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I have the new (2017) Honda Ridgeline – and should have the Rant up shortly. It’s a much nicer-looking vehicle now (my opinion) and (objective fact) a much quicker vehicle than before. Ridgeline pic

So far, the only thing I’ve found out about that I don’t like is the next-to-useless mini-spare, which is inconveniently located under the bed liner. Not under the bed. Under the bed liner. You have to unload the bed to get at the tire.

Otherwise, I dig it.

What else is new? T shirts!

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  1. Actually saw one of these on the road today, and it is pretty nice looking. But I agree w/8, it’s not a pickup. Any more than the old Subaru Baja was. Fun, no doubt.
    But not a serious pickup.

    • PtB, old school like me, you don’t even call it a “truck”. The women my wife used to work with all had to have a pickup even though they had nothing to haul or tow. They referred to them as a truck. I hear guys now referring to their pickup as their truck.

      I bought a new truck last week. Oh yeah, did you keep your old one? Naw, I was going to let my nephew buy it but he backed out. Then you find out it was a “Raptor”.

  2. If you don’t have a full-size spare it isn’t a pickup. If it has a hole in the bed, it isn’t a pickup. I don’t know what it is……a make-believe yuppie-mobile pickup I suppose. Many times in shitty weather I took that under the bed spare out when I was going to haul a big load and threw it on top. Seems like you’re always bogged down in some water based crap like mud or snow when you have a flat….or those are the memorable ones anyway.

    I know I’m only speaking to the dedicated pickup owners and not the ones who have a pickup for “what-ifs”. Ever try pushing a pallet weighing a ton or a ton and a half gearbox up on the bed with a foklift with a hole in the bed? Nope, you won’t try or if you do you’ll be wishing it said Chevy or Ford or Dodge on the front.

    There are pickups and then there are wannabe’s for those who don’t know what a pickup really is. Anything without the rear axle driving it is not a pickup and if it doesn’t have 4WD isn’t a pickup worth having for most people I know.

    And the gooseneck mounts where?

    Looking at how the cab drops down in back I keep wondering why it’s not an SUV and just be done with it.

    Seriously, hauling sand? One of the heaviest thing you can haul. Two buckets in a Cat 980 H loader and you’re often overloaded with sand, 24 or 25 tons instead of the 23 you can legal out with. I guess pulling up and having that same loader drop the bed full of aggregate like I do with my pickups is out of the question.

    How many of these things do they sell per year?

  3. Regarding the spare, I don’t like the donut spare, but Honda has at least been thoughtful enough to include a method of clipping it to the front wall of the bed near the cab in case you’re carrying a full load of, say, sand and can’t access the under bed trunk. I think it requires a clip of some sort. Not a good solution, but an acknowledgement of a design flaw, or at least compromise. I wonder if you could use it to mount a full sized spare.

    • Hi SJ,

      I’ll check it out!

      Also, whether there’s room underneath the bed. I expect the problem is the under-the-bedliner storage bin. It takes up the space that would otherwise be available for a spare.

      A real one!


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