The “Cases” We’re Not Hearing About . . .

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We have heard endlessly, practically every 15 minutes – about “the cases!” “the cases!” – of positive tests. But almost nothing about the cases of people becoming very sick and some of them very dead after being injected with the “vaccines.”

Plural; there are at least three. Which is a weird thing in itself, when you think about it.

Why three?

Doesn’t that at least triple the odds of their being a problem? And of figuring out what it is, if there seems to be one?

And there is at least one admitted-to problem – that of blood clot formation in some of the victim-recipients of these concoctions. Who (to be fair to the pharmaceutical cartel) failed to exercise the due diligence normally expected of anyone buying a used car; they didn’t even check for “Bondo.” Instead, they simply rolled up their sleeve and allowed themselves to be injected with an unknown substance with unknown risks.

Which is Jim Jonesian, almost.

The mindless, even hysterical Faith is certainly the same.

The only real difference – ironically – is that the latter-day injected want (presumably) to live. And yet, they are shockingly reckless with their lives.

They have no idea what is being shot into them- because no one does. Except perhaps those who made what is being shot into them. And yet, they line up like it’s Black Friday and the latest GameBoy is on the shelves.

It is an interesting symptom of the sickness – the mental illness – going around. On the one hand, literally hysterical fear of a physical sickness that is known to have an extremely low risk of death for most people; on the other, an equally hysterical eagerness of these same people to assume an unknown risk they’ve been told – italicized, to make the point – is “safe and effective,” two things that cannot yet be known given the fact that these “vaccines” are much too new to have any kind of established track record to make such claims, nor prior human trails to support such claims.

We are supposed to just trust the pharmaceutical cartel – which has immunized itself from any liability for the harms its vaccines may cause going forward and which has an established track record of causing them in the past.

Would you buy a used car on that basis?

It is a fact – inarguable – that these “vaccines” are not safe, for at least some of the thousands of people the CDC admits have suffered death coincident to being injected and the tens of thousands of “adverse” effects the CDC has also acknowledged – but the public hears  very little about this from the Fear Organ that emitted a juggernaut of hysteria about “the cases! the cases!”  . . . of positive tests.

This disparity ought to raise some eyebrows, call into question the motives of the grinders of the Fear Organ. All that concern about  hypothetical “granny” dying because someone who wasn’t sick didn’t wear a “mask” to buy groceries. Almost no concern at all about the actual people who’ve actually died – or become very sick – after coming into contact with a Needle.

Parents who would never let their kid ride a tricycle without a helmet or walk to school are unworried about them being injected with god-knows-what for the sake of risk that is for them so attenuated as to be all-but-nonexistent.

It is all very . . . interesting.

Perhaps even more than we realize – yet.

What follows is admittedly anecdotal but I am personally vouching for it since I personally know the people involved.

My sister reports the case of her old high school friend’s mom – neither elderly nor previously sick – suffering a stroke shortly after being injected with one of the “vaccines.”

The teller at my bank – whom I’ve known for years – inadvertently gave me a large sum of extra money when I went to cash  a check the other day; when I went to return the money, she told me she had been “feeling foggy” and having “trouble concentrating”  . . . after being injected.

A good friend of mine is a nurse at a VA hospital. He reports that several of the people he works with – not patients, staff –  have had “bad” reactions to the Holy Anointing, including one who became extremely sick and had to go the hospital for treatment.

That’s a lot of people within my own small orbit.

It is much more concerning to me than a “virus” that hasn’t killed anyone I know or even gotten anyone I know seriously sick. Including myself, notwithstanding my utter failure to “practice” any sickness kabuki whatsoever.

I do know a few who, over the course of the past year, felt not-so-great for a few days. Which is – which was – a quite normal thing in the Before Time, when catching a bug and having a cough and body aches for a few days wasn’t cause for hysteria.

But why no hysteria emanating from the Fear Organ over the fact that previously healthy people are becoming not-healthy (and worse) after being injected?

This hysteria would be legitimate, too –  because unlike the ‘Rona, which is almost exclusively a threat to the very elderly and the already sick, the vaccines are a threat to the healthy and not-elderly.

Yet – strangely, if one assumes that “safety” and “health” truly are the motivating factors behind all of this – the injections continue to be pushed on the healthy population.

Clear signals are being sent from corporations and the government (they are increasingly the same thing, in different form) that those who do not submit to being Anointed will be debarred from air travel – which many must use for their work and which is the only practical way for many to see family members living far away – their access to “public” areas and so on denied.

It is a clear threat of repercussions – piled on top of the manufactured threat of a “virus” that has been deliberately blown out of all proportion. Which serves the purpose of terrifying millions of healthy people into willingly lining up to be injected.

One might ask – why? 

Why the hysteric urgency to mass-vaccinate healthy people who stand literally almost no chance of dying from the ‘Rona with vaccines that may well stand a higher chance of doing them permanent harm?

Given the percolating facts about problems with these vaccines, why not dial it back a bit?

Perhaps it is sensible for the relatively small number of people who do stand a more than 0.0-something chance of dying from the ‘Rona  to assume the risk of being injected. Maybe, on balance, it is worth it – for them.

Like chemo, for those with cancer. As a last resort – to avoid dying. After having tried everything else.

But it makes no sense for the the healthy population – especially children – to be injected . . . unless there is some other objective.

Given the facts about the vaccines – and the suppression of the facts about the ‘Rona – it is something worth considering.

There is a quote making the rounds online attributed to Jacques Attali, who was an adviser to French President Francois Mitterand back in the ’80s. Its provenance may be questionable but the sentiments it expresses ring true:

“The future will be about finding a way to reduce the population…Of course, we will not be able to execute people or build camps. We get rid of them by making them believe it is for their own good…We will find or cause something, a pandemic targeting certain people, a real economic crisis or not, a virus affecting the old or the elderly, it doesn’t matter, the weak and the fearful will succumb to it. The stupid will believe in it and ask to be treated. We will have taken care of having planned the treatment, a treatment that will be the solution.”

God help us, if it is.

.  . .

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    • BTW, some numbers and thoughts.

      VARES/CDC is reporting about 1000 deaths per month from the “vaccines”. ~4000 this year so far.
      That is about the same number as have died from ALL actual vaccines in the last 16 years in the USA. In four months. With around 33% jabbed.

      The CDC itself a while back revealed that 94% of “Covid deaths” were “Deaths with Covid”, not “from Covid” so only about 32,000 actual Covid deaths.

      Quick calc. If 100% jabbed, we would be looking at ~3000 deaths from jab a month. 36,000/year. Short term. Long term unknown.

      It is suggested that only about 10% of all adverse reactions are reported to VARES. So, that could be 360,000 deaths from jab/year.

      Who know what numbers are accurate but if these are close, the “vaccine” is far more threat than Covid. Throw in all the related deaths and social/retail destruction caused by the tyrannical health measures, the treatments are multiple times worse than the disease.

      • Yet more anecdotal evidence that the risk vs. reward assessment would favor, “stand pat” and DO NOT get the “Jab”.

    • Those who ignore history…….

      *It took five years after the initial licensing of Thalidomide before anyone realised Thalidomide crossed the placental barrier and caused serious birth defects, a discovery hampered by the fact the drug had been marketed under multiple different names across 49 countries. It took a further five years to mount a legal challenge. Nobody was found guilty.*

    • They are trying to discredit this,

      now this,

      * Now, back to Prince Rupert. Prince Rupert mortality is not the most stable metric ranging from 88 in 2018 to 145 in 2020,with 141 deaths being recorded in 2019. Given the notable drug problem in the remote town, it would be surprising that such a moderate increase was the result of additional drug overdoses. In 2020, the town reported zero Covid-19 fatalities.

      On January 16, 2021, just as the first vaccines were arriving in town, an outbreak at the local LTC, metaphorically called Acropolis Manor, an outbreak was declared. While it is hard to find out exactly the details as to how many were affected at this date, one thing appears clear – the authorities rushed the vaccine into the establishment. According some personal testimonials, the vaccines were withheld from the officially infected and sick individuals (up to 5 individuals). According to the local newspaper report, all staff and 33 residents were said to have been vaccinated on January 20, 2021.

      Whether all or most of residents and staff were in fact vaccinated on this day or any other day (remaining 5 residents who were alleged to be excluded on January 20, 2021) is an important question. Another important question is whether it is sound medical practice, even if excluding the sick, to undertake a mass vaccination at the place where an outbreak had already been declared.

      While these details were remains in dispute, one thing is clear – what followed was a mass fatality incident whereby 14 out of 33 residents had died by the middle of February 2021. This was the total out of the 16 residents who would be reported as Covid-19 deaths in that facility, and 14 out of the 18 total fatalities related to the outbreaks officially recognized by Northern Health.*

  1. My friend took the jab and woke up dead couple days later. Family told me nothing aboot him or his routine had changed in years. Said he complained of feeling tired when he went to bed, much earlier than normal, for the last time. Then my stupid sister, who is very smart, and who knows this story, got stuck last week. Said she did it so she could be given permission to fly international.

    • Mr. Gold,

      I’m sorry, that’s terrible. I’m going to guess they didn’t report it to VAERS?

      As for as the airlines, screw ’em. I’ve never much liked their services, and if need be, I’ll get my own pilots license and fly places myself!

    • Hi Mr. Gold,

      Sorry to hear about your friend – and your sister. I spoke with mine yesterday and she told me she isn’t going to get injected – because why would she? She’s managed (like me) to not get the ‘Rona for all this time, despite not having performed any rain dances or other forms of kabuki. Like me, she’s decided the risk of getting the ‘Rona is low, knows the risk of dying from it is slim and that the “vaccine” doesn’t mean you can’t get the ‘Rona – so why take the risk of taking i?

    • Last year, I got a temporary job at a refrigerated distribution center, partially due to the covid outbreak at that place. and the first week was hard because I hadnt been physically active in months, but I was getting my endurance back. Then they mandated surgical masks. My safety glasses fogged up and I could feel my heart rate skyrocket from respritory stress it was harder than my first day. Masks make my nose runny too, so lots of boogers were filling it. Only allowed 1 mask per day tho. Within minutes, my mask was soaked with condensation witch would release large droplets both directions with each breath. It was also extremely itchy, so I rubbed it alot which mashed dirt & germs into the wet mask fibers. Anyways I had a permanent low level pneumonia for the month I worked there and everyone seemed miserable. I would have quit the day they required masks, but I had financial concerns and didnt feel like I had too much of a choice.

      Also everyone with an office takes off the mask till they go out of the office or talk to you, but those who do physical work are expected to do so with a saturated booger rag the entire time.

      But watching the news after that it was obvious that the treatments caused the disease, as more reports of isolated/cautious people died of the virus, and of course those factory/warehouse outbreaks.

      • Disgusting making people work in those conditions! Like athletes wearing during physical exertion. Insanity…

  2. The designation of case is based on the PCR test, whose late inventor, who got a Nobel prize for it, was very clear about the inapplicability of it for diagnostic purposes, such as determining infection by a virus that the CDC says hasn’t been “isolated.”

  3. I knew a woman who said after taking a first fauci shot she took a second one. That woman has had some allergic reaction to the second shot and I haven’t heard from her since. Biden, Harris, Obama, Shillary, Fauci and the rest of the scum took a fake shot just to fool the gullible. They won’t take a real one count on it.

    • In spite of some pretty good arguments from me and the fact that we have been fine for the last year, my dad watches so much tv that he thinks vaccines are good. He dismisses everything antivax as un proven as the msm pundits use manipulitive hyperbole to assert the necessity of every bad idea, and dismiss real vaccine side effects as not related, extremely rare or not real. He took his first shot and has had wierd blood pressure, sweating alot, and he says thats not a side effect for this vaccine, but a rare side effect of the j&j shots. He plans to take the 2nd dose. Makes me sad.

  4. Started the day off with a win.

    Went to the UPS store for a notary. (Bank didn’t have their shit together). Pop in and the main guy looks at me quizzically and points to his mask. I don’t engage on that dead end and say “Hi, we’re here for a notary! Is that something you can help with?” (Put the conversation back on the right path)

    “Oh yes! Right this way.” Indian lady came to help us, immigrant for 40 years found out thru small talk.

    Eventually, she asked my wife, leaning in close, “So you don’t wear mask?” My wife ignored her. She turned to me and I said Nope. She asked why not, is it because I don’t want to protect myself, or protect others. (lol)

    There were a few others waiting in line.

    I looked her straight in the eye and said without raising my voice or lowering it, “No. I think this whole thing is a psychological operation, designed to frighten people into giving away their freedoms. Just like the September 11 attacks, whether done by the government or not, the after effects were the same. Frighten everyone, take away everyone’s freedoms, spy on them, and all that other crap. I’m not going along with it or playing along anymore.”

    Oh… I was expecting her to be all surly, BUT she was quiet. About 15-20 seconds later, she PULLED HER MASK DOWN BELOW HER CHIN, and left it on that way until we left the store. That’s a victory in my book.

    • Nice Michael! I am seeing new reports from around the world one after another. This is getting real, the time for playing games is long over.

      • Thanks guys. Yes, playtime is over. Plus, it’s much more fun to tell them it’s ALL bullshit, or to use one of my favorite expressions from the internet “fake and gay”

        It depends on how you say it. If you say it with FIRM CONVICTION, there’s not much they can say. If you hyperventilate and overexplain, they’ll usually smirk and think you’re loony.

        • Go for loony. No matter what they say respond with something entirely unrelated.

          Them: “you should be wearing a mask”

          You: “You know, a rabbits scrotum is in front of their penis”

          Them: “ehr….wha… should be wearing a mask!”

          You: “If you really try, you can get 12 people into a Corolla”

          Them: “What?… you should be wearing a mask!”

          You: “Some monkeys copulate like we used to shake hands. A form of greeting”

          And so on…..

          Watch their little brains short out when they feel they cannot communicate with you. Don’t say, no. Don’t make eye contact. Furtively look at thing not there. Don’t acknowledge anything they say. Just respond with more off topic trivia. In essence, act like Rain Man.

    • You made my day, Michael! I live in a place with no dictates so, even though 50% still virtue signal their low IQs, nobody bothers us non-maskers. If they did I wouldn’t bother trying to reason with them. I’d offer a short retort like “I’m allergic to bullshit” or “You look like you struggle with simple tasks”. But you prove that reasoning with people can sometimes be worth the effort. Keep it up!

    • I saw this earlier today river. Everybody needs to see and share this nurses video. Thank you for posting it.

  5. The best yet, Eric, although it is completely saddening and terrifying at the same time. I ask myself why the entire plant has to be injected with an experimental gene altering potion? Especially a substance that no one on the entire planet can say with any truth or data-backed validity that it is safe and useful in the longer term. That express data will not be available for at least 5-10 years to my way of thinking, and that is assuming that pharma and the CDC don’t fudge the truth…a normal and well utilized practice for them. It usually takes that long to get a normal flu vaccine up to standards, which by the way seem to be totally lacking with these new-fangled potions.

    Only 3 poisons, well actually there are many others circulating the globe. Also, there are well over 100 various CoV-2 injections being formulated, tested and trialed out…all in various stages. So what is up with that?

    These RNA/DNA re-programming gene therapies are programming your cells to make new spike proteins as if your body is a factory. These new proteins are said to be available to fight off SARS CoV-2. That may or may not be true. However, there is no off switch and your body will continue to create billions of spike proteins continuously. This certainly is not how regular flu vaccines work at all…until you actually become sick with some virus or disease. What happens when your body becomes engorged with billions or even trillion of new spike proteins that aren’t really doing anything? They don’t go away and cannot be destroyed until they enter an infected cell, if any are present. I wonder if your super effective immune system isn’t going to become bogged down or overwhelmed with these new proteins invading every part of your body. That to me is scary. And that may be why people could be shedding these proteins in bodily fluids because they will become a part of every bodily function. Why does not fauci, the CDC, supreme Dr. gates, the FDA or pharma have an honest explanation for what is really happening? I suspect extreme foul play as per French President Francois Mitterand has presented as possible.

    Now they are saying there will be more injections needed for newer strains. All the drug makers will do is re-program the RNA spikes and all this without ANY testing or trials. That is 100% insane. Then you will have even more spike proteins being manufactured continuously within your body and to do what? No way is this about keeping people healthy or avoiding Covid. Absolutely not! The robots lining up for injections, and that includes family and friends I know, are committing hare-kari as they falsely trust pharma, the TV news, their uninformed doctors and the medical mafia as a whole.

  6. MAYDAY! Mayday!…………….
    Does anyone here know the real original meaning of that term, and why it became so so so related to disaster?
    You cannot produce a vaccine for a virus that does not exist.
    Johnny, you need to jump off the roof of the house if you want to get down but I warn you ahead of time that if you break a leg or worse, you’re on your own. Don’t look to me for any help.
    the other rog
    PS Eric. How are the cats?

      1925–30; <French (venez) m'aider (come) help me!

      It's a coincidence that it's spelled and pronounced the same as the word meaning the first day of May.

  7. We are dealing with a mass psychosis of the highest order. Personally I believe there is a strong spiritual component to it as well. It cross all IQ levels, affecting them equally. Deaths from the injection are dismissed or explained away, but any sniffle or cough is attributed to the bug. A friend of mine’s mother collapsed immediately upon being injected, and died the next day in ICU. Others I tell about it say “Well, there will be some bad reactions”. I ask them if the person in front of the drops dead immediately upon receiving the injection, would they still remain in line and get theirs, and the all said “yes”. So the psychosis has overridden even their sense of self preservation.

    • I had this exact conversation with a family member.

      “I’m not going to get vaccinated.”

      “Why aren’t you going to get vaccinated? You might catch covid and die!”

      “Because I am at very low risk of death from covid. I’ll catch it and take my chances, although I’m pretty sure I might have already had it anyway and just didn’t get tested.”

      “But if you don’t get the vaccine, you might catch covid and die!”

      “If I do take the vaccine, I might have an adverse reaction. If I don’t take the vaccine, I’m guaranteed that I won’t have an adverse reaction. Covid isn’t much of a risk to me anyway, so I don’t need the vaccine.”

      “But if you don’t get the vaccine, you might catch covid and die!”


      The hold that insipid nonsense like Good Morning America and CNN and all the rest has on some people is really sad. They think they are getting “unbiased news” but it’s just an approved narrative being pumped out and implanted into unsuspecting people’s brains.

  8. Eric, I tried to verify the quote from Jacque Attali. It appears to be a very recent viral quote attributed to a 1981 book that seems to no longer be in print and that is not to be found on the internet in any form. Maybe I’m not good a sleuthing, but this one seems like a made-up quote.

    On the other hand, part of the sentiment appears to be true. Attali DID say that some form of euthanasia would be expected in the future as the focus should be not on life extension but on quality of life. His ideal (as a socialist) is to have everyone healthy until they are no longer productive, then ideally they would drop dead, thereby decreasing the burden on the productive part of society. That makes sense from a socialist point of view because the individual is nothing and ‘society’ is everything.

    He seems oblivious to the evil implications of his prescription.

    • You’d be surprised how many things I remember reading with my own eyes in the 80’s that I can no longer find any existence of.

      Hey Ron, do you paint? If so, I have a painting with your name on it!

      • Nunz,

        “You’d be surprised how many things I remember reading with my own eyes in the 80’s that I can no longer find any existence of.”

        Mandela Effect.

        I hear it makes you change color too.

  9. Eric you more than open the door to let the cat out with this one. In due time we will see more about those who have taking the DNA/RNA changing shots. My gut feeling is it’s not going to be good and the Fake News Corporation will refuse to report the truth and will censor those that try and report truth and facts. All to be expected. I do know from talking to people that are awake and don’t believe the MSM, have not taking or will not take the shots, commonly called, “the vaccine” which the shots are definitely not a vaccine. Many minorities mostly blacks are not buying the vaccine propaganda and are not going to take the shots. But there are millions who are blindly going along with the shot scam. I say millions as a fact because I don’t wear a mask and I see 99% of the public all masked up when they are not required to. I was in one of the big warehouse retailers yesterday and heard a woman confronting a manager wanting to know how long the mask nonsense was going to be forced on the club members when the governor called off the COVID mandates long ago. The manager was playing Good Guy, Bad Guy to the gathering group to hear the respond to the unhappy woman customer.
    I asked the woman so that everyone could hear me, what do most all corporations that force their customers to wear mask have in common. She immediately got on board knowing I was with her and asked me, what do they have in common? I replayed, they all donate large amounts of money to Planned Parenthood to cover the cost of butchering unborn babies. The air went still and a pin could have been heard if one had hit the floor. The manager walked away and the woman who was confronting the manager said to the manager as he was turning to walk away, Exactly. All of this COVID BS is being pushed by mostly Godless people who will do anything for a fast buck. It won’t be long before the side effects from the shots start showing up.

    • Roger that, Mark –

      And: I didn’t initially believe that some of these “meds” are made using tissue acquired from aborted fetuses. And then I looked into it…

      • Mark and Eric,

        “Tissue acquired from aborted fetuses”

        Ronald Bailey of Reason fame had an interesting article today.

        “Non-biting male mosquitoes genetically modified to contain a self-limiting lethal gene are finally set to be released by on three islands in the Florida Keys.”

        Modified to contain a lethal gene.

        Makes one wonder how long this kind of thing has been going on.

        According to Bailey, “it has taken the company 10 years” to obtain approval from the government.

        In a May 2020 risk assessment, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency “determined that there will be no unreasonable adverse effects for humans as a result of the experimental permit to release Ae. aegypti OX5034 male mosquitoes.”

        Thank goodness we can all rest assured the government has determined that only reasonable adverse effects will occur.

        Eric, a little help here please. What is the difference between reasonable and unreasonable with regards to government?

        “Prior studies in Brazil, the Cayman Islands, Malaysia, and Panama have found that the technology works”, according to Bailey.


        What is the difference between a study and an experiment?

        So it must be absolutely impossible to think in the ten years since the self-limiting gene was developed for insects that a similar modification for humans has been developed. Right?

        After all, insects and humans only share 50-60% DNA.

        From a July 1, 1984 New York Times article, “The possibility also remains that the mechanics of human development may be basically differrent from the mechanics of insect development though the finding points to the contrary.”

        What if the call has gone out to cull the herd of human livestock?

        What if there exists a self-limiting gene for human livestock?

        How would the cull be achieved?

        How would the genes of human livestock be modified?

        What is the message in the mRNA?

    • I hadn’t thought of this before, but of course it makes sense. This entire pack of lies is straight from hell and the father of lies himself, Satan.

    • it’s interesting to note the similarities between abortion and suicide. In nature, the weak die, but these natural consequences are not restricted to physical defects. Mental defects are just as effective at thinning the herd.

  10. Regardless of any “reports, stats, what-ever-the-hell” comes out regarding this corona-chan non-vaccine. I trust none of it. It’s obvious there nudging people towards fear and compliance so you can reasonably guess which way they numbers would be skewed.

    The entire last year has been non stop lies, fear-porn, and hype.

    There is no chance in hell I would get some experimental injection with all the risk placed on the recipient and zero liability on the jab-meisters!
    All vaccines carry risk. Ask anyone who regularly vaccinate livestock with tried and tested vaccines. It’s assumed they’ll lose a few in the process. Enjoy what ya get ladies and gents!

    I’m not personally concerned with infection by non-vaccine “shedding” either. That reeks of another BS divide and conquer fear-porn psy-op. I was healthy enough not to get corona-chan. I’ll surely be okay being non-vaccine adjacent.

  11. I doubt the number of people having reactions to the vaccines are any worse than the usual, just that there’s a lot of eyes on the data and more than usual amount of data collection happening. It just adds credence to the idea that the global population is undergoing the largest experiment ever attempted. To what end, I don’t profess to know, but it probably isn’t as exciting as we would want to believe. Personally I think it is because the people at the top are desperate to remain relevant in an ever more fragmented world. So they create a problem then claim they have the only solution. Of course the problem has a grain of reality to it, but left to our own devices we could probably get through a bad chest cold without the central planners shutting down the engine of the world.

    • Newbie here, but ReadyKilowatt, you must remember the slogan “Too cheap to meter!”, from Ready’s more heady days with “Whoops”?

      The Missing Link

      • Good post explaining the origins of the too cheap to meter statement.

        If you look at most technologies they do get cheaper over time. In some cases, like telecommunications, radically so. Especially when there are competitors. Gasoline and engine displacement are other examples. Unfortunately in the case of transportation Uncle grabs the efficiency gains for himself before the consumer gets to enjoy them.

        I’m installing solar and backup battery on my house this year. When complete I’ll be feeding excess power into the grid, which will be “banked” for when I need it (although the backup battery will get first dibs). My bill most months will be for a connection fee of $12. December through February I might have some consumption but I’ll bet if I choose to be frugal I can see it though. Pretty much “too cheap to meter” is a reality if you’re willing to take on some up front capital cost.

        • Excellent explanation of your nom de plume Ready, & the origins of “too cheap to meter”, thanks!
          I grew up in Washington State, & when a teen, WPPSS (Whoops!) fed us great propaganda in the form of a dancing Ready Kilowatt character that foretold of electricity “Too cheap to meter!”, to garner support for its proposed nuclear power plants.
          The following is from a TIME mag article dated Aug. 8th, 1983.
          The Missing Link

          Fallout from a record default spreads from Washington State to Wall Street

          D-day finally arrived last week for the Washington Public Power Supply System. D for default. D for debacle. With its coffers almost empty, WPPSS or Whoops, as everyone now calls the agency, formally declared that it could not repay $2.25 billion in bonds used to finance partial construction of two now abandoned nuclear power plants in Washington State. It is by far the largest municipal bond default in U.S. history, and the damage is incalculable. The fiasco has robbed thousands of investors of their savings, shaken confidence in the municipal bond market, angered and humiliated the people of the Northwest, tarnished the reputations of some of Wall Street’s leading institutions and provoked at least 70 lawsuits that will be clogging the courts for years to come.

          Over the past decade, Whoops borrowed $8.3 billion to start construction on a total of five nuclear plants, only one of which is likely to be completed. The bonds in default were issued for two plants that Whoops calls Projects 4 and 5. Some $6 billion worth of other Whoops bonds for Projects 1, 2 and 3 are in no immediate danger of default, but investors are increasingly afraid that these securities will also eventually be in jeopardy. Projects 1,2 and 4 are located at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation in eastern Washington, while 3 and 5 are at Satsop, in the western part of the state.

          The default had been expected for weeks, so the municipal bond market reacted quietly, with most prices holding fairly steady. But concern about Whoops’ woes had been depressing the market for months. Public utilities building power plants have had to promise exceptionally high tax-exempt interest rates of more than 9% to sell new bonds. Several utilities, like North Carolina Municipal Power Agency No. 1, postponed their offerings to avoid testing the market. Some industry insiders fear that the continuing Whoops mess could ultimately sour investors on the entire spectrum of municipal bonds. Says James Lebenthal, whose appearances in television commercials have made him America’s most recognizable municipal bond dealer: “I feel threatened, and so does the whole industry. I feel the shame of Whoops.”


          • Hi Missing,

            I am a fan of electricity; who isn’t? But like most things, it has its pros and its cons. One of the latter being storage. No worries in small amounts, as in the 12V starter battery in your car or the lithium-ion disc in your device. But more worrisome to power your house – or your car. Having multiple sources to power things differently – and more effectively and inexpensively – is the ticket.

            In my case, I’d like – and have considered – an adjunct solar system to back-up power a few key things, plus a small bank of deep cycle batteries for overnight. But whole house makes no economic or practical sense right now. It may at some point – at which point, I’d certainly consider it!

  12. BTW theres a very interesting case ive come across. Guy I know from India – His parents back in Mumbai generally healthy. Mom got vaccine because she was afraid or whatever – dad however didnt because hes like screw this, its nonsense. Anyhow it seems that possibly because of the vaccine – mom got covid, but she did fine (as they say the antibodies developed in time from the vaccine). She however shared the virus with dad – who’s now in hospital !! Wonder how many similar cases are out there….

  13. Great column!

    “Why the hysteric urgency to mass-vaccinate healthy people who stand literally almost no chance of dying from the ‘Rona with vaccines that may well stand a higher chance of doing them permanent harm?”

    That IS the ultimate question, isn’t it? Is it just big pharma, greed driven lust for profits? Or something(s) much more sinister??

    Everyone should re-read the paragraph by Mitterand at the close of your post.

  14. Now that Bidet’s 100 days of diapering are up, he just extended it to September 13. Just in time for fall respiratory virus season to get underway, in order to move the goalpost yet again and again and again. Face diapers in perpetuity. They really know how to psychologically manipulate the dumbasses of this country. When, Oh Lord, will people catch on?

    • I knew it! Actually, Diaper Joe broke his promise two weeks after signing the “100 day mask challenge”. He said back in February that Americans would be wearing masks “well into 2022”. These psychopaths just can’t stop themselves from telling lies.

      On a related note, went to the local Super Walmart today and there was only one other guy besides me not wearing a mask. This nightmare isn’t ending this year, folks.

    • I was at the pharmacy the other day and a woman in front of me showed the pharmacist the place on her arm where she had been vaccinated the prior day. She then went on to explain how she had to go to the ER afterward. In the ER, the only thing they gave her was an injection of Atavin (a powerful anti-anxiety medication.) I thought that was really odd. Wasn’t the vaccine supposed to take away the anxiety of getting Covid? I have no idea what to make of this woman and truthfully, she seemed a little unhinged in general. It just struck me as really odd.

  15. When arriving from Mexico, no Covid Test or any other sort of Covid documentation is required when traveling by foot or car. This is why I always fly to Tijuana and take the Cross Border Express to the US.

    • Doug, I was thinking of doing the same. What is the quickest and least trouble way to get to San Diego airport from tij airport, including part of getting through border.
      Austin to Cabo …Cabo to Tij. …..San Diego to Aus

      • Our family has been to Mexico three times this year. Evidently–although you’d never know it by listening to National Propaganda Radio–there’s a huge medical tourism market that I certainly hope will stay open! We found an awesome dentist, while our Los Angeles dentist had pretty much closed his shop to all who weren’t in intense pain. By the time we made it to Mexico, we really needed teeth cleanings, as it had been over a year since we had cleanings. My teen and 20-year-old boys had x-rays because of wisdom teeth issues. Deep cleanings were $120 (USD) and I think x-rays were $35 or so. My husband’s company insurance ended up reimbursing us for everything.

        My oldest really needed his wisdom teeth taken out, but no oral surgeon in Los Angeles would do it without a swab being stuck up his nose, for the holy test. Our new Mexican dentist, however, unrestrained by the ADA, took out all four wisdom teeth, with local anesthesia. No test required! My son was awake the entire time.

        Meanwhile, his brothers, father, and I went and got food and brought it back into the office. The only time a face diaper was asked for was by the Mexican “covid” police, i.e., receptionists, in the building of the dentist’s office. I put a hairband quickly over my mouth and went up the stairs. Once in the office, none of us were forced to suffocate ourselves, or even asked to do so.

        Each time (once in November and twice in February), crossing the border into Mexico was super easy. Three armed and masked guards stood holding guns, but pretty much waving us over the border into Mexico in our Honda Odyssey with CA tags. By the second trip, we’d learned that our car insurance is valid within 50 miles of the border, an important thing to check on if you’re crossing in a car.

        Our medications were much less expensive–I think painkillers and antibiotics for my son’s wisdom teeth removal were $60 (USD)–than in the U.S. and the pharmacia was local and friendly. My kids felt safe walking around that part of Tijuana during the day, and so did I.

        Crossing back into the U.S. took at least one hour each time. There were dogs sniffing cars and lots of armed government workers. The border agents were searching all cars in the lane beside us, but we were able to cross with just expired passports and a few questions (our kids had grown quite a bit since their last passport photo). We sure hope to return to this dentist, and have pretty much said goodbye to our L.A. dentist.

    • So if you wanted to drive down to Ensenada or Rocky Point or whatever, you could do that and then drive back, and you’ll just be waved through the border crossing, just as in saner times? Interesting. Are the Mexicans requiring anything of people on the way in?

      I’ve driven to Rocky Point twice…this could be useful to know.

    • Where are you at in Mexico? I’m in Tepic, Nayarit and a lotta people still wear masks here but I think it’s mostly for show. Restaurants here just take your temp to go in…I’ve asked a lot of places if they ever have someone who is sick and none ever have….It’s the biggest fucking joke I’ve ever seen but it ain’t too funny..

  16. The CDC maintains the VAERS system, which tracks adverse vaccine reactions, death included. I just did a search, and about 4,100 people have been reported to have died just after receiving the vaccine. Some of these deaths will not have been caused by the vaccine, just coincidence, but it’s safe to say a few thousand have died as a result of the vaccine.

    I have a little bit of a medical background, enough to read and understand the peer reviewed research on covid19. It’s pretty definitive at this point that the spike protein itself is pathogenic (meaning, disease causing), not just the complete virus. The vaccines create a brief burst of spike proteins in your own cells, so there is a tiny chance that any of the vaccines can cause clotting problems, but the adenovirus based vaccines (J&J, Astra Zeneca) turned out to be more likely to do so. However, the incidence is exceptionally low.

    I would never argue for mandatory vaccinations, and I respect people’s choices not to vaccinate, but I also think they’re misunderstanding the risk. A Covid19 infection has many orders of magnitude more of a chance to give me a blood clot leading to a stroke or heart attack than the vaccine. If I have a Covid19 induced clot, and don’t die, I’m not included in the covid19 death numbers, but my health is screwed. The odds of this are high enough (about 1% at my age), that I took the vaccine.

      • I*a*tro*genic…

        adj. Induced unintentionally in a patient by a physician. Used especially of an infection or other complication of treatment.

        Good to know, Tuan. Thanks!

        • Iatrogenic complications.

          My brother in law (disclaimer he is first generation murcan Pole) had previously let the doctors practice on him. Arthroplasty on both shoulders.

          Recently those practicing the art of medicine went to work on one of the shoulders again. Told him this time the results would be better.

          So this time they cut the arm off after the ball. Flipping the ball over and reattaching everything in a move they call a reversal. The end result?

          Broken clavicle and humorous, excuse me, humerus.

          I find a lot of humor in iatrogenesis.

          Some people just love them some doctors.

          Me? I’d prefer my next doctors appointment to be with the medical examiner.

          At least that particular doctor, when he has decided that “first do no harm” has become a tertiary concern, won’t be doing anything I’m concerned about.

    • Hi OL,

      It’s interesting how perspectives have changed – among so many things.

      Several thousand vaccine-related deaths would have been considered horrendous a little more than a year ago. But the number seems small in relation to the much larger number of “Covid-related” deaths. However, these have almost certainly been grossly exaggerated – I’ve read that the number of people who died of Covid exclusively – not with – is about 10 percent of the reported total. If so, then the vaccine-caused deaths begin to look very differently…

      And even if not, I don’t understand why any healthy person would assume an unknown risk for the sake of a very slight known one…

      • For me, it’s a numbers game. My immune system is on its way out as I age. It’s a lot weaker now than a someone in their 20’s or 30’s or 40’s, so I don’t like my odds if I get covid, which I likely will, because this disease will become endemic and exist at some baseline for years (and the government response to this frightens me). If I get covid, I can get a stroke, or kidney failure or a heart attack with odds more than 1%. The vaccine giving me disease has odds about one millionth of that.

        Here’s the thing. All vaccines kill people. TB, Measles, Flu, all of them. Any time you inject something into your body, there is a chance of adverse reaction, or that the vaccine is tainted with an impurity. In the US, we had this sudden onslaught of more than 200 million people getting vaccinated all at once, which is why the charts show a spike in deaths. If this was any other vaccine, we’d see that spike as well. It does appear, though, that the Covid19 vaccines are more dangerous than an average vaccine by an order of magnitude (about 10x), which is still very very safe, at least for me.

        • Hi OL,

          Ordinarily, I’d agree. This time, I don’t – because: The “threat” has been grossly exaggerated; the vaccine has not been proved safe, especially as regards long-term effects (impossible to know) and – lastly – because the pharmaceutical industry is as trustworthy as Bernie Madoff, but with legal immunity.

          I’ll take my chances with the ‘Rona!

          • Fair enough!

            I won’t be vaccinating my son, for instance. For him, the risk of the vaccine exceeds the risk of the ‘rona.

            • I think it is reasonable to evaluate the risk you feel from Covid vs. the risk of the vaccine and to make the personal decision whether to get the vaccine based on that. What is not reasonable is for the media, CDC, et al. to tell us that every single person – including children – need to get vaccinated in order to be able to do normal things. These vaccines are NOT FDA approved. You can read it right on the government websites. There is no long term proof of safety. Other vaccines do have a long track record of reasonable – though not perfect – safety. There is just no getting around the fact that we really don’t know what if any long term effects there might be. Is it still worth it for some people to get vaccinated? Sure. But it certainly isn’t worth it for everyone.

              • Trouble is, a valid evaluation on those terms can not be made, since there is no evidence that the shot protects one from COVID (in fact, there is evidence to the contrary); no evidence that the shot is safe (“…”) and no evidence that a naturally acquired case of the flu which they are calling COVID-19 is any worse than any other flu, or is even the variety of flu that you are likely to catch (Only rather that some terst with a 90% false positive rate will say that that is what you have).
                So in reality, anything unnatural that one does to try and protect themselves from what the fear-mongers are hyping (i.e. anything other than living healthily and building up your immune system) is not beneficial, and is almost certainly harmful.

                • I’m curious why you sat that Nunzio. There is a lot of data showing the effectiveness of the vaccine via statistical regression. Take two large groups of people in the city, vaccinate some of them, then track the disease outcomes of the vaccinated vs unvaccinated. If the sample size is big enough, the differences between the groups average out, and you see whether the vaccine works. It clearly does.

                  • The experimental injectable are not “vaccines” according to the traditional definition. Pfizer and Moderna are “gene therapies.” The manufacturers explicitly state they don’t prevent infection or transmission, they only mitigate symptoms.

                  • **”Take two large groups of people in the city, vaccinate some of them, then track the disease outcomes of the vaccinated vs unvaccinated. If the sample size is big enough, the differences between the groups average out, and you see whether the vaccine works. It clearly does.”**

                    Oh, I forgot; This time, they’re telling the truth! They’ve never yet had an effective corona virus vaccine, despite decades of development and testing…but this one which was cobbled together in 15 minutes in a blender in some abortion clinic’s basement just happens to work.
                    Where did they find the time to do these tests on ‘large groups’ considering that these new experimental [non] vaccines have only been with us for months, not decades?
                    Are you sure they just cdidn’t do multiple samplings and pick the one that happened to show what they wanted to “prove”?
                    Are you sure that those tested after vaccination were tested at the same standard as the non-vaccinated?
                    What about all of the cases of people in-fact getting the ‘Rona after being vaccinated? (Including some whom I and others on this forum know in our real lives).

            • OL, Eric – heres the interesting thing. Whatever your own risk assessment (which is your right to do) – I genuinely think more people would have accepted the vaccine if it would have been presented as an option along with say the other known treatments. What Ive found has made most people hesitant is the way its being forced down peoples throats, while suppressing information on other drugs / vit D, etc…. that alone should make people realise there is some fuckery in play here….

              • Hi Nasir,
                Very true about the suppression of information about vitamins and nutritional supplements. A simple daily regimen of the following provides excellent immune system support and protection against the virus:

                Vitamin D3 5000-10000 IU daily
                Vitamin K2 15 mg daily
                Zinc 30mg daily
                Selenium 200 mcg daily

                I haven’t calculated the cost of this but I would guess that it’s no more than fifty cents a day, maybe less. The public health “authorities” have never said one word about any of this. All they ever talk about are vaccines, masking, and “social distancing”. I’ve read that most people who have gotten really sick or died from the virus have very low vitamin D levels. Estimates are that mortality from the virus can be reduced between 60 -90% just by raising one’s vitamin d level by taking the 5000-10000 iu daily dose, supplemented with the vitamin k2, which aids in absorption of the vitamin d3. How come Dr. Fauci has never said a word about this, since he is allegedly so concerned about public health?

                • Hi Martin,

                  It’s pretty evident that Fauci is most concerned with maintaining the aura of the “crisis” he helped to manufacture – as Rand Paul pointed out to him directly a few weeks ago, when he asked him why he continues to wear not one but two Face Diapers in public despite having been vaccinated. Instead of evenly presenting facts, he conjures as much fear as he possibly can. He’s despicable.

                  • and we all know Fauci is a liar – he didn’t even take the “vax” – when asked how he was feeling, he hit the wrong arm and said he was sore.
                    Everything about this man is a bald-faced lie.

                • I started taking the following back in December:

                  Vit D
                  Vit C

                  Those, along with my arthritis medicine for my bum knee, add up to 13 pills every night.

                  I’ve haven’t felt this healthy or this vigorous in a long time. The meds really make a difference.

                  And the fact that information about prophylactic nutrition and drugs was suppressed over the past 14 months for political reasons is sick. This could have been a minor blip in history but they turned it into something much bigger with large secondary (i.e. the vaccine) effects as well.

                  Just sickening.

          • And one other thing Eric. There are some great and fast acting therapies out there to treat if u get it. Therapies that have been on the market for decades. Check out America’s Frontline Doctors. Critical though : start therapies early in course of sickness. Don’t dilly-dally.

          • Yep easy decision. First, do no harm. Keep your blood Vit D levels between 60 – 80 ng/ml, 10g/day high quality Vit C, sufficient Vit A, zinc, selenium, magnesium, thiamine, niacin, exercise, sunshine and germs for your immune system to practice on and it will take care of you.

        • Until the long term effects show up anyway. There lies the rub. We have no idea what they may be. They could vary from none at all to body parts falling off.

        • a wild vaccine apologist appears…
          “a numbers game” indeed, i pity the fool that thinks the numbers in the media are anything but a game.

          i would love to assume you’re simply someone that has dutifully submitted to media programming for one year, but you’ve actually went beyond simple regurgitation. this is an attempt at enhanced propaganda. absolute bullshitter.

      • Eric, let’s supposed that Orange Man had been rightfully re-elected last November, and we experienced the same problems with “his” vaccine. We’d be hearing nothing BUT about how the ‘Trump” vaccine was a KILLER, and either his Administration was incompetent, or worse, if any minorities had perished, it was a “White Supremacist” or “Racist” plot to murder people of color.

        The politicization of the virus and these vaccines is the main reason that I won’t get one. It might be that those that died perished for other reason(s), and that the ability of such news to spread exaggerates the true “body count”…kinda like, y’know, “police brutality” stories.

        • Morning, Douglas!

          Yes, agreed; everything has a “spin” now – even medicine. It’s also clear to me that we are enduring an era of Overhype, also of everything. The weather, the “climate”. The “virus.” Your name it, it’s very bad. Unprecedented bad. So bad that if something isn’t done, catastrophe will ensue…

          It has become very difficult, even leaving aside politics, to present a measured story about whatever it is. That’s not enough to spark the desired reaction (and ratings). It must be – cue Geraldo voice – shocking!

          • Hey Ya Eric!

            Don’t forget: Little green men from outer-space! We need that Space Weather Agency and the Space Force to protect us from them!

  17. Obtain and watch the movie “V For Vendetta”. Although a fantasy, this movie mirrors closely our present situation.
    1. The “government” releases a relatively benign “virus” calling it a “pandemic”.
    2. The government commissions drug companies to develop an “antidote”
    3. The government curtails civil liberties under the guise of “health”.
    4. The government achieves its goals of total tyranny and subjugation of the entire population.

    • We watch it every Nov. 5th. This last viewing was especially poignant. Seems to be getting more and more accurate every year, save for a couple details, such as the “rebels” in the movie wearing the masks.

  18. One of my best friends just got the second jab and it absolutely knocked him down. It’s been three days. This is a young guy who already had SARS-2 and those symptoms were completely mild for him. It amazes me that so many are taking the jab after already having the virus.

    • Pfff, it seems that a friend of mine just took that same path. Only she might have JUST had the virus, a couple weeks ago, though she wasn’t tested. Otherwise a bad cold. She got the jab yesterday, and now today is fairly incapacitated. Not sure which one… She’s an intelligent girl as well. I’m going to guess she didn’t even get tested for antibodies, though I’m still waiting to hear about that.

      What the fuck with people? I can only ascertain that since the TV doesn’t tell you to get tested for immunity first, and keeps reiterating this “vaccine is the path to normal” poppycock, that people don’t even think about other options.

    • Oh, and get this. Her husband (School Principal) “insisted” on her getting jabbed. This is only the first dose, and she’s a mess. What will happen with the second?

      • She’s probably going to get a new boyfriend after this. It’s obvious how much her husband “cares” about her

    • Hi Mattacks,

      I don’t get that, either – the part about getting Needled after you’ve had the ‘Rona. If you’ve had it, you’re safe from it – right? Or am I missing something….?

      • You’re not missing anything. Covid19 immunity via infections is quite robust, and also quite different from vaccine based immunity. The vaccines attack the spike protein, while natural immunity seems to concentrate on the nucleocapsid (the ball the spikes attach to). A recent study in Israel showed equivalent immunity from both vaccines and covid19 recovery.

        • OppositeLock:

          It seems like you’ve adopted the language pumped out by the propaganda: “Covid19 immunity via infections is quite robust,” the “spike protein,” “the [clotting] incidence is exceptionally low.”

          I most definitely don’t mean this as a personal attack, but it’s likely that you don’t know this. I would bet dollars to donuts that you have not read primary sources to draw these conclusions. You have likely read opinions and statements that are not backed up with real evidence. I know this because I delved into it myself and have been very frustrated by the dearth of verifiable data. I also went down this rabbit hole pre-covid with statin drugs and learned how the pharmaceutical companies lie through alleged studies, statistics and marketing. Also, think WMD, systemic racism, terrorists, Russian collusion, etc. There have been plenty of “studies” showing the existence of these things, but it’s all nonsense.

          The propaganda is so thick and ubiquitous that virtually no source (other than verifiable data through primary sources) should be trusted. Don’t just trust the “science” that’s offered. It appears that most of it is bought and paid for.

          • Mr. Liberty,

            While there is copious propaganda and endless misrepresentations as well as outright lies, the fact that “Covid19 immunity via infections is quite robust” remains just that. In fact, every “mainstream” and/or “official” outlet seems to simply ignore natural immunity altogether, instead ONLY touting vaccines. I think a good cross-section of those who are considering vaccines could just go get tested for natural immunity/antibodies, and go home satisfied that they’re already immune, and not sweat vaccine risks at all.

            • I’m still stuck on whether the alleged virus and sickness even exist. None of the primary sources have shown me that it has actually been identified or isolated. Moreover, in any of the alleged experiments on animal or human tissue, there’s never a control study on such tissue without the alleged virus for comparison. It all seems pretty bogus to me, ala cholesterol is the source of heart disease, WMD, systemic racism, terrorists, Russian collusion, etc.

              If this truly does not exist, asserting that a non-existent thing causes immunity to the non-existent things makes no sense.

              • Sickness exists. Beyond that, I’m with you and Jon R. on this whole deal. To paraphrase another commenter on here recently and how he deals with Convid half-steppers, if you believe some of it, you believe all of it.

        • “The vaccines attack the spike protein, …”

          The mRNA “vaccines” don’t attack anything. They give your body instructions to manufacture the spike proteins. At which point your body is supposed to attack the very proteins it created. Sounds like autoimmune disease about to happen. At least Moderna is honest about what they’re doing:

          The Science and Fundamentals of mRNA Technology

      • Eric! There you go again, using sense and logic and reason! Don’t you know that the vital thing is that one has to have what every other kid on the block has? (And they are indeed kids…in adult bodies).

        Having to say “I didn’t get the shot because I already had the disease” is like saying “I didn’t go to the Moon ’cause I watched it on TV!”.

      • Because government can’t control acquired immunity. They’ve sold people on the idea that catching the disease at all is an outcome to always be avoided, even if a vast majority of people recover and become immune in the process. YOU CAN’T CATCH COVID, YOU MIGHT *DIE*!

        Therefore the only government approved immunity comes from vaccines, because then in that case the government gets credit for it. Acquired immunity doesn’t exist, only immunity from the Holy Jab. Please praise the Almighty government, provider of stimulus checks and the immunity. Be grateful, citizen.

        It’s politics all the way down, even past the turtles.

    • Not surprised. the reason we’ve never had a corona vaccine for people before – the test animals died when exposed to the real virus.
      Makes sense the catching it post jab could result in increased symptoms.

      And who the heck would take an experimental “vax” from two companies that have never before offered a vax for the public? (Moderna, J&J)
      that’s a level of trust I sure don’t have.

  19. This President Mitter was certainly prescient.

    This morning, the “news” machine was in full propaganda mode, telling teenagers that they want to get the shot, because teenagers say so, because they want to get back to normal. Clearly the goal from the outset.

    In Sweden, they don’t bother with testing a person after or when they are dying to count them as a COVID death. They simply have to have been tested positive 30 days before they die. Thus, the Swedish death data should be even more askew than ours.

    But it makes me wonder if any database work could be done to list those who have taken the vaccine and died within 30 days. I wonder how many jab deaths one might tally with such criteria.

    • Bear,

      “ Is this really taking place right in front of us?”


      When the ovens were fired up the Germans never let the smell become a topic of conversation.

      • Soylent Green was set in the year 2022.

        I’m actually quite taken aback by Eric’s calm writings.

        I would have expected most everyone here to be running down the street screaming like Charlton Heston.

        I guess the real soylent green will just be considered another GMO cracker. – Now with more COVID fighters.

  20. I want that Pontiac in the used-car-salesman pic!

    Re: The quote from the Frog: I believe that that is what happened to my late aunt. She got the flu- was extremely strong, even at 90 (Still cooked lavish meals for 14 people!) and hardly missed a beat on other occasions when she’d get the flu- but this time, they told her it was the ‘Rona….and put her in the hospital…and that was the end of her. Had she not gone to the hospital, I’m positive she’d be alive today. And I’ve never been able to find out if she had ‘the shot’ or not….her death was just labeled ‘corona related’ and nobody asked anything more….

    This sounds EXACTLY like what that Frog was speaking of….

    • Nunzio,

      “ Had she not gone to the hospital, I’m positive she’d be alive today. ”

      That is fucking hilarious.

      On par with the mom, “If I had not called the police on my son about his homework, I’m positive he’d be alive today.”

      These kind of occurrences are absolutely precious.

      Nunz, weren’t you saying something recently? How that if you didn’t light the fuse on that M-80 and stick it up your ass you wouldn’t be buying generic Preparation H by the case.

      It was either you or Jeremy. Sometimes I get the two of you confused. All you people look alike.

      Sign at the welfare office: If you learned how to swallow you wouldn’t need to figure out who the baby daddy is.

        • Nunz,

          I never had the pleasure of being practiced on by a proctologist.

          But the last time I went to a doctor it was a urologist. He termed it an aggressive examination of the prostate. I maintain I was ass raped by his hand.

          And a couple days later, when his watch dropped, I was able to read the engraving.

          “Best of luck, your uncle Joseph Mengele.”

  21. The CDC just issued a directive which places a thumb firmly on the “vaccine” (and covid hoax) scale. It states that anybody getting a PCR test AFTER “vaccination” should be tested at a cycle threshold of 28 or less. However, with those who have not received the holy jab, it will be business as usual, which I understand has generally been a cycle threshold of 40 (Fauci even said anything past 35 is useless because it causes false positives).

    There is no doubt this is being employed to give the false impression that the vaccine stops the cases.

    Here’s the CDC directive:

    • I saw that & I wish I could say I am surprised.

      1. run a procedure that is not a diagnostic test at 40 cycles to show you have covid
      2. after vax starts, lower to 34
      3. reports of problems mount, including infection after vax, lower to 28

      This is what you do if you are manipulating a narrative.

      Biden already let it slip last week. I look for Memorial day to be VC day.

  22. Just imagine, if the same protocol used for assignment of cause of death from COVID were used regarding cause of death from vaccination. Would the vaccine already have been shown to be more lethal? Since we won’t ever see those numbers its hard to say. But given the willful blatant manipulation of “facts” regarding COVID, I tend to lean in the more skeptical direction. That the vaccines ARE more lethal. Last but not least, given no long term safety testing at all, and this being an mRNA vaccine that has NEVER been successfully made and used, there is no evidence whatsoever that every single vaccine victim won’t be dead in a year or two. After all, that has been the historical experience when mRNA vaccines have been tested on animals in the past. They all died.

  23. My wife and I work in clinical roles at a major university hospital. It’s a scam. The virus is real and can hit people hard but they are generally old or already sick in some way, especially metabolically. We have done a few lung transplants here on younger people who had covid damage and I have heard of people dying of blood clots after covid. On average though the reaction to the virus is a scam, absolutely ridiculous and should be obvious to any reasonable person in my not so humble opinion!

    • Hi Zach,

      Yup. At the beginning of this mess – about this time last year – I was doing regular flybys of the local regional hospital to see the bodies stacking up like cordwood, the dying in the streets… the overflowing…. etc. I posted probably a dozen videos of this. Well, of nothing… happening. Dead . . . quiet. No bodies. No overflowing morgue trucks outside… others did the same, all over the country.

      I agree, there is a virus of some kind – as there always is. But the threat has been grossly, deliberately and maliciously exaggerated.

      • And to boot, there is NO PROOF that getting the vaccine prevents one from getting the flu- In fact, quite the opposite- and I already know several people who are among that statistic. So by taking the vax, one is not only not protecting themself….but they are exposing themselves to greater risks of both getting the very thing they fear, AND a plethora of who-knows-what-else….

      • I drive a lot for my job and I would look at cemeteries as I passed and did not see funeral tents littering the cemetery like homeless tents in Pelosi’s district. Also as one whom travels a lot, my need to pull over and pay respect for a passing funeral did not increase whatsoever.

  24. “The ends justify the means.” – Niccolo Machiavelli

    I suspect there is wholesale refusal to be vaccinated, the jig is up.

    In another comment, I mentioned SERCO, scroll down and read the comment by betjar1.

    Some of what is in the comment (if it makes it through the spam police):

    SERCO owns all the immigration holding
    centres in England, New Zealand and Australia. SERCO runs Yarl’s Wood
    Immigration Removal Centre where staff were abusing immigrants and
    using immigrants in a prostitution ring. SERCO is linked to human
    trafficking. SERCO owns all the high-speed boats to pick up all the
    immigrants at sea. SERCO has been linked to using boats to bring
    drugs to the U.K. borders. SERCO is the largest operators of private
    prisons all across the UK and Australia. SERCO runs all the ankle
    tagging for prisoners in England. SERCO was involved in a scandal for
    charging the government for dead prisoners. SERCO runs the
    infrastructure for the track and trace system and the enforcement of
    £10,000 fines for not self-isolating. SERCO covers waste disposal
    all across the U.K. SERCO owns half of London’s traffic lights and
    also in Dublin. SERCO issues driving licenses to residents in
    Ontario, Canada. SERCO run the trains and ferries in Australia and
    all across the UK. SERCO has a presence in all the military bases in
    Australia. SERCO is contracted to run the federal emergency
    management agency FEMA in 17 states in the USA. SERCO runs the U.S.
    patent Office, they issue every patent in America. SERCO runs air
    traffic control across the whole world. Public transport in the West
    and the Middle East is dominated by SERCO.

    Perfidious is the Word of the Day!

    Might be something there that works to control humans, manipulated human chattel.

  25. It absolutely amazes me how there are parents out there that won’t let little johhny.or suzie ride a scooter in their yard without a helmet and knee & elbow pads but they are lining up to let their spawn be test subjects for the government & pharmaceutical industry in the name of the holy sickness. These parents would wrap their kids in bubble wrap every time they walked out the door if they could, but an experimental dna altering shot that they have no idea what is in it and could severely harm or kill their children, they can’t wait. People are beyond stupid at this point.

    • The common denominator is that Johhny and Suzie’s parents do what they’re told. The government and media (I repeat myself) tells them to put on the helmet, knee pads and bubble wrap and they do it without question. Now the government and media say get them jabbed and, not surprisingly, they do it.

  26. We are witnessing the logical conclusion of the philosophical underpinning of collectivism, altruism. Ultimately, it’s a death cult.

  27. The sad part being that the vaccine “cases” are entirely preventable. They volunteer to play Russian roulette, perhaps with the bullet going off years from now. Think about this: someone is waking up today, excited to go to their jab appointment this morning, and they will be dead by Monday.

      • This is probably not an either/or situation. Evil beings mean to cull the population into a much smaller group of obedient slaves. Accordingly the “vaccines” do 3 things:

        1. Their professed action is to diminish or mask symptoms (not to create artificially induced immunity or partial immunity). Though it appears what it is actually doing is inducing symptoms which normally wouldn’t appear- like blood clots or death.

        2. There is likely pathgenic priming/ADE going on where an upcoming natural, artificial, or bioweapon vector will take out a large percentage of the vaxxed.

        3. Since the object is to mask symptoms, it will likely turn the vaxxed into vectors which create deadlier viruses and spread them to the unvaxxed.

        Accordingly, all I can think to do is limit my contacts for the next few years. I live in the middle of nowhere, and am of a personality type which doesn’t require big groups of friends (I’ve never been to a big concert and to one major sporting event, which was free and provided as an attendee of a product school). And of course, watch diet and exercise, and supplement with vitamins and minerals to stay as healthy as possible.

        I hope I’m wrong, but I’ve read the Deagle forecast and I don’t disagree with it. Pray for the victims, and pity them, and hope to come through into a better world where a high population of survivors are independent cusses who didn’t take the shot or participate in the BS.

  28. Have you heard of Event 201? October 2019, the plans were laid out for a “pandemic”. Attendees included Billy Goats (of course), Klaus Schwab, other members of the World Economic Forum (WEF), Chinese government officials….they were “war gaming” a “pandemic.” These people all believe there are too many people on the planet. Why they don’t start with themselves? I guess they must sacrifice and stay put, since someone has to run the show.

    Johns Hopkins has also published “SPARS 2025-2028” – another “war game.”

    Evil will never give up. We shouldn’t either.

    • What’s more Anon is that such events have been run for 20 years! The summer before 9/11 saw the Dark Winter exercise, which featured a pandemic war game. TPTB have been running these exercises ever since, so as to train the bureaucrats in what lies to tell; what draconian restrictions to implement; and so on. Event 201 was merely the latest one before the present PLANdemic…

      • That is interesting. I have also been learning that there have been whispers of a worldwide pandemic human control scenario in the works of writers from even the late 19th – early 20th century. All contained within their works of opinion, and fiction, of course.

  29. ‘those who do not submit to being Anointed will be debarred from air travel’ — EP

    A related precedent:

    ‘On Jan 12, 2021, CDC announced an Order requiring all air passengers arriving to the US from a foreign country to get tested no more than 3 days before their flight departs and to present the negative result or documentation of having recovered from COVID-19 to the airline before boarding the flight.’

    This is one of the first (if not the ONLY) times when US citizens with a valid passport are denied repatriation without ANOTHER document nowhere stipulated in statutory law.

    As usual, the unfriendly skies remain a constitution-free zone. Apparently one can still cross the US-Mexico border by road or on foot, without a recent covid test.

    Socialist Canada still bars most Americans from entering.

    • Up until 2020 I flew an average of almost 80,000 miles a year for work and leisure.

      Last year I flew once in January and one in February for a total of about 5,000 miles.

      Now that number has been ZERO for the past 14 months and most likely will continue that way for a very long time. I’m pretty sure that within my first 30 minutes on a plane I will be arrested for not donning the holy diaper seriously enough. So no flying for me anymore.

      In the meantime, I’ve put 50,000 miles on my cars driving to various destinations in other states.

      I will not submit to the nonsense and the totalitarian tactics just to save a few hours travel time.

      • I keep getting emails from Spirit Air with the best deals ever! The only condition, you must don a diaper….for your safety, of course.

        I’d rather walk.


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