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We’re a bit behind for the month so far.

Please see the other rant (here) I posted earlier this week about the pressure facing publishers these days to whore themselves out by agreeing to litter their sites with “SEO” keywords and “Sponsored Content” (the sponsored – whored out – part never overtly mentioned, in order to gull you into thinking it’s a legitimate article and not an attempt to smuggle in a product placement/pitch).EP magnet

I don’t do that.

There are ads here – but they are clearly ads. None of the articles you see here are things I’ve written because someone paid me to peddle some point-of-view or product.

This is not the Glen Beck Show.

There are no “SEO keywords” or “sponsored content.”

And never will be.

But we do have magnetized EPautos decals now!

These are pretty cool in that they are transferable from car to car (or toolbox or fridge). If they prove to be more popular than the original stickers, they’ll be the new default standard.

I’d love to hear from you guys about which you prefer! Also, whether there’s any interest in resurrecting the Throw it in the Woods! T shirts. I’ve been thinking about bringing them back, maybe as a special order/gift for people who’ve gone above and beyond as far as supporting the site (that’s you, MB and LG and Safe Ride!)… thoughts on this would also be welcome.

Meanwhile, thanks to all who’ve chipped in this month. Some of you really stepped up! We’re almost there – in the green – and with a little more help, we’ll make it again.

Thanks, everyone!


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PS: EPautos stickers – new design, larger and magnetic! – are free to those who send in $10 or more to support the site. Please be sure to tell us you want one – and also, provide a mailing address, so we can get the thing to you!EPautoslogo



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