Formatting, Almost There… Plus Other Stuff

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Just an update on a few things, including the eBook – which I’m in the process of formatting. ETA to your mailbox…  fingers crossed, next week sometime!

I will be on Bill Meyer’s radio show next week, too – to talk about this Inspector Javert-like prosecution of VW executives. I have been a working car journalist for almost 25 years and I have never seen anything so vicious. It is very telling about the government’s priorities – with “keeping us safe” an incidental, at best.

Also, a heads up that one of our advertisers is offering a special discount to EPautos people only. Those high-powered Super Magnets (see the ad on the right hand side of the main page; or see here) are now under $10 bucks and there is an exclusive (EPAutos people only) 60 day love-’em-or-return-’em guarantee.

These things are pretty cool. I use them to keep cabinet doors securely closed – to keep my army of cats from batting them open and closed all night long (they love to do this). 

I am working on a similar “friend price” arrangement Valentine1, incidentally.

Stay tuned.

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