On Bill Meyer Show Today

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I’ll be on the Bill Meyer program (FM 106.7 & AM-1440 KMED Radio ) today (Friday) at 11:10 East Coast time. The station’s in Oregon, so if you’re on the West Coast, adjust your clock accordingly!

Also, I was a guest on Dayton Vause’s show last week and he sent me the audio file (MP3) but I can’t figure out how to convert it so I can post it here. Any computer-hip people out there who can help? I’d be much obliged.

Speaking of help – the month’s off to a slow start. We’re not far from the middle of the month but donations are only about 25 percent of goal (what it takes to keep this joint open/viable). Guys, I’ll be very honest with you: I am facing severe issues and if this site doesn’t generate enough to keep my head above the waterline, I will have no choice but to try something else.

The good news is it doesn’t take much on an individual basis; we just need more individuals to stand with us. It’s the ongoing problem. Thousands of regular visitors, but only a handful support the site. We really need people to do that, if this is going to remain a going concern.

Our donate button is here.

 If you prefer to avoid PayPal, our mailing address is:

721 Hummingbird Lane SE
Copper Hill, VA 24079

PS: EPautos stickers are free to those who sign up for a $5 or more monthly recurring donation to support EPautos, or for a one-time donation of $10 or more. (Please be sure to tell us you want a sticker – and also, provide an address, so we know where to mail the thing!)EPautoslogo








    • Hi Tor,

      Yeah, but that’s Bethesda Maryland… where $55,000 is pretty much minimum wage… I did my time in DC/Northern Va….

      Shit, I just want to effing survive out here in the woods.

      I had to let Dom (who handled all the technical stuff here; maintaining the site, etc.) go because I could not afford to pay him anymore. I’d be losing money on EPautos. It takes a couple hundred bucks each month just to keep the servers up. Just to give you some idea. In order for me to hire someone, I’d need to have prolly another couple hundred bucks each month for that.

      I’m very open to volunteers – in case anyone out there might be interested.

      And it could lead to a paying gig, if the site gets to the point that I can afford to do that.

      See this yet?


      • Just wildly spitballing of course. DC is the far and away the richest city in the US now. Maybe you return for a few months to do the ass out hug? Perhaps play a little game called “Just the tip” for just a second?

        Years ago I did get some interns for my friend that has a failing medical practice. But it was only a matter of taking a phone call and consenting to allow someone in authority stopping by near the end of his office hours one day. I don’t really know the deets, but its made him a lot happier. Sure, he’s still struggling, but it helps his ego tremendously I think and they do greatly help.

        He’s got them doing his billing. Making appointments. Maintaining his patient files. Doing his bookkeeping. Sterilizing his equip. Ordering supplies. Dispensing medications.

        Maybe you post an available internship somewhere online. Better still, someone does it on your behalf and you review it to make sure its what you want.

        Radford U in Radford, VA

        Ferrum College in Ferrum, VA

        Write for the Iron Blade at Ferrum

        Get a day job? Enlist a headhunter. Take a temp job. Temporary gig. The only downside to this is dignity probably. But owning a website with such high traffic actually sounds impressive. Let others fill in the blanks about the financial details as they will (when not speaking with your reluctant to pay viewers that is. the damn dirty apes.)

        Aerotek in Roanoke (540) 206-2556

        Renick Group – the right people in the right position

        Call today for a complimentary consultation! 540.890.3153

        The Roanoke and New River Valleys convey the feeling of a small-town living and presents the choice of an urban metropolis. The Region is a caring and spirited community where people unite to preserve its rich history, promote the common good and prepare for a strong future.

        It is a naturally beautiful place that offers panoramic views of the Blue Ridge skyline, city landscapes, mountain lakes and green space. The Renick Group works with many top employers throughout Southwest Virginia recruiting top talent to fill crucial roles in their organizations.

        Our recruiters have deep roots in the area, a large network of diverse and talented candidates and resources to find people all over the country, who would choose Roanoke as their choice spot for relocation.

        • I’m kinda at a junction, a fork in the road.

          I can’t take a “day job” and do this. This is a full-time job. It cant be be done part-time. I’m either in – or I’m out. And it’s what I’ve been doing for 25 years. Full-time/self-employed for almost 15 now. Going to work at some office? I don’t think I can anymore.

          Big scary problem is looming possibility of the wife and I splitting up, which means I lose the house and suddenly my cost of living goes way up.

          I’m pretty on edge, as you may imagine.

          • Maybe put “now hiring interns” on the front page, with an email of internsAtEpautos@yahoo.com or something?

            Any kind of “now hiring, accepting applicants” and suchlike drives a lot of traffic to a site. A different kind of traffic too, I’d wager.

            Its a potential bottomless pit of your time tho. Do the lowhanging fruit things that take little or no effort. Create the appetite for a meal you’ve not yet produced in full. If entrepreneurship was easy in this statist heckhole, more of us would be doing it.

            Maybe you charge people for what you’re teaching. Found your own school of journalism. Keep a cheatsheet of everyone that pays you, and reply to their comments first. Mentor them, Address their issues. The rest of us are just so much flotsam. Keep giving free samples, but limit them. Money talks and within reason, can guide your path.

            Get a free phone number for the site?

            I went thru a version of the fork a few years back. I said, “look, I don’t know what’s best for you. I don’t want to make anyone do anything against their will. You don’t owe me anything, we had a great life so far. Maybe you should ask me to leave, if so, that’s what I’ll do. My gut feeling is, all your problems and feelings of disappointment don’t have that much to do with me, however.

            Ask yourself this: What’s really going to be better if I’m not around. I get that I’m not as good as I once was. And I used to be a lot more competent, fun, and pleasant to be around. But I’m way older than you, and my pre-frontal cortex is drying out, and shriveling up, and I’m getting meaner and less focused every day. And that’s only going to continue. But look at everyone else we know, none of them are doing that hot either.”

            I don’t know why, but selling myself short has always worked for me. It’s the gimmick that keeps on giving. Kind of like the jelly of the month club in Christsmas Vacation.

            Then more recently, I suggested we’d be better off if we stayed together but divorced on paper. That way we’d both drop down into lower tax brackets, and we’d both be better off. Plus, I’m willing to accept whatever separation configuration, because I’ve never really cared.

            To be fair tho, there’s some things that are mine and in my family and part mine that she doesn’t know about. Plus she stands to inherit a decent chunk of $, and her family has zero debt, if that should happen.

            I do know that there’s lots of people here that want to do something. But they’re afraid. They have unreasonable expectations. They’re inhibited by all kinds of nonsense. They won’t admit how deeply screwed they really are, and make a leap of faith and visibly participate, to make a stand here and start doing something about all this. Like you’ve said, it’s such a small amount, but it’s absolutely essential that it the ferryman gets his price, so you can continue taking all of us to the other side.

            • Big Problem is… trust.

              I am extremely leery – for obvious reasons – about granting “backstage” access to the guts of EPautos to some random person who could fuck me three ways to Sunday.

              I’m kinda hoping one of the regulars here – whom I may not have met in person but whom I have come to trust – will step up….

            • Much as I dislike the idea, I’d consider selling the site to a person with means, ideally, who would keep it as is and pay me a salary as editor/writer. I’m just kinda wearing out and it is affecting everything in my life. I’m pretty sturdy, but eventually, the rivets start to pop…

  1. 03-13-15-FRIDAY-8AM
    Libertarian Car Guy Eric Peters, EPAutos.com,
    breaks down the Oregon trial plan for tax by mile, and the downsides to liberty.

    My Daddy Is A Liar

    Links to post Dayton Vause Show mp3 file on the internet so one of us can do something with it to make it available.


    You can share audio on your WordPress.com blog in a variety of ways on your site. Here are the options we support:

    • Thank you, Tor!

      I’ll be on another program today. I wish, wish, wish I had the means to hire someone to help me with is stuff. It’s not just that I’m not “hip” to how to do things like transmogrify an audio file to a format that can be posted here. I’m simply overwhelmed. Not enough time to do it all – let alone do it all well. There are all kinds of updates this site could use; we need more advertisers… but I’m just one guy and I’m already juggling too much just trying to keep my head above water….

      • Against your will, it’s guys like you that help maintain world peace, such as it exists. The American fiat banking system flushed the life savings of the world down the toilet. The UK/US ruling class promised to be a store of value for everybody, to hold all the gold in a New World HQ safe from wars and plunder.

        And then pissed away it all on advice of dogooder Christian douchebags who wanted a great society for freeeee throughout the world and to bring about a holy socialist paradise while ignoring every economic reality and simple justice.

        You’re the good christian soldiers being frog marched onward. By not protecting intellectual property. By letting every schmuck in the world post free versions of American media. Allowing everyone to make knockoffs of every American invention. By decreeing everything be built over theree.

        The wealth of the world still increases, and the fatheaded fatcats continue to get away with their ongoing heist of everybody’s wealth in the name of Jayzuss, Aymennh.

        Improving flow is the main objective of production. Remember: drum, buffer, flow.

        You’re Herbie in the Theory of Constraints

        Theory of Contraints – 5 Focusing Steps


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