Nuremburg, Round Two

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Some of you who grew up when cartoons were still funny may recall the episode of Bugs Bunny, in which the eponymous wabbit was pursued by a creepy mad scientist bent on using him for experimental purposes.

It’s not so funny now that we are all wabbits – and the mad scientists are on the government payroll or have control over your payroll, if you happen to be unlucky enough to work for a big corporation.

Or are trying to get a college degree.

Virginia Tech, which is in my neck, just announced that it will punish everyone who hasn’t been injected by requiring them to perform the Sickness Kabuki meant to wear them down and get them to accept being injected. Meaning, “masks” – the medicinally idiotic but psychologically effective tool used to make everyone look sick or appear to be obsessed with sickness. Which also is why the injected will be compelled to wear them, as well – so as to keep everyone worn down and also to generate anger toward those who’ve thus far refused to be experimented upon.

It is the Unjabbed who are causing all the trouble, you see.

All of which is pretty sick, given the UnJabbed aren’t and aren’t likely to become sick, in the medically serious sense. But they are being pressured to risk becoming sick by being Jabbed.

It is the tactic of a bully – and that by itself says a great deal about the merits of the “vaccine” – which are so attenuated (especially in relation to the risk posed by the virus) that it is necessary to bully people to accept being injected with them.

Worse than that, even. The Secretary of Defense has just decreed that everyone bound to military service will get Jabbed – or be prosecuted. As in – get Jabbed – or go to jail. To military prison. A court martial for those who refuse to be experimented upon, placing them under a particular form of duress far beyond that which obtains at, let us say, Wal-Mart, where refusal to be Jabbed may cost you your job.

But you are free to go.

In the military you are not free to go. You have no option to part ways with a disagreeable employment situation.

This is something that even the most obtuse defenders of corporate-state “private property” will hopefully object to, at last. And not only because it is objectionable in itself but because of the precedent-setting it portends. If the military can threaten a service member with prison for refusing to bow to an experimental medical procedure he opposes, that he dreads the risks of – and which entails risks that are not known in addition to the known ones – then the same loathsome logic can and will be used to forcibly inject the general population.

This is already being done piecemeal, using the threat of exclusion – from school, from employment, from commerce, from society – as the leverage. But now there are threats of criminal sanction. Of imprisonment. And implicit in such threats is more than merely the threat of losing one’s freedom. To resist such a threat is to invite the direct application of violence, possibly murderous.

Submit – or die.

The Nuremberg Code (1947):

1. The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential. This means that the person involved should have legal capacity to give consent; should be so situated as to be able to exercise free power of choice, without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, overreaching, or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion; and should have sufficient knowledge and comprehension of the elements of the subject matter involved as to enable him to make an understanding and enlightened decision. This latter element requires that before the acceptance of an affirmative decision by the experimental subject there should be made known to him the nature, duration, and purpose of the experiment; the method and means by which it is to be conducted; all inconveniences and hazards reasonably to be expected; and the effects upon his health or person which may possibly come from his participation in the experiment.

Italics to emphasize what ought to be obvious – but which is being ignored. It was only one long human lifetime ago that criminals were imprisoned – and several of them hanged – for forcing unwilling victims to submit to medical procedures they did not consent to, which entailed known and unknown prospects of bodily harm, without full and complete disclosure of these risks prior to the victim being made to submit to the procedure.

And now – as just before then – the criminals are in charge, again.

History loops.

Perhaps justice will one day be served. In the meanwhile, we – all of us – should at least have the right to opt out, even if it means our exclusion from the systems and structures of their society. We have the right to create our own – parallel – societies, in which people are free to decide for themselves whether to associate and with whom, with the only consequence being the equal right of others to decline to associate, if that is their wish.

But to threaten to put people in prison – whether in uniform or not – and to possibly kill them if they attempt to resist – is an outrage that cannot be permitted to stand.

Our lives literally depend on standing up to this evil – and to the evil people who would threaten such a thing.

May god have mercy on them – though they hardly deserve it.

. . . .

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  1. As a former military man myself, this does piss me off however if there is any group with the ability to say “no” and make it stick it is these guys. Maybe not so much the white wine sippers at the Air Force bases, but Marine Recon, SEALS, Delta, call could easily say “come here and make me assholes.”

    I don’t necessarily like the idea of a military coup but compared to these nazi dictators in DC right now, I’d be willing to take my chances.

    If they do roll up their sleeve and shut up then there isn’t much I can do about it, but come at me with that needle I will piss on your bloody remains and not lose a seconds sleep over it.

    Times like this make me think of my favorite quote..

    “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”

    ― Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn , The Gulag Archipelago

    Key phrase: “We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”

    I see where the Tennessee wants to build camps for the unvaxxed, In Tennessee! Tennessee in the words of the great Bob Lee Swagger, is the Patron State of Shooting Stuff. I might just go on up and help out.

  2. My kid goes to a top State school (relative). They have been changing the rules seems weekly.
    Late Spring they said in writing: ‘You will have to take the jab to come to school in the Fall, BUT if you don’t then you will wear a mask and you can’t do this, that, etc…….’
    Soon after that letter: your proof of Vax is due June 31st, then later, July 31st, then later, Aug 9th., hahahahah, What does that tell you?
    Then their numbers say 36% have not proven Vax. ‘If you don’t Vax you will be removed from the roles of the Fall semester.’ (what ever happened to ‘if you don’t then…..?) Then: ‘if you don’t get Vax you MAY lose your spot on the classes you signed up for’.
    So I did a little math: 3000 students have not provided proof of Vax which in round numbers = $30,000,000.00 +/-. hahahahah
    We have not payed for the Fall semester yet, and we will not.
    I believe they are under huge pressure and direction from the States Admin/Gov. cause they are a State school. Every correspondence to our Son (my wife and I will not get involved) has been “Get the jab” “just do it”, “it’s easy, just go here”, etc……
    We are in a fortunate position in life and our message to our son is simple: you can skip the Fall semester completely and maybe more, and you can just continue to do your internship which in essence a better than college itself.
    Here’s my belief, when 3000 students don’t pay, due at the end of this week, the rules will be changing again.
    BTW, the professors all had to sign new contracts in May/June, then later they come out with ‘Prof’s are mandated to get jabbed’. hahahahah = lot’s of pissed of Prof’s.
    You couldn’t make this shit up.

  3. “Justice will prevail.” But unlikely.
    Hope springs eternal, does it not? Thank god (and Eric) because it may be the only thing we have, and keeping it alive is a vital service to humanity.
    I have hopes the military will refuse in significant numbers. On the other hand, I’ve never lost betting on the cowardice of humanity in the face of authority.
    Sometimes reality really does bite the big one.

  4. Make them fire you. That is what I am doing. In the meantime my level of work output might be diminished in the next few weeks. Smart businesses are going to scoop up a new bunch of workers leaving vack seen pushing companies.

  5. Unfortunately, I get a front row seat for the military vaccine mandates. I work in a major command as a government contractor. There are many contractors, government civilians, and military where I work. Listening to everyone talk in the background, it would seem most people are just going to suck it up, and get the jab. I am hoping the people who are talking are the sheep, and the sensible people are keeping their mouths shut. I have not said a word about the jab, and so far, nobody has asked me about it. I am sure this will change between now and September 15th when the unholy decree goes into affect. It is not really possible to gage the truth about how people really feel because not everyone is talking. Sure, you have the loud mouths saying its “Our Duty” to get the jab, If its a “Lawful order”, then we need to get it just like any other jab such as the flu and anthrax jabs. Having been in the military, I know all about getting jabbed. I never did have to get that Anthrax one though, thank God.

    So, I will sit and wait for the written policy to be released. I will then study it, and search for the exemptions, of which there will be many, at least I hope there will be. Then, I will state that I am exempt due to XXXXX. If they buy it, fine. If not, I will walk. I will not submit to the jab. I am not looking forward to look for a new job. I am in that age category (mid 50’s) where finding a new job is difficult due to potential new employers views. If need be, I will work at Wawa for $15 an hour. My house is paid for, along with my vehicles. I don’t have any bills besides the monthly electric, water, etc, and the once a year Uncle tax on my property which I must pay to him, or my property will be confiscated.

    I like what Allan Stevo at LRC has to say about getting an exemption, and I plan on following his advice:

    • Hang in there Rush. Getting fired or quitting couldn’t be a better time, you’ll be hired in short order. Stand your ground.

    • I have told lots if people to get out of debt. It is that yoke around their neck they are now pulling to compel the Holy anointing.

      I would also point out that any parallel society will be well armed, but fragmented with plenty of “good Germans” mixed in so I have my doubts it can happen.

      Like you, we have no debt and plenty of cash on hand so I can walk away from my job as well. Plenty of skills as a homebuilder/contract to reboot.

    • Please keep us informed Rush.My son has worked for a military contractor for the last couple years. The crew he works with is about 50-50. They talk about this stuff, and Even though most have houses and families some have expressed their intent to walk away.

      I think I have my kid convinced. After all, his three years in the military and two years at this job just gave him the training for a plethora of. jobs. He is single with no debt and a fat stack as the kids say. It is the best job he’s ever had and the money is hard to walk away from, but he swore he’d never get jabbed again after a bad reaction in basic training.

      Hopefully we can all find exemptions. At the end of the day I’m convinced the only thing that will stop this is a counter force exercised from the barrel of a gun. We have been patient and kind with these people to no avail. Remember their weakness is their fear of death. Our strength is our understanding that death comes to us all, and the best we can do is face it honorably.

      • RE: “Remember their weakness is their fear of death.”

        However; they won’t have that fear, the mindset from The Power Elite on down to the lowest rung of the useful idiot TeeVee whoreshippers is that they will sic ‘The Dogs’ on any refusers.

        The whole sports teams training/conditioning has been effective, the Vax-pushers see The Dogs in the same manner as they identify with ‘their’ favorite sports team (or high-tech aerial sthmart bombings & drone attacks) thus it becomes, ‘we will… do such and such to the refusers and have no risk of harm to ourselves.

        The real weakness is possibly when The Dogs don’t respond to the dog whistle commands?
        Case in point: when the cops in France started walking alongside the protestors. The enforcement arm, broke. Or, so it seems. Idk.

  6. One thing we have going for us is that we’re in the middle of a labor shortage. Skilled workers from stupid companies are leaving and going to better ones.

    Check this out:

    United Airlines to mandate COVID-19 vaccine for all US employees

    Four days later:

    Southwest Airlines, American Airlines, and Delta Air Lines will not require employees to get vaccine

    Care to speculate whose employees are bailing out and where they’re heading? It’s a dog-eat-dog world and the retards at United went with Milk-Bone underwear.

    Stay strong.

  7. This is probably way out there, but couldn’t Roe v. Wade be used as a precedent to fight vaccine mandates? The Supreme Court made bodily autonomy a constitutional right, ruling that it’s an invasion of privacy for the state to force a person to do something they don’t want to do regarding their personal physical being.

    • You would think that both Roe (core of which is privacy–particularly where medical records are concerned) and also Brown v. Board of Education would be controlling precedent here, along with a number of common law right to travel cases. You could even buttress it with some of the recent rights/public accommodation cases. I think an extremely strong constitutional case could be made here. Just need someone with standing, and a good well-funded legal team.

      • >right to travel
        The right to travel freely was trashed long ago, when driving an automobile was deemed to be a “privilege,” not a right.

        Having got the camel’s nose under the tent, various authorities worldwide, most notably Australia, have now “deemed” it a “privilege,” revocable at their whim, for anyone to venture beyond the boundaries of heir domicile.

        “Lockdowns” are for criminals, not free citizens.

    • Hi Amy,

      Logically, yes – but we know “the law” is arbitrary – as well as those who parse it. Examples abound but the obvious ones are the legality of some “drugs” but not others and the requirement that motorcyclists must wear a helmet but are free to wear flip flops and a T-shirt if they wish.

      In this case, the parsers will surely find a “compelling state interest” in forcing people to submit to the Needle.

  8. The Nuremberg principle was raised by the plaintiffs in the case by nurses against Houston Methodist and its mandate (Bridges v. Houston Methodist). U.S. District Judge Lynn Hughes (a man) didn’t just poo-poo their Nuremberg arguments. He called them “reprehensible.” This means that the Nuremberg principle is not binding precedent but is instead, as we slick solicitors say, “limited to its facts.”

    In other words, “Nuremberg? You’re not even Jewish! How dare claim the same protections as the Holiest of Holy Chosenites??? Now quit whining, bite on this leather strap, and get ready for your medicine filthy goy!”

    • Nah, nah.
      The “principle” is that when Germans do things, it’s BAD, because Germans are EVIL.
      If Americans did the same, or something similar, that would be OK, because Americans are GOOD people, who Saved the World from Nazi Tyranny and Godless Communism.
      Notice it was OK for USAF to benefit from results of German freezing experiments on Russian POWs.
      Notice it was OK for US doctors to infect black men with syphilis.
      Notice it was OK for U.S. Army to expose their own troops to radiation from nuclear weapons tests.

      • Bring out your dead!

        Dump Uncle Joe into the wagon! “But I’m not dead,” screamed Joe.

        “Yeah, you are.”

        Ten percent of Northern Europeans have an allele in their dna that gives them immunity to the pesky Yersinia pestis bacteria.

        “Scientists have known for some time that these individuals carry a genetic mutation (known as CCR5-delta 32) that prevents the virus from entering the cells of the immune system but have been unable to account for the high levels of the gene in Scandinavia and relatively low levels in areas bordering the Mediterranean.”

        Weather and climate might have an influence. Cold can wreak havoc on living things large and small.

        Gain of function, naturally. An all new cistron got there all by itself, then baffles The Plague. Mother Nature is all too kind.

        Not some human lab experiment not worth squat fake puny virus. Who knows, maybe came from a bat out of hell in China somewhere. You just never know. har

        French sociologists studied the severed heads of guillotine victims during the French Revolution. Made observations, gathered data, recorded the state of sentience until the severed head lost consciousness. NASA obtained those studies.

        Who knows how the sociologists in France did it back then, maybe asked questions to the severed heads, I dunno.

        Might all be apocrypha, I would say it is true.

        Above ground nuclear tests conducted in Nevada in the 50’s included radioactive clouds in Canada and northern tier states. Malignant gliomas 40 years later, 77-95 weeks after diagnosis is the life expectancy, the grim reality. Gamma radiation under the Van Allen Belt takes its toll.

        Inadvertent experimentation on humans in the Northern Hemisphere. It’ll happen.

        “The time to speak up has passed, now is the time for senseless bickering.”

        Words writ on shithouse walls.

        Galileo has been criticized for not speaking out against the witch hunts in Europe. He was too busy trying to save his own worthless hide.

        They finally came for Galileo too, measuring celestial bodies results in different conclusions that don’t coincide with church doctrine, dogma.

        We say the earth is the center of the universe and you’re just plain wrong. We’ll just burn you at the stake, recant or else. With friends like the Pope, you don’t need enemies.

        Can’t have open defiance backed by science, not gonna happen.

        Not only burn witches, blamed for the Little Ice Age, you can burn Giordano Bruno at the stake for rejecting religious dogma and not be held accountable.

        Libertes philosophica, freedom to think.

        Be careful thinking, it could cost you your life. Dot gov is going all medieval these days.

        Don’t question anything, submit, be complicit, do what you are told. The godless heathens in charge need your full cooperation.

        The vaxine is your only hope.

  9. I’m sure I didn’t understand as a kid, but I love how the cartoon made light of ether intoxication! It was a time in which cartoonists could have fun with their craft, not being lorded over by a bunch of PC police, social justice goons and lawyers who silence every joke and reference.

  10. ‘The Magna Carta is just a piece of paper, The Constitution is just a piece of paper, The Nuremberg Code is just another piece of paper.’ — drumphish

    This has occurred to our overlords. So tyranny has gone digital:

    ‘A new global digital ID system is capable of working in conjunction with the digital health passports and the new medical-vaccination complex. Digital passports require people to download a scannable QR code on their cellphone.

    ‘The leader in this stream of tech is the ID2020 Alliance, a collaborative of more than 35 members including Accenture, Microsoft, the Rockefeller Foundation, MasterCard, IBM, the International Chamber of Commerce, MIT SafePaths and Bill Gates’ GAVI Global Vaccines Alliance.

    ‘In February 2021, ID2020 launched the Good Health Pass Collaborative to encourage a seamless convergence of all the COVID-19 vaccine credentialing apps being developed by many different organizations.

    Paper vaccine certificates can be easily forged,” the ID2020 Alliance warns in a press release. “The new alliance is particularly targeting travel to ensure credentials work cross-border, cross-industry and are frictionless.”

    Your phone plus your QR code is your digital ankle bracelet. Don’t leave home without it … because pretty soon, you can’t.

    You can download the French #TousAntiCovid app on Apple Store or Google Play:

    Or you can f***ing eat cake, Jacques …

  11. The Magna Carta is just a piece of paper, The Constitution is just a piece of paper, The Nuremberg Code is just another piece of paper. Anybody can write some worthless screed and call it revolutionary. Shred the things.

    Dr. Fauci can say dern fool thing he wants, Sigmund would be appalled, Fauci would be in a FEMA gulag right now, re-education is a must, get the nut off the street. A blessing in disguise.

    Don’t need any of it anymore. This is Great Reset Time, the New World Odor.

    Madeleine Albright would inform us all that it is all going to be worth it. Get that jab, man.

    Might as well disarm the entire army, navy, air force, coast guard, marines, ATF, Homeland Securocrats, the Border Patrol, air traffic controllers, the IRS, the EPA, the whole enchilada.

    No good filthy swine pigging down at the feed trough every doggone day, let them eat bugs!

    Defund the military!

    It’ll happen when there are absent without leave desertions right and left.

    Fragging will make a glorious return.

    In other words, internecine battles. Any prediction is plausible, anybody can make a wild ass guess, there are no rules.

    Fomenting discord must be the name of the game.

    Defund the jab.

    “Tricks and treachery are for fools who don’t have the brains to be honest.” – Ben Franklin

    One more jab, you’ll be free!

    Vaxine Macht Frei!

  12. These last few months, maybe a couple years, of relative economic and political freedom are the time when those who can must leave, and leave now.
    The best solution is to leave for one of the many more free and less intrusive nation states.

    This one is folding faster than anyone imagined. This winter is going to truly suck.

      • And an excellent question! I maintain there’s no safer place to be right now than in the U.S. Look around the globe and what do you see? Lockdown after lockdown, masks being violently enforced and police state goons going berserk on the people–even in “civilized” places like Canada, Australia and France. Widespread firearm ownership (and the implicit threat it represents) might just be what keeps the Gestapo at bay in our country for now. Why chance it in some backwater where there are no such fail safes?

    • Andy,

      The problem is is that this shit is WORLDWIDE! It’s in every country; there’s nowhere to run anymore. I follow Dave Cullen on BitChute, and the same shit is happening in his native Ireland. It’s happening in Australia, which just locked down again. It’s happening in Peru, where I almost moved to. It’s happening in France and Italy, where massive protests broke out over their newly implemented vaccine passes. There’s nowhere to go.

      Secondly, with the rules of the game changing, who knows if you’d even be able to RETURN to the US in a few years? Even if you moved to another country, would you be able to return for a relative’s funeral? Would you be able to return to conduct outstanding personal business here? What if you just wanted to hear American English again?

    • I’m not going anywhere. Run and hide? I’d prefer an honorable death. I’ll ask the ones I take with me if they did also.

  13. This defender of private property doesn’t support any version of mandatory medical treatments. The very idea is an affront to our humanity. Yet, that the gov’t is doing it to its employees, especially the military, doesn’t surprise me or even engender that much sympathy. Conventional wisdom tells us that, in order to voluntarily become part of the president’s attack force and murder strangers in foreign lands on command for a paycheck, members of the armed forces are subject to many freedom destroying indignities, including, historically, mandatory vaccines. Failure to comply sets off the consequences of the military justice system. Sure, there is currently a quibble about FDA approval but does anyone think that will remain an obstacle for much longer? Then what? Regardless, I’m not sure that necessarily portends gene therapies or arrest for the general public.

    • A military member has the right AND THE DUTY to refuse an unlawful order. An order to kill oneself or take the risk thereof without a valid and overriding military objective is an unlawful one. Every member of society has a similar obligation. Whether you have sympathy for the military or not is irrelevant.

      I personally hope they stand up to an illegitimate government giving illegitimate and unlawful orders, but it is a forlorn hope and has always been the exception rather than the rule.

      • I believe it to be a huge security risk to vaccinate our troops. Especially over 50%. What’s gonna happen in 3 years when our whole military just up and dies? China walks in, that’s what.

        • Do you think “da troops” are keeping you “safe” from the Chinese right now? If what you speak of came to fruition, it would be the “gun behind every blade of grass” militia saving the bacon of friends and family, not the president’s paycheck standing army.

        • Hatteraszek,

          This is one thing i find very interesting – how can a country try to weaken its own soldiers and army. Ive come to the conclusion that the western establishment has given up hope of global dominance via military now, and accepted china and say russia will probably take over. but I think they have each on an individual level sorted themselves out for generations, and therefore they dont care too much. Now the issue is they need to keep the plebs under control, which is what a lot of this is about…. and if you see most of military / security R&D / development and spend has been on urban warfare, particularly to be used in the developed world it seems…. do you thi they were thinking of invading France or something ? Its meant to be used on the people themselves….

          • Morning, Nasir!

            We do know this is all about control. The particulars are as yet unknown but largely incidental. It’s the control that matters, uber alles. They are trying to achieve it via psychological warfare; via the confection of mass psychosis – using fear to terrify and exhaust people into not merely a state of submission but of fervent acceptance. An example of this was provided in the morning “news.” A hysterical woman in Oklahoma bemoaning “maskless” children going to school. They are “committing murder,” this psychotic woman screams. This is what we are up against:

          • If what you posit about controlling “the people” is truly their aim, I am even less sympathetic about the compulsory jabbing!

      • $1000 an hour attorneys determine what is “lawful” these days. You really think some poverty draft half a tranny cares about your version of “legitimacy”? The standing army was anathema to the founders of this country and should be to all truly liberty oriented folks today. For all the talk of AGWs on here…

        • Exactly, Zek. These bastards have no qualms about obeying any orders that emanate from our tyrants when it comes to committing any atrocities against any person here or anywhere around the world; They are the very matrix used to accomplish evil that issues forth from these tyrants, having allowed themselves to be trained to just follow orders without regard to thought or conscience; they are the power that enables the tyrants, by being willing to inflict violence upon anyone they are so instructed to do so to…and NOW we’re supposed to feel sorry for them when they get a small taste of the very evil which they willingly participate in?

          If they’re getting the same garbage injected into them that the public gets, GOOD! That’s a genocide I can wholeheartedly support. One can only hope that their deaths will be slow and lingering, and entail many visits and or a lengthy stay at the precursor to hell which is the V.A.

          The only thing better would be if all holders of any public office, from Federal to local would also be required to take the jab…and get the real thing.

          • Morning, Nunz!

            You know, as crazy as I used to think it sounded, I begin to wonder whether this idea that America is being prepared for a Chinese takeover is not as crazy as it sounds… What if the Jabs are intended to decimate the military, while at the same time causing mass death among the general population… both leaving the country wide open to an actual, literal invasion – it will be styled “humanitarian intervention” – by UN (Chinese) troops?

            I begin to be willing to consider it…

            • “I begin to be willing to consider it…”

              I would too, only those who are left aren’t going to be of the intervention type and will not take too kindly to blue helments all over the country. I go back and forth on this. But i just feel like anyone left behind will have nothing left to lose at that point.

            • I am suspicious of the Chinese, especially in light of the over the top propaganda coming out of there in the beginning of the WuFlu hysteria. But kinetic military action? Doubtful. The Chinese have too much going for them right now. Why destroy their biggest and best captured customer or the gov’t they are juicing via perpetual, unpayable debt?

              The way I see it is that the US gov-Corp nexus likes “Chinese-style” governance. Surveillance, social credit scores, private profits/public losses, etc. Basically unlimited collectivist gov’t with the trappings of the riches of capitalism for a tiny elite. One could argue we already have this or something very close to it, movement towards which has been greatly accelerated in the past 15 months of coronamania… To paraphrase Garet Garrett, “the takeover was.”

            • When the trade imbalance between the gluttonous U.S. and the industrious Chinese became so entrenched and asymmetrical that the U.S. could no longer service its debt to China, let alone ever make good, it became clear to the Deep State that there were two choices: 1.) War: the US could fight its creditor, like a desperate Okie threatened with eviction from his ancestral farm shooting the local banker; or 2.) Bankruptcy: submit to a reorganization and liquidation, and render up its collateral (land and human capital).

              The Scamdemic is the means by which the United States has been put into receivership, with Israel acting as Trustee. The American people are being hobbled, oppressed, and reconditioned so as to accept brutal austerity, top-down authoritarian rule, and a technocratic “social credit” system of microscopic surveillance and totalitarian micromanagement. Israel’s network of Unit 8200 alumni-run tech concerns have been granted contracts to manage, remotely, the “Smart Cities” into which the Americans will be corralled and controlled just like the open-air prison/zoo in Palestine. The U.S. Military is being demoralized and neutralized, but its arsenal will be preserved and delivered to the Chinese.

              There still might be a theatrical “hot war,” but that will be a strictly stage-managed affair. All for show. The CCP already has a Bill of Sale entitling it to the Herd of American plebs (data-colony slaves) and the unparalleled splendor of the North American continent, which will be basically a resort/park for the Chinese and Jewish Masters who will reign after the Great Reset.

            • Hi Ya Eric,
              I’ve been hearing China/Russia fear being pushed my entire life. I believe it is the requisite “Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia”. “We need to give half of the GDP to defense contractors to keep us safe’.

              What would China want with this land? What would they want with this wreck of a country and it’s dysfunctional people? And if they wanted some new territory, why would they choose the one place where there are millions of armed citizens? They could go to Mexico, Argentina or 1000 other places and walk in virtually uncontested and get a better payoff instead of a place that’s been used up and ravaged already.

              I remember back in the 80’s when I first got into political conspiracy and such. it was common to hear that “The Chinese are already surrounding us! They have troops in Mexico and Cuba and Canada…” yada yada. Guess they’re just waiting for the right time.

              You’re probably too young to remember, but in the late 70’s/early 80’s the mainstream media constantly hyped the idea that we might be nuked by Russia at any time….

              These things were very effective at deflecting attention from what our own tyrants were doing to us, and fostering the idea that “Even if they’re not the greatest, we need them to protect us”.

              I say: Worry about what our own tyrants are doing to us- Federal, state, county, local; and the globalist conspirators, Hollywood, et al. Then worry about foreign enemies…which likely are not enemies of ours…but only of the above named creeps (or coconspirators with them).

  14. Just got word that we will get an email today demanding we don the dirty fear rags once again at my workplace. Apparently, the county my work is in (not where I live) is seeing a so-called uptick in “delta” cases or, more likely, they are having a panic attack about an imagined uptick in cases. I’ve seen no evidence of any seriously sick people. The hospital isn’t full and testing is falling off, so WTF?
    So as a solution oriented person, I am coming up with my plan. I have two white masks wadded up in my car console. They are filthy (that’s just the filth you can see), covered in makeup, dashboard crap, lip gloss, etc. I am going to tear them up even more, maybe get them wet, find something that looks like bloodstains, make them the most wretched pieces of fear cloth you ever saw, and wear those to work. The other option is one with a swastika design I saw online the other day, which is absolutely appropriate for the situation.
    Either way, if I get a complaint, my response is: you want a mask, this is a mask. It’s all I have. Sorry.
    I don’t know if I am more pissed that I have to wear that disgusting thing again or that I am the only one pissed off about it. I hate being ordered around. I don’t mind instruction, but I hate orders. (Difference: Instruction is when my boss gives me something to do and directives on how he wants it done. Orders are Moses bringing the commandments down from the mount. “All ye shall …”
    I hate this fucking country, I’m sorry to say. I wish there were other options. We’ve become a nation of neutered sheep. How the hell did that happen? At one time, we kicked the shit out of the best equipped army in the world and now we’re this. It sucks. I was feeling this way before the fake virus and the clot shots; the newest incidents just cemented it.

    • I hate to say it, because I have contemplated the same strategies briefly, but if you put anything on your face (other than a pretty smile) you lose and they win.

      The only answer is the difficult one; non-compliance.

    • And about “hating this country”… You only hate about half of it, I’m sure. They want to make you feel like you are alone and isolated, with no like minded allies. Don’t believe it for a moment!

      • I saw an ad for one on Gab but didn’t follow the link. I just googled them and once you get to about Page 3 you can find some sites that claim to be selling them. (Can’t post links on here I think) The first two pages of my search, phrased “swastika facemasks for sale,” are taken up by stories from MSM about people who were offended by the swastika masks.
        Pretty indicative of the times we live in: Commerce, even the commerce of swastika masks, it not nearly as important as feelings.

    • Hi Amy,

      Have you considered getting together with as many of your colleagues as are willing and just refusing? I understand it may mean the loss of your gig; that sucks. But it sucks worse to give in to this – because it will never be the end of this. First Diapers. Then mandatory “vaccines” – and not just this one, either.

      It has to stop and the only way it will is if enough of us refuse.

      This is not the usual – acceptable – having to abide by workplace rules, such as wearing proper clothing. This is contrived effort to degrade and control people and it cannot be allowed to stand.

      • That’s the problem. I don’t think there are any like minded people here. They seem perfectly happy to comply. The editor, when she warned us about the coming email, said it wouldn’t apply today since many people likely didn’t have their fear rags with them, but half the people already have them on, like they just couldn’t wait to cover themselves.
        I guess I’m in the wrong business. Maybe I’ll see about another gig, like contract killing or something. (LOL, kidding, but in my present mood … who knows? They say when God closes one door, he opens another.)
        By the way, if my links in the above post are a problem, go ahead and delete them. I just wanted to reply to swamprat, but understand if you don’t want links on your site.

        • If you can’t get out of it, make fun of it.

          Search out a astronaut or diving helmet.

          If questioned just play dumb and say it has better coverage than a mask.
          Or put a mask on the outside of it.

          • Great idea. My husband has a hilarious mask for riding in the winter. It ties under the eyes and makes it look like the lower half of the face is a skull. I will look for it. He’s at Sturgis, busy partying and “super-spreading,” according to that creepy little garden gnome, so I hope he didn’t take it with him.

    • I’m taking a two week vacation, driving to Florida and back, soon. Once returned, my number on priority will be a job hunt, looking for something I can do at home…cause this sh** ain’t never gonna end. My company did pretty well with not outright mandating masks all the time in the office. Pretty lenient on letting us stay home and work during the late unpleasantness, however….hate to give up the best paying job I’ve ever had.

      Hard to believe its only been 8 months since Biden got in. Feels like a decade.

      • God, right? Not even a year of that vacant-headed shitweasel’s term. I don’t think I’m going to survive 4 years of this. Of course, once a decent interval has passed, they will do the 25th amendment on him and then we’ll have the casting couch ho, which will be just as bad if not worse. At least Biden’s voice doesn’t make me want to pop my eardrums with a knitting needle.

        • “I don’t think I’m going to survive 4 years of this.”

          That’s precisely the idea.

          There is a reason he spent the entire campaign costumed as a Death Star Executioner from Star Wars.

          Darth Bidden is here to preside over an extermination–not a government.

  15. Experimentation on members of the armed forces is nothing new, though concealed. The scale is. I doubt this will fly without the FDA approving the vaccines. Which they likely will dutifully do. Openly declaring themselves to be the frauds they are. They cannot in good conscience approve a vaccine with less than a year of safety testing. Of course being conscience free, that presents no obstacle. Though probably in the realm of fantasy, perhaps if half refuse en masse, the Sociopaths In Charge will back down. Per Jack Reacher, “all the suspects are trained killers”.

    • Indeed, my dad had the rare privilege of seeing a H bomb explode a few short miles away from on board his USN ship. Later in the cruise they took on drinking water contaminated with agent orange. Then there was the Tuskegee experiment. My family and my siblings have all suffered statistically unlikely clusters of birth defects and such.

      The resistance is just getting organized, cops, doctors, and nurses are refusing the forced in prick, hopefully some substantial number of marines will man up and refuse.

    • That’s my bet too. And I hope they do it.
      It will be hard to defend giving approval to a “vax” that has less than a year of use when the avg is 10 or so.

      And it should harden the resolve of the defenders of medical freedom, seeing that it is an obvious ploy approving a “vax” with obvious safety concerns, while more doctors are making their way to public comment about the effective treatments already available.

      • Indeed, Dan –

        And: People should understand that if this becomes a precedent, there will be no end to it. “Vaccines” will be required, ongoing – and not just this one, or for this supposed sickness. Medical treatment will be decreed and have the force of law. We will have been reduced to the state of an animal being carted up and taken to the vet.

        This is how the legal system works. Establish a precedent in law and the law is not merely established but elaborated and expanded.

        • “We will have been reduced to the state of an animal being carted up and taken to the vet.”

          Or, to the knackers

        • Eric, I agree. This is the last line in the sand on the subject of who owns you.

          If this goes forward, it will just be the first thing on the list off what you can be forced to endure (Obamacare is really the precedent for this).

          Funny you mention vet, since corona viruses cross host in animals, which is why you can’t get rid of them. Eventually, your pets will be required to have their coronapass in order to get licensed.

  16. ‘Like we’re back in Vichy France in World War 2!’ — from Philo’s link

    Dine without a health pass, earn yourself a free train ride to ‘summer camp.’

    Toot toot! All aboard!

    • I cannot fathom why people would willingly go along with this. This is a choice. Dining out in a Paris cafe where armed guards are circulating checking your health status so you can eat a salad and drink a glass of wine? WTF?!?

      There are a large amount of lefties (and righties) in this country that are willing to go along with this as well. Not only participate in it, but demand it. Every single one of them is sick in the head. No sane person could possibly think this is a good idea that should be implemented throughout society.

      This could be nipped in the bud quickly if people refused to participate. Stop attending concerts and sporting events, avoid restaurants, and quit jobs that demand your vaccination status or a COVID test. If everybody just stood up and shouted “Enough” this would be over in less than a week.

      Instead we have our own peers demanding we should be put on box cars and sent to retraining camps. Then have the audacity to scream that we are the nutty ones when we compare today to 1936 Germany.

      The whole damn thing makes me nauseous.

      On a good note though – Cuomo resigned.

      • But is unlikely to be charged for his crimes, both sexual improprieties, and forcing elder care homes to accept symptomatic COVID patients, killing thousands. Criminal prosecution is rare for politicians, while they should be held to a HIGHER standard.

        • True, he will never see the inside of a jail cell, none of them do. He no longer can make decisions for NY state though and we don’t have to hear his irritating voice on the news giving COVID updates and patting himself on the back. I wonder if they will take his Emmy back? I doubt it, but it would be icing on the cake.

          Hopefully, NY will elect a less tyrannical overlord, but I am more likely to see a unicorn appear.

          • I’m thinking that he was the fall guy – so that “the people” can vent frustration by seeing an appearance of justice. He will be replaced with another who will make a fresh start on tyranny, though.

            • Hi Anonymous,

              I hope he is their fall guy. Guys with nothing to lose talk….a lot. If he feels he is getting a raw deal he may name drop a few more and pull a couple skeletons out of the closet.

              I am all for the left eating their own.

            • Anon – you’re correct. This is how western government works. There is a front man, he pushes through un-popular polices. Once he gets so un-popular, he is removed somehow, and the next one comes in. The plebs dont have to revolt, they get a feeling of justice and change, and the next guy is put in place who will quietly continue the same policies, with some slightly different PR at best. We just had this in the UK when our hated health secretary resigned for banging an assistant or something…. the new guy appointed was even a “minority”, i suspect because they say enough minorities aren’t taking the jab….

              Come to think of it – its a brilliant system…… the powers that be continue to push their agenda, without the appearance of a authoritarian leader (as happens in the third world countries) who people can take their anger out at…. and things keep going along…. and people seem to fall for it every time…

            • And Cuhomo will be in the background making all the decisions, kinda like the obomber running the doj and fbi from his Massachusucks hideaway with its elaborate communications room.

          • Not gonna happen.

            The sobering thing about Cuomo is that the moronic voters elected him FOUR times — once as state Attorney General, and three times as Governor.

            It wasn’t the voters who brought him down, and it wasn’t the GOP. He self-destructed because he is a megalomaniac and a psychopath and an obnoxious, vindictive creep.

            With or without Il Duce, New York will remain a state where you can go to prison for owning common firearms and magazines, where the taxes are the highest in the nation, where you can murder you baby at nine months’ gestation, where unions take a cut of graft on everything, and where the winters suck.

          • Cuomo never “made decisions”… Homo was as much a puppet as most every other governor is. That being said, he still needs to hang

      • “Stop attending concerts and sporting events, avoid restaurants”

        I disagree. Nothing would please them more. It’s what they want. Then, only they could enjoy the finer things in life. The parasitic class has infiltrated all institutions and is destroying them from the inside for people like us. To them, we are scum, and do not deserve to be prosperous or happy. We are here to serve them and finance their lifestyles.

        After 911, when people asked why the perpetrators would do this to America, the politicians answered truthfully when they said “they hate us for our freedom”. “They” do hate us for our freedom and believe that we, the deplorables, do not deserve freedom. Only they can have freedom, on our dime.

        If we “stop attending concerts and sporting events, avoid restaurants”, they will have diminished our freedom and happiness. Go about your life, unhindered. And when they accost you, as they surely eventually will, resist them by any means necessary. Force their hand. Make them show their true colors. Make them use the only tool in their arsenal… violence. Then show them that they in fact do not have a monopoly on violence.

        • Hi Philo,

          It is going to be pretty hard for a musician, or a sports venue, or a restaurant to stay in business if only the wealthy/elite are going to show up and/or dine. Right now, in France, restaurant capacity is down by 80% compared to last week. Good! Their pocket books need to suffer. If businesses cannot make it they may fight back against a tyrannical government. If we are willing to cooperate, sign up for their passports, and frequent these businesses the top will not feel the pain.

          They need to feel the pain – in lesser revenue, lesser taxes. They need us. We do not need them. I will not attend any restaurant, venue, or seek any entertainment or visit any store where a COVID test, passport, or mask is necessary.

          A restaurant or event does not determine my happiness. My freedom does. I can just have as much fun in my backyard with a smoker filled with BBQ, a few close friends, and an old Aerosmith CD on a battery operated boom box. I will not submit and I hope others do not either.

          • “I will not attend any restaurant, venue, or seek any entertainment or visit any store where a COVID test, passport, or mask is necessary. ”

            We are of the same mind on this, I assure you. But it is important to support those businesses who resist. When we do decide to spend our hard earned cash, it’s important to be choosy about it now-a-days. It’s the only type of voting I participate in.

          • It is long past time local business operated in the grey, without business licenses or other onerous paperwork. Support your local speakeasy, your farmer’s market, your itinerant groundskeeper.

          • I’m with you RG,

            I will continue to totally boycott the tyrants.
            F ’em. Like you say, they need us, we do not need them.
            They are a yoke around our necks.
            I say starve the bastards.

      • RG,

        There are instances where workers are threatening to walk out over vax mandates, and their management is relenting.

        And yes, it’s amazing that people call us crazy for comparing today to mid-late 1930s Germany. Never mind that we have the ImmunaBand! The ImmunaBand is a blue wrist band that accepts a QR code, letting the world know that you’re vaxxed. The only difference between now and the yellow Stars of David is 80 some years.

        Oh, and what about those of us who HAD COVID?! We have natural immunity! The vax won’t do anything for me; it won’t give me something I don’t already have. Even if The Holy Jab were safe and effective (it’s neither), it wouldn’t do anything for me. I already have COVID antibodies in my blood (got tested and came back +), so I’m good to go. Not only is natural immunity longer lasting than artificial (i.e. vax induced) immunity; it’s more comprehensive, so my body can fight off Delta, Lambda, or whatever else they come up with next…

  17. ‘get Jabbed – or go to jail’ — EP

    Israel not only is one of the earliest and most jabbed societies, but also it apparently leads the world in 3rd ‘booster’ doses of the Pfizer vaccine.

    But it ain’t workin’ …

    ‘Israel has reported 6,275 new coronavirus infections on Monday, the highest daily increase since February.

    ‘More than 85% of Israel’s adult population has been fully vaccinated, and authorities are now calling on those over 60 to get a third dose. The Health Ministry says 577,899 people have received a booster shot.’ — AP News

    The docs keep a-jabbing, but the folks keep a-gasping.

    As usual, when government fails, it calls for more shovelers to dig a deeper hole.

    • If all these cases, be them real or not, are happening now in the summer when vitamin d levels are at their highest for most people, what is going to happen come nov-march? Peak flu season. Are we going to see these jabbed individuals succumbing more and more to the virus as people’s natural immune system tends to get lessened in the winter? Will the virus have run its course by then and become just another mild cold? Or will these jabbed gmo humans begin to create new viruses that their bodies are not equipped any longer to deal with? Inquiring minds want to know….. but will remain in the control group.

      • I suspect we will see a new wave, as people retreat indoors and the sun goes away. Likely, it will manifest as a bad cold, but the jabbed will experience more severe disease as ADE exerts it’s effects – the data so far bear this out. As well, it will be conflated with other seasonal respiratory diseases all of which will collectively be called Covid. But, of course, the lies will proliferate and it will all be blamed on the control group. Should be interesting.

        • Bac,

          Almost feel like there are too many reports coming out of places where most of the population is jabbed for it to be wholly blamed on the un-jabbed. Its kind of tough to push that square peg through the round hole in locations where upwards of 85 or 90+% of the population is jabbed, some of them like in Israel where they are jabbed three times now and they are still getting convid. The more that happens and is reported the more the people with even 2 functioning brain cells(which excludes anyone in the branch covidian cult) will question the narrative.

        • Yes BAC, ADE has been warned about & was a serious issue in animal studies, but the media ignore it.

          I was wondering what changed to make this shot different from what they tested before. the answer appears to be nothing.

          In the end, it may be the unanointed who are the only ones to make it through.

        • The purpose of isolating and wearing face rags is to keep the immune system suppressed by limiting contact with other germs. This helps to raise the “cases” in order to justify the lockups, lockups being because there are not enough jail cells for the whole population.

          • Hi t05,

            Yes. The “masks” also serve the purpose of humiliating the wearer – and creating a general sense of doom and gloom, useful to atomize society and so enhance the power of the people behind these “mandates.”

      • This is assuming that this is a virus. I find it odd that in the peak of summer, that incidences of the head cold have tripledin the last two weeks in my state, Oklahoma.

        The more time passes, the more I think that COVID 19 wasn’t a virus at all. It’s a spike protein first delivered through the air and now through vaccinated individuals. The MRNA genetic manipulation shot causes the body to manufacture spike proteins and the human body delivers them everywhere. The most susceptible to illness are the vaccinated, but there’s no reason that the vaccinated aren’t infecting unvaccinated individuals. Each successive shot is going to cause the body to manufacture more and more proteins. The non mrna shots are simply toxic placebo shots since they probably don’t have viral matter in them. Knowing this, there is no way that I will take a shot. Not for $1m.

        • I wonder also, Rodent Of Unusual Size…

          I’ve observed for some time now that whatever is happening seems to be dependent at least partially on concentration. Nursing homes and population centers.

          I recall from undergraduate biology that viruses are a recent theory and there is no answer as to if they are living or not. If they are chunks of organic “code” how could they have come to be? Or is it all a massive mind f##k from the Rockefeller crowd, something to replace the equally mysterious demons and mal air we used to accept and fear?

          • Hi Ernie,

            Leaving aside the various reasons for all of this, here is the important thing we know about this; or rather, which is known – but which is not the basis for what is being done:

            This is a serious medical problem almost exclusively of the elderly and chronically sick. It is a minor threat to almost everyone else and essentially nil threat (one in a million) for people age 25 and younger.

            Therefore, there is no justifiable reason to “lock down” or “mask” those who are not elderly and chronically sick. What has been done is the reverse of standard medical procedure in a situation such as this, which is to either quarantine the sick or suggest that those who are at serious risk modify their actions to reduce their risk.

            Instead, the healthy are “locked down” and “masked” – and expected to give over control of their lives for the sake – supposedly – of reducing the risk a small percentage of the population faces. I say supposedly because factually. I am not sick and therefore cannot get anyone sick. Period. This idea that because someone fears I “might” is demented, cruel and incredibly selfish.

            It is not meaningfully different than demanding all gyms be closed – that running on a hot day be forbidden, generally – because some people are “at risk” if they exercise strenuously. Howe about they not exercise strenuously – and leave the rest of us alone? Same with “masks,” “vaccines” and the whole sick Kabuki.

            I am not unsympathetic to “at risk” people. But I reject the idea that their debility imposed an enforceable obligation upon me to live as if I were “at risk” and I despise the moral inversion that my refusing to wear that cow bell makes me the bad guy, that by refusing I am somehow “putting them at risk.”

          • Hi Ernie,

            There is something going around. Could it have been the flu early on and the propaganda machine turned up the fear volume? That is possible. Or it truly could be a new virus that was circulating. Hundreds of millions course through the Earth daily so it would not surprise me if one affected human beings.

            Early on when the shots came out only the vaccinated seemed to be getting sick. The more jabs that are taking place the virus is mutating and shedding. Only during the last two weeks have I noticed the unjabbed getting ill with flu like symptoms. Although I do have my concerns with jabbing early on and the issues that unjabbed women were having with their reproductive cycles, to which I cannot explain.

            If Israel, Gibraltar, the UK, and Iceland are any indication this virus will affect the “vaccinated” more so than the “unvaccinated” although we aren’t exactly out of the crosshairs.

        • Hey Swamprat,

          The so called “virus” has never been isolated…

          (Helpful hint: Turn to page 41, read paragraph 2.)

          Early on, they manufactured a pandemic of “cases!” with the fraudulent PCR test. (Maybe they spread something through the air, could be, I don’t know. It’s easy enough to do but probably wasn’t necessary. All they had to do was get creative with the counting and dial the panic up to 11 on the TeeVee.) Now they have the vaxxers spreading bioweapon spike protein around infecting people, mostly the vaxxed, but as you say, it can also be spread to the unvaxxed.

          I really don’t know what’s in the poisonous needles, but it is becoming ever clearer that the vaccinated are spreading disease and driving the “cases!” up.

          I will take their poison needle when they take my gun from my cold dead hand.

          Until then, I will stay well rested and keep up on my vitamins C & D, zinc & lysine and I will avoid crowds of filthy vaxxers like the plague.

        • “The MRNA genetic manipulation shot causes the body to manufacture spike proteins and the human body delivers them everywhere.”

          This is assuming the Shot contains what the TeeVee tells us it contains.

          I see no reason to believe it. One must presume, until the converse is proven, that every assertion by the government and the media is a lie. (Falsis in uno; falsis in omnibus.) I think it’s more likely that the “mRNA” meme is just more fog-of-war disinformation, to provide “plausible deniability” when the toxic payload takes effect that, “We never could have known because it was cutting-edge technology!”

          Operation Warp Speed is a bona fide military campaign against the Herd. I find it very unlikely they would announce exactly how they are poisoning us…

      • Hey Antilles,

        Vaccines spread disease. It’s pretty impressive that they’ve managed to spread enough disease with their poison needle that they have moved common cold season into the summer. Even kids are (allegedly) starting to catch the coof from the filthy vaxxers. I think we may be seeing the early stages of antibody dependent enhancement. Time will tell.

        I too am please to be part of the control group.

    • Jim,

      I’d be happy to let them have a fig leaf, in exchange for a credible promise that they would leave me alone. But even if they made that promise (which they won’t make), I would be forced to doubt its credibility.

      So, here we sit. It’s just going to have to play out.


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