24 Hours

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In just about 24 hours, America will have a new Dear Leader. It maybe her, it may be him. It doesn’t matter much to us.

If you are one of the us who isn’t interested in controlling anyone’s life except your own; who’d just like to be left out of other people’s “plans.”

Unfortunately, that will not be on the ballot, which is why I have decided to abstain. If I could write in Megillah Gorilla (or maybe Underdog) I would. They are benign constructs who pose no threat to me or you.

Unlike the other two.kool-aid-2

Ah well.

When caught in a rip tide, swimming is pointless. Sit back, enjoy the ride.

And, the Show.

Whatever happens tomorrow, EPautos will be around to dissect it. Which I can do because of you.

Some of you have really stepped up lately, especially Mason T, who I’d like to personally and publicly thank (effusively) for his recent donation. Thank you, sir.

And, to the rest of you.

I owe a bunch of you magnets, but am out and need to order a new batch. Please bear with. I have all your addresses (those who provided them)  and you will be getting what was promised. Things would run more efficiently around here if I had a nice (preferably female and preferably cute) intern to help with things.


Hang on tight. We’re in for for … interesting times.

EPautos.com depends on you to keep the wheels turning! Clovers hate us!

Goo-guhl blackballed us!

GM excommunicated us!

Will you help us?

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  1. I thought this was odd.

    “Voters in Colorado have approved a ballot measure to legalize assisted suicide.”

    Either it is just me, or the majority of Coloradans who have smoked a wee bit much pakalolo, but I was pretty sure assisted suicide was made legal in 1968 with the advent of the 911 system.

    Perhaps is wasn’t until 1997 when wireless phones were taxed to pay for 911.

    But I’m got-damned sure that it is legal in all 50 states. Dial 911 and die.

  2. Most of us have been voting all our lives. We put bread on our tables, roofs over our heads. Pay the bills and buy things using fiat currencies. These currencies are backed my nothing but organized violence. When you do so you become a blood soaked wretch and lose most of your moral legitimacy.

    How the fiat system works for dummies

    So vote. Don’t vote. Your not a victim here for the most part. Your a part of a predatory political body that initiates murder and mayhem throughout the world. It is that threat that backs most of the wealth you hold whether you initiate directly or by proxy.
    Don’t fool yourself that by not voting in elections you don’t vote in more important ways. Including using rag papers with blood soaked fiat icon faces upon them.

    Happy election auction human enslavement affirmation day nearly every bloody one of you.


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