The New Dear Leader Mobile

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Here are some spy shots of the new Dear Leader Mobile, which GM is building . . . your tax dollars at work.


When the vehicle will be released to the federal government remains unclear, though the contract between the Department of Homeland Security and GM had a March 30 completion date.

David Albritton, executive director of global product development for GM, said contractual obligations with the U.S. government prevent the company from discussing details of the program.

The vehicle will replace a 2009 Cadillac presidential limo, nicknamed “The Beast,” that GM created and delivered after Barack Obama was inaugurated in 2009.

A new presidential limousine has been designed and engineered every four to eight years, with Cadillac being the most popular choice in recent administrations.

The latest limo undergoing tests represents an amalgamation of styling features from Cadillac’s current lineup. The back end and grille mimic the flagship CT6 sedan. The vehicle is expected to feature a reinforced frame similar to what’s on GM’s commercial truck line, but the sloping roofline is reminiscent of a Rolls-Royce coach.

What’s under the hood is far less certain, especially since vehicle technology and security requirements have changed dramatically since the early days of the Obama administration.

How the limousine will be outfitted remains under wraps; Trump’s current presidential limo has an armor-plated fuel tank, bullet-proof tires, fire-suppression systems and military-grade armor surrounded by fiberglass. Additionally, the current presidential limo is equipped with encrypted satellite access, weapons and medical supplies.

“The car may say Cadillac, but very little in that car is Cadillac,” one secret agent said of Obama’s “Beast” in 2013.

Still, the Beast is an upgrade from Trump’s former Cadillac limousine, which was sold for $68,261 at a Bonhams sale earlier this year in England.

GM accepted the contract for the latest presidential limo in September 2013, long before the 2016 election was decided. Until its release, Trump will continue using the executive branch’s current fleet of Cadillac presidential limousines.

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  1. The likely reason for the delay is because the designers had to increase the headroom. They designed for the biggest head they thought was out there with Obama, but turns out that wasn’t enough. Fortunately they had planned for sufficient hip room given the ass they expected to win in November’s elections.


    You have to wonder, why get rid of a functioning vehicle? I’ll bet there’s pretty meticulous maintenance schedules, and in-house mechanics (after all there’s official White House gardeners) who probably are highly skilled and compensated to keep el Presidente’s ride moving. Optics, I guess.

    And even though this was in the works since before Trump, couldn’t he shut down the program so that he could actually make a symbolic gesture toward cutting back waste? Oh never mind…

  3. I wonder how many of those we get to pay for. There’s at least 2 Air Force 1’s. Will those be replaced too? Don’t know as I’d want to ride on anything made for BO since unfriendlies might have some knowledge of the specs. Just sayin. The “other side” is taking everything very badly.

    • There are replacements in the works for the air force one planes. The Marine one helicopters were going to be replaced, but after spending muti-millions, the program failed! How do you fail at buying copters? Well, the feds can. Can’t just buy off the shelf stuff for our “leaders” can we?

      • One story going around a while back about Marine One replacements was they were going to be foreign made. That might be the “fail”.