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I received the love note below from an admirer and thought I’d share it with you. I personally would prefer admirers who can construct a complete sentence and complete a coherent train of thought. 

Feel free to send him love notes in return!

From: Andrew <blueyedvegan@gmail.com>
Subject: Why are you such a jew worshipping idiot?
My Question:
US law “enforcement” trains in israel with federal grants, learnt from murdering, stealing the land of and abusing Palestinians.
Another communist/clueless idiot (yet useful to someone, hmmmm, whom could it be?) on some mindless backwater website linked to ziohedge (run by the now rich son of a commie from Bulgaria).
So again.
How can you be so misinformed and be such a fucking clueless moron?
Unless of course you are a zio/commie faggot who sucks jew cocks.


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      • Mike, and I didn’t even notice. Dumbass comes across with nearly any spelling. I had to look again, oh yeah, he left the m out which is sorta perfect when writing dumbass. You coulda had 3 s’s and I probably wouldn’t have noticed but kudos to you on your eventual catch. If yu notic I dont evr missspel anythang.

        This is a two-parter(that’s what she said anyway) and this is for eric. Dear eric, I notice you didn’t respond to Andrew’s concise and eloquent points. What up bra?(I get this a lot in texts from young guys….lol)

        I got owned just the other day on this same subject. A friend mentioned Rand Paul and by the time I got my eyes rolled down out of my skull and swallowed that bit of throwup I responded to him. Rand Paul is a Zionist sucking cunt who worships at the temple of $. The pic of him at the wailing wall with big ol crocodile tears streaming down his face and him looking the part of a poor and dirty pilgrim was enough to keep me nauseous all day and into the next.

        Reply: You’re an anti-Semite.

        That was it, the reply was short and sweet. It was taken right off Faux News I’m sure since my cousin said the same thing about me when I criticized Congress as they shat on the Constitution and all committed a treasonous act by letting the leader of another country address them. They should have all been hung right then and there. Let’s not let something like treasonous crimes to the Constitution get in our way of supporting a Zionist killing machine though. The fact that the MSM in Israel is just like the one here and doesn’t even mention Jews who don’t agree with cold-blooded murder get in the way. If you listen to Faux News long enough you won’t even know that all Jews are not Zionists nor all Zionists Jews…..but let’s not let a fact get in the way of denouncing anything Billy O spews forth.

        • Great observation Eight, with all the pissing and moaning sideshow about Russia nobody wants to notice that our entire Congress should be hanged for the treason of putting the interests of a foreign gunvermin ahead of our own. To point this out immediately gets you branded as a hater, anti-Semitic (whatever the hell that’s supposed to mean), etc.,etc. I had hoped Trump might be able to turn this around but looks like he got turned instead. Sigh…once again glad that I am old.

        • “…Faux News …”

          Yeah, I’m with you! I get my info from CBS, NBC and ABC just like my granddaddy did. He told me that all I ever needed was Cronkite and maybe Brinkley to let me know what was important.

          I really wish we could get back to just those 3 networks. That’s all we actually need. We have no idea how good we had it back then.

          • yeah well, except they made the news up to suit the PTB just like always. Rather once said “The news is what we tell you it is”. You have to remember I remember when Kennedy was gunned down and the lying has never slowed a bit, not from the ones who did it or the one who reported it.

            I recall a couple years ago when Dallas opened their Kennedy museum and they were still pushing that old crap that Congress put to bed in the 80’s . Alex Jones was doing a live broadcast from there. A big black cop ran over and beat shit out of him, went back to the mayor, police chief and other honchos there and high fived em. Don’t speak truth to power.


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