Reader Question: The Deadwire?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Jim asks: Harley is selling an e-bike. Who is going to spend this type money on a bike that can go only 100 miles?

My reply: I wrote about the Deadwire – as I like to call it – about a year ago; see here.

I agree – the whole thing is idiotic. Functionally, because the whole point of owning a motorcycle is to be free. But this bike constrains you. A 100 mile (best case) range means 50 miles, one way. You either have to turn around and head home – or stop (soon) to find a place to charge (and wait). Which sucks.

It is also emotionally idiotic in that the main reason people buy a Harley is for the sound of a Harley. A silent Harley (or one that whirrs, like a drill) is as preposterous a proposition as alcohol-free beer.

Electric bikes generally are preposterous. Arguably, they’re not motorcycles at all. They are powerful scooters trying to look like motorcycles. A scooter has an automatic transmission; it does not require its operator to know how to operate a clutch or shift gears. You rotate the right grip to increase or decrease speed – and just sit there. As is the case on the Deadwire.

No real biker would ever want one.

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  1. “No real biker would ever want one.”

    Uncle will decide what you do and don’t want going forward and you will thank him for his generosity. Just like Winston would thank big brother for his generosity.


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