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I will be on Bill Meyer’s show in Oregon today – 9:30 east coast; tune in if you can or check back here later for the audio clip.

A new chapter of Doomed – the book I have been working on for the past several years – should be up by the end of the week. And the other book is supposed to be going out today.

I know some of you are wondering…

It is out of my hands. I turned the thing over to a guy to format – including a companion audio version I did, so people can listen to it or read it, as they prefer. But that was weeks ago and I am still waiting and so are you.

A thousand pardons.

It is an Internet Age hassle. In the Old Days, I’d hand off the manuscript to a publisher and – shazam! – a few months later, the book would be in print. Now, it’s all this computer/online crap that is both beyond my ken and out of my control. I can write the thing. I can’t format the thing. I have neither the skills nor the time, in between everything else. If I had the time, I might try to learn – but one dude can only do so much.

Again, I apologize for this. I am extremely OCD and deadline-minded. I get things done. It appalls me when deadlines are missed and things do not get done. But – again – it is out of my control.

Like a got-damned “self driving” car.


So, thanks in advance for your patience. The thing damned well better be in your hands before the end of the week. Or extreme measures will have to be brought to bear.

Hail Our Ford and his Flivver!


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