“Our Freedoms”

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This what the “troops” have been fighting for: 

TSA agents demanded to conduct a full body pat down on a man after he had already landed and was set to leave Denver Airport in a security mix up that was caught on camera.

Kahler Nygard flew from Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport to Denver last Saturday but was told to exit the plane before all other passengers before being met by TSA agents at the gate.

Video of the incident shows Nygard asking if he is being detained by TSA agents as an officer requests that Nygard follow him into a private screening room.

“Sir, where are you going?” asks TSA agent Alex Grossman as Nygard begins to leave the airport.

After Nygard says he left his boarding pass on the plane, the TSA officer makes a call before asking Nygard to undergo further screening that “may or may not have been completed in Minneapolis.”

“Why can’t I just leave the premises?” asks Nygard, adding, “Why do you need to do more screening if I travel from point A to point B safely, why does there now need to be more screening before I leave.”

Grossman says Nygard is not being detained but continues to demand he undergo a “complete screening” which includes a search of his body and his bags.

When Nygard states that he is going to leave, the TSA agent threatens to call Denver police who will apprehend Nygard “for refusing our direction.” The agent is unable to provide a statute or law under which this is permissible.

Nygard then leaves the airport as Grossman calls the police. Nygard was able to leave the airport without being apprehended by law enforcement.

local Fox News story about the incident said that Nygard, “was on a list that should have singled him out for screening — but that didn’t happen.”

According to the report, Nygard should have been subjected to enhanced screening at Minneapolis Airport because his name was, “on the secondary security screen list known as “quad S,” and Nygard, “had a boarding pass designated with four bold S’s.”

The TSA failed to notice the details on Nygard’s boarding pass and he was allowed to board the plane. It was only after a Spirit employee called the TSA when the plane was half way to Denver that the oversight was recognized.

Nygard, “slipped through three layers of security, and no one was any the wiser until he was already in the air,” states the report, noting that some of the red flags that get someone on the ‘quad S’ list include, “buying your ticket the same day, paying cash, or getting a one-way ticket.”

In an email to Infowars, Nygard said that the Fox News story was mostly “lies,” noting that he was forced to undergo a full body pat down at Minneapolis Airport. Nygard also states that Fox News’ characterization of him as a “Somali-American man” is inaccurate given that his descendents are Poles and Norwegians.

This is by no means the first time that the TSA has attempted to conduct pat downs on passengers after they have already exited their mode of transportation and are attempting to leave the facility. In 2011, travelers were subjected to an invasive pat down and bag search after getting off an Amtrak train in Savannah, Georgia.

The video below shows Nygard leaving the plane as the other passengers remain seated.

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  1. The Homeland Reich is having your unsere Freiheiten for lunch comrades. Have no doubt they will consume them all. Consult your preppers bible the book of AR chapter and verse 15. Put in a sacred place, in case their is a sacred time when you are called to testify.

    No brownshirts will appear here they’ll say. No goosestepping. Why ours show up in streetclothes or are blueshirts totall different. Our goosestepping equivalent is not so bad. Just to stay inside. Or be at work. Above All fall immediately to the ground and to keep hands up and above your head if you should foolishly wander outside for any reason. And to sing on command any required song like a stool pigeon of a canary in a coal mine.

    Springtime for Herr Holder and Herr Barry
    NewDeutschland is happy and gay!
    We’re marching to a faster pace
    Look out for banker’s coalition master race!
    Springtime for Herr Holder and Herr Barry
    Rhineland’s a fine land once more!
    Watch out, Mideast
    We’re gone on tour!
    Springtime for Herr Holder and Herr Barry

    Winter for Ukraine and Syria
    Springtime for Herr Holder and Herr Barry
    Springtime! Springtime!
    Come on, meriKans
    Go into your dance!
    The Fuhrer is coming, the Fuhrer is coming, the Fuhrer is coming!
    Heil Holder!
    Heil myself!
    The Fuhrer is causing a furor!
    He’s got those Russians on the run
    You gotta love that blacky hun!
    The Fuhrer is causing a furor
    They can’t say “no” to his demands
    They’re freaking out in foreign lands
    He’s got the whole world in his hands
    The Fuhrer is causing a furor!
    I was just a Chitown commie harranguer
    No one more obscurer
    Got a phone call from Rothschild Reichstag
    Comrade told me I was Fuhrer
    Springtime for Herr Holder and Herr Barry
    NewDeutschland is happy and gay!
    We’re marching to a faster pace
    Look out for banker’s coalition master race!

  2. This is a prime example of the state of the country. WE ARE ALREADY UNDER MARTIAL LAW.
    The militarization of police is an intended result–not a result of police departments receiving equipment from the DOD (Department of Defense).
    SWAT teams are being used when a simple knock on the door and a polite request would suffice.
    The incidences of unwarranted, unlawful murders by police and their subsequent “cover-ups” and “justification” are but another example of a soft “martial law” being imposed.
    Abusive behavior by police–using tactics to “pile on” charges such as “assault”–there are many instances of police beating a compliant suspect while yelling “stop resisting” even when no resistance of offered.

  3. As is the goal of every government agency, “mission creep” is affecting the TSA. Look for these blue-shirted thugs to start appearing at bus and train stations, large sporting and entertainment events, and yes, even at your local shopping mall. We may yet see the day when there are “checkpoints” instituted at state lines, all in the guise of “national security”.

  4. Interesting. I flew for the first time in about 5 years last week, out of Denver International. What suprised me this time was the ovbious overstaffing at the security lines. There were several people scanning boarding passes (and circling names, somehow making them official), several people shouting about removing shoes, etc. Then there were a bunch of x-ray operators and a few people “assisting” passengers with putting their personal property on the belt (assisting: shouting at the poor girl who loaded her bag on widthwise so it got caught on the x-ray housing, not actually helping her rearrange it). Another “assistant” demanded I remove the ziplock (brand) bag containing my toiletries, although about 10 people in front of me didn’t bother. Then it was through the slave scanner, and just for good measure, a follow up pat-down of my crotch. In all, I interacted in one way or another with 5 TSA “agents” in about a 20 sq ft area. And that was one line of 10 or so. On the way home it was a similar setup, and I got a bonus, getting to witness the Changing of the Guard! (Which consisted of several minutes of watching someone adjust the X-ray machine’s keyboard to his liking, then watching him log in to the system (3 times!). I guess it was password change day yesterday and he forgot the new one…

    Visit the interactive security theatre! Cast of thousands!

    Meanwhile I overheard a woman traveling with a wheelchair bound passenger say that she’s “going to travel with him all the time, that was a breeze.” So I guess he didn’t have the mark of the beast on his boarding pass.

    I used to love flying, and everything about it. But government and the industry itself managed to take one of mankind’s greatest achievements and make it into a miserable experience. Now you’re hassled for being on a list without being permitted to know what the criteria for being on the list is. And airports used to be grand entrances to the city. There are still some interesting places in an airport, but they are overshadowed by the shopping malls, advertising, dirty floors, stinky toilets and constant announcements. Once you get on the plane, there’s a video screen with advertising, announcement ads for credit cards and food, and maybe it’s just me, but I think the windows on Airbus planes are much smaller than the old planes of my youth. And all the authoritative yelling. No wonder it’s such a exhausting experience.

    And so many factual errors in the Professional News Story™. But lots of good shots of Spirit Air’s logo, and a nice clear shot of the “TSA-Pre” (pay to pass) logo, implying he could have avoided all this by just cutting a check (oh and submitting to a background check, but more about the money). Almost as if they were fed copy by a PR firm, which I’m sure they weren’t, or at least they aren’t allowed to talk about. And just in time for 9/11 reminders too! Could this have been a setup?

    • TSA agents are particularly miserable thugs. I stopped flying after this nonsensical “security theatre” crap was implemented as I have zero tolerance for such nonsense and would just wind up in jail for failing to be properly submissive.

      • Ditto, Jason –

        In this case, I wonder what would have happened had the guy simply kept on walking and – had the loser piece of shit in blue laid a paw on him – clocked his ass?

        Is it “lawful” self-defense against what would in any other circumstance be a physical assault?

        Or would the guy have been arrested for assault and battery on a “law enforcement” officer?

        Just wait till these geeks get guns.

        I am a peaceful guy by nature, but this makes my blood percolate. Anyone who dons that blue outfit has crossed a line. I feel nothing but disgust and hatred; I regard them as more loathsome than a fresh pile of shit on the sidewalk.

        The shit, after all, is natural and cannot be helped.

        • Just wait till these geeks get guns.

          If I need to get anywhere within about 400miles (640km) of home it would be worth my well being to drive instead of flying.

          Less hassle & aggravation, less cost and about the same time.

          Philadelphia (PHL) to Boston (BOS)
          It takes me about 90minutes to 2 hours to get to the airport (to account for possible traffic). I need to arrive about 2 hours early to the airport to deal with security check-in procedures. The flight is about 80 minutes (1 hr 12 min listed). Debarking, baggage claim and renting a car will take at minimum about 1 hour. It would probably take about 1 hour to get to a location in the Boston area.

          Total time: about 7-8 hours assuming no delays in any point of the trip.

          For me to drive home to downtown Boston would be about 6 hours following the PSL with one stop for fuel and/or rest. If I push the pedal and go non-stop, I probably could get there in about 5-5½ hours (again assuming no delays).

          Take some time off if the location is on the south or west suburbs of Boston.
          Add some time for the north suburbs of Boston.

          NYC to BOS is similar
          About 1½ hour to EWR (Newark) or 2 hours to JFK/LGA (New York).
          2 hours security/check-in
          80 min flight
          Deplaning, baggage, car rental about 1 hour minimum.
          ~1 hour to get to final destination.
          About 7-8 hours

          If my destination is not (within 1 hour) near an airport, I probably could increase my driving radius as appropriate.

          • Absolutely, Mith!

            I can drive from the Roanoke area to DC in under four hours.

            If I were to fly:

            Drive to airport: appx. 30 minutes.
            Get there at least 1 hour before flight (for “security”).
            Travel time, including boarding/taxi, plus wait to debark, etc: 1-2 hours, depending on how it goes.

            So, best case (flying) it’s no time saved.

            But driving, I at least avoid the cattle chute and security kabuki.

          • Even for longer trips, it really doesn’t add much time, especially if you have a connection or two. If you drive like a trucker (18+ hours on, 6 hours off, sleep in the vehicle) you can get just about anywhere in the lower 48 in 48 hours or so. And you can pack a ton of stuff, even in a compact. With 2 drivers you can pick up an extra 6 hours/shift by trading off. Sure, it’s not the most comfortable way to travel if you’re in a car, but it has the added bonuses of having a vehicle at your destination, additional food and other supplies, and no hassles. I’m seriously looking into buying a small RV just because it is so much simpler and cheaper than flying (and I like camping but getting too old to sleep on the ground).

            Let’s not forget the “low cost” of flying. Sure, the ticket is $250* round trip, but that’s not what you really pay. There’s taxes, “upgrades,” parking ($13/day in DIA’s “economy” lot), Approved container toiletries, baggage fees, carryon fees, pricy airport food, insane car rental prices, cab faire, tipping, etc. And once you get there you are at the mercy of the hotel, with all their crazy taxes,fees and charges.

            I know the group here is vehemently against self-driving vehicles (with valid reasons), but I think they’d be fantastic for travel. Get off work on Friday, load up the car, program the route and go to bed. Wake up at your destination the next morning, ready to enjoy the weekend. Interstate driving is about as dull an activity as you can get, so don’t try to tell me how wonderful driving is. Sure, I’ll take control on the twisty mountain roads, but for the highway, let the electronic chauffeur do it.

            *That price is only if you can travel on Tuesday Wednesday or Thursday. If you want to travel on the days when people actually want to fly it’s much more. My vacation time is priceless, but a few hundred bucks difference means I’m probably gonna burn a day.

          • The TSAssholes haven’t invaded the train stations yet, though I do see the occasional “bomb-sniffing” dog leading a porker around Penn Station in NYC. Amtrak is a viable alternative to flying between major cities; I frequently visit family in NJ, and it takes about 4 – 5 hrs. using Amtrak and local commuter rail to my destination. About the same time it takes to drive, assuming no traffic hassles, which is rare, the Boston-DC highway corridor is about the worst I’ve ever driven.
            Plus you can sit on the train and read, nap, have a beer (or 3), and arrive sane vs. blood boiling after putting up with the airport BS.
            It is a shame as someone mentioned that the great achievement of traveling long distances in short times has been totally obliviated by the gunverment and willing sheeple, when I was a student here many years ago you could take the Eastern Airlines shuttle Boston to Newark for $14 dollars. Not a typo, fourteen dollars, thank the Fed for inflating that number to ridiculous heights. You didn’t even need a ticket, just walk into the plane and pay on board, was easier than taking the subway. Sadly anyone under the age of 30 will never know that it was once fun to fly in the USSA.

          • In 1980 I started hauling freight for a guy, communications equipment, in my highly modified El Camino. I could go from west Tx. to Dallas or Houston, pick up the freight, and get to Kansas before air freight and that was in the days of good air freight service. Of course I used an Escort with no instant-on radar at that time and frequently drove 120 mph for long distances BUT I did get freight there hours early, on the exact spot it was needed and was an employee of the company so I had no foul-ups with hauling sensitive freight, nearly everything relating to fiber optics at that time being state of the art and very expensive. BTW, the correct parts got there undamaged. It was a good gig till the company went kaput due to banker greed and corporate (ATT)avarice in killing competition…..even though the competition showed the big guys it could be done and how to do it, typical. Funny thing, nobody really wanted to ride shotgun…but I had plenty entertainment with CB, stereo, radar detector and the occasional “adventurous passenger”.

      • Ditto

        I have stopped flying since post 9/11 security theater has become the norm. I will surrender neither my rights nor my dignity to such 4th amendment violations.

        This “cattle in the chutes” experience is missing only the electric prods.

        I will not submit and I will not forget. The day of reckoning is coming for these control freaks.
        My name is Legion, for we are many. Expect us.

  5. So they’re just shoehorning in Fourth-amendment violations left, right, and center, and STILL the sheeple refuse to even bleat about it.

    Back to, I’ve overestimated my fellow humans intelligence….


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