idea that the person has an identity separate from others and has a right, nay, an obligation to act as an autonomous person—is considered selfish by most Indians even today.

    Instead, in the Indian view, a person ought to comply with the collective interests of family and caste. An adult son should acquiesce to the interests of his father and mother. In south India, for example, out of deference, an adult son will avoid smoking in front of his father and many sons will remain their father’s dependent until the day their father dies.

    – Indian women don’t smoke around their family. They call their parents and other family members every day, for their entire life.

    Adult women are supposed to be dutiful wives and daughters-in-law. A south Indian woman who lives with her husband in his parents’ house as befits the south Indian ideal, would never think of going out without first asking her mother-in-law’s permission.

    The individual lacks autonomy, therefore, and indeed, is perceived as sharing the collective identity of his or her family and caste. Given this perspective, it is easy to see why a person’s actions reflect upon and represent such collective identities. An Indian’s personal identity—who he or she is and how he or she is perceived to act—is commingled with and inseparable from these groups.

    In the West, our fascination with individuality is elaborated in many ways: novels, biographies and autobiographies, personal diaries, travelogues, which are a form of personal journal or diary, and the personal-interest stories of newspapers and magazines are examples taken from the media of the printed word.

    Portraiture, drama, even interior design are also strongly concerned with representations of individuals and are expressive of individuality. All of these various forms are also representations of self: expressions of idiosyncrasy and verbal or visual portraits of individuals that cause us to reflect on the interior person.

    Further, our interest in these many expressions stems from our own self-reflexive sense of who we are and how we act. Reflecting on others, each thinks about himself or herself.

    Yet it is well known, if puzzling, that most of these expressions of individualism and individuality are missing from India’s Hindu cultural assemblage prior to the nineteenth century and the advent of photography. In fact, with the striking exception of photographic representations of individuals, many of these artifacts of individuality are still largely unrepresented in Hindu folk ideas and behavior.

    Even in the essentially Western-inspired genre of autobiography, Indian writings often tend to have a curiously flat quality as far as the scrutiny of the life in terms of a ruthless examination of motives and feelings are concerned…. With rare exceptions, Indian autobiographies are evocations of places and accounts of careers, records of events from which the self has been excised.

    It would seem, then, these Indian autobiographies portray individuals who lack the introspection central to a Western understanding of the individual. The characters portrayed in Indian novels and movies are created less to explore the individual than to “represent their societies in miniature”

    What is revealed by these examples is that, in comparison with the West, attention to individuality is noticeably understated in the Indian cultural assemblage that accompanies expressions identity.

    If the Western artifacts of individualism mentioned above are understood as expressions of how persons are perceived and valued, then their near absence in India means Hindu conceptualizations of the person must be strikingly different.

    Stated simply, anthropologists have not been interested in the empirical encounter described in the epigraph because they see the “empirical” individual as a universal feature of being, and so have presumed it unproblematic—empty of interpretive meaning.

    In India, there are two meanings in the term “individual”: first, “the empirical individual, present in every society,” by which he means the self-conscious physical entity, and, second, the idea of the individual as a cultural value. In his view, anthropologists should use the term “individual” only when the idea of the individual is valued in a society. “One will thereby avoid inadvertently attributing the presence of the individual to societies in which he is not recognized, and also avoid making him a universal unit of comparison”

    “It is immediately obvious that there are two mutually opposed notions of the person: one is characteristic of traditional societies and the other of modern society.” In modern society, the individual is valued, and the life of each person is its own end.

    In traditional societies, such as India, “the stress is placed on the society as a whole, as collective Man.” Each “particular man in his place must contribute to the global order of society” It is the order of society that is valued, not individual affairs. In other words, each lives for the interest of society, not for himself or herself.

    At the heart of Indian society is the hierarchical Hindu caste system, which represents a kind of caste-based division of labor that creates interdependence and ultimately India’s collective solidarity as a society.

    The Indian’s identity is that of groups, collectivities such as family, caste, village, and society itself. Actions are guided by what benefits and maintains these groups and their interdependence rather than by the person’s own motivations and self-interests.

    If, in theory, Western society is based on the freedom and free will of the individual, then Indian society is based notionally on holistic identities and collective interests, just the opposite of the Western situation. In fact, any approach to Indian society that focuses on the individual is misconceived.

    This view of relationship between the person and society in India has been very influential and in fact continues to spread. Many scholars have come to think that individuality plays no role in Indian society and to indicate why this is a mistaken idea.

    Though the idea of the individual is valued as it is in the West—liberty, equality, and the pursuit of happiness are values that support this idea of the individual—we should not use the term “individual.” to describe India.

    Indians recognize individuality, yet do not value individualism. Indians recognize personal uniqueness, value achievement, and assess personal motivation and reputation—all features of individuality—and regard these observations as crucial to the way they negotiate life.

    But the other attributes of who a person is, of a distinctively Indian individuality? There are many who deny the individuality of the Indian subject, deny agency to the Indian person and conceive of the Indian as an Other, as the radical antithesis of the Western individual

    A person is a “dividual” rather than an individual. The Indian is unlike the American because, while the American conceives the individual as an independent, indivisible, skin-bound entity, Indian “ethnosociology” explains the person as a dependent, divisible being with indefinite margins.

    Thus, when an Indian cooks for another, some of the cook’s personal substance is transferred into the food and so into the consumer. Giving and receiving, touching, eating—the Indian’s very substance is transformed—sometimes adversely, sometimes beneficially—by these transactions, or so they believe.

    For example, a Tamil woman believes her blood gradually takes on the same qualities as her husband’s, transformed as she absorbs his substance during sexual intercourse, when she eats the food of his house, sleeps with him, and engages in a myriad of other transactions with him.


    In the same fashion, she affects her husband’s substance. But for different reasons, and thus it is inappropriate to refer to Indians as individuals. To do so, is to be guilty of ethnocentrism because the very notion of the individual is alien to Indian senses of the person.

    • Wow. I did not know that, Tor. Thanks for posting it.

      A “dividual” is a very spooky notion. Imho.

      Each to their own though.

      And now I think I understand the collectivist mindset just a little better.

    • Thank you Tor. And that my fellow comrades is the collectivist utopia much out current crop of thought leaders want us to become. The ultra-wealthy Raja’s mud hole “brothers keeper” of India, or the (former) capitalist utopia of the USA that they all wanted to move to.

      • Whether India or America, we’re just dolls and G.I. Joe toy playthings to them.
        – – –

        Did you know most gypsies originated in India?

        Romani Girl from Kosovo goes to India to find roots

        They call themselves Romani now. Romani will say they are Mexican, Canadian, whatever. Romani-Indians will be documented in foreign lands. But it is always a ruse.

        Romani Individualist Indians are collectivists compared to us, but for India, they were far too individualistic to continue trying to live there.

        All time great one – Enthiran(Robot) film – India

        It is believed the Romani left India in approximately 1026 AD due to the invasion of Islam into the punjab lands.

        Gridless Matrixless Roma – Homeless in London urged to leave the city

        • Gypsies tramps and thieves.

          My now deceased grandmother was from Austria-Hungary (now Czechoslovakia) who immigrated to NYC in 1912 at the age of 14, because the family (farmers) could not afford to feed her under their socialist government.

          She had nothing good to say about the gypsies. A bunch of sneaky lying cons and thieves who traveled around in tribal groups, gave carnival type shows and had to camp outside city limits because they were so much trouble.

  6. So in 2.2 billion member greater UK, doctors work for these Socialist / Monarchist “Heroes”

    How can it be a good thing, for doctors, to be paid so much less, and to be subservient to the sort of smug know-nothing do-nothing hoodlums who organize marches and print pamphlets? Someone please endarken me so I can’t see the light any more.

    Socialist Party UK – National Health Service Under Attack from Individual Vultures / Evil Non-Collectivist Boogeymen

  7. I wonder what you guys think of this post:

    FEE: “A willingness to ‘play the game’ is absolutely vital if the liberty movement has any hope.”


    It’s been on my brain all night.
    It’s the reason I logged on tonight, er, this morning.

    In the background, I watched the film, Cold Mountain.

    My fellow viewers were upset about the waste of life, for what seemed like, No Reason.
    I didn’t bring up Sherman’s March to the Sea.
    It wasn’t necessary.
    The point was obvious.
    Thank goodness.

    ..Do you think Clover, Gill and Bob get that, too?
    Or, do they just avoid it altogether?

    If they avoid it, ….are they really humans?

    Anyway, on a lighter note. I couldn’t decide who was hotter, the character of Nicole or Renee?

  8. Dear Eric and Dom,

    I just now logged on to EPAutos, and when I tried to read comments section on at least 2 articles here is what I came up with.

    I am sending you this to let you know what is happening to me and to perhaps others as well.

    Maybe you have a fix for this. I was able to read the comments on “Going Limp”, but not able to read comments on some others.


    54 comments for ““Clover” & “Gil””

    Fatal error: Uncaught exception ‘Exception’ with message ‘Make sure you are passing in the correct parameters’ in /home/customer/www/epautos.com/public_html.com/wp-content/plugins/add-local-avatar/TwitterAPIExchange.php:45 Stack trace: #0 /home/customer/www/epautos.com/public_html.com/wp-content/plugins/add-local-avatar/avatars.php(173): TwitterAPIExchange->__construct(Array) #1 /home/customer/www/epautos.com/public_html.com/wp-content/plugins/add-local-avatar/avatars.php(1393): add_local_avatars->get_twitter_avatar(‘@doofor’) #2 /home/customer/www/epautos.com/public_html.com/wp-content/themes/magazine-premium/functions.php(520): get_avatar(Object(stdClass), 60) #3 [internal function]: mp_comment(Object(stdClass), Array, 1) #4 /home/customer/www/epautos.com/public_html.com/wp-includes/comment-template.php(1627): call_user_func(‘mp_comment’, Object(stdClass), Array, 1) #5 [internal function]: Walker_Comment->start_el(‘??<li class="co…', Object(stdClass), 0, Array) #6 /home/customer/www/epautos.com/public_html.com/wp-includes/class-wp-walker.php(135): call_user_func_array(Array, A in /home/customer/www/epautos.com/public_html.com/wp-content/plugins/add-local-avatar/TwitterAPIExchange.php on line 45

    • looks like it’s working now. something to do with gravatar. changed my password and avatar there. looks like Dom’s fixed it.

    • Linda, same for me. When I hit the back arrow it went to post I never saw, the one about being done in by Google since the devil screen was the very last thing my computer showed before “retiring”. Things are really screwed up. Ha, that’s a joke, things have been really screwed up for a long while and not just on epautos.

  9. Etienne de la Boetie published The Politics of Obedience: The Discourse of Voluntary Servitude some time around 1532. http://mises.org/document/1218/The-Politics-of-Obedience-The-Discourse-of-Voluntary-Servitude . Quoting from Murray Rothbard’s forward…

    The tyrant has “nothing more than the power that you confer upon him to destroy you. Where has he acquired enough eyes to spy upon you, if you do not provide them yourselves? How can he have so many arms to beat you with, if he does not borrow them from you? The feet that trample down your cities, where does he get them if they are not your own? How does he have any power over you except through you? How would he dare assail you if he had no cooperation from you?”

    Then these inspiring words: “Resolve to serve no more, and you are at once freed. I do not ask that you place hands upon the tyrant to topple him over, but simply that you support him no longer; then you will behold him, like a great Colossus whose pedestal has been pulled away, fall of his own weight and break in pieces.”

    So…are ya ready to REEEESOLVE?

    • Dear Joe,

      De la Boetie was definitely ahead of his time.

      Two centuries before America’s Founding Fathers.

      Too bad they didn’t draw from him more than they did, and also from the market anarchist Icelandic Republic.

  10. “Prosecuting a lone tax protestor is easy enough. He has few friends – and little sympathy.” Great article until that line. Money is the common denominator for us all. Don’t enslave yourself by giving them money. Rights are not taxable. When they see people refusing to give the tyrants money, then they will be very afraid. Keep pushing local issues where they feel the pain the most and plan for a long period of hardship.

    • Just had this conversation with a woman on another forum, who claims her husband makes six figures and they’ve “opted out” of income tax for more than two years now.

      She linked me to a book–I forget the title now, something like “Super Scam”.

      I will believe it’s possible when I’ve spoken to a few people who’ve done it…and who haven’t just dropped off the radar by reducing their income to unattractive levels.

      • The IRS doesn’t go after people right away.
        Especially if they don’t get on the ‘tax protestor’ radar screen.

        This couple might go a decade or more without paying, but without connections the IRS will get them sooner or later and if they want to make it later they need to shut their trap about the nature of the income tax. The more they talk the faster they rise on the IRS priority list.

    • Hi D Bro,

      I wish it were possible to not give them money – that is, I wish it were feasible to avoid having them take my money. But unless one earns no money (or has no or very few assets) and lives “off the books” this is possible only if one is willing to risk a potentially life-ending criminal prosecution.

      I understand that at some point it’s incumbent upon us – if we’re serious about our principles – to take a stand. I’m willing to do so over – as an example – gun confiscation. Because at that point, I believe we have no other option but to take a stand – physically – because it is literally a matter of life or death.

      But it is still possible to compromise on the question of taxation. That is, I can still earn a living and keep enough to make it worth working. A point may come when it is no longer worth working – and then the equation changes. But for now, I use every legal means to pay the least possible while using the remainder to improve my options if the S hits the F.

      As Meth wrote, if you can provide legitimate (verifiable) examples of people who simply refuse to pay taxes and aren’t prosecuted – and aren’t also living a cash-only lifestyle (impossible for most of us at this point, unless we toss our careers) with few legal assets in their name… I’d very much like to hear about it.

      No sarcasm meant by the above. I’m just very dubious that what you advocate is realistic for people who cannot realistically avoid 1099s and W9s and 1040s and bank accounts and all the rest of it.

      • I wasn’t going to get into this, but since you mention it…

        You are correct, Eric, taking on the governmental Beast head-on by withholding taxes is not something to be taken lightly. It is indeed a life-altering decision.

        This is an area that I have been involved in for many years (decades, in fact), but I’m not going to get into personal details in a public forum. Suffice it to say that unless you are willing to run a cash business and not own anything of substance in your own name, don’t try it. There is also the risk of criminal prosecution, though that risk is actually much lower than the thugs simply taking your toys and leaving you a pauper. (I know a lot of people who have taken this route over the years. Most have been attacked financially. Few have been prosecuted.)

        To add insult to injury, the federal income tax system is a sham to begin with. There is no law that actually makes you liable, however running to the courts with such arguments will get you nowhere. The courts are completely corrupt and judicial tyranny is rampant — as the saying goes, one judge lies and the next one swears to it. What the law actually says doesn’t matter, and the Constitution/Bill of Rights does not apply. (Additionally the judges are afraid of the IRS, which has been known to go after judges who don’t “play ball.”)

        There’s a lot of information out there on the income tax issue. A lot of it is bogus, bizarre and twisted quasi-legal theory with no basis in reason, logic, or fact. For those interested I would recommend the 6-part video series “Just the Facts” (available on Youtube, first of the series at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZW1Pqey_pe4) which lays it all out in a methodical and factual manner. (Aside from some cheesy early 1990s title animations, and some religious and historical intro stuff just in the very beginning.)

        There is also a lot of information available at attorney Larry Becraft’s web site:


        …as well as former IRS Special Agent Joe Banister’s site:


        So be informed (particularly if you’re on a jury where some poor schlub is being railroaded), but particularly due to the complete lack of redress within the court system this is not a course of action to take unless the satisfaction of essentially giving “the finger” to the IRS every April 15th outweighs the life changes and perils that go with that territory. (For most we are not at that stage yet of the U.S.’s decline into the abyss of tyranny.)

        • The only thing I’ve found that makes sense was I believe linked from the comments here. The website was called starving monkeys or something like that. Basically it went into how to minimize taxes by playing by the government/IRS rulebook to the letter. Trouble is it won’t work for most people because of step one which was to make a corporation of which you are its employee. For those who can there were many ideas of how to structure things to minimize taxes.

          From a strategic sense it’s all that I’ve read that makes sense and should keep a person from being demolished. Devil is in the details of course. But from a strategic sense the best way to win is to exploit the rulebook.

          • It’s feasible to reduce one’s tax liability to virtually nil – provided one is willing to live a “nil” life. No significant income. No significant material assets. This might be viable for a single guy intent on remaining single. Or a married guy with a simpatico wife, who does not object to a very modest (and financially tenuous) life. But that’s not very appealing to most women – or men.

            The fact is most of us still get enough return from “playing ball” to make it worth playing ball.

            That may change, as either taxes become confiscatory or money becomes worthless or some combination of the two.

          • The beauty of the system I read about is that it works on the Rockefeller principle that control is everything that is important about ownership. The corporation owns everything, the person controls the corporation. The corporation pays the person a salary in the sweet spot where government doesn’t tax the crap out of him. It’s the way the ruling class structures their wealth or close to it.

            The rub is being able to get an income on a contractor/corporate basis.

    • D, good idea. it’s that forfeiture gambit that jabs you in the ass though. Of course you can fight it….for all the good it’ll do.

  11. It is sad that so many Americans no longer trust the government, at any level. Unfortunately, it is also understandable. Almost no one knows American history or understands the nature of the American form of government – that includes most lawyers and judges. You cannot operate something safely that you do not understand fully.

    The first thing to wrap your head around is that, if you are an American, you where born free. Everything you do is voluntary. You always have a choice. The fact that you feel in any manner coerced to do anything should be a BIG RED FLAG. Because all of us have been exposed to deep and prolonged conditioning by our parents, teachers and other so called authority figures, we have a very hard time looking for the options or protecting ourselves from the agents of government or even our nanny neighbors.

    You can begin to break down your ignorance and freeing yourself and your family by getting familiar with the four Organic Laws of the United States of America. You can find them in Volume 1 of the United States Code. You can also find them here as well:


    The first thing you should notice is the fact that there are 4 Organic Laws in the big red law book. The next thing to note is that they are each dependent and confined by the previous, still in force, Organic Law. Finally, note that the Articles of Confederation and the Northwest Ordinance are still good and valid law, at least according to the House Law Revision Counsel.

    American men and women kicked King George out of America by force of arms. We won the American Revolution but were led astray by those men (mostly wealthy lawyers) who met in secret in 1787 to craft the so called “more perfect union”. They pretended to replace the Articles of Confederation but could not and still have a legitimate government. This is now a historical and legal fact based on the evidence in their law book.

    Read the law carefully and begin to ask questions. What is the nature of the “perpetual Union” of the Articles of Confederation and to what land does it apply? What is the nature of the land encompassed by the Northwest Ordinance of 1787? What is the nature of the land encompassed by the “more perfect Union”? On what date certain were the Articles of Confederation repealed or nullified? Google “Organic Law” and start to study. Once you understand the nature and legitimate function of government, and the land to which the written law is bound, you can be start the process of getting free. You can also easily spot the misinformed petty tyrant and call out their lies. It takes work and time but America is worth it. We can leave the rifles at home.

    • Final Authority, you have nailed it. The “founding fathers’ who demanded this type of government simply wanted public funds they intended to have for themselves and never bothered or minded the eventual consequences of what they demanded other acquiesce to. There are always those who want to help themselves to the public vault. We must be ever vigilant to stopping these people, ever vigilant to simply not allowing this type of government. The genie is out of the bag so we must not become typified in stuffing it back in but simply not allowing it to exist. It’s imperative we not only do away with the US Constitution but become a consortium of states that can exist cooperatively. The USA was never meant to be a single country. The Republic of Texas, as well as other confederate states, were never conceived to be part of a nation but simply neighbor states to one another for the common good of all. Lincoln was evil incarnate representing the NE states’ will to represent the European might over this land. We must reject it totally and completely if no other way than state by state, i. e., country by country.

  12. @eric

    I don’t know how to introduce a new forum rant/topic. I don’t even know that this hasn’t been covered before. I can’t be the only person who thinks this way but here goes….

    It’s a sign of just how brainwashed we have become every time a fire truck or ambulance has its lights on that the rest of the drivers all trip over themselves to pull of the road asap and in the stupidest places. Zero thought, just programmed reaction. Why not wait until they get closer to your rear bumper before changing just one lane so they can pass by? Why not just speed up and drive faster. Surely a person in an ordinary car can speed safer than a water laden fire truck or a cumbersome EMT vehicle. Why must all my countrymen be such mindless idiots?

  13. The USA is now a police state. There will be a massive protest in Washington, DC starting May 16, 2014.

    We are past the point of no return and must move forward with an effort to save our nation, as there is no other choice. We are asking, pleading with you, and any others that have resources, national voices, email lists, blogs, FB, Twitter, to call for a non-violent American Spring May 16, 2014 in Washington D.C. We must appeal to ten million and more American patriots to come and stay in Washington, D.C. to stop the White House and Congress from total destruction of the United States. It’s now or never. God help us.


    • 100% agreed, we’re a police state by any metric.

      The American Spring is great–but not for the reasons most people want it.

      It’s NOT going to convince the kleptocrats, sell-outs, and psychopaths to change their ways. It might frighten a few of them into moderating the pace of the sellout–or more likely to hide their treason better.

      But the rest are hard-core psychopaths. It won’t change them. They will double down; they feel threatened already, and this will push them to escalate the Iron Fist.

      And that’s reason #1 to do it that the participants don’t understand yet–it will further force the Elites’ hand, driving further the wedge of dis-consent.

      Reason #2 to do it–is for others like us, who don’t yet comprehend the fullness of the plan and feel lonely, isolated, cut off–to realize HOW MANY of us there are. To make dissent popular and accepted and widespread.

      “My God! Look how many people there are who are just as pissed as I am!”

      THAT’S the mission.

      Forget about reversing Washington’s course–the center is rotten, let it fall.
      Preserve the Reformation/Renaissance/Enlightenment/America at the local level–because that’s where it was meant to be in the first place! Individual liberty is just that. The closer we keep it to the individual, the more decentralized the power, the more local and accountable–the better, until power devolves entirely to the individual.

      I doubt America will be 50 states in twenty years; and if it is, it will be in name only–so much nullification will make the States essentially independent countries. The way it was MEANT to be.

      • METH, “I doubt America will be 50 states in twenty years..”

        There should never have been an “America”. The US Constitution was a horrible mistake in that it created this monstrosity in the first place.

        I agree, it will not be too much longer before this “grand experiment” collapses.
        And the sooner the better, for Liberty’s sake.

        • Hi Skunkbear,

          We are now going through an elaboration of unexplored premises. The founders – even the best of them – never really thought through the implications of their ideas, or at least never came openly to grips with them.

          What I mean is, they defended states’ rights vis-a-vis a central authority (be it monarchy or “republican” government, as they styled it).

          Paine and Jefferson, perhaps, “got” the idea of the sovereign individual – at least, intellectually. (Jefferson understood, I think, but allowed other factors – his financial interests – to cloud his ethical judgment.)

          We’re at a nexus now. Millions of people are beginning to reject the forcible interposition of anyone in their lives, for any reason at all – provided they have not caused harm to someone else, of course.

          This is philosophical dynamite.

          • ERIC, “We’re at a nexus now.”

            Fully agree. And yes it is “philosophical dynamite.” I am hopeful that humanity has finally evolved so that reason overtakes brute force as the glue that holds societies together.

            But I would argue that the crux of it all depends on technology and who controls it.

          • Interesting point, Eric.

            I think each generation pushes their premises as far as they can–within the limits of human endurance.

            From some of Jefferson’s writings, you can almost sense the “Ah God, I just want to go HOME now!” sentiment. Likewise the others.

            They made a mighty push; they implemented the flower of the Renaissance to the best of their abilities. They shoved back harder than anyone else had against the Sociopathic Elite.

            The Sociopaths, stung, defeated, did one final twist of the knife–the mealy-mouthed Constitution; the freedomistas grabbed the knife and pulled it out with the Bill of Rights…
            …but the wound was infected and has festered ever since. The infection will prove fatal.

            But not to liberty.

            So now–your point comes to the fore Eric–it’s up to THIS generation to push even further with renewed energy and two hundred years’ experience.

            We’ll see the next evolution of the “dynamite philosophical premise”

          • Dear meth,


            The unitedstate has been running amok all over the planet, fomenting “color revolutions,” and this and that “springs” in the hope that the unitedstate would be the “Worlds’ Only Remaining Superpower” and world’s only remaining political monolith, able run roughshod over everyone else.

            But ideas have consequences. Promulgating separatism and secessionism in rival states has come back to haunt the unitedstate itself.

            What’s good for the goose…

            We’ve had our Prague Springs, Beijing Springs, and Arab Springs. The time has come for for a “Washington Spring.”

    • I’ll never assemble and “protest”. I’ll never beg the government for my liberty. I’ll never participate in their game by playing by their rules and assembling on their terms, with their permission. It’s not a tactic I can get behind. I do what I can as an individual to fight the system every chance I get by cutting government out of my life and calling out, mocking and ridiculing those who choose to worship at the alter of the state. I’ve lost friends and severed family ties in the battle for minds.

      When I finally assemble with others in the cause of liberty, it will most likely be in armed rebellion as a last resort. In the meantime, I am defending my castle and offending the enemies of freedom by exposing them to the light.

      Be careful if you decide to protest. It’s guaranteed that 1 in 10 “protestors” will be undercover agent provocateurs. It’s how they work. It’s why they allow you to come and assemble and protest. They will use the opportunity to catalog the participants, then initiate and escalate violence, painting an unfavorable picture of you on their nightly Telescreen programs. My opinion is, it’s a no-win situation. Nothing can be gained. At best, you may slightly slow the momentum of lost liberties, but no previously taken liberties will be restored. Might as well ask the rapist to “do it gently”.

      • Dear IC,

        I agree.

        Protesting, i.e., “demanding political reform,” may seem like “defiant rebellion” in the minds of mainstream sheeple.

        But examined more closely, what is it really?

        It is nothing more than begging “authority” for permission to do what one has the natural right to do. It is begging for permission when one never needed permission in the first place.

        Larken Rose To Protest or Not to Protest That IS The Question?

        • To Protest or Not to Protest That Is The Question?

          Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer
          The slings and arrows of outrageous collectivisms
          Or to take arms against a sea of sheeple
          And by opposing end them. To be detained, to sleep–
          No more–and by a coroner to declare that we end
          – – – –

          Bripto Norman – former Indonesian police officer from Mobile Brigade Police Force, that is presently a singer, presently signed to a billion rupiah contract (USD $113,000)

          “Chaiyya Chaiyya” by A.R.Rahman
          Bripto Norman

          Jinke sar ho ishq ki chhaaon
          The one, whose head is in shadow of love
          Paaon ke neeche jannat hogi
          There will be heaven beneath his feet

          Chal chaiyya chaiyya chaiyya chaiyya
          Come let’s walk in the shade
          Sar ishq ki chhaaon
          With Your head in the shadow of love
          Paaon jannat chale
          With our feet walking on top of heaven

          Voh yaar hai jo khushboo ki tarah
          That friend who is like a fragrance
          Jiski zubaan urdu ki tarah
          Whose language is like Urdu
          Meri shaam raat, meri kaayanat
          She is my evening and night, my whole universe
          Voh yaar mera saiyyan saiyyan
          That friend of mine is my beloved

          Gulphosh kabhi itraaye kahin maheke to nazar aa jaaye kahin
          Sometimes a hidden flower shows off pride,
          but when it fragrances then it comes into view
          Taaviz banaake pehen usse, aayat ki tarah mil jaaye kahin
          I’ll wear it like a sacred amulet (talisman)
          if I find it someplace like a holy verse (song)

          Voh yaar hai jo imaan ki tarah
          That friend who is like my belief
          Mera nagma vohi, mera kalma vohi
          She is my melody, she is my holy verse
          Mera nagma nagma, mera kalma kalma
          My melody, my holy verse

          Yaar misaal-e-os chale
          She walks like the shining dew drops in the morning
          Paaon ke tale firdaus chale
          Heaven seems to move with her feet
          Kabhi daal daal kabhi paat paat
          Sometimes the branches of the trees, sometimes the leaves
          Main hawa pe dhoondoon uske nishaan
          I search for her traces in the air

          Main uske roop ka shaidaayi, voh dhoop chhaaon sa harjaayi
          I am ardent admirer of her beauty,
          she is unfaithful (ever-changing) like the sunlight and shade
          Voh shokh hai rang badalta hai
          She vivid and she changes her colors
          Main rang roop ka saudaai
          I am the trader of color and beauty

          Chal chaiyya chaiyya chaiyya chaiyya
          Come let’s walk in the shade
          – – – – –

          Chaiyya Chaiyya(Walk in the Shadow of Love)Indian Train Song

          Chaiyya Chaiyya” is from the 1998 movie “Dil Se” (“From The Heart”) and is an Urdu song filmed on top of a moving train in the mountains of Tamil Nadu, southern India.

          The film is about a love story with terrorism as a backdrop. No camera tricks or post-production special effects were used in the music video.

          The lyrics of “Chaiyya Chaiyya” are based on a folk song “Thaiyya Thaiyya” by poet Bulleh Shah. Indian lyricist Gulzar rewrote the lyrics and changed the name to “Chaiyya Chaiyya”

          “Music has a natural place in our lives… Music fills our spaces naturally… It will always be dear to us.” – Gulzar

  14. There may be those who will NOT go limp. Among the millions of gun owners in Connecticut who will not comply, most will go limp… but some may shoot back.

    Mike Vanderboegh has frequently pointed out that just 3% of the American people took active party in America’s first revolutionary war – and that if just 3% of gun owners fought the government, they would outman the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard and all police of all types at all levels of government combined.

    There is a substantial (and growing) segment of the population that believes there should be “No More Wacos” – no more SWAT raids on trumped up charges, no more incineration and murder by the government of innocent people. That active resistance – shooting back at the government – is the main reason we have a Second Amendment. So it might take only a few SWAT raids before that segment engages – and once THAT happens, then the fat is really in the fire.

    Think how much difficulty the government had tracking down two black, homosexual, muslim morons who were shooting up the Virginia area. (It took 3 weeks, they only succeeded because someone tipped them off to an earlier crime, and the killers weren’t even caught by the police.) Over a period of 9 months these two chuckleheads shot more than 25 people, in Washington, Arizona, Maryland, Texas… 13 were shot in Maryland, DC and Virginia during the 3 weeks before they were caught.

    Three years ago, Connecticut government officials estimated there are 372,000 “assault weapons” in private hands, and over two million “high capacity” magazines. Surely, those numbers are low. Imagine if just 1 in 10,000 of the “new felons” decided they’d had enough and began strikes on government traitors. So 40 people, independently, start shooting government traitors. What would be the impact? Would the government crack down even harder (creating even more enemies)? Would it back off (underlining its own impotence and irrelevance)? Would legislators hastily repeal the offending law (setting a precedent for future transgressions of the Constitution)? Would it call in all its resources (military too?) resulting in martial law or the Second American Revolution? How many people would take up arms to overthrow the police state?

  15. Eric, this article sounds eerily like my response to another article you wrote. In short its an escalation of government force. When this happens the beast reveals himself for all to see. People only wish to be left alone and that is verboten to the religion of big government lovers.

    • I desperately want to just be left in peace; I desire to harm none. But if they will not allow me to simply live my life in peace, harming no one – what alternative have they left me? What alternative have they left us?

  16. Going limp is all you need to do. It really is that simple. Become utterly useless to them. Become loathsome to them. Become a burden. Learn to smile inside when they curse you, kick at you a few times, and then skulk dejectedly away barking their threats to the sound of crickets.

    Make it clear what’s best for them is to move along. Nothing to see here.

    The answer is making this conglomeration of webmasters, writers, owners, readers, commenters, lurkers, trolls, and surveillers into a profitable business. Nothing else is important. This needs to be a going concern. A value attractor. A successful and thriving agora of ideas.

    The only thing you need to learn, is how to be too expensive to govern. To not be worth their while. To behave in such a manner as they will look elsewhere for someone to lie to and make their livings off of.

    The Revolution Will Be All Business

    A Porcupine’s Worth is his Price

    Under Market Anarchism, the free state is they who say and convince others they are so.

    So is the Free State NH, WY, MT, TX, the Dakotas, Western Maryland, Miami, New Orleans, Las Vegas, Cancun, Rio De Janierio? Yes it is. The free state is all of them and many more. The free state is an idea that can’t be contained. Everywhere it flourishes and takes root, overgrowing and supplanting all manner of olden states.

    Would You Move to the State of the Free

      • Sure thing, Jean. TETG. Too Expensive To Govern. Got a nice ring to it.

        “Can you imagine intelligent citizens that have become utterly cynical about the role of government in their lives and resist government infringements every step of the way? Where through basic contrariness to government intrusion, people become too expensive to govern as they resist every step of the way.”

        This is just one idea that could make a difference.

        Libertarian Solutions Network Founded

        The Swiss have not fought a war for nearly five hundred years, and are determined to know how so as not to.

        In the First World War, General Ulrich Wille led the Swiss to victory. Victory consisted of successfully avoiding the conflict. As someone put it, “We won by having no war.”

        In the Second World War, the victorious Swiss general was Henri Guisan, of the Canton de Vaud. There is a General Guisan Quai in Zurich, a Quai General Guisan in Geneva. In every part of Switzerland, there are streets and plazas and equestrian statues—there are busts on plinths overhung with banners and flags—doing honor to the general of an army that did not fight.

        Switzerland defends itself on what it calls the Porcupine Principle. You roll up into a ball and brandish your quills. In the words of Divisionnaire Tschumy, “The foremost battle is to prevent war with a price of entry that is too high.

        You must understand that there is no difference between the Swiss people and the Swiss Army. There is no difference in will. Economic, military—it’s the same thing.

        For seven hundred years, freedom has been the fundamental story of Switzerland, and we are not prepared to give it up now. We want to defend ourselves, which is not the same as fighting abroad.


        • I also like the story from the leadup to WW II. A Swiss was bragging to a German about their army of 500,000, i.e., the entire adult male population. The German asked, “But what will you do if we come against you with an army of a million?” The Swiss replied, “Shoot twice and go home.”

    • Free State is an internally inconsistent phrase. (unless by state you are inferring to the definition that refers to the current condition of an entity….like steady state of state of mind). The implementation of any political state results in enslaving individuals, regardless of how “benign” the implementation is. The underlying assumption is that arbitrary rules can and will be forced on individuals, most often conflicting with said individuals’ interests and/or desires. But, Tor, you are correct. The only way liberty can flourish is as a state of mind.

      • You are right. It is the wrong term.

        “You get the same order of criminality from any State to which you give power to exercise it; and whatever power you give the State to do things for you carries with it the equivalent power to do things to you.” – Albert J. Nock.

        I’m unsure how to correctly make my point. Might not be worth making. I’d have to make clear I’m using the incorrect language of Jason Soren’s political movement. Maybe put it in quotes, or use [sic] to indicate that claiming there can be such a thing as a free state is preposterous(TANSTAAFS). Not sure what can be done, the marketing has been a success, the mainstream accepts the premise.

        All I meant to convey was, The Wyoming Project that came in second, and others can still call themselves Free States if they choose. Under free market principles, their being seen as deserving that title would hinge entirely on their success or failure in the market of ideas. Heinlein said this best in Life-line (1939)

        “There has grown up in the minds of certain groups in this country the notion that because a man or corporation has made a profit out of the public for a number of years, the government and the courts are charged with the duty of guaranteeing such profit in the future, even in the face of changing circumstances and contrary to public interest. This strange doctrine is not supported by statute or common law.”

        In other words, anyone can build a better mousetrap. Successful mousetrap makers must not be insulated from the free market under some doctrine which protects them from using the term “mousetrap.”

        Free State Project History

        In September 2003 the state vote was held. Participants voted using the Condorcet method to choose the state. New Hampshire was the winner, with Wyoming coming in second by a 55% to 45% margin. Alaska, Delaware, Idaho, Maine, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Vermont were also on the list

        Libertarians Move In To Make A Small Town Even Smaller

  17. It’s them or us.

    Never cooperate. Never participate. Never communicate.

    Ironically this is written in Their language. A language no more living than Latin. These words will soon become unintelligible, just like the many dead languages of the first nations.

    These English witnessed the death of the first nations. It never dawned on them, that what was next, was the death of the second nations. The death of themselves.

    Some saw the signs and were saved. Many more were lost. Those who were saved understood that: the more They Live, the more they became Unpersons.

    The ones that survived, are the ones that understood there are only a few types capable of surviving in the long run, and seen as worth saving and not attacking them and assimilating them.

    Those who remain. Those who choose an area and defend it. Who become native. Those who till and gather. Those who protect and defend.

    Those who produce. Those who hunt and pursue. Those who trade and engage. Those who in the main, cooperate and enrich.

    Those who invent. Those who explore. Those who innovate. Those who initiate and then leave to the others. Those who conquer and capture, but then release. Who move on. Those who seek new challenges and new domains. Those who use all as components, but only for the moment. Those who dominate and pillage, but then transcend.

    I use these symbols in anyway I choose. Mainly I seek to disabuse the world of the notion that English speakers are human beings.

    They are not.

    If you can read this cannibalistic gibberish, don’t tell anyone. Never admit you can parse and make sense of these archaic Western Greek letters. Never admit you can read the Zombie Predator language of English.

    Their destiny was extinction. They perished because they wanted other humans to think they were nice. That they were here to help.

    The realization that in reality they were violently nice, came to the world all of the sudden. The world swiftly turned on them in unison. On every last one who knew only English.

    They became isolated. They became reviled. They became hunted. They became extinct.

    Should you encounter one of them who is failing to transform and dezombify. Failing to learn a human mode of communication suitable to living beings. Strip him to the core. Cut him down even, wherever he stands, without remorse. He is lost. He is your enemy. He is dangerous. He is diseased and must be quarantined and cured. Or else killed if incurable. He is taboo.

  18. Yep, the Mafia in Washington has made an unaffordable offer that can’t be refused. As usual, they have sugar coated their evil extortionist scheme with soothing collectivist million dollar words – our “shared responsibility”. Our anointed godfathers remind us that forking over big chunks of cash (for the privilege of being herded into DMV style health care) is not only a lofty moral and patriotic duty but also mandatory. Not paying is equivalent to depriving one’s neighbor the health care he needs.

    Passive resistance is the best tactic until we slide from the current soft fascism toward a much harder form – a form that is already slithering and hissing in the shadows.

  19. I’ve already made the decision to ignorify Obamacare — since I’m a complete nobody, I expect I’ll be “punished” by the overlords for my temerity, but so it goes. At a certain point, it’s better, as they say, to die a free man than to live as a slave.

    Not to mention the concept of submitting to Obamacare makes me go pretty limp all by itself.

    • I have, too. It’s another line in the sand–not, like my children, my guns, or my gold–one that I’ll have to immediately let lead fly.

      I just won’t do it.

      I’m a contractor and I keep my bank accounts very, very thin. There’s nothing for them to take. If they start garnishing, I’ll just start new small companies and fold them yearly. I’ll take cash. I’ll hire underlings and get them to pay me.

      I. Will. Not. Comply.

      We’ve talked so much about a “tipping point” on EPAutos…and now, it’s here.

      Eric–this article is brilliant! You tap into a gestalt I’m seeing elsewhere–WND, Breitbart, Infowars, LewRockwell, Guns.com–about the Connecticut situation. They’ve crossed the Rubicon–the politicians have smoked their own dope so long they project their cowardice on us. In our situation, you BET they’d “comply”.

      They cannot imagine that we won’t–and they’re stunned that we’re not. I LOVE what the SipseyStreetRegulars guy did–published the bastard’s names and addresses! Talk about a shot across the bow! Surprisingly, none of them have been sniped yet. Yet. But let those first few raids happen–and the scenario in Matthew Bracken’s Enemies Foreign and Domestic will come roaring to life.

      So yes–NOW is the time. No glorious deaths in a hail of lead, yet, just leaden indifference to their edicts, their bluster, their arrogance. Just, No. I will not comply.

      • You rock, dude. Right there with ya….

        Our “government” is a domestic terrorist occupying force. Nothing more.

      • Methyl, I want to thank you for recommending Enemies Foreign and Domestic. It’s a great read. I’ve also finished the second book in the trilogy. Book 3 to be devoured soon. The series is most highly recommended.

        • MMMWAHAHAHA! (gleefully rubbing hands together) another victim!

          So glad you like it Mike. How the hell did you read them so quickly–they’re long! Makin’ me look bad, buddy.

          Some of the tactical stuff is really good reading. Makes me hungry to read some field manuals.

          I’ve wondered lately about getting in touch with some liberty-minded veterans and actually training with them…anyone else had similar thoughts?

          • You recommended the books several weeks ago in a different thread. I bought them back then. And the books are hard to put down so they go pretty quickly.

            Off topic: I really miss the link to all posts, the one that looked like a conversation balloon in the comics. Since I can only check in from time to time, it was useful to scroll through 3 or 4 pages of recent posts to keep up with the site. The last few posts under what’s happening don’t quite cut it. If Dom is in the audience: any chance of getting that back?

          • Yes, Dom. It’s back. Thank you, merci, gracias, und vielen Dank. It really is the most useful feature of the site. Much appreciated.

  20. Cheers, Eric.
    Spot on analysis. It is ever so frustrating that our “leaders” put people in groups (i.e. “the poor, the gays, minorities” etc.) and legislate different rules for different people. “Hate crimes” being one. You attacked a straight white person? You get assault with 6 months in prison. You attacked a gay black person? Oh man you are fucked, five years for you. A friend of mine here in CA shot and killed his neighbor a few years back. A long simmering hatred between the two on rural ranch land. One day they got into it and the one guy drove his tractor through my friends gate and ran over his foot. My friend shot him three times and called the law. After all was said and done, my friend got convicted of second-degree murder. 25 to life. But wait, that’s not all, here in CA he got what is called “firearm enhancement” which is another 15 to life on top. He’s done, he will die in prison as he is in his late fifties.
    As for Obamacare, I am with you, I will not comply. I just can’t understand the control-freak mentality with these people. I have two boys, three and six, and believe me, I WILL show to them at every opportunity what a scam the rulers have on us. Believe me, I WILL do everything I can possibly do to raise complete non-clovers. Eric, you would get a kick out them as they know what clovers are. Some douchebag pulls in front of me and goes slow, it won’t be long before a child’s voice from the back seat says, daddy you got cloverized! Also friends and family are well aware about the clovers and the term “clover”. I am spreading the message here in NorCal!
    One last thing, Eric, stop with the itchy Mossberg trigger finger talk! C’mon man, it aint that bad. Stay with us we like your writing and maybe in your life you might get to see some politicians hanging from lightposts!

    • “politicians hanging from lightposts!” That’s my mantra. Plenty of lampposts in DC and every capital and plenty of rope. If not, have rope, will travel.

      • Going to get tougher, too….
        In the past three days or so, I’ve ahd two STRANGERS talking about how messed up the politics are… IN BOSTON. Blue through and through.

        I’d guess the con is up – the n*ggers just haven’t realized it yet (I’m including the elected parasites, the FSA, and the bureaucrats all together in that all-too-correct term. When Atlas DOES shrug finally, the entire world will roll off into the cosmos…)


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