Reader Question: Hypermiling?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Tom asks: Whatever happened with the hyper-miling phenomenon, where people drove to maximize mpg, driving slowly, etc. and got amazing results?

My reply: I’ve seen no evidence that this annoying, inconsiderate form of “driving” has waned; indeed, it seems to be waxing. Whether it is due to people’s ever-increasing passivity – and equation of anything that smacks of alacrity as “unsafe” – I don’t know. All I know is I regularly encounter “drivers” who crawl away from green lights, refuse to accelerate up to the speed of traffic they are attempting to merge with (expecting traffic to decelerate, to accommodate them) and operating at a generally palsied pace.

Mind, I have no issue with – I encourage – smooth, anticipatory driving. The use of gaps in traffic to maintain momentum. Observing traffic light patterns and driving in such a way as to avoid having to stop completely and also to maintain speed in between lights. All of this enhances the flow of traffic, generally and will also reduce fuel consumption as well as wear and tear on brakes, tires, clutches and so on. Indeed, this is a worthwhile driving skill to acquire and master as it makes one a better, more efficient (and attentive) driver.

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  1. I can’t remember the last time I heard anyone talking about MPGs or hypermiling- except maybe 10 years ago, this old man one of my neighbors knew used to keep a few Geo Metros and hypermile.

    I had assumed hypermiling had been superseded by owning hybrids and EV’s, which make far more visible virtue signals. And plus, anyone who buys a new(er) car is essentially a captive hypermiler- not by way of driving technique, but by way of the expensive and not-so-durable tech built into those cars so that they will get uber MPGs.

  2. It’s still alive and well; If I’m at the head of a light, you could fit a few buses between me and the person behind me by the time I reach 5 over.

    Benny’s invaded the shore, so you got shitty NYC drivers who can’t go past 25 back home combined with “It’s summer, time to relax and unwind”, so makes my day when there’s people who drive faster than me at lights.

    Now if only Dirty Jerzy would raise the speed limits, NO ONE under Season Citizen age drives 65

    • 65 is usually for side streets in jersistan. But the creep is coming, used to be 70 would get you run over on major highways but now more and more i find that 70 requires you to spend most of the time passing people. Btw, i will sometimes drive 10 to 15 miles out of my way to avoid some high traffic areas near the shore.

      • As the Bayonne Bleeders sing in “Benny Go Home”, Thank God for Labor Day, where they all go back to hell or wherever they’re from, like the roaches they are. (Except with the vax shit going on up there, those who can’t find speakeasies will just come back here for fall/winter)

        Worst drivers tend to be women, seasoned citizens or men with hats who aren’t in drop tops; was headin g to my friends and this women in a Tundra though speed limits were suggestions, going 15 under the whole way, and if I see a hat, I know they’re in no rush and won’t move over

  3. ‘Round these parts you can usually figure out party affiliation by how they merge on to the highway. But both seem to expect everyone else to accommodate them. “Outta my way!” = Republican. “Let me in!” = Democrat. No one seems to want to match moving traffic speed in any way.


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