Spam Protocols, Stickers and Other Stuff

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I’ve re-enabled the “Captcha” thing – which weeds out spam by requiring people who are not registered users to manually enter numbers/letters presented via a visual prompt before their posts will be accepted.

I hate that this is necessary – and I realize it’s a hassle. But unfortunately, it is necessary. The spam bots are relentless and will over-run the site if steps are not taken trip them up. I’d personally like to cut the testicles off all spammers – who are ruining what ought to be an electronic Agora¬†– a¬†marketplace for the free exchange of ideas and other useful things. But this will have to do for now.

I am doing an interview this morning (Tuesday) with a radio show out in the Midwest. I’ll get the audio clip up as soon as possible.

I’ve already posted a new Vidcast – me monologuing about a topic, with my trusty camera rolling. I’d appreciate your comments, pro or con. Do you guys like these Vidcasts? Should I keep doing them? Will you help me to reach a wider audience by sending links and so on to people you know?

Speaking of appreciation: Thanks are owed to several people who recently sent some money via the mails (and also PayPal). I am working hard to get you something additional in return – as a small tangible “thank you” for supporting EPautos. It will be – I hope – something like the sticker you see here, with the “EPautos” logo and URL and – possibly – a slogan, such as “throw it in the woods!” or “Clovers ruin everything!”Clover sticker Mark 2

I am having some difficulties, by the way, actually “dummying” up the sticker. I have the image, but transposing the URL (and slogan) into the image has proved a challenge. If there’s anyone out there with photoshop/graphic design skills who is willing to help, that would be immensely appreciated.

Please contact me, either here or via e-mail (

Thanks again to all of you!






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