Russians Have Balls

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Unfortunately, not many Americans do:


An angry mob was waiting outside of Ukraine’s parliament today, and they were not playing games. When they spotted Economic Development Party member Vitaly Zhuravsky leaving the building, they grabbed him and threw his ass right into a dumpster.

It’s not clear exactly what Zhuravsky did to deserve getting himself thrown into a garbage receptacle, but as NBC News points out, it probably had something to do with the fact that he has a history of trying to pass bills that would crack down on anti-government protests.
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  1. The trick would be to keep at least some of our advanced and nuanced economy. AND keep our balls and start acting like we OWN them. Yet still get a clean breakaway. Or even some decent breathing space and concessions for Mordor – DC Franchise.

    There’s 319 million Americans right now.

    And 25% of these Americans are open to secession.

    They can spin this as being about Obama and such. But we all know that’s a complete Red Herring. Hell, if America can revert to it’s 70’s self even. We’ll christen him monarch and he can be the King of America. Just like Eddie Murphy in Coming To America.

    Hell, I’d settle for James Earl Jones and an entire African royal ruling family, if America could rise to the stature of Australia today with its low visibility Constitutional Monarchy system. God Save King Obama. God Save King Earl Jones.

    There’s clearly up to 80 million members ready to inhabit our “someplace better” right now. Perhaps we won’t negotiate or fight for the best of terms with our separation. But its looking increasingly likely that something in our favor is going to happen. [Or that the THEY’LL drain the rest of America’s assets and it become moot from their perspective.] We’ll finally win independence after we’ve lost everything.

    That’s 80 million people, who in any kind of sane, just world, will be dealt with in a reasonable manner, and be allowed some kind of divorce from the mother of their children. A woman they were forced to marry in an arranged marriage without chance of escape not so very long ago.

    I think I’d be far more willing to say God Bless America, if I saw it letting a few of the many millions of people who find it no longer the land that they love, leave it on dignified and peaceful terms now and again.

  2. Pakistanis are apparently not ball-less either. They wouldn’t let two officials board a plane after the flight had been held up for two hours because one of them was late:

    I especially like this line from the article: “Vankwani left the flight after passengers threatened to beat him with shoes.”

    Meanwhile, back in the USSA, the sheeple beg for the boot on their neck to stomp harder.

  3. Maybe they don’t want to go back to the “good old days” of a boot on their throats. Something Americans are getting a big dose of now.


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