NSA Creep Doesn’t Like it When He’s the One Being Watched

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The NSA sent someone bearing the nametag “Neal Z.” to the University of New Mexico’s Engineering and Science Career Fair today, in the hopes of recruiting young computer geniuses to help manage the yottabytes of data it is collecting about you. But instead of eager young applicants, Mr. Z. encountered University of New Mexico alumnus Andy Beale and student Sean Potter, who took the rare opportunity of being in the room with a genuine NSA agent to ask him about his employer’s illegal collection of metadata on all Americans. Mr. Z. did not like that one bit.

In two videos posted on YouTube—each shot from a slightly different perspective—you can watch Beale politely question Mr. Z. about NSA programs, and watch Mr. Z. attempt to parry those queries with blatant falsehoods like, ”NSA is not permitted to track or collect intelligence on U.S. persons.” As Beale continues to attempt to engage the recruiter on the legality of the NSA’s mass surveillance initiatives, Mr. Z. becomes increasingly angry, calling him a “heckler,” saying, ”You do not know what you’re talking about,” and warning, “If you don’t leave soon, I’m going to call university security to get you out of my face.”

After a few minutes of back-and-forth, Mr. Z announces, “You’re done,” and attempts to grab the phone that Potter had been using to film the encounter, literally at the very moment he says, “I’m not touching your phone.” Beale and Potter were later ejected from the facility by campus police for “causing a disturbance,” though their on-camera behavior is unfailingly quiet and civil. The officers declined to act on their complaint that Mr. Z’s phone grab constituted assault. The videos are below, judge for yourself. And be careful if you catch an NSA staffer in the wild, they’re wound pretty tightly these days.

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  1. “And be careful if you catch an NSA staffer in the wild, they’re wound pretty tightly these days.”

    I would tell any NSA staffer to his or her face exactly what I believe — that they and their cohorts should be put to death. As far as I am concerned “Neal Z.” and his ilk should be hanging from the lamp posts.

  2. The question I have about the NSA apparatus, is are we reducible to our online comments? Is that a valid premise? Perhaps they’ll forward whatever they have to your Wife, you Mom, your Employer, your Daughter. Then what? Is whatever they have and whatever they frame it as being, really true?

    The data this thing sucks up can be sorted through and used as evidence against you. Or it might just be an impartial witness.

    If we lived in a freer world. It might be kinda of cool if we had the option to take ownership of things like this.

    In that world, you could find your data stream at NSA and delete it. Or set it to private, noone’s eyes but yours. Or see yourself across the years. Or maybe just leave it as is.

    In my eyes, the biggest issue of the PTB or whatever entities that put out bids for this project. Who asigned the project to contractors. And who now are running the project. The biggest issue I have with them is their toxic reductionism that so many gullible people will buy into.

    In my case, I might post all kinds of sticks and stones comments online. But there no lasting sentiment behind them. Regardless of what I’ve said about Garysco and his former employer, for instance.

    They were just so many transient wolf howls at the shining moon of the moment. Barks at something bright and deeply emotional for some fleeting moments and then they’re gone.

    I don’t think wolves even have a means for determining someone is a “good person” or a “bad person” and then proceeding accordingly from then on. Certainly they have incredibly detailed memories. They recognize intent and body heat and language. They understand objective sensory languages that I am illiterate in. But I think they mostly process things in real time, and don’t save things up as a hard and fast reductionist memory.

    I’m almost positive I don’t make decisions based on my reductionist memories either.

  3. Why weren’t Neal & friends not on assault charges while the others were “asked to leave”?

    Neal & friends probably know where “the bodies” are buried. They can make someone’s life a living nightmare if they choose.

    Any questions why they are given access to recruit on campus?

    Maybe the questions posed to the recruiter made him uncomfortable and defensive. Isn’t part of a recruiter’s job profile to be able to answer reasonable questions posed to him.

    Regardless, a calmer recruiter (one that is not so sensitive to dealing with questions from the public) should be sent to public settings.

    The agent appears to be a whiny sob that is annoyed at being asked some potentially difficult and/or awkward questions.

    The questioners spoke in a calm fashion and remained on their side of the table (about 1m distance). The agent became visibly agitated and actually accosted (or at the least touched) one of the questioners (while stating “I’m not touching your phone.”)

    • Mith, this reminds me of my wife subbing for a high school about20- 15 years ago. They’d give her the “bad” class, those students with behavior the clover teachers didn’t approve of, mainly, the kids who’d gotten into trouble outside class. My wife’s is a really fun person but she takes no shit from anyone so she got along great with the kids and they treated her great, would do anything for her with no smart-assness. Amazing what mutual respect will accomplish.

      She’d get mad though because of the constant assault of military recruiters who didn’t have much access to the rest of the (white)kids and concentrated on the minorities and “bad” whites in her class. They would lie their asses off to the kids to get them to sign up. Almost all these kids were poor so they’d prey on them with tales of great food. Now maybe you or I wouldn’t be swayed by this or fooled by it but a lot of those kids got really excited to think they’d have a great job(piloting jet fighters)even though they were semi-literate to nearly totally illiterate. The recruiters would tell them they could do anything after they joined and the food was really great. Why, you could eat steak, shrimp, seafood, just about anything you can think of. Of course they never mentioned that rank and pay grade had everything to do with that, that those kids would be doing well to get whatever gruel was served each meal.

      This would really piss the wife off and she’d tell the kids after the great liars were gone they’d better re-think what those guys said. How do you pilot a plane when you can’t do math or read much of anything? She didn’t put it that way although I would have. She has people in their 30’s come up to her she won’t always recognize and tell her how much she meant to them in that class and how she’d opened their eyes(or not, can’t get to every one). She had to bite her tongue many times not to ask the hard questions, the pertinent ones and would simply tell the kids to think it over after the thrill wore off. Hell, they had to go back to hiring convicted felons or giving them a bye on their conviction if they signed up back then(recruitment Vietnam-style) since warm bodies were so hard to come by. After a few years of the blitz the shrub and his henchmen did though, lots of kids fell into the “save the world” bs.

      This is another service clovers are always ready to perform, even on their own children…..sometimes.

      • Dear Eightsouthman,

        This is OT to the comment its linked to. But I think it jibes well with your take on animal intelligence and emotional capacity. Come to think of it, that’s a tell-tale thing that’s lacking in this particular NSA statist clover, a belief in the mental capacity and emotional capacity of other people.

        A good way to identify statists and clovers like him is by observing the way they interact with animals. They over-react and become emotionally paralyzed around animals in exactly the same way they do around humans who don’t kowtow to authority the way they do.

        Primal Pull of a Baby Crying Reaches Across Species

        The end game for clovers is a planet where everyone else has been made extinct or entirely assimilated into their way of life. Truly clovers are the Star Trek Borg characters personified.

  4. If someone likes this article and wants it to be viewed by as many eyeballs as possible. Please post it somewhere on reddit that seems appropriate to you. Or park it anywhere you please on the net in whatever cyberparkingspace seems best.

    My antics have displeased a paid employee of reddit, which I suppose is a badge of honor given the vast number of users he has authority over. It’s become sporadically difficult and sometimes impossible to post anything there. Most of the time I get a generic apology page with a picture of a clown on it.

    I’ve never been wounded in an infowar battle before, but it still seems like a cause I believe is worth fighting over.

    If the men of mysticism, muscles, and molochian weatlh aren’t going to let us send funny cat pictures to each other in whatever libertine matter we please, maybe waging a little infowar is the best response available to us.


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