Gas in The Tank

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We’re close… but not quite there. About three-quarters full.three quarters

But still about a quarter-tank empty.

I’m hoping some of you reading this will chip in, last minute – and help push us into the black before we end the month in the red.

Thanks to “GuitarMan,” the pressure to buy a new computer has eased off a little. With his help (and some additional memory) I think we’ll get a bit more life out of this old iMac. But it’s just a stopgap. The thing is pushing tend years old and could croak at any moment. Normally, I have a laptop for back-up, but the laptop is even older – so old, it’s barely usable due to compatibility issues (it’s a pre-Intel G4 Mac laptop). My plan is to buy either a new desktop or new laptop when funds permit.

Other stuff:

You may have noticed some changes made to the Amsoil ad. The critical thing – if we want to keep this Amsoil ad – is for those of who would like to buy Amsoil to buy it from this distributor (Vic Sorlie). Please click on the ad, then connect directly with Vic. You will be doing your car a favor – and help EPautos in the process.

I am planning on doing a live Skype Q&A or general chew-the-fat session right here, once a week, once I get it set up. Anyone can call in and I will take your call, try to answer whatever question you have, offer an opinion if asked – or try to point you in the right direction, if I can’t help. I’ve challenged our resident troll and my collectivist muse, Clover, to call in and debate me – but I don’t expect he’ll rise to the bait.

Meanwhile, thanks to all of you who’ve supported EPautos recently as well as in the past – and for your continued support down the road. You’ve made it possible for me to do this – and I could not do it without you.

So, thanks.

Our donate button is here.

 If you prefer to avoid PayPal, our mailing address is:

721 Hummingbird Lane SE
Copper Hill, VA 24079

PS: EPautos stickers are free to those who sign up for a $5 or more monthly recurring donation to support EPautos, or for a one-time donation of $10 or more. (Please be sure to tell us you want a sticker – and also, provide an address, so we know where to mail the thing!)EPautoslogo












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  1. Eric –

    I am typing this message on an almost 8 year old iMac that I purchased from a seller on Craigslist in June of 2008. Some of my best contributions to the former forums section came from that machine in the early days. It is still humming along. The only issue with it is a dead CD/DVD ROM drive that works sporadically.

    I would suggest buying a used IMac from a seller. I wouldn’t get too fancy with the technology as most machines exceed the capabilities of their operator as cars do. lol

    Buying used offers two advantages – cheaper cost and the fact that you haven’t contributed to the trade deficit by buying something that someone already owned.

  2. I put a couple of drops in the tank and I”m getting ready to buy a lot of Amsoil from the sponsor. I appreciate people that support this site. I urge everyone to do the same.


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