Diaper Report 4/24/21

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Most people don’t buy things they don’t need – unless they want them. The difference being a necessity vs. an indulgence.

Almost no one needs the “vaccine” being hard-sold to almost everyone.

This is not an assertion; it is a statement of fact. It is known – a fact – that practically no children and almost no otherwise healthy/not-elderly adults have died or are likely to die from the ‘Rona; their risk of death is less than 1 percent. This is the “science.” As opposed to the hysteria – which says they must receive a “vaccination.”

They need it as much as a strong swimmer needs to wear a life vest when he is walking in the vicinity of a swimming pool – on the slight, almost nil chance that he might drown.

And the life vest merely makes him look silly. It carries with it no physical risk of its own.

The “vaccine” does. Including, specifically, the risk of the unknown.

Possibly more risk than the risk of the thing it purports to immunize against. Which it apparently doesn’t – this being Holy Gospel from Pope Fauci XVII himself, who saith that the Faithful must weareth their Diapers even after having received their Holy Needling. Which implies the “vaccine” doesn’t serve a palliative purpose.

But even if it did, the otherwise healthy/not-elderly population has a 0.0-something percent chance of dying from the thing purportedly being immunized against.

The fact.

As contrasted with the fact of the very actual deaths – of otherwise healthy/not-elderly people coincident to their being injected with whatever-it-is. Which is accurate, since no one knows what-it-is, except perhaps the people who concocted it and even they cannot know what it will do to people, side-effects-wise. Italicized for reasons of editorial accuracy. Because it is impossible to know that when the whatever-it-is has not been tested on people, with control/placebo/double-blind protocols.

This is stupendous.

Never before in the history of medicine has the generally healthy population been pressured to assume the unknown risks of an experimental palliative against a virus that presents no significant threat to the generally healthy population.

It is one thing – a reasonable thing – for a person with a terminal illness who, having exhausted every conventional treatment, decides to try an experimental treatment as a kind of last-ditch, Hail Mary pass to avoid death.

There is literally nothing to lose in such a case. in which case, it makes sense.

But what to say about the case of people who are not dying, aren’t even sick – and for whom the risk of this sickness, in terms of dying, is on par with their risk of dying in a car crash (the lifetime chances of which are probably greater) who willingly assume an unknown risk for the sake of an asserted but grossly exaggerated threat?

Nothing can account for this except mental illness.

There is also an ironic aspect to this.

America is a country obsessed with “safety” and its corollary, the mitigation of risk, however slight – no matter the cost. New cars are required to have back-up cameras and third row “don’t forget your kid” buzzers because a few dozen people out of 330 million people backed-up over a kid or left one to roast to death in a car.

But a “vaccine” that is already admitted to be coincident with thousands of deaths of previously healthy people arouses no panic.

Of course, this is the case because these “cases” aren’t presented in the manner that “the cases! the CASES!”  . . . of positive tests, obtained after dozens of “spins” to obtain the desired “positive” results are presented. Which presents an interesting question for those not afraid to ask it.

Why is there such a concerted effort to both maximize and tout the number of positive tests – the cases! the CASEs! – but almost nothing touted and probably every effort made to minimize the death count coincident to “vaccinations”?

If the motive behind the hysteria as regards the cases! the CASES! – of positive tests – really is public health, then why the indifference to the cases of deaths coincident to the “vaccine” injections?

The answer may be too much to bear.

But if so, it makes it even more urgent that we look this evil squarely in the face – and deal with it. Before it deals with us.

. . .

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  1. something to keep an eye on.


    • We haven’t had the gestapo at our church door, but yet they appear to have infiltrated. Spoke with our new pastor regarding the new “temporary” mask requirement and closing of the church building due to “cases”. Although he was at first defensive (after all I would only have to wear a mask “for 5 minutes” to use the restroom as that is the only reason people are allowed in), he did invite me to write up and submit a position paper and I did that same day, including scientific facts and data from CDC, FDA, etc.

      My only plea is for our church to continue to function as we have since the beginning – everyone live and let live. This concept is lost on some people, even in the church. However, those who just can’t stand the idea of fellow worshippers NOT covering their faces are giving up nothing – they can continue this pointless, satanic practice with no challenge from the church. Or they can take their pick from among practically any other church, as most are requiring or encouraging diapers. Those of us who just want to live our lives as God made us have few, if any, options. I am looking forward to seeing how God works it all out.

      If only our pastor was like this man. I will not give up.

  2. Career suicide;


    **After just 900 people in Lytton were vaccinated with the shot, Dr. Hoffe observed numerous concerning allergic reactions and neurological side effects from the vaccine, with the most concerning reactions occurring in First Nations patients.**

    **“In stark contrast to the deleterious effects of this vaccine in our community, we have not had to give any medical care what-so-ever, to anyone with COVID-19. So in our limited experience, this vaccine is quite clearly more dangerous than COVID-19,” Dr. Hoffe wrote, calling for answers from the provincial Ministry of Health.**

    Dr. Bonnie Henry has been lying since day one. POS should be hung (along with most of the BC govt.), after a fair trail, for their actions.

    • The response from the Health Officials,



      Interior Health (IH) is reassuring Lytton and area residents about the safety of COVID-19 vaccines, after a physician in that community shared a letter in which he claimed that the death of a Lytton resident was linked to the Moderna vaccine.

      In a letter to Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry dated April 5, Dr. Charles Hoffe claimed that there had been “numerous” allergic reactions — including two cases of anaphylaxis — among people in Lytton and area who had received the Moderna vaccine. He also claimed that three people were exhibiting “ongoing and disabling” neurological deficits.

      Hoffe also claimed that the death of a 72-year-old patient with COPD, 24 days after the man was vaccinated, was “presumed” to be vaccine-induced. The physician did not produce any evidence to prove that any of the events resulted from the vaccine.

      “It has been a challenge for us to investigate this thoroughly and take reports seriously,” says Dr. Carol Fenton, Medical Health Officer with IH. In a written statement issued on April 14, Fenton says that “There have been no deaths or lasting adverse reactions connected to the Moderna/Pfizer vaccines, or any COVID-19 vaccine, in Lytton, Interior Health, or B.C. at this time.”

      The statement adds that IH knows unequivocally that the vaccines are safer than COVID-19 itself, and that the vaccines have been demonstrated to be safe and effective through all levels of clinical trials.

      “There is a detailed process to review all adverse effects following immunizations, and all serious events are recorded and reported to the provincial and national level to monitor for safety signals that may be missed at the local level. With the information we have from the vaccine roll-out so far, the COVID-19 vaccines are very safe.”

      Fenton tells the Journal that while there will always be some variations between medical practitioners, when it comes to the safety of vaccines it is important to look at consensus-based reports from those who are trained in the field.

      “These people are the experts of the experts,” she says. “I can answer most vaccine questions, but I don’t consider myself to be an expert in vaccines. The decisions and analyses are defined by people with the skills and expertise to parse through the information we have.”

      The immunization clinics being run by IH have trained vaccinators on site to monitor for and respond to allergic and anaphylactic reactions, which are rare, but can occur with any vaccine or medication.

      “The safety of people in Lytton, Nlaka’pamux, and Northern St’at’imc Nations and all communities is the top priority, and our recommendation is that all individuals should get immunized when they are eligible,” says the statement. (Full article here.)

      So basically the same as what we are seeing around the rest of the world when honest doctors come forward and report the truth.

      The health authorities lie. No science, no statistics, just an appeal to authority. “We know what we are talking about, but this doctor does not.”


      See? Trust the officials.
      “There have been no deaths or lasting adverse reactions connected to the Moderna/Pfizer vaccines, or any COVID-19 vaccine, in Lytton, Interior Health, or B.C. at this time.”

      Isn’t BC special? Some confirmed and huge numbers of likely caused by JAB deaths and serious, lasting adverse reactions all over the world, but BC? Absolutely none. THIS IS CLEARLY A LIE.

  3. Here’s the advice from Healthline:

    Health experts caution that until the majority of people are vaccinated, we should continue to wear masks in public, regardless of our vaccination status.

    Get vaccinated, then continue to wear a mask. The mask worn has to indicate which vaccine was used.

    Actually, vaccinated people are now infected not vaccinated, are then pariahs, untouchables, you have to avoid vaccinated people like the plague, don’t get near them.

    It is worse than you think.

  4. Sorry for the long rant…

    In the beginning of television, most of the news was just an anchor reading summaries, and possibly sports scores. Weather was often a separate show… WJAC had “Weather in Motion” which at the time was magic. Turns out it was just a motorized polarizer attached to the camera. The seeds were planted at the national level though, with the daily coverage of Vietnam and the Civil rights riots, both happening a world away but brought into our living rooms by the magic screen. Of course this was an extension of the newsreel but that was inconvenient and only once or twice a week, not nightly, not in your home, and not available at the turn of a knob.

    Our top story was Eyewitness News. This newscast format, launched in 1968, was expensive but drew a very large audience with lots of stand up reporting at the scene, dramatic footage, and after the innovation of mobile microwave backhaul, live reports. Given the state of the nation at this time there was plenty of high-visual activity to show viewers. Or did Eyewitness News create the frenzy? Certainly by utilizing the same techniques and equipment used to bring Vietnam into your home it changed the narrative, and if someone you know was interviewed or even in the background of a shot it would warrant a phone call to the neighbors and might be a discussion topic for a few days after.

    After a break for landing a man on the moon and Watergate came Action News. This was the over-the-top version of the Eyewitness format. Stories were much shorter, as little as 90 seconds each. The opening theme was a pre-MTV fast cut montage of the local area. On WTAE in Pittsburgh there were shots of steel mills, the view of “the point” from Mt Washington, IIRC a polka party and the Pirate Parrot, with a high-energy theme song and big-balls announcer.

    By the 1980s every TV station had news consulting firms all pushing their formula to management in order to get the most viewers and ad sales revenue. They’d also driven most of the old timers out, and the young blow-dried lookers they replaced were less concerned with telling a factual story. News was big business and in major markets the newscasters were big celebrities. At that time I was in Denver, and really got to see first hand how the news morphed from a half hour 3x a day to a major portion of the station programming. Technology made everything a real-time on the scene interactive discussion between reporters and anchors. Cameras on poles around town, cameras on towers up on Lookout Mtn. and cameras on helicopters. Miss Colorado became a news anchor (still is, BTW). News and traffic reporters always looked like they were ready for a night on the town. Hemlines rose with the ratings… or the other way around.

    CNN. What promised to be a haven for long-form news quickly descended into a pit of the worst of the local news formats. When even that wasn’t able to hold viewers attention Turner launched Headline News, which was literally the same newscast over and over, with stories being swapped in throughout the day. As CNN built out their global satellite distribution system they created the real-time report. Problem was, not much really happens in real time, so they just looped the same “exciting” footage over and over again, interspersed with “experts” in whatever was happening. The experts were often “former” Pentagon generals and CIA spooks. But reality is no one ever really retires from The Company, so their opinion is basically the message from Big Brother. And nobody ever questioned what might be happening to the human psyche by viewing this dreck over and over agin. In my case, watching Gulf War I (which is how I got my first full-time job in media), Waco and the OJ trial unfold in real time was pretty much what turned me into a libertarian. Then War On Terror made me an anarchist. But for most it seems like it just scared them into submission.

    Then in 2008 there was a writers strike. People began to take a look at short-form on the Internet. Hollywood quickly caught on that without writers, they could produce “unscripted TV” like The Osbornes and all those angry chef shows. Caitlyn Jenner was… ¿born? And suddenly it was easy to entertain people by just being a real-life cartoon of what humans are like. And there was that Jackass show…

    Social media, rising up from this awful history, seeks to make everyone a newscaster and subject of their life’s story. Watch the people posting on Insta or YouTube, they speak like a reporter, not like a human. They all quickly imitate the more popular posters, obsess about doing something novel and put themselves into a trance-like state where they seem to convince themselves that everything happening to them is the absolute peak or valley of life itself. Not because it is truly newsworthy, but because it isn’t.

    We have to make everything exciting as getting a blowjob or a heart attack because otherwise our lives might not matter. Getting a chest cold is the end of the world. Experts need to get camera time so they can secure the funding for their Department. And old media has to go more over the top just to get a few thousand people to watch.

    Life is boring, but that’s OK. We’ll fix it in post.

    • Hi RK, you nailed it, every newscast here starts out with BREAKING NEWS and continues with the shooting de jour. I blame the 24/7 news cycle for the gimping of kid’s lives nowadays, every parent is brainwashed into believing a child molester/kidnapper is lurking behind every tree so they don’t dare let their kids out of sight. I’m sure there were occasional kidnappings when I was growing up (50’s) but it wasn’t broadcast nonstop across the country. Our parents gave us the basic instructions – don’t get into a stranger’s car, etc. – and we all somehow managed to survive. Never realized till your mentioned how many hours of “news” is on each day not counting the all news stations. The local stations here have 4 hours in the morning, 1/2 hour at noon, 2 hours at dinner time, and 1/2 hour at night, grand total of 7 hours of drivel. Ugh!

      • “grand total of 7 hours of drivel. Ugh!”

        Math seems to work out.

        7 hours propaganda, 9 hours work and commute, and 8 hours of doctor recommended sleep equals the 24 hours in a day.

        I feel lucky having worked 12-15 hours and missing out on much of the propaganda.

      • Actually there were many more so-called kidnappings and child molesters when we were kids. But most of them were actually 18-20 year old kids eloping with their underage sweethearts across state lines. And homosexual behavior was often directed at teenage boys because they were easy targets and were likely to be silent.

        Same thing with “mass shootings,” where that was much more common. In the 1970s there was a wave of airplane highjacking, mostly international flights. And healthcare was still pretty awful.

      • We have two 24/7 “news” channels, that I know of. I only know because I have seen them when visiting others, who leave them on all waking hours. One has one in his shop and does not even bother to shut the TV off. 24/7 background propaganda anywhere at these peoples homes.

        They look at me like I am the strange one when I ask if they could turn them off while we speak. It seems they are entirely unaware that the TV is even on, while I find it incredibly distracting and offensive.

        They ask why I visit so rarely, but laugh as though I was kidding when I tell them it is because they leave their idiot box on and that it shows in their beliefs and “thinking”. It simply does not register with them that they are complicit in their own propaganda intake and programming.

    • “Cut! We’ll dub it.”

      “Jackass” was probably the best thing mentioned in your diatribe. At least those were idiots admittingly doing idiotic things, rather than all of the others in news and otherwise, who did and said idiotic things, but were quite serious about it.

      “Reality” TV began much sooner than 2008, of course, beginning apparently with “The Real World” on MTV, and soon Music Television was no more. It became just an endless stream of copycat “reality” shows. The History Channel became the same, after a long run as the Hitler Channel, wherein they squeezed Hitler and the Nazis into every story possible. The Travel Channel is now the Ghost Channel. The Discovery channel, once home to long, stunningly filmed nature documentaries, is no different. And everyone is a loud speaker for COVID propaganda.

      There are gems here and there on TV, but it’s full of copious abominations, feeding the mindless masses horrifying spectacles, some of them making America resemble the Capitol from the Hunger Games.

    • Hello RK!

      No need to apologize for the “long rant”, I found it fascinating!

      I grew up in the ‘70s and ‘80s hearing “Eyewitness News” and “Action News”; I assumed they were just catchy names; it was interesting to see your comments as to how they described *formats* of newscasts.

      Interesting that Desert Storm got you your first media job; I was in college at the time and it seems the round-the-clock war “coverage” is what took CNN from a niche network to a household mainstay for so many.

      I noticed around 10-15 years ago (maybe more) that newscasters started to routinely give you their opinion on stories without stating it was an editorial. I just found this very off putting — give me some credit, I can form my own opinions, thankyouverymuch!

      In addition to the networks others have mentioned, even ESPN isn’t a haven anymore. More and more they’re promoting things like BLM, reporting which athletes “tested positive for COVID”, etc. instead of just showing games and scores/highlights.

      • Hi Chris,

        There has always been bias in media coverage – it’s probably impossible for there not to be given we all have biases – but the transition to blatant editorializing in everything is now ubiquitous and it happened pretty quickly. As you say, the event horizon was in the ’90s/early 2000s. Since then, practically everything you read has an extreme slant – without the courtesy of being honest about it. I don’t try to hide that I’m batting for the libertarian point of view. And I don’t try to hide opposing facts. My beef with the red and blue is they are both dissembling propagandists for their political parties and not honest enough to be open about it!

        • “I don’t try to hide that I’m batting for the libertarian point of view.“


          And friends, somewhere in Washington enshrined in some little folder, is a
          Study in black and white of my fingerprints. And the only reason I’m
          Singing you this song now is cause you may know somebody in a similar
          Situation, or you may be in a similar situation, and if your in a
          Situation like that there’s only one thing you can do and that’s walk into
          The shrink wherever you are, just walk in say “Shrink, You can get
          Anything you want, at Alice’s restaurant.”. And walk out. You know, if
          One person, just one person does it they may think he’s really sick and
          They won’t take him. And if two people, two people do it, in harmony,
          They may think they’re both faggots and they won’t take either of them.
          And three people do it, three, can you imagine, three people walking in
          Singin a bar of Alice’s Restaurant and walking out. They may think it’s an
          Organization. And can you, can you imagine fifty people a day, I said
          Fifty people a day walking in singin a bar of Alice’s Restaurant and
          Walking out. And friends they may thinks it’s a movement.
          And that’s what it is, the Alice’s Restaurant Anti-Massacre Movement, and
          All you got to do to join is sing it the next time it come’s around on the

  5. ‘If it saves just one life,’ then let us shut down the motor of the world. I stoped watching tee vee years ago because of this kind of preachy, sanctimonious, self righteous agenda on race. Seems all race is good except white people. The propaganda has now seeped into the radio. Every other commercial, mask up, virus down. Take the jab for the old people.or the children your choice.

    We have become a society of infants led by retards (no offense to actual retarded people.) This causes a struggle within me. A part of me wishes the jab truly would kill off its recipients. Even though people I care about have gotten it just to ‘fit in’ or so we can ‘go back to normal.’ Things won’t ever go back. At least I hope we receive the benefit of reducing the truly useless eater part of the population. A mass die off from a mild flu would prove Darwin correct once and for all. Natural selection and survival of the fittest will have the final say.

    • Norman,

      “We have become a society of infants led by retards (no offense to actual retarded people.)”

      No offense taken.

      After all, you are using the word properly.

      The “leaders” demonstrate daily that their forward progress has been dialed back.

      Ergo their demands that everyone be similarly throttled back.

      Like Groundhog Day, but Phil’s name keeps changing.

  6. Morning John the Prophetic Kable Guy, et al.

    “The Armbanded of 80 years ago could not conceive of the state rounding up six million of them for extermination.”

    So true.

    Fritz Stern said it this way, “German moderates and German elites underestimated Hitler, assuming that most people would not succumb to his Manichean unreason; they didn’t think that his hatred and mendacity could be taken seriously. They were proven wrong. People were enthralled by the Nazis’ cunning…”


    A decent article IMHO, where Stern attempts to answer “how was it possible”.

    “After all, that would be insane.”

    Speaking of insanity John, I’m a gonna guess you’re probably not a big fan of the Council on Foreign Relations.

    But this video


    I highly recommend.

    Fear and the Instant Subversion of Freedom has been an ongoing discussion here lately.

    Mentioned in the video is the fact that newspapers in this country HAD published information about the concentration camps. Below the fold as the saying goes.

    Ted Sorensen also makes an appearance.

    Ted was a great wordsmith. While I have learned to despise the man, his prose, delivered by JFK, made a hell of an impression on my young skull full of mush.

    While many here have heard the sound bites, the entire speech is worth a listen.


    My question to you John, Eric, Jeremy, and all the other great writers and fans of history here:

    What would life be like today if Mr. Sorensen had gotten his wish and become the head of the CIA?

  7. If I ever see someone walking around in a bubble-wrap suit I’m a bit more prepared for the sight now. I saw a modified golf cart yesterday, it had the body of a 1950’s Bel Air, or some such, painted bright light blue. The canopy of the cart had clear plastic draped on the sides to create an enclosed cab for the driver who was at an intersection waiting to cross a four lane busy street. As I drove by the driver looked towards me,… he was wearing a bright yellow face diaper! Good-grief!

    Anyway, I went to an outdoor farm equipment auction, 300+ people, I only saw One face diaper on a mid-fifties guy.

    Also, in one of the large grocery stores nearby, there was a sudden and big shift, about 65% of the people were not wearing face diapers. Quite a contrast to last week and a few other grocery stores which were still at about 95% Borg levels.

    Was at a grill/bar last night, a handful of normal people inside, no face diapers in sight, when a tour bus sized party bus stopped in with a batchoralette party, while they were a bit rude and crass-like, it was nice seeing a group of all young people bare faced and acting human.

    • In Colorado it’s down to county by county and city by city. I still have to mask up at work, as per the safety department. But out of uniform I haven’t had a mask on since Her Gouverneur’s order was permitted to expire, but I’ve also been avoiding towns where Der Bürgermeisters are continuing to require masking. Most employees are masking, at least when interacting with the public. Far fewer people in masks than not wearing them. Be interesting to see how the case count changes, if at all. Vaccines are free and plentiful, but there’s been a plateau in people seeking it out to the point that the massive drive-though vaccination centers are closing up.

      On a personal note, my parents both had ‘the jab” and didn’t have any side effects. So at least if they do force it on my I probably won’t have any issues. But then again I probably wouldn’t have had too bad a time of getting the real chest cold virus anyway.

      • You parents haven’t had any side effects…………YET!
        This “vaccine” is completely different from any other. There is no telling what the long term effects may be. They certainly weren’t tested for. Read an article this morning about it changing women’s menstrual cycles, and discharge of same. Not a good sign. It was anecdotal, just a few thousand cases at the moment, but those collecting research intend to fully investigate it.


        • John,

          Interesting link.

          “I’m curious whether other menstruators have noticed changes too?”

          Ladies, no need to worry. One of the many benefits of the mRNA shot is the treatment for undiagnosed hemochromatosis.

          Keep the masks on girls.

          NYSE: KMB Might be a good investment.

    • Give him the middle finger next time, thumb extended for balance & extra power. The guy driving the golf cart is a giant pussy. He won’t do anything about it, except maybe cry on Facebook.

  8. Truly a discomforting thing when you realize that humans are so easily subjected to programming. They’ll actually harm themselves if it’s required.

    There must be something deeply ingrained in us humans that allow us to be taken advantage of. It feels quite animal-like, a way of living that is unique to our species. We allow our leaders to tell us what’s best for us. There’s a kind of guarantee that we’ll follow the herd willingly. It has some kind of survival strategy behind it, I’m sure, but I don’t know what it is.

    This built-in quality is currently our undoing. It’s kinda creepy because it feels like we are following the pied piper to our doom without being able to think rationally. We are lining up to get culled!

    It’s like people are zombified; now is the time to get harvested. This feels like some kind of programming being set off in people to do stupid self-negating things.

    It feels very weird to look at this from my perspective. I am an outlier and I see these people going nuts! I don’t know what to make of it other than to think they have adopted a new religion that demands some kind of self-flagellation and a flirting with death in order to feel whole.

    • Hi Andy,

      You have summed up how many of us feel, me included. It is like a real-life history lesson. Fundamentally, the Fave Diapered are the same as the Armbanded People of 80 years ago. They wear the symbol of their fanatic cult, whose leaders are regarded with doggy devotion as their saviors – while the people who do not are regarded as dangerous, a “bacillus” to be cleansed.

    • A fundamental of such behavior is that the general public being mostly sane, cannot fathom the depths of evil the Psychopaths In Charge are not only capable of, but perfectly willing to execute. The Armbanded of 80 years ago could not conceive of the state rounding up six million of them for extermination. After all, that would be insane.
      There is no act so evil the Psychopaths In Charge will not engage in it if they determine it serves their purposes, and they think they might get away with it. Once you get the opposition marked and disarmed, you HAVE gotten away with it.

  9. Has anyone noticed the increasing level of panic among the PTBs over the Quaxxine? It’s clear they’ve hit a wall as more people refuse to get the shot. The current White House occupant is once again using the 4th of July as a carrot, threatening that if enough Americans don’t get Quaxxed, we won’t be “allowed” to celebrate Independence Day. Oh, the irony!

  10. I posted this link on Radar Math as well.


    As I mentioned, perhaps the problem of encountering face diapers in an outdoor setting is very simple.

    Keep a mask handy. When you see a crow, chase after it and maybe even catch it.

    After you have caused the crow to become frightened, quickly remove the mask.

    That’s all one need do.

    The crow will remember and even tell his friends.

  11. I’ve coined a phrase when it comes to my experience with Rona cultists, and those who claim they know a certain amount of it is bullshit and exaggerated, but don’t agree with me either (that this is a scam and psyop of the highest order). I just said it spontaneously in response to someone reacting that way:

    “If you believe any of it, you believe all of it.”

    There really is no in-between. I can’t think of a single exception to that rule with those I’ve encountered or argued with. I haven’t managed to get through to a single person and I’ve concluded it’s pointless to try, and I can be a pretty persuasive arguer and mentor.

  12. Remember, as the medical licensing board clearly indicated to me back in February, when a “public health” official advises you to assume you’re sick and go get treatment consisting of emergency use authorized experimental injectable gene therapy, they are NOT engaging in the practice of medicine.

  13. A type of mob mentality, but beyond anything I could’ve imagined.
    And it seems to have even overtaken those who would otherwise be controlling the mob.

    Our lord & savior Fauci knows what the current science says & he is either
    1) too afraid to speak truth to the narrative, or
    2) doing it on purpose

    All this can be used for is a lesson to teach the future about the dangers of promoting quack science (Imperial college) and how easy it is to manipulate/be manipulated.

  14. Part of the problem is that it’s being given away for “free” having been purchased and distributed by Uncle at no cost to the plebes. Imagine how many might say No Thanks, if they were charged $150 per dose, or $600 each dose for a family of four – $1200 per course of 2, then $600 more for the booster in six months. Add to that the known risks – so far! – are deliberately hidden or suppressed. And that this has become a weird new form of keeping up with the Joneses.

    So tired of every conference call beginning with “I just got my second dose!” Followed by, “it was Pfizer!” and the reply “I got the Moderna!” Like these are baseball cards.

    Have at it.

    • Indeed. And when these grown men got their two weeks of ‘asymptomatic’ paid leave it was a bashful rite of passage, they might as well have been saying “I just got my first period, tee-hee!”, their concept of interacting with their own humanity for a change was simply one of willfully selling out reality for the express purpose of engaging in a trendy mental illness and extort concern from their gullible and equally emotionally disturbed and intellectually stunted peers.

      • With online services, I’ve always heard the saying goes, “If it’s free, you’re the product being sold.” Thinking it still holds true, here.

  15. Good Morning Eric!

    “Never before in the history of medicine”

    You have mentioned in the past that your father was a doctor. So I’m assuming you learned about “first do no harm” from him.

    Did he pass along any insights as to how we would get to where we are today?

    My dad told me more than 30 years ago that the best thing for this country, at least in fiscal terms, would be to kill all the oldsters.

    Funny how when we are teens our fathers didn’t know shit from shinola, but at some point they start to get smarter.

    • Hi T,

      I suppose my critical thinking ability was nurtured by having been raised by people who were precise rather than sloppy with their use of words, who respected facts and the asking of questions, even if the answers weren’t what was wanted. I also learned that, to a great extent, sickness – and health – are matters over which we have enormous control. That while it is true sickness sometimes “just happens,” it mostly results from a specific set of circumstances, many of them comprehensible and avoidable.

      Also: Outside of the surgical suite, none of the doctors I grew up around ever wore a “mask.” I am certain my dad would have regarded today’s scene as indicative of mass psychosis.

      • Eric,

        “ I suppose my critical thinking ability ”

        My apologies if you feel that I was attacking you. 🤥

        I’ve never accused you of possessing critical thinking ability. 😇

        I’m pretty sure possession and/or distribution of critical thought is a very serious felony. At least in our current environment.

        Besides, we all need to stay safe in these trying times. 😷

      • The “Never before in the history of medicine” statement caught my eye as well, but because I would disagree with that statement. The polio vaccines of the 1950’s and the Swine Flu ones of the 1970’s, just to name two, are glaring examples where new cocktails were pushed upon a healthy American population with the approval and cajoling by both medical and government agencies, with severe consequences. Doctors who continue to push these injections upon healthy patients without a conducting a thorough and critical analysis of the data, beyond just what the manufacturer and government agencies provide, are deserving of losing their license to practice.

    • Or as my father told me a couple of times when I was a teen arguing with him, “you better get out there and make a couple of million dollars while you still know everything”.

  16. One motivating factor causing people to line up to be Pharma’s Guinea Pigs is that a vast number of “officials” and “experts”, even the local variety, are telling bald faced lies. The fact that they do NOT provide immunity is not in question from a factual assessment. Even the currently getting ever richer makers don’t claim they do. Which has failed to discourage a number of these “experts” and “officials” from flat out saying they do. That they therefore have some effect on herd immunity, which they can’t since they provide none. That somehow they are a basis for a vaccine passport, in spite of the fact that the only effect they have on transmission is their claimed ability to reduce symptom severity, which means if you aren’t coughing and sneezing, you are less likely to transmit it. That ability is the only effect those makers claim to be true. Nothing about this operation makes the least bit of sense until you apply $$$$ and tyranny to the equation.

  17. They (public health officials, various nanny staters) might see more “vaccine compliance” if they behaved as if the vaccine worked. But they are still demanding Summer 2020 measures. They’ve lied about everything else, so why not lie and say it works 100%? Or maybe they’re lying now, that it does actually work great, but for some perverted reason, they like seeing us all running around with our mouths covered.
    My new answer when asked if I got it and why not: “I’m in the control group.”

    • Indeed, the “facts” supporting the COVID tyranny are constantly changing, which real facts cannot do. By presenting these “facts” as a moving target, it makes it hard to counter the lie. By the time you get one of them disqualified, it has already changed to something else.


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