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I was on the Bill Meyer show (KMED in Oregon) again yesterday; we talked about the Kein Geld Fur Rechts stuff and also the virtues of the camouflaged performance car (i.e., the Camry I recently reviewed).

The audio should be available here shortly.

The latest rant – just posted – about the fatwa issued by EPA announcing that carbon dioxide will henceforth be regarded as a “pollutant” will hopefully get some traction. This is a big deal.

Not my rant – the subject of the rant.

Labeling carbon dioxide a “pollutant” is exactly like labeling water a “carcinogen.”

It is dangerous idiocy.

But there is calculation behind this idiocy.

They have a plan.

This “climate change” schtick is their unanswerable trump card. The “problem” itself is literally undefined – the “climate” is perpetually “changing” –  and thus, the excuse to regulate (control and tax) is never-ending. If they get this one over on us, it’s all over for us.

So, help me get the word out. Tell people you know about this article – about any article you read here that you think is worth telling them about. You guys are my afterburners.

Help me pour some gas on the fire!

Also: We’re doing pretty decently for the month so far; it’s why I haven’t had to shake the cup so far this month. Hopefully, we’ll slide into the green (about 40-something percent left to go) over the next week-ish.

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