Clover Can’t Wait To Cut In

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Clover can not wait for others to safely pass by him.  His time is so important, that he feels he is entitled to enter the road as soon as he is ready, others be damned.

I was driving along the road at ~45mph (45mph PSL).  The clover (in a Cadillac Escalade) lets the school bus pass.  Instead of letting me pass as well, this clover decides he can’t wait anymore and turns onto the main road.  This forces me to quickly hit the brakes.   If I knew the Cadillac was a clover and not a not so friendly unmarked revenue enhancer, I could have safely passed the clover.  Instead, I had the joy of following this lummox for 10 minutes as he meandered about town.

This clover was so inattentive to his driving that he almost passed a stopped school bus. (Here is that video.)




  1. generally I let everything slide, and just try to keep as far away from anyone on the road as I can. maybe they run over a troop of girl scouts. I’m still not getting involved in anyway. there’s a war being waged against me, I need to stay in defensive mode.

    but when it’s a nice vehicle, and if I’m in a work vehicle, rental car, or a scary looking old clunker with lots of battle scars, it is tempting to keep at my original speed as long as possible and come right up on the guy.

    maybe even get around him at the first opportunity and then be sure to become an even bigger nuisance to him.

    but that was the old way of thinking.

    now I assume everyone who is unknown may be my superior and my worst nightmare. why risk engaging someone in some attempt to play schoolteacher of the roadway.

    great vid. how does one solve this equation and put things right in the world, I don’t have that solution yet.

    • I rarely have the luxury of what to do when someone pulls in front of me. If I don’t want to be wrung through the proverbial DOT wringer, drug tested, ticketed or jailed, I might use as much as 100 lbs of application pressure to not run over the silly fools. It might be a waste but I use some of that air to run through a horn so they know my displeasure….but I often don’t have that luxury either since I’ve had to take to the barditch or other lanes to avoid what might look inevitable. When genetics becomes part of specific job breeding, truck drivers will have four arms and 3 legs. Backhoe operators will have four arms, four legs and a face on opposing sides of their head negating the need for a rotating seat. Those of us who do both will no longer have an air ride captains chair but an air ride stool. Don’t know how the safety Nazi’s will address that. The opposing face with a back window in the cab should be great for backing up.


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