Vegas “heroes” Tazer, Then Choke-Hold-to-Death Unarmed Man

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Here’s another story of summary execution meted out to a man for the crime of failing to immediately “comply” with the “lawful orders” of “hero” law enforcers:

According to news reports, Tashii Brown-Farmer approached two Las Vegas Metropolitan Police officers inside the Venetian Hotel and Casino on the Las Vegas Strip. Stating that he was being chased by someone, Brown-Farmer requested help from “hero” Kenneth Lopera and a partner who has not yet been named. Although Brown-Farmer had a history of mental illness and was described as “acting erratically” at the time, there has been no indication or allegation that he was behaving violently at any time that night. He also was not armed, nor was there any indication that there reason to believe he might be armed.

Brown-Farmer attempted to get away from the “heroes” – who chased him through an employees’ area of the casino and eventually into the parking garage of the Venetian. There, Lopera caught up to Brown-Farmer and proceeded to taser, beat and eventually choke him to death.

In the end, Tashii Brown-Farmer was tasered seven times, punched repeatedly, and finally placed into a “rear naked choke” hold for over a minute until he was no longer conscious nor breathing. Shortly after, he was pronounced dead at the hospital.


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  1. Ever notice how police treat CITIZENS like livestock at the slaughter? They beat, bound, immobilize, electrocute and so often kill American CITIZENS with the same ruthlessness and efficiency of cattle before an abattoir.

    • Ever notice how the entire system from the so-called elite on down is set up to treat people as livestock? The cops are just doing the job they are trained to do on this giant human farm.


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