2017 Ford F250 Video Rant

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Here’s a quick initial impression walk-around of the 2017 Ford F250, which can be ordered with a 925 ft.-lb. PowerStroke diesel. Automotive News guys must be grinding their teeth . . . oh, the humanity!


  1. 🙁 What a shame.

    Aluminum? Gee…save a few hunnert pounds, and it doesn’t make a dimes difference in the MPGs. I’ve had trucks with the same engines and gearing that were more than 1000 lbs different and got the same mileage. It’s all in the gearing…

    And that has got to be the ugliest header (grill/headlights/edge of hood) I have ever seen! My ’99 F250 is a handsome truck. This $70K hi-tech Lord Fauntleroy Special is an abomination!

    No doubt has electronic automatic shut-off when the DTF fluid runs out or the emissions gives an improper reading to the CPU….. (Now we are seeing the true purpose of the electronics in these modern toys!)

    Is there anything left that they haven’t ruined yet?! No wonder old cars/trucks are selling for so much.

    Gotta respect Caterpillar at least. Uncle started crippling even big truck engines, so rather than play along and make a degraded product, they just got out of the truck engine market.

    Instead of technology being used to improve things, it’s being used to make things worse, and to deprive us of our control of what is ours, and our privacy. 🙁

    Well, enough of my Mary Poppins-like rant…. 😉


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