Old Coot Clover

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Here’s an Old Coot Clover in a Crown Vic (surprise)┬ádoing 34-42 in a 55… slowing for the curves:

Don’t feel sorry for the Clover because he’s old. Age only made his bad driving worse. It’s a sure bet this Clover was also a Clover at 45. Being 85 just enhanced his Clover-ness and made him that much more insolent/addled/indifferent (take your pick; one or all three).

Of course, the Clover behind the Clover (the red Ford) made the problem worse – by making it effectively impossible to pass. He did this by giving the Crown Vic Clover an eighth of a mile following distance… increasing the spread when we came to the passing zone. At which point – no surprise – there was traffic in the opposite lane. Once we cleared the passing zone, no more cross traffic… and Clover #2 tightened up the gap.

Clooooooooooooooooooooooover! Why can’t you ever pull off or move over?



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