Reader Q (August 14, 2017)

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Here’s the latest reader Q – along with my reply! 

Daniel asks: 

I purchased a Valentine1 radar detector several years ago based on your recommendation and could not be happier with it – thanks for recommending a great product! Do you have a dashcam that you recommend? I like some of the GPS display models, but when they display the speed you are going, it doesn’t seem wise to have that recorded. Nothing like the car accident caused by someone pulling out in front of me become my fault because I was going 66 in a 65 zone.  
My reply: 
I’ve used a Contour Roam – which is inexpensive, really simple and has a Picatinny rail – and it worked ok but the video had a fish-bowl look and the sound quality was poor. GoPros are much better, but not cheap. However, the prices have come down – and the quality of the video and audio is top drawer.
Lately, I’ve been using a Samsung “full HD” unit. It is not a dashcam per se – but can be used like one. The video and audio quality are excellent; the unit is also very compact (about the size of a Blackberry phone; smaller than most current smartphones) and it’s easy to use. The chief downside is no easy way to mount the thing in a car. No Picatinny rail. I suppose you could make something that would work.
I wish I had better advice on this one. I’m hoping one of the Regulars here who knows more about this stuff will chime in!
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