Almost at the Finish Line…

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We’re really close to making it out of the Red.

As of this morning, about 84 percent of the pie chart is Green. You guys know I dislike making these occasional appeals – and I only make them when we have a slow-ish month, as now.

Your support annoys Clovers; consider that! The more people this site reaches, the more people come here, the greater the carpet chewing annoyance among the government-snuggler set.

That alone ought to be priceless!


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  1. Reeeeeee!! says the clover.


    D L Self In reply to eric.

    I’m going through a nasty divorce myself…better to throw her some “Galimony” than have such a ”Female”(generous use the term) underfoot I’d say.

    Even enduring 35% of my take-home pay going out the gate to her is still worth my piece of mind.

    ::OJ rant edited::

    The trouble is the defense team’s rhetoric introduced ample reasonable doubt in the juror’s minds. They successfully impugned the integrity and professionalism of the LAPD.

    Especially Fuhrman was discredited. The validity of the forensic evidence, and the whole ‘bloody glove’ thing was MASTERFULLY pulled off by Johnny Cochrane and associates.

    Sure Mr. Cochrane was just some showboating jive-ass with a law degree. But he did exactly what OJ paid him and the rest of the “Dream Team” gazillions of dollars to do.

    Cochrane demonstrated, quite vividly with his non-fitting glove skit, there was clearly REASONABLE DOUBT.

    He also introduced doubt that Simpson had both the time and ability to take out Nicole and Ron at the murder scene being a year old man man with only a knife and without any signs of significant resistance by either of the victims.

    The state still has to overcome the presumption of innocence. Although we may not like it, it’s what keeps the State from simply running roughshod over whomsover it doesn’t ‘like’.

    One many as well resurrect Herr Doktor Roland Freissener or Andrei Vishinsky and have them sit as judges, if we’re going to disregard the principle of presumption of innocence.

    • I remember being amazed that the glove demonstration passed muster with the jury. OJ was given a thick rubber glove to wear to protect his hand from contact with the blood the glove was soaked in and he also flexed his hand wide while pretending to try to pull the glove from the evidence inventory on over the rubber glove.

      It was so obviously phony a demonstration that the way the prosecution let it stand made them appear to be part of the defense team.

      • Yeah, I recall that joke being used and realized the prosecutors were even bigger idiots than they had let on to that point.

        It was hysterical stupidity to countless millions and I had to wonder if the prosecution had simply taken the bribe.

        • 8, during the trial, some people I knew kept pointing out Cochran’s violations of procedure which were allowed by Ito after the prosecution failed to even raise objections. Cochran isn’t a brilliant attorney. He had a role to play and he managed with the help of the prosecution team to pull it off.


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