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Have any of you ordered oil (filters and so on) via the Amsoil ad on the right side of the main page? I’m asking because I need to be able to give them (Amsoil) evidence that they are getting what they paid for (customers).

Please let me know… as soon as you can!





  1. Started using Amsoil in 95. I use to like changing oil but no more. Changing the oil on a miata is an art but i still hate to so with Amsoil its an annual event for me. Is that sufficient for my minivan or must I do it bi-annually?

  2. I am the AMSOIL Dealer with the ad banner on this site. I’d love to answer any questions that anybody may have on applications, pricing, etc. We have two ways to save on orders – Free Shipping option and also Wholesale Pricing option. Easiest way to contact me is to click through the ad to my website ( Thanks.

    • There are cars that can accelerate as quickly as a sport bike. But there is no car that can do it for around $11,000 (the appx. cost of a sport bike, brand-new, capable of getting to 60 in less than 4 seconds and running the quarter mile in about 10 seconds and topping out in excess of 170 MPH).

  3. Hi Eric,

    I just put in an order with Amsoil last week. I didn’t realize until after I placed the order to have you credited for the order. So I sent them an email to have you get credit for the order (I’ve been using Amsoil for years so I already had an account).

    They said I was “protected under dealer XYZ”. I stated that Amsoil had just started advertising with and would like him to get credit for this order and all subsequent orders. They then sent back the following: “AMSOIL accounts are protected from switching their sponsoring AMSOIL Dealers. This can only be done when the account has been inactive for one full year. We apologize but we cannot have receive credit for your orders.”

    I know you’re not a dealer but still want you to get credit for sending the business their way. This is the one quibble I have with them is their customer/dealer network. More middleman nonsense. Anyways, thought I’d let you know and see what you think.

  4. I likely will be ordering a case for my wrx in the next week or so. Havent decided which one i want to go with.

    do you get a kickback or % when i order thru the link or does it just show them that it came thru ep autos?

  5. I have not, but I still have several 5L containers of mobil 1 oil. When I get down to 1 or 2 containers I’ll look into ordering.

    Although a case (4) of gallon containers costs more than Wallyworld (~$170 vs ~$120) I can go to about double the miles between oil changes (10,000 miles vs 5,000 miles).

    I’d need to check shipping costs, but by a rough check the cost seems comparable to Mobil 1.

    (I should look into oil filters as well.)


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