The Arrogance of One Size Fits All

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It’s funny that “saving lives” only seems to apply when it works to further the degree of control over us  . . . exercised by the people who control the thing called government.

Example: It would have saved the lives of the several children who’ve died (so far) shortly after being injected with whatever’s in those Needles by not injecting them with it. It may save many thousands more young lives by not risking their lives by injecting them with an experimental substance that – at best – may provide some degree of protection against a sickness that does not threaten almost any of them.

The same goes for the majority of the otherwise-healthy population, which is at only slightly higher risk than almost no risk.

Not to mention the large portion of the population that got the bug – and got over it. They are now probably less at risk of getting sick again than those who got the Jab with whatever’s in it. Needling those with immunity amounts to the same as putting a fur coat on a Golden Retriever in the summertime, to “keep him warm.”    

Lives could also have been saved over the past year-plus of doors closed by opening them, particularly the doors to hospitals and clinics and doctors’ and dentists’ offices that were closed – for months – to routine/previously scheduled care, by “executive order” – that is to say, the arbitrary decrees –  of the various Gesundheitsfuhrers of the Reich. How many lives were lost due to delayed (or too late) care? To undiagnosed/untreated actual illness in the name of a hypothetical illness the people in need of care for the sickness they had didn’t have?

Thousands of old lives were not saved by locking them away in prisons for the elderly, where many were deliberately forced (there was no escape) into close contact with people known to have the ‘Rona – which was known to be a definite threat to the old and frail. And then denied all contact with their healthy relatives and friends, leading to the isolation of those elderly, which led to despair – which can be as lethal to the elderly as any actual physical illness.

Saving those lives apparently didn’t matter much. One could go on. There are many such examples.

Some of this not-saving-lives can be attributed to simple incompetence but all of it can be blamed upon the insufferable arrogance of One Size Fits All.

This defines the thing styled “government” almost as much as the force used to impose it. The force being necessary because one size doesn’t fit all – because it never can – and for that reason those whom it does not fit would otherwise “try on” something else.

Such as not being injected with god-knows-what or allowing their healthy children to be injected with god-knows-what. Let’s wait a minute and think about this – and decide whether it makes sense, for us and ours.

That cannot be allowed because of what it implies, which is that the individual knows best what fits himself and – accordingly – the thing called “government” does not. Which of course it cannot, even if moved by the purest intentions, because it is literally not possible for one size to fit all.

At least, not well. 

It will in fact not fit many.

By what right are those whom it does not fit made to “wear” it? This is an incredible thing, largely unexamined.

So let’s examine it, now.

One of the unctuous injunctions being leveled at the healthy individuals who are “hesitant” to be injected with whatever’s-in-those-needles – because they are healthy and prefer not to risk being made sick – is that they should be Jabbed en masse for the sake of the relative few who aren’t healthy and thus vulnerable to getting sick.

In other words, the lives of healthy individuals must be put at risk – for the sake of other people’s risk.

One size fits some, in this case.

But it’s all the same because there is never free choice – as far as government is concerned.

This goes for everything from the wearing of seat belts in cars to Diapers on faces to Needles in arms. Everyone must do the same, supposedly in the name of the all – insisted upon by the few.

Which brings up what is perhaps the most interesting thing about this One Size Fits All (and “saving lives”) business. It is that the fitment is decreed by a mere handful of “tailors” aiming to dress probably 100,000 of us for every one of them. The absurdity of this should be obvious. If actual clothes were tailored on this basis, everyone would be walking around in lumpy ill-fitting uniforms and looking just the same and not very good and definitely not feeling very comfortable.

Or much like an individual.

It is why no one who isn’t in the military or in prison or living in a country that has become a prison chooses voluntarily to wear a uniform. Because one size doesn’t fit all – whether it comes to clothes or decisions pertaining to our lives, which are as specific to ourselves and our circumstances as our clothes.

Uniform is the same. Which never fits.

And always comes at a cost.

. . . 

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  1. Your article reminded me of this bit of disconnect which Laurence M. Vance pointed out: COVID-19 Must Be the Deadliest Disease Known to Man

    The CDC says that cruise ships must have at least 95 percent of passengers and 98 percent of crew members vaccinated against COVID-19. However, no cruise ship has to ensure that passengers are vaccinated against:

    Hepatitis A
    Hepatitis B
    Typhoid Fever
    Yellow Fever

  2. Eric, ive noticed something – not sure if you or others here have. Many have taken the Jab, but are starting to question it (i guess the “fake news” may have reached them). But when you talk to them as someone who hasn’t taken it, and is determined to avoid it, they always defend the damn thing and just tell themselves “oh we’ll all eventually have to take it”. Maybe they have a point – but many have realised somethings wrong but just now defend it and dont even want to hear the other side, either they’re worried or feel duped, but are still in some state of denial….

    • Hi Nasir,

      Yes, I’ve noticed that as well. It’s the same phenomenon that one encountered with Diaper wearers, who defend their Diaper-wearing. . . probably because they prefer to double down than admit they were fooled.

  3. WEll we are at the stage in our society of one-size-fits all thinking where our betters determine the acceptable parameters of debate. You may questiuon what kind of shot is more effectibve for the rona but not the need for the shot. You can question whether confederate statues need to be destyroyred or just removed – but not why it should be done. On and on. You may question – perhaps – the need for using atomic bombs in WW2 but not why we were murdering people across the oceans in the first place. You can question how far we should go to enforce ‘diversity’ in society but not whether ant-white/christian bias is a good idea. If you do these things you’re looked on as an odsdball, a social outcast, and run a real risk of losing your job in many professions. Its communism lite I suppose since for now theyre arent gulags.

  4. As a person that the “one size fits all” never ever fits, the future can look pretty bleak at times.

    That’s why a site like this one is so important to have. Knowing that I am not alone. That in fact, I am part of a much larger group that would like to find its way to a real freedom and a real working future. Rather than the massive destruction that the huge disaster of a “future” a small minority of government and elite have in store.

  5. One size DOES indeed fit all, when you are imposing communism, which is exactly what this plot is and always has been about.

    • Indeed, DC!

      Some good news, though, to report: I just got back from Earth Fare and all the Diaper signage is down. Including the small sign they had a week ago and the big sign they had just put out front a few days ago, when I was accosted by a Diaper Freak. Today, all gone – and half the people within were Undiapered. Full report pending…

      • Hey Eric!!

        Howdy and thanks for your reply. In my area you still have “rule books” on many places a turnoff to the Nth degree. The regular places I patronize I can go mask free, but the one-offs, if they have a rule book, I will bypass them. As a customer, I expect to be made to feel welcome, not a hazard they must grudgingly let into their establishment for their profit, despite the “danger” I present to them.

        I feel disgraced when tyrant politicians talk in double speak about this holiday, while they aim to systematically and permanently destroy the ideals those we memorialize fought and sacrificed for. Disgusting.

  6. ‘Because one size doesn’t fit all …’ — EP

    A perfect example today: with its population headed for drastic shrinkage, China abandoned its oppressive one-child policy, which ended up going way too far. Now they are going to allow up to three kids per family.

    Demographers who saw China’s population decline coming 10 or 20 years ago know that abandoning any limit on children still would not reverse a population decline that’s demographically baked in the cake.

    But the command & control communist mentality — which increasingly defines the US fedgov and blue states — just won’t let go, even when its uniform, top-down policies produce spectacularly bad results.

    In the brutal, sadistic fantasy world of omnipotent Big Gov, nothing succeeds like abject failure.

  7. “The prolonged absence of any free exchange of information within a country opens up a gulf of incomprehension between whole groups of the population, between millions and millions.
    We simply cease to be a single people, for we speak , indeed different languages.”
    Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn-The Gulag Archipelago
    American is a divided nation, two cultures competing for its’ own interests; the transformed democratic party which now represents Marxism and everyone else. It is refreshing to see at a car cruise-in on Friday in a smaller suburbia town in a blue state many people in hot rods and trucks protesting the Bite-me president. Then go to Seattle and witness the compliant and politically involved all doing their part to support the regime. We do in fact speak different languages and there is no mind or willful attempt at the truth. This is not what our soldiers died for to keep this country free, because it has become something else than free when under the guise of healthcare they can confine you, stop your ability to travel and dictate what must be worn in public.

    • I’ve been traveling over the last week. Still see plenty of Trump 2020 signs everywhere. No Biden signs anywhere (although that would make sense since he “won”).

      • Yup Ready,
        Many trump signs still up around here in NC.
        Some even being refreshed and maintained! Saw the same thing when we were up near Eric’s neck of the woods in Virginia recently.

  8. Manufacturing is on the cusp of a revolution. That revolution is customization. Not just in 3D printing, but also in large scale “industrial Lego” where off-the-shelf parts are extremely standardized and available in bulk. I wanted to build some shelving for my vehicle so I could do some car camping. Amazon has extruded aluminum available in 1 meter lengths, along with all the bits needed to easily connect them. Had a rather nice looking setup that is strong and light in an afternoon. Now that I’ve worked with it, if I wanted to build another it would probably take a little more than two hours.

    A few years back I bought my nephew a 3D printer. He’s been able to manufacture many different parts for the robotics club, class projects, Christmas gifts and even parts for restoring a pump organ his father picked up from a remodeling job. Uncle says 3D printers are dangerous and only useful for making ghost guns. My nephew knows better.

    Computers and mobile phones are very much alike, yet they’re almost all universally different in the software they have installed.

    The future is going to be in hybrid manufacturing, where everything is a custom build. The pieces are all in place but it will take time to change processes. Manufacturing products needs to become more modular and interoperable. This is somewhere for Uncle to actually be useful and help assist with defining standards, but I won’t hold my breath. Instead I think there will be the usual crowing about some action that either freezes innovation at a fixed point or surpasses change because it is a threat to the incumbent players.

    • ‘The future is going to be in hybrid manufacturing, where everything is a custom build.’ — RK

      Compare Resident Biden’s vision:

      ‘Biden is calling on Congress to invest $50 billion to create a new office at the Department of Commerce dedicated to monitoring domestic industrial capacity and funding investments to support production of critical goods. The President also is calling on Congress to invest $50 billion in semiconductor manufacturing and research, as called for in the bipartisan CHIPS Act.

      ‘The United States will need more electric vehicles, charging ports, and electric heat pumps for residential heating and commercial buildings … through a $46 billion investment in federal buying power.

      ‘Biden is calling on Congress to invest more than $52 billion in domestic manufacturers.’

      Since the US fedgov runs at a chronic, perpetual loss, these ‘investments’ will not be made to earn a return, but rather to fortify the oligopolistic moats of entrenched incumbents, based on their lobbying and campaign contributions.

      If politicians could build companies, they would be entrepreneurs, not tax feeders.

      Get a job, Resident Joe!

      • Create good-quality jobs that pay prevailing wages in safe and healthy workplaces while ensuring workers have a free and fair choice to organize, join a union, and bargain collectively with their employers.

        If that part of the plan happens at all, it will bring the whole works to a screeching halt. Any money doled out will end up in union pension funds, not building anything. And it will bring the end of upward mobility to the workers, or at best lock them into a preset career at a time when flexibility will be more valuable than ever. And forget about innovation that reduces labor or increases worker productivity, that sort of thing will be destroyed by endless work rules and “no layoff” clauses in contracts.

        Make America stagnant again!

    • RK,

      I very much agree that we are, or should be, at the precipice of a revolution in manufacturing. I think the 3D printer was an important innovation, as was CNC machining before it.

      Eventually, the Holy Grail would be decentralized manufacturing at the individual (or close) scale, and the goods traded would mainly be the materials and information (schematics/instructions) for producing the final product.

      Make no mistake, “Uncle” HATES this prospect and will do everything to short circuit this trend.

      I think of it as the opposite of Marxism. Marx wanted no one to own a means of production. I think EVERYONE should own a means of production.

      • Everyone asks if you would kill Hitler if you could go back in time. No way. I would, however, grab Ludwig von Mises and take him back to figuratively dope-slap Marx and Ingles to get them to see the obvious flaws in their thinking. Then, depending on how that changes the future, stop by Keynes’ office and have a little chat about the role of government in the economy.

      • Were definitely there, I have an old building full of 3d printers, small desktop CNC mills, laser cutters/etches for a total spend of less than $5000. However at this point it’s slow and not profitable. I can easily do whatever I want one off, but it’s slow and hard to monetize. I’ve printed and fabricated many liberty teeth. And car customization/restoration parts.

        Of course the latest tactic of the liberty hating statists is using copyright law to stop file sharing…

        • Give it some time. The Apple I was slow and unprofitable too. But it showed us all what was possible. The difference with desktop manufacturing is that the US isn’t the ones driving it. The billion or so Chinese are. And they’re still hungry, unlike the west who thinks making things is beneath us, or at least for the heathens who can’t tell the difference between liberal arts and satire.

  9. If you are compliant, complacent, do as you are told, then it makes sense to think that it’s a reasonable request to not get sick and die, furthermore, the vaccine will be your answer according to the gospel of the holier-than-thou depraved evil iceholes.

    If you speak up, it’ll be too late. You’ll be arrested for disturbing the peace and you’ll be hauled off to the crowbar hotel.

    There is no reasoning with people who are determined to control your life.

    First they came for… well, you, for one, and everybody else too.

    “They’re not coming for me, they’re coming for you.” – Donald Trump, POTUS

    If Donald Trump said it, he was right as rain. Could be, however, they’re coming to haul Trump away too, from the sounds of it.

    Mirth and laughter and gut-wrenching guffaws and chortles, you laugh so hard it hurts. It is that hilarious.

    They’re coming to take all of us away.

    “Remember when you ran away
    And I got on my knees and begged you
    Not to leave because I’d go berserk?
    You left me anyhow and
    Then the days got worse and worse
    And now you see I’ve gone completely
    out of my mind,
    They’re coming to take me away,
    Haha, they’re coming to take me away,
    Ho ho, hee hee, ha ha,
    To the funny farm
    Where Life is Beautiful all the time
    And I’ll be happy to see
    Those Nice Young Men
    In their Clean White Coats
    And they’re coming to take me AWAY,
    You thought it was a joke,
    and so you LAUGHED, YOU LAUGHED
    When I had said that losing you
    Would make me flip my lid,
    You know you laughed.
    I HEARD you laugh, you laughed
    You laughed and laughed
    And then you left,
    But now you know I’m Utterly Mad
    They’re coming to take me away,
    Haha, they’re coming to take me away,
    Ho ho, hee hee, ha ha,
    To the Happy Home with Trees and Flowers
    And Chirping Birds and basket weavers
    Who sit and smile and
    Twiddle their thumbs and toes
    And they’re coming to Take me Away,
    I cooked your food,
    I cleaned your house,
    And this is how you pay me back
    For all my kind unselfish loving deeds
    Well, you just wait,
    They’ll find you yet,
    And when they do, they’ll put you in
    the ASPCA, you mangy MUTT,

    They’re Coming to Take Me Away by Jerry Samuels

  10. Makes me think: Are these “people” bureau-rats stupid, or evil? The answer is, yes…

    Too stupid to understand they’re not gods, evil enough to dismiss the damage they cause.

    We all may owe David Icke a formal apology. These are actual reptiles in charge of managing what in their view are just human livestock.

    This is what makes the surrender of personal responsibility and freedom such a big deal. Putting your literal life in the hands of somebody simply trying to manage a herd who doesn’t even know you exist.

    “Yeah there are going to be casualties, it happens.”

    Rope and lamp posts would be too kind.

  11. There are so many logical fallacies that have been evident in the convid scam over the past year. The latest is the fallacy of exigency: “You must act now! No time to think! They’re going fast, get your jab today!”

    Meanwhile, two people close to me have died within 2-3 weeks of getting the jab: a longtime family friend, and an in-law. A third person (elderly) who has lived on her own for years, and acted at least 20 years younger than her age, was manipulated into getting the first jab by her family. She has been sick with a fever since…and is rethinking the 2nd jab. I hope it is not too late for her.

    • Yup, know four (2 were learning disabled so no informed consent) people who died several weeks or so from getting the Holy anointing.

    • “You must act now! No time to think! They’re going fast, get your jab today!”

      This is one of the prime indicators and methods of any scam.

  12. My experience with “one size fits all” or “universal fit”, is they don’t fit anybody or anything at all well.
    Government can only exist if it has the sole authority to kill you if you don’t go along. Death is its coin. Why would anyone suspect it would be deeply concerned about saving lives?
    The willful destruction of our economic, social, and mental health to contain a virus a bit more dangerous than ordinary to some people, is insane. Alcohol sales in the US went up FIVE HUNDRED PERCENT last year. How many lives did that save? It appears I’ve managed to restrain myself better than most. My consumption has only gone up 100%. Cheers.

  13. I read this somewhere….Hell…maybe here. It’s one of those “make you think” things:

    Ever wonder how we would have behaved in Germany in 1938? Well, now we know.

    • In Germany at the time there were no “good” Catholics, Lutherans, Mormons, Presbyterians, Baptists, etc., etc., unless they were good Germans. The religions gave any questioning minds the boot and turned the dissenters over to the “authorities”. If you weren’t religious, your neighbors and “friends” had Big bro covered. We could be there at any moment in this country. In many ways we have, just not en masse………yet.

      You’re exactly right. Now we definitely know how many(most) would have behaved in Germany not so long ago. It’s shameful, just as it was back then.


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