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OJ should have taken Nicole (and Ron) to South Africa…pistorious pic

Well, maybe not. He did ok here.

But “Blade Runner” did even better.

That would be Oscar Pistorious. Whom a judge just decreed could not be found guilty of murder because all he did was unload his gun in the direction of his now-dead ex. Pointing a loaded gun at someone – and then firing until said gun is empty of bullets – does not rise to the standard of “premeditation” in South Africa. The judge reasoned that Pistorius could not have known his hail of bullets would result in the cessation of life functions.

No, really.

Truly, we live in an interesting age.

On the one hand: Cops are “proning” (and much worse besides) people who haven’t pointed a gun (let alone fired the gun) at anyone. Who are legally carrying a gun. If the person carrying the gun makes the mistake of not immediately going supine and submissive – it could be the last mistake that person ever makes.

Meanwhile, Pistorius.

And not just him, either.

This Ray Rice thug. Lays a woman out via brutal left hook. Could have killed her. Definitely knocked her out cold – a felony assault and battery.OJ pic

For anyone else. That is, for anyone else who isn’t a professional athlete – and thus (like cops) a member of the Modern Day Aristocracy and held to a very different standard.

Did you know there’s at least one guy in the NFL who probably murdered someone?

Several likely rapists.

And there is most definitely one who tortured dogs for fun.

No one cares.

Well, the fans don’t care.

They’ll cheer first class creeps they’d otherwise shun… unless they can run really fast or throw (or catch) a ball. In that case, he’s a “good boy” who is “turning his life around.” Give him another chance.

It’s too bad – for OJ – that he’s too old to run. If he could still deliver the goods, bet your bippie that instead of warming a cot in the clink, he’d be doing interviews on the sidelines.

Fuuuuuuhhhhhhttball. And all the rest of it.

It is the tragedy of our times.






  1. A few weeks ago I ran into a Penn State fan. He made it a point that the NCAA had no right to do what they did to the program.

    Last Monday I went for a ride on the Lance Armstrong Bikeway in Austin. Everyone loves a winner, even if they’re cheating…

    When I visit Las Vegas I like to spend a few minutes in the sports book areas. The giant monitor banks lined with the odds for every game of every sport really brings it all into perspective.

    • My father in law is an uber liberal. Holds all the “right” opinions, including those relating to feminism and guns, among other things. He’d be extremely upset if I were to say something like, “a woman’s place is in the kitchen.” But a fuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhtttttttttttball player who beats the shit out of a woman?

      Go, team!

      He loves “his” Steelers.”

      I mentioned once that the QB is a probable rapist.

      Black out. Tense silence….

  2. Re: OJ
    I have a friend that insists OJ was indeed innocent of murdering Nicole and Ron by knife. Says he would have done it with his bare hands.
    But of course the glove didn’t fit. It had been soaked in blood and allowed to dry. No one is likely to have fit that glove.

  3. Re: Ray Rice – the recently publicized video was taken before the girl married him. So she knew what she was getting into, just like Hillary.


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