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The Undiapered healthy never presented any threat to the Diapered neurotic. You can’t transmit a sickness you haven’t got, after all.

But the now-Undiapered – because “vaccinated” – may prove to be a very real threat to the healthy who want no part of Diapers or “vaccines.”

The first threat may be as phantasmagorical as the “threat” – in the minds of neurotics – of a healthy person showing his face. It is the possibility that the “vaccinated” – placed in air finger quotes to make the point that whatever’s in those needles isn’t a vaccine, as traditionally defined, but rather a symptom suppressor – may have made themselves more susceptible to sickness, in the future.

Some are already getting sick despite having been “vaccinated” against this sickness – which ought to raise questions about what’s in those needles, but never mind.

Like the questions that ought to be raised about the thousands of deaths – so far – of people who allowed themselves to be injected with whatever’s in those needles, including several previously healthy teenagers.

Never mind, again. One cannot persuade the faithful with facts.

Such as the fact that people continue to get sick, after being Needled. Bad enough. But what happens if more of them get sick – and dead – in the months ahead? Not from the Needle, per se. But from other sicknesses they have become more vulnerable to, as as consequence of having been Needled?

Because their immune symptoms have been suppressed? This is possible. Certainly, no one knows. Because the “vaccine’s” long-term effects are not known. Because it was rushed to “market” – in finger air quotes for the same reason one ought to do the same with “customer” in relation to the DMV – at warp speed, without the usually required regime of testing – and waiting – to see what happens.

Well, we’ll soon see what happens.

If it happens that lots of people do get sick – and die – because they cannot fend off sickness or because their bodies were made sickly via whatever’s in those needles – then the hysteria will repercolate and double-down upon those who never Diaper and refuse to Needle.

The argument – rather, the hysterical assertion – will be that people weakened by the Needle are now threatened even more seriously by the presence of the Undiapered, who might be carrying a sickness that could kill these manufactured invalids, who may soon have reason to be hysterical. Even if their fears of the healthy are just as unreasonable.

But the healthy – who refuse to Kabuki – will be targeted, regardless. The insistence upon Diapering, social isolation and all the rest of this sick pantomime regime will resurrect and revivify. It will be harsher, as “the cases! the cases!” of the Needled becoming room temperature increase.

There will also be increased pressure for the Uneedled to submit to having whatever’s in those needles shot into their bodies – to ease the fears of the manufactured invalids. To make them feel less like idiots for having allowed themselves to be injected with whatever’s in those needles. As was the “case” with the Diaper Freaks, many will demand that others suffer because they are suffering – even if they suffer because of the choices they made. As sick as it is, there are people like that. More than we’d like to think. They are the same people who cheer when a “tax cheat” is sent to prison – because they’re forced to pay taxes.

Everyone must pay “their” taxes.

It will be hard to shop, to work, to travel – without evidence of having submitted to the Needle. For the sake of the fears – and resentments – of the Needled. Keep in mind how fervid these people were – and in many cases, remain – about pariah-izing the healthy who refused to pretend they were sick and perform the demanded Kabuki.

But there is something else that may be coming.

What if these manufactured invalids can spread their sickness? What if whatever they let be shot into their bodies has modified their bodies in such a way as to make them “asymptomatic” carriers – and spreaders – of something far more dangerous than the ‘Rona, which doesn’t kill 99.8-something of the healthy population?

This may just be wild-eyed “conspiracy” – about which one can read extensively. We won’t know – until we see. By which time, of course, it will be too late.

Even if these manufactured invalids don’t “shed” some new variety of Double-Deadly whatever-it-is, the possibility of massive immune system compromise resulting from the Needle ought to be taken much more seriously – by those who wish to remain healthy – as there is evidence suggesting a relationship.

We know what the reaction will be if tens of thousands of Needled become sick, regardless. Their mental sickness will metastasize. The still-healthy will become the leper class of this society – an irony lost on those who are sick in the head. Perhaps something much worse will happen. Keep in mind the sickness we’ve been dealing with already. It hasn’t been treated.

Its symptoms have merely been suppressed.

Right now, things seem to be returning to a kind-of normal. Faces are showing again – chiefly because people feel “safe” again.

Wait until they’re scared again.

.  .  .

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  1. Follow the money. It’s all about mandating the purchase of a product and it’s a product that don’t know or care if it hurts people in the long run.

  2. Eric, I’m curious what led you to believe that the Covid19 vaccines are “symptom suppressors”, versus vaccines.

    At this point, hundreds of millions of people have gotten one of several different kinds of vaccines. China’s Sinovac is like a traditional vaccine, a weakened virus. It’s not as effective as adenovirus vaccines (J&J, AstraZenaca), which in turn, aren’t as effective as mRNA vaccines. This new vaccine tech is old, from the 1990’s, it’s just never been used for a coronavirus before, which mutates so fast, it’s hard to protect against.

    So, vaccines aside, medical research tells us this:
    1) Asymptomatic spread isn’t really a thing, it happens at 0.7% frequency within the same household. This is the worst scenario; living with someone who has covid19 without symptoms. Real world transmission will be lower. There isn’t a single documented case after 18 months of this nonsense of a single person catching this in casual contact from an asymptomatic carrier.
    2) Symptomatic transmission happens, for sure. Your odds of infecting someone you live with are 17%.
    3) How contagious you are is proportional to how sick you are, same as with every other contagious disease known to man.
    4) Pre-symptomatic spread happens, meaning, you will be sick, but it’s so mild it’s unnoticeable. This will happen more than asymptomatic spread, less than symptomatic spread, because of #3.

    Let’s define being “infected” as having the virus replicating in your body, whether or not you have symptoms.

    So, the mRNA vaccines:
    – If you are exposed, you have a 66% lesser chance of being infected, compared to an unvaccinated or recovered person.
    – If you are infected, you have a 94% chance of having no symptoms, compared to an unvaccinated or recovered person.
    – If you have symptoms, there is damn near a 100% lesser chance of them being serious, compared to an unvaccinated or recovered person.

    This is how these effectiveness studies work – they compare cohorts. Take a million people, compare their Covid19 progression, and see if there’s a difference between vaxxed and unvaxxed people. There is a profound difference. It’s not smoke and mirrors.

    The initial effectiveness studies had about 100,000 people split into these two cohorts. Since then, some countries like Israel have kept meticulous data on their vaxxed/unvaxxed people, and the numbers match up. These vaccines are incredibly effective.

    • Also, to be clear, I don’t believe anyone should be vaccinated against their will, nor should there be a medical caste system treating vaxxed/unvaxxed people any differently.

      • Never mind that they have already killed more people than any other vaccine in at least five years combined? Never mind that vaccines have been routinely withdrawn from the market for as few as 50 deaths, while the COVID vaccines have killed at least 4,000? Your quoted research is focused on effectiveness against COVID. Never mind that none of them have been tested for long term safety at all, and minimally tested for immediate safety. The truth is that for all we know every single person who has taken them will drop dead in a year or two. Or, since they are gene therapy, grow a third hand out of the back of their neck. I could debate their effectiveness, but since they aren’t in the least bit safe, why bother.

        • The only reason they are even available with Emergency Use Authorization is because of the active aggressive repression of far more safe and less expensive effective means of treating COVID. If the FDA wasn’t denying their existence, they could not grant them EUA. Such authorization REQUIRES there be no other effective alternative. But there are a number of them. We just aren’t allowed to see them without deep diving the web.

          • Politics for profit. Your health is far down the list of concerns of the Psychopaths In Charge, and the Medical Industrial Complex.

    • “So, the mRNA vaccines:
      – If you are exposed, you have a 66% lesser chance of being infected, compared to an unvaccinated or recovered person.
      – If you are infected, you have a 94% chance of having no symptoms, compared to an unvaccinated or recovered person.
      – If you have symptoms, there is damn near a 100% lesser chance of them being serious, compared to an unvaccinated or recovered person.”

      Even if all of the above was true, what would be the motivation to get everyone the jab? We’re talking about an alleged illness with a 99.8% survival rate for those under 70 (95% for those over 70), with NO MEDICAL INTERVENTION. And if intervention is necessary, there are cheap, well-known, and readily available medications (such as ivermectin) and supplements (vit D, C, and zinc) that produce NO HARM and provide EXCELLENT, QUICK, and DOCUMENTED results. The jab, OTOH, has been causing massive amounts of harm and death in the very short time it has been rolled out. And unlike natural exposure to a pathogen, MRNA can’t be “turned off” once it has been injected into someone’s body.

      It simply makes NO SENSE to argue for this poison.

    • OppositeLock:

      Please tell us how many people got Covid in the vax cohort and how many people got Covid in the control cohort. The last study I saw consisted of something like 44,000 members in each cohort with something like 700 in the control cohort getting Covid vs. 35 in the vax cohort, hence the “95% effective.”

      If only 700 of 44,000 people in the control group got Covid (less than 1.6% infection rate), is there really any need for a vaccine? Also, did they use a faulty PCR test? If so, at how many cycles? Aside from all of this, I’m highly suspicious of any data provided by governments or crony pharma. We’ve just lived through a period of 24/7 propaganda. It’s hard to believe anything they say. I most certainly would not believe gov info from Israel or China. Also, how do you know Israel has kept meticulous data?

      I’m calling BS on the “These vaccines are incredibly effective.”

      • You summed it up pretty well. How would you propose judging vaccine effectiveness? It’s unethical to intentionally infect, so all you can do is watch and compare vaxxed vs unvaxxed.

        Israel has confirmed these numbers on millions of people. Covid incidence simply drops precipitously once about 2/3 of people are immune, whether by infection or vaccine.

        We absolutely should not have shut down the world over this virus, it’s not clear whether lockdowns made any difference, other than to increase politician power.

        • Hi OL – where is this data from ?
          Whatever that data is – my real concern is what are the long term implications of such vaccines. The reason coronavirus vaccines never worked before wasn’t that they didnt show an antibody response, but the long term impact of when the body finds the virus in the wild. For some reason they never figured out fully, the immune system goes into overdrive and well it doenst end happily…. i think its called an ADE response.
          And there is not a single test done on the longer term implications of these vaccines. From what I understand a number of people are being paid off in Asia when vaccine tests for the last Sars virus went wrong.
          This is before you get into the MRNA aspect which well again has never been tested on humans before (or I could ever find much details). again from what I understand the technology was developed a while back (mostly for cancer patients who lost most other hope). But unfortunately it never progressed beyond the rats after they didnt exactly live happily ever after….

          which is why im quite worried about this….

        • Hi OL,

          This whole thing is a concatenation of engineered mass hysteria, which has led to hysterical “solutions” – such as the pushing of medicine of unknown properties and consequences on people who need it like a fish needs a bicycle, with the difference being the bicycle won’t kill the fish.

          Why this push to inject children with this whatever-it-is? Their risk of dying from the ‘Rona is essentially nil. It is only slightly higher for the rest of the otherwise healthy population.

          This is known – by the people pushing it.

          Something evil is afoot – whether it is purely about money (i.e., the pharma cartels angling for government-enforced billions via mandatory vaccines – and not just this one) or about control, it matters not. It is evil. And that leaves aside the possibility that whatever’s in the Jab doesn’t hurt people, which we know it has – and so know it will.

          I don’t care whether it’s “only” one out of 10,000 (or whatever). The forcing of that on people is, simply, despicable.

          I have never worn a filthy rag – and will never be jabbed. My “health” is fine – and no one else’s business. The fear that I might be sick is no different than the fear I might be a mass murderer. Such fears impose no obligation on me. Indeed the assertion that I am obliged to assuage such fears is disgusting in and of itself.

          • “Why this push to inject children with this whatever-it-is? Their risk of dying from the ‘Rona is essentially nil. It is only slightly higher for the rest of the otherwise healthy population.”

            This is the worst evil of all. My 16 yo son just got his first job, and during his interview at the place, he asked about why the employees were unmasked (gov’s “mandate” had recntly been lifted). Was told that they had all been jabbed.

            Now he thinks he must wear a mask when he starts his job tomorrow, or somehow prove he has been jabbed (he won’t be jabbed, but is worried about having to prove a lie). I asked him to consider 2 things: (1) the employer can’t force anyone to have a jab or prove it (yet), and (2) the “mandates” have been lifted, so the employer can’t say they are requiring diapers bc of the state. Against my advice, he asked his buddy who works there to find out if a vax card is required. I told him to just show up, unmasked, and do his job. It is causing him stress because he doesn’t feel it is right to deceive. Although I am glad his character is showing, I’m having a hard time convincing him that he can function without deception, merely by showing up unmasked and not answering any questions (told him to refer anyone to me). He wants to handle it himself. I just hope it doesn’t lead to trouble for him.

            The evil creatures behind this need to burn in hell.

            • Amen, Anon –

              I’d suggest – as you probably already have – that your son ease his guilt over being less-than-truthful by considering that he is under duress. It is not dishonorable to lie to a thug who demands to know the combination to your safe or to provide evidence that can and will be used against you by similar thugs, using threats and intimidation to coerce it.

          • Eric, that’s the essence of why we need to make a stand re: the (un)Holy Jab. Who knows it’s true risks and effectiveness, there’s so much LYING about it that I dunno what the hell to believe anymore!

            I do know this: I have moderate risks of the “Rona” itself (62 years old, about twenty excess lbs of lard, shoulda had the coffee…), and dealing, successfully thus far, with moderate atrial fibrillation and hypertension. I exercise daily, especially nice AM walks in the fresh air once it’s light out, to get sunlight during the “Golden Hour”, and “watch what I eat” (make one helluva mess eating blindfolded!). It doesn’t seem worthwhile to take a risk on one of these dubious vaccines, but rather to take my chances with the disease itself.

            The point is, it’s MY body, and MY choice. I find it interesting that many of those that would force the Jab on me are the same ones that are in an uproar over the SCOTUS re-evaluating the ill-fated Roe v. Wade decision, so, I guess if it’s a “choice” for a female to terminate her pregnancy, i.e., KILL a perfectly health unborn child within her, it’s HER body and choice. However, in their jaundiced view, I DON’T get a choice as to whether to introduce one of these vaccines with some exotic RNA formula, which is akin to a ‘check valve’ if I get it, due to…WHY? Do they claim that somehow if I did become ill with the ‘Rona that I’m taking away resources, in some communistic reasoning? Or does my non-vaxxed presence posed an unacceptable risk to the population…i.e, am I now “Typhoid Doug”? Where’s the EVIDENCE that my refusal to vaccinate puts an undue burden on the public health? Again, no one offers a cogent reason why I MUST be vaccinated.

    • Umm you may want to actually listen to some real experts on this. the mRNA does NOT prevent or cure CV19, it just dials your immune system up to 11 permanently, as in no off switch! Also there is the Spike protein shedding that is affecting the non-vaccinated including causing miscarriage’s buy pregnant woman who are in close proximity to the vaccinated. And in the US they are all still in the experimental stage with YOU as the lab rat ( btw the mRNA vax killed ALL the Ferret test animals…all of them!) And if you get hurt by it you can NOT sue the Vaccine company and both your Health Care and Life Insurance will not pay out ( contact them your self to see )

      Just go to Bitchute.com or Rumble.com and look up Irish Dr. Chahill, Dr. Tenpenny, Dr. Mikovits, Ex-PFIZER Chief Scientist Michael Yeadon, German Virologist Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi just to start.

      You ALL have been lied to! #WakeUp #BabyKillerVaccine #KillerVaccine #SterilizationVaccine #NoVax4me

  3. Excellent article.

    You know how “incentives” are being offered to get more “hesitant” to vax up? Could you imagine how stupid you must feel if you got this thing in the beginning, without even having to be directly bribed? Instead of waiting in line for hours to get their poison early this winter, they could have waited till now, to be offered scholarships, free donuts, free burgers/fries, lottery prizes to get their jab. Their feeling of gullibility and anger at those who waited will be magnified tenfold when/if the vaxers start dropping dead. Someone else must pay for their own stupidity.

    • Those early jabbers are the true true beleivers. They think they won the lottery by getting that jab so early. They are probably also the most reverent when it comes to diapering everywhere at all times even with the “mandates lifted.

  4. Start to finish, this whole thing has been a giant scam.
    97% of the “positive” tests were false positives, meaning hardly anyone actually got the Rona.
    Yet those inflated numbers were used to scare people into vaxxing, which isn’t a vax & seems possible that it is resulting in contracting Rona anyways.

    Meanwhile, we know there are effective treatments for Rona that we dare not speak.

    All of that seems geared toward developing a “vaccine” that isn’t. Why?

    This is the greatest scam ever pulled off on people. Goebbels would be so jealous.

  5. I think we’ve crossed a Rubicon of sorts with this mask hysteria. The neurotics, the freaks, the “Karens” and the lowlifes have been empowered and they’re not going to give that up. I have been a mask dissident since Day One of this nonsense and I have had at least five or six VERY nasty confrontations with these people, including getting threatened with arrest.

    I have to say that I’m very shocked and disappointed at how debased the supposed “land of the free” has become. I remember the Seventies — there was a lot of good ol’ American “Fuck you-ism” among the people toward the government. I honestly thought that after a couple of weeks of the mask B.S. people would start saying “OK, enough of this,” but was I ever wrong. In today’s communist ‘Murica it’s all about compliance with government edicts and absolutely humorless enforcement. My failure to comply was universally viewed as a threat, not as a model of independence and self-assertion. The lowest and the dumbest (and in one incident, an outright nutcase) all felt perfectly comfortable becoming enraged and getting into my face — a perfect stranger.

    In my area the government is relaxing the mask mandates — but ONLY for “the vaccinated.” Even so it’s frightening how many people are still clinging to the mask. Just tonight on television they were interviewing some idiotic girl who ran a gym and she said she was going to keep the mask policy because it has become so “normal” to wear them it would feel strange without it.

    I was never much of a social animal to begin with, but during this and going forward I truly would like to become a hermit as much as possible. Frankly, I’m disgusted with this country, and I regard myself as under siege — a foreigner in my own land. I’m not going to give in to the experimental, unapproved, no-liability-for-Big Pharma government vaccine just to join the rest of the herd stuffing my face with greasy french fries in a restaurant, watching football, or listening to cheap, false pop “music.” No thanks.

    Americans are no longer “my people.” But I know they will keep applying the pressure, tightening the screws, and ferreting out the dissidents. Now that the government knows the majority of the people will comply, there will be another government-induced panic, and then another, and then another. Bank on it.

    I no longer want to be a part of what this country has become. The future of freedom does not look bright at all.

    • +1000. My state has relaxed the “mandates,” and the EO doesn’t even say anything about the jab for non-maskers. Went into a store this evening with my teenage son. I was barefaced, and within minutes a Karen manager came up to me and pointed to her face. I didn’t respond to that strange gesture, and then she said, “you must wear a mask in the store.” I said, “I thought the statewide mandate was lifted,” to which she replied, “it’s up to the stores.” So I said, “There’s nothing in here that I want that badly.” She said, “I’m sorry,” and I responded, “I’m not,” and calmly left. My son was still in the store. He heard them bashing me, talking about how I must be blind not to have seen their diaper sign, to which he finally responded, “Go f— yourselves” on his way out the door.

    • Yeah. They saw how easy it was. How many went along. How many follow the commands to a T. How many watch the corporate propaganda. How many enforced their evil upon the few who didn’t just go along. And we saw too. Now we know. They’re going to take it from us again. Just a matter of how and when. Hopefully we can all at least enjoy this summer, perhaps our last.

    • I recall from about fourteen months ago, the mantra was, “A few weeks to shelter in place, and this thing will pass”. Like a bad case of constipation, it hath passed…NOT.

    • Yup, voza0db I’ve seen similar get ups, here. We’re getting a lot of rain here, made me wonder what those types do when they get soaked in the rain. Probably, stay inside and hide?

      I imagine the tiny farmer’s market in the little town near me is run by someone such as the one in your photo, they put a big ad in the local shopper paper with a drawing of a big red tomato wearing what looks like boys briefs on its ‘face’ with a bold caption underneath saying, ‘Masks Not Optional!’. They say they’re even going to try and enforce anti-social distancing, too. This, in Iowa with no mandated dictates from the governor, but possibly still from county councils, I don’t know.

  6. Yep. I share many of the concerns you outlined. And it’s already starting. Just this morning, I read two mainstream news articles, both featuring the writer whining, re: those of us who wisely refuse the jab and will continue to ignore diaper edicts, as we always did, “it’s not FAIRRRRRR,” while calling for a national/global medical ID program to be put in place, stat. AKA same old feelings-over-facts mentality they’ve used to push through disastrous and obscenely expensive wars, social engineering programs, and sundry “reforms” we neither wanted nor needed. My hope is that any governmental overreach in this area will be struck down by the courts, but time will tell.

    The spike proteins in the COVID jabs appear to cause an immune overreaction in some people when they’re exposed to viruses in the wild. One of the most dangerous autoimmune reactions is a cytokine storm, which is frequently fatal, even in the young and/or previously healthy. For these unfortunate people—and more to come, down the line—the cure is certainly worse than the “disease”.

    Prior attempts to create SARS/COVID jabs failed in animal testing. Many of the test subjects did not survive their post-jab exposure to live viruses. Their bodies were overcome by the same types of severe autoimmune reactions we’re seeing now in the sheeple chomping at the bit to be test subjects for Pfizer, Moderna, et. al. Alas, this information, like anything detracting from the “Corona jabs are medically perfect, and anyone who disagrees is a heretic” party line, is censored across the mainstream media, internet, etc.

      • Speaking of the young, re: your linked story about Texas troops chasing down the young in Dallas’s Deep Ellum neighborhood: Multiple young recipients of “the needle” have become severely injured and even died. Naturally, this is covered nowhere in the mainstream, nor is it likely to be anytime soon. The spike protein also causes massive allergic shock, heart attack, stroke, and fatal blood clots with incidences disproportionately higher in the so-called “healthy” under 60 years old.

        And to think…all this for a virus with a 99.99% survival rate. No doubt, if they felt they could get away with it, they’d bring shock troops into grade schools to chase kids around with needles. I shudder to imagine what they’ll come up with next.

  7. A mini “Diaper Report” for Las Vegas:

    – Over the weekend, I hit up a couple of bars in the Arts District with a friend visiting from out of town. Given the neighborhood, I half-expected them to continue imposing their own Diaper Mandate in the recent absence of the state-level mandate, but I was pleasantly surprised. At both establishments, customers were mostly un-Diapered. Employees at one were Diapered, but at the other, they weren’t. (At that other establishment, signs were up stating that all their employees had been jabbed, FWIW.) Maybe I’ll cruise by on my bike this weekend to see which other bars (that we didn’t get around to visiting) want to be open for business.

    – I stopped by Sam’s Club yesterday (the one at Losee and Craig, in North Las Vegas) for the first time in a few months. Employees were still Diapered, but my undestanding is that Walmart is letting its employees ditch the Diaper starting today. As for customers? Excluding small kids, I only counted three customers who weren’t Diapered, which is disappointing. Last time I had set foot inside was with a plastic Guy Fawkes costume mask, some time before the election.

    – This morning, as I was leaving my regular breakfast stop on the way to the office, I damn near got cut off by an idiot who was driving the wrong way to get to the entrance. Of course, she was Diapered in her car with the windows up. I guess she’s too special to go the long way around through the adjoining parking lot to get to the other entrance.

  8. So, down in Dallas uniformed troops are shooting people up with the experimental injectables at bars and 7-11s in the downtown area.


    To quote one of the commenters who raised issues that I remember were big early on in the vax discussion:
    I thought these shots had to be at a certain temperature, and people had to sit down for 15 min to a half hour to make sure there were no adverse reactions? So, that’s not true? If not, why were we doing it before? And now any random person can administer them? Is that where we’re at now? We’re now just randomly shooting people in the arm on the streets, like some sort of uniformed drug deal giving you a free fix? Is that what we have become?

    …Raises a lot of issues. Coming to a town near you?

    • Hi Zek,

      It’s surreal. Random military guys show up; the 711 guy just presents his arm to be injected with… whatever. All I can is: baaaaaaaaaa!!!

      • And what happens if you refuse? Do they so ok and move on to the next or do 3 or 4 more come and hold you down so you can’t refuse?

    • They’re shooting people up in the filthy hot NYC subway stations all week long. Once jabbed, I am told, they stare at you for 15 minutes and if you haven’t dropped dead, you’re told to be on your way.

      And, and, and!! You allegedly get a week’s worth of free train rides for complying. Whoop-dee-do. In my humble opinion, that’s quite the puny reward for such great risk to your health and self-respect. But no doubt some will decide those are small sacrifices for getting free sh!t.

      • Free burgers and fries, beer, donuts, and NYC subway rides! Because this is obviously all about health and how much healthier can you get than a year’s worth of ground beef, fried foods and desserts, beer, and underground trips through the Bronx or Yonkers?

        • Carrots & sticks, good cop bad cop routines, denial of natural immunity, insistence not on mitigating harm or protecting the vulnerable but rather 100% vaxxed. I’m seeing the word “equity” being used not in a racial sense but in a vaxxed vs. non-vaxxed sense with respect to urban vs. rural areas sense as in something gov’t coercion should be used to enforce. None of this sounds like something a healthcare practitioner would learn in a medical education setting.

    • I would imagine if uniformed government goons accosted me with a needle, I’d be star of the next viral video, with my choice words. Damn, people are so gullible. A little perceived authority is all it takes for most people to bend over. Amazing!

  9. Eric – I think people are far too brainwashed and/or stupid to even realise they are sick because of the jab. They will simply be told by the all wise and knowing TV and trusted sources on the internet that they are sick because of a new variant, and now they need another jab. (and yes it will be the fault of unjabbed and un-diapered leppers like us). The sheep will line up for the next jab….

  10. I was widowed and living alone in a VERY remote location prior to wuflu.

    My urge to mix and mingle, low before, is now virtually non-existent.

    While NEVER concerned with catching the flu, or wuflu, or anything else, the possibility of toxic “virus shedding” from those who took the jab does exist – I’ve read scientific papers on it.

  11. In my own circle I know about 12 people who got The Shot. They All express a Great fear of death and sickness. I was thinking that’s their motivation to get The Shot – fear of death and sickness – however; it just occurred to me that None of them would ever heed or really listen to my crunchy advise about avoiding processed foods, bad ingredients and additives or GMO’s and things such as Glyphosphate, even when I said it might lead to an early death or make their pain worse, etc… or when I told them about health advise I’ve read which said that by taking certain vitamins and supplements, and to get some exercise and sunshine, their chances of early death or getting sick go down. It was all calmly and casually, brushed off.

    This was all Pre-Covidian-Insanity, which leads me to believe this is evidence that their fear of death from this particular brand of cooties is more about being hypnotized by the talking heads on the TeeVee than it is about the actual fear of death and sickness.

    Hypnotically induced manufactured hysteria.

    • Hypnotized is right. I’ve done the same thing with people expressing their covid fears. I point out how to improve/maintain one’s natural immune system, what the home remedies are if one gets it, what the risks are from the jab, etc. Then the Tufnel Syndrome kicks in: “But I could die”

    • Correct. And when the TeeVee starts telling them that CoVaids isn’t dangerous, and the whole thing was overblown, they’ll cheerfully jabber to each other, “Oh I wasn’t that worried. They said it’s not that dangerous.”

      “Oh yeah, me too. I think the whole thing was overblown.”

    • But your recommendations on how they might improve their health requires effort on their part. The Medical Industrial Complex has taught us well that they offer a solution in a shot, or a pill, or several, that requires minimal effort, and even less thought, that will “cure” you. All the while the third leading cause of death in the US that never appears on a death certificate is medical error. About 225,000 per year minimum. More than firearm related and illegal drug overdose combined.

    • My 80 yo father, a Vietnam era vet, recently told me that he has a low red blood cell count and other possibly life-threatening issues. He got the jab a couple of months ago. I asked when his symptoms appeared, and was told it was about a month ago. He will be having some invasive procedures soon to try to find out what is going on.

      I used to tell him he, like so many vets his age, was made of titanium. He has survived TIA’s, pancreatitis, a quadruple bypass, as well as back and knee surgery. Still drinks and smokes. Moved to FL from DC suburbs a few years ago, a bold move, I thought, for someone his age.

      Yet, this smart and tough guy felt compelled to take the jab, despite my protestations. I can only hope he doesn’t pay the ultimate price.

  12. Many people seem to just do as they are told. Here in Ohio there are different regions of compliance. Woke urban dwellers do as they are told, rural folk not so much. I have my foot in both worlds. In urban world I would see a neighbor walking alone masked. Now that mask order for jabbed has been lifted and all health orders lifted starting June 2 I saw the same guy yesterday walking unmasked. He does whatever he’s told and is a rule follower no matter what the rule. There are many like him. At one time in history they were called good Germans.

    • If my people had wanted to be good Germans, they wouldn’t have had to come over here in the first place.

      And they came over loooong before any of the world wars.

  13. I’m not sure about the “shedding” or whatever you want to call it. There is some anecdotal evidence that this is happening (reproductive system issues with women who haven’t been needled), and there has been at least one scientific paper from a few years ago stating that the technology exists to “vaccinate” the unwilling by sending out a “vaccinated” subject into an unvaxxed population and having them emit it into the crowd. Is this what they’re doing? Beats me. I’m not going to consider it too carefully, though I’m aware of it and will respond accordingly if it is in fact what’s going on (like avoiding hanging out with the “vaccinated”).

    There is also talk among some scientists (on our side) that the “vaccine” could cause more virulent and even deadly versions of a virus (whether this one or another one) to infect all of us, including those who reject the needle. This was demonstrated with chickens inoculated against a disease that caused a worse form of the disease to kill the entire flock. Is this what they’re doing? Who knows? However, if that in fact is what’s happening, then wouldn’t something like this happen with, say, the annual flu shot? Maybe I’m missing something, as I’m not a scientist. I’m not sure if I should concern myself too much with this, though like above, I’m aware of the possibility and can act accordingly.

    One thing I would like to comment on is how some people (two posts from Lew Rockwell’s site come to mind) want to celebrate like they have a big victory, now that face-diaper restrictions are starting to be eased in some parts of the country. To me, that’s like a linebacker celebrating a QB sack when his team is still down by three touchdowns. First of all, the anti-maskers (I’m one of them) didn’t win anything. Our efforts and going bare-faced didn’t convince states and/or companies to back off. This is centrally planned and coordinated, just look at CDC guidance and the media for proof of that. Maybe it’s the calm before the storm or the eye of the hurricane. Secondly, even though easing of mask mandates is a big deal for some (it was never my top priority, the shot was), it’s likely just a short-lived victory. Most likely, when fall and winter roll around, they’ll reinstate the mandates. And even worse, if the shot causes immune enhancement (another interesting theory from some scientists on our side) which leads to the death of literally millions of idiots who took the shot, then we’ll see major panic and a lot more restrictions than we’ve seen in the last year.

    This last point is what concerns me the most (apart from mandated shots), and what I’m most preparing for. I’ve got some food stocks that I’d like to increase over the summer, I’ve planted a garden to learn to grow my own food, I joined a food co-op to have access to even more food, I keep my gas tank at least half full (the recent pipeline debacle was another nudge to keep up on that), and I’ve got some other preps I’d like to take care of over the summer and early fall. Using the analogy that if you and a hiking partner run into a bear in the woods, you only need to run faster than your buddy – I figure if I can at least get through next winter, then much of the panic may have subsided. I can’t prep for everything and don’t have a homestead, but if I can keep ahead of most people around me, then I have a fighting chance. No, it will likely never return to what we consider as normal (pre-covid1984), but it can at least be survivable.

    • It’s all political, here in Ohio the General Assembly (GA) passed SB22, which gave them the power to override Governor Dewine and Health Dept. orders. Dewine vetoed it and the GA overrode his veto. SB22 is to become law in June. Dewine now is rescinding his health orders. He doesn’t want to have the GA get credit for opening up OH. My belief is Dewine wouldn’t be opening up if SB22 wasn’t passed.

      Another point is that this has all been cover for a failing fiat currency and a dying empire. It isn’t the mismanagement of the economy and the phony money that has created shortages and rising prices on everything. It was the wu flu

      • Absolutely Randy, I’ve been saying the same thing since the beginning. Since the Repo market started collapsing in September 2019 I anticipated something coming. Then bam, corona. By shutting down all the small businesses, they are transferring the burden of the crash on them. The big corporations receive their Fed coupons straight from the press. At worst, through an intermediary like Black rock if they want to keep it off the balance sheets.

        • The purpose of the COVID charade is to extract what wealth remains among the 99.9% and deliver it to the 0.1%. Thus Bubba’s Pool Hall is closed, experiences a lot of debt distress, and is bought up for pennies on the dollar, or simply foreclosed on. Meanwhile, the money folks used to spend at the Pool Hall now gets spent at Amazon and Netflix. The bank cartel and its cohorts saw the writing on the wall back in 2019, and decided they needed to do something to preserve their lifestyles of the rich and famous. Like confiscate our wealth. Don’t keep more money in the bank than you need to. Get your money out of the dollar, if you can. Hyperinflation can’t be avoided now. Which always effects us far more than it does the 0.1%.

          • I just learned yesterday to my distress that a local golf club in a fairly high-end, rural area, is now in Chinese hands. IMO this is exactly what happened, the private golf club wasn’t “allowed” to operate over the past year, then was forced to sell off recently because it couldn’t maintain operating costs due to the “mandates.”

    • RE: “want to celebrate like they have a big victory, now that face-diaper restrictions are starting to be eased in some parts of the country.”

      I think it’s just positive encouragement more than anything. We might be down by two touchdowns, but the teammates still need to rally to win or prevail,… unless going belly up is an option?
      The phrase, ‘turning the tide’ comes to mind.
      OTH, I’m reminded of the story of the surviving POW from Vietnam on who didn’t survive -> they all thought it’d be over by next week, by next Thanksgiving, by next Christmas, etc…
      The ones who lived, thought they’d be there forever.

      Anyway, I’m no scientist either, nor am I an economist or a doctor, but I have had to read and study a sheetload about all of it because most of those who are, cannot be trusted. Case in point:

      “It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines. I take no pleasure in this conclusion, which I reached slowly and reluctantly over my two decades as an editor of The New England Journal of Medicine.” (Dr. Marcia Angell, NY Review of Books, January 15, 2009, “Drug Companies & Doctors: A Story of Corruption)

  14. ‘Everyone must pay “their” taxes.’ — EP

    When “our” taxes are not blowing women and children to shreds in distant, dusty lands, some tiny portion of them no doubt supports the International Energy Agency in Paris. In turn, the IEA publishes radical manifestos such as the just-released ‘Net Zero by 2050’:

    The path to net-zero emissions is narrow

    Staying on it requires the massive deployment of all available clean energy technologies – such as renewables, EVs and energy efficient building retrofits – between now and 2030.

    For solar power, it is equivalent to installing the world’s current largest solar park roughly every day.

    From 2021: no new oil and gas fields approved for development. Halt sales of new internal combustion engine passenger cars by 2035,


    This is literally a declaration of war of humanity. Agriculture is hydrocarbon-fueled every step of the way, from inputs to tilling to harvesting to delivery. Turning off the taps of oil and gas means starvation for 90% or more of current residents of this hijacked prison planet.

    How would ‘adding the world’s largest solar park every day’ affect the US? Naturally, the dark satanic mills of PV collectors would have to pave the West, destroying deserts and basin-and-range habitat.

    Hey, IEA: ever heard of Ned Ludd? Your ‘solar parks’ aren’t parks at all.

  15. Looking back at this past 15 months or so, I think there’s a silver lining to all of it. For those who may have been somewhat skeptical of government, the media and corporate cronies, they have surely learned that those evil bastards will kill us if necessary to increase their power and wealth. For those of us that already knew that, this long and painful experience has hopefully “inoculated” us to any future lies and schemes. I know I’m much more steadfast with my insistence on truth, freedom and liberty.

    You’re right, it feels like things are normalizing a lot more just in the past few days, but I’m still skeptical.

  16. Well this is an encouraging article today. I guess the only thing i can do is keep living my life as i see fit and hope that when the dust settles these covidiots will be too scared to leave their own homes to have to worry about them. Now i guess is a time to stock up, get supplies in order and cross your fingers that they won’t be needed.

  17. I don’t get on hastily designed aircraft and I don’t inject hastily developed non-vaccines into me and mine.

    The propaganda is sickening. The commercials on the radio are thinly veiled brainwashing.

    The judgement is palpable when you dare to expose your face- imagine standing wayyyyyyyyyy far away from someone in line at a store, even though you’re wearing a mask.

    If it’s brown and stuck to your shoe, it’s probably not a Tootsie Roll.

    • Glad you brought that up. A very direct threat. Something that would be said to an enemy. Imagine if Orange Fail said something like that? Maybe just some tough talk to throw some red meat to his base who now have to give up their face blankies to signal the new “science”/politics/virtue?

      • The buck tooth dictator in jersistan lifted the diaper mandate outdoors yesterday. You would never know it from the members of the covid cult. They are still outside virtue signaling to the world how they are good litttle commies ready to be controlled.

  18. I doubt the holy jab will result in long term serious effects for the vast majority. It’s mostly just conspiracy/pessimism porn. I’m hoping now that their Orange problem is gone, however slight of a problem he actually was, taking their restored “freedom” again would anger the sheeple. Most took the holy jab to return to normal. However, it is possible what you say. We know there is very little resistance to the potato mind from a media blitzkrieg.

  19. My plan is to continue doing what I have done all my life, and in particular the last year – live and breathe freely, encouraging others to do so.

    I am vaxxed against ignorance by injections of Truth.

  20. My misfortune is NEVER my fault. Regardless how many stupid decisions I made, or self destructive behavior I engaged in. It’s ALWAYS somebody else’s fault my life is what it is. They have taken advantage of me for their own selfish purpose. Such is the world we live in. Completely void of any self examination.


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