“Hero” Assaults Nurse for Failing to Perform Illegal Blood Draw

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This one will enrage you – if you have any humanity left to enrage. A “hero” cop demands that a nurse at a hospital perform a blood draw on an unconscious accident victim, despite the absence of a warrant and other legal necessaries:

The nurse presents the “hero” with a printed out page detailing the legal requirements for drawing blood. The “hero” responds by assaulting her and shoving her up against a wall, cuffing her and and placing her under arrest.

Will there be any consequences for this “hero’s” actions?

Why are we tolerating this?


  1. Follow up on this story.


    The hero actually got fired, his boss got demoted. The nurse has now accepted a half million dollar settlement and it seems to be over. Money collected from the city and the university, of course that means the people paying are taxpayers.

    Ironically enough, the patient the nurse was trying to protect was a part time reserve hero from Idaho. He was injured when driving a semi-trailer truck (guess he had to have a real job). He was hit by a pickup truck driver fleeing other hero’s. He later died from his injuries. I imagine taxpayers will be paying a settlement to his estate at some point too.

    • Hi David,

      It’s depressing that everyone seems to be so paralyzingly deferential toward these “heroes.” Read Solzenitysn. If just one man had stepped up and said, no….

      • So true. Wishing more people get incarcerated makes things worse. Each of us must be our own heroes whenever possible.

        Ideally government solutions can be avoided.

        Cut them out of your life. Stop thinking government is the answer and find or create alternatives.

  2. Yeah…ONLY after FIVE WEEKS, when this outrage FINALLY was publicized nationwide, are the mayor of SLC (Ms. Bipuski) and the SLC PD Chief “regretful” for what happened. BALONEY. They’re embarrassed and trying to soft-pedal this outrageous behavior from one of Salt Lake City’s “Finest”. Were I that dear woman’s husband, I’d had cornered that pig, grabbed him and dragged him into a car, giving him a few punches on the way..but besides satisfying a natural sense of outrage, all that’d earned would be arrest (after, of course, a thorough ass-kicking while his cop buddies scream ‘stop resisting’! repeatedly as they batter me with batons and taser me several times for good measure because I DARED to lay a hand on one of their ‘own’) and a likely extended stay at the Utah State Prison in Draper.
    The only thing that I’ll hand to that badged cretin is that at least he let her go without booking her, so she doesn’t have an arrest record, nor did he try to stick her with bogus charges of “assaulting a peace officer” and/or “resisting arrest”. What an asshole.
    What folks that ski or otherwise partake of winter sports, or take in the mountain hiking and biking there, is to let Mayor Bipuski and the SLC Chamber of Commerce know that if this officer, his supervisor, AND the Chief aren’t fired, post-haste, then we will NOT visit “Yew-Tah”, and especially not fly into SLC or drive there! None of our tourist dollars as long as these assholes are on the force!

  3. You won’t find much freedom, tolerance nor kindness at hospitals these days. They are all caught up in robbing people, or at least inmost states
    The Tx Justice League has been trying to reform the much raped DWI victim but since the big financial hit taken with a DWI in Texas is what amounts to an unpayable, at least for most, amount of money that goes to hospital trauma depts.

    Several bills have been written to remove this cost in the last year but they mainly die in committee.
    Just a whiff of reform regarding this and much overpaid administrators go beserk and it ends quickly.

    Also in some states like Texas, the hospital has the final say on many rights that up until 3 years ago could only be decided by the patient or family.

    We now have doctors, mainly the administrative type, who literally play god.

    If that’s not bad enough women who give birth there have no say in such cases as vaccinations. Newborns are commonly given every vaccine available, never mind the fact that human babies don’t develop an immune system till they’re 6 months old.

    People without insurance and many who do find vaccinations being forced on their children, recently identified as the acute cause of autism.

    All too often hospitals are just gussied up institutions of incarceration and torture.

  4. On the plus side, this video is floating around both right and left wing websites, both sides showing anger to the police (at least this individual hero anyway).

    Hoping the hospital is defending this nurse but organizations like this can be so squirrely in this day and age.

    • Actually saw this video on the network “news” last night, so if the MSM felt obligated to show it maybe there’s still a sliver of hope that those not anesthetized by fuuuuuuuutball will give some pushback to the fascist police state. The report said the pig was put on “paid administrative leave”, otherwise known as paid vacation. I screwed up on my job once and was given an actual suspension, a couple days off WITHOUT pay to help focus my attention ?. This little piggy should be fired; the report also said the nurse hired a lawyer to sue the bastard, but of course that will eventually come out of the taxpayers, not the guilty s.o.b.

      • Sports, goddammit, more bullshit.

        My best friend who Won’t do Internet is still caught up in “them/us” horseshit.

        I was speaking of a movie (fiction)with Jack Nicholson and what a great job he did with his character. Since he doesn’t watch movies, he’s fairly clueless about anything but sports. College and pro Fb and BB he knows forward and backward.

        I said Jack, a guy I don’t know or hang with, did a great job in The Departed describing his character as being a ruthless mob boss working both sides.
        So he says Jack plays parts well being a mean guy since mean guys are generally cast in those roles.

        Then he points out how mean Jack really is in real life due to the way he acts at “home” games for the Lakers and how he gets away with things other people would be ejected from the venue doing the same thing.

        No doubt if I just happened to appear in a Courtside seat at a Lakers game I probably would end up in jail.

        He fails to understand the MSM and the Lakers eat that shit up and he’s more likely to get a medal than a hassle…….and the locals there including the cops are one with his antics.

        But he specifically said Jack was most likely really a bad guy since he plays one well in several roles.

        What a stretch since my friend has some sort of real attachment to the Spurs who he’s never seen in person. Any team he likes is considered “us” and all others are the enemy.

        I change subjects ASAP since it’s such a ludicrous position for some one who should be more concerned over more important things.

        Dammit, we lost last night. Oh who were ya’ll playing against? Oh, it was my neighbor and I trying to save our cats and livestock from the coyotes and big cats.

        I can get on board with the them and us thing when it really concerns me.

        He cusses old injury from working cattle and such but sees glory from shit that’s about to kill him now from a game nobody but he will remember him playing .

        • Morning, Eight!

          I shut down sports talk, have no tolerance for it all – to the point of being overtly rude. I just don’t care any longer. If a guy starts up with sports talk, I tell him: I don’t follow sports, sorry. Cue blank stare. If they persist, I walk away. Don’t care, not interested. Having to endure the sound of men constantly talking sports – and only sports – seemingly everywhere one finds men is infuriating and depressing at the same time. It is a neon sign advertising the gelding of the male mind. Keep them focused on irrelevance so that they never get agitated about their lot, the lot of their fellow men – the abuses being done to them by other men. Politics, philosophy? Never!

          Just the got-damned game.

  5. At least there still is a hospital that still has a privacy policy and tries to enforce it. My local hospital would just do it. They are being sued by the man who had it happen to him, I doubt he will ever get justice for that.

    Does anyone know if the police got the sample they were looking for?

  6. Will there be any consequences for this “hero’s” actions?
    Probably not. He was just following official policy. (Isn’t that why the nurse was manhandled & put into the squad car. Just following hospital protocol.)

    Why are we tolerating this?

    Most people are too busy with their own lives to bother with things that does not directly affect their lives. Unfortunately, this makes it easier for these types of events to occur.


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