Sow The Wind

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Apparently, the “heroes” in Ferguson are experiencing some blowback:

Reading about this, I thought of the comments made by Arthur “Bomber” Harris in response to criticisms made of his carpet bombing of German cities. Harris said: The Germans have sowed the wind; they are now reaping the whirlwind.”


  1. Yeah, it’s pretty ugly.
    At least it hasn’t gotten to the significantly crafty forms yet – drones, bombs, etc.

    There’s a theory, though, that this is a false flag. (Well, these days, what isnt? 😛 )
    Just another step to ruin the USA. Another call for, “turn in your guns.” Another reason to enhance the police state.

    Problem is, given what we KNOW of the US government – it’s just SO EASY to believe everything is a false flag or scripted op, we can’t even tell when someone HAS gone off the reservation. (Except me, I have no reservation. 😉 )


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