How to Get Back to Where We Started From

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If you’ve ever gone for a hike in the deep woods you have probably gotten lost at some point along the way. You thought you were still on the trail but weren’t – and hadn’t been, for some time. By the time you realize you’re no longer following the trail, you’re already lost.

Now comes the time time to find your way back.

It is often a slow process but you won’t make any progress until you realize you are lost and that you must find your way back. That is the first step – which is psychological and necessary before the first physical step can be taken.

We have been lost for some time, as a nation.

It has taken a long time to realize we are lost. Many of us still do not realize it. But more are realizing it, as the trail ahead dead-ends at the edge of a cliff.

This is a start – and it’s the essential one. Finding the way back will not be easy and it will not be quick. But we will never get there if we don’t start and now is just the time to begin our journey.

It begins with each of us.

We start by deciding we will no longer tread the path of following others, without questioning why we ought to – and not proceeding unless we are given sound answers. It proceeds by accepting that the only rightful authority we have – that anyone has – is over ourselves. To decide for ourselves and never for others. We best care for our fellow man by respecting him and it is the essence of being disrespectful to push the path that seems right for you on someone else.

Each must choose – and their choice must be respected.

We take the next step by caring for ourselves and those we are responsible for. We do what we know we must – and do not expect others to be responsible when we fail to do it. Our achievements – and failures – are of our own making. Life may not be fair sometimes. But it is unfair to make it so.

If we are men, we strive to be gentle men. The word – divided in two and the predicate in italics to make the meaning plainer – doesn’t mean a mousy man. It does not mean a snappy dresser. It means a man who has the capability and the willingness to be fierce when called for but chooses to be gentle when it is not, most especially to those who are weaker than he. A man is gentle toward women and children and respectful toward other men. He is civilized – unless civility is challenged. He is ferocious in the face of the enemies of civilization and will defend the latter whenever the need arises. Such a man understands that which we tolerate we are condemned to endure.

We ought to recover the gold standard our forefathers – if they were good men – lived by, that being to say what we mean and stand by what we say. That our word is our bond and when that currency is established, it is of far more value than any signed contract. We honor our word by living up to it. And by expecting of others the same. By not abiding those who do not live up to it. Liars will lie again. The untrustworthy are not trustworthy. Forgiveness is earned by repentance – and action.

The path grows clearer as we re-learn to rely on ourselves rather than those who pretend to care for us but who only care about controlling us. We show our kids how to care for themselves and for others. How to do rather than depend. To act rather than wait to be told how and when.

We build our own networks – all of them mutually agreeable and none of them founded upon force. We associate with those we wish to associate and who wish to associate with us; we never insist that anyone associate with us or with anyone else. We accept that our likes – and dislikes are just as valid as other people’s likes and dislikes and that not being liked – or not liking – is only truly harmful when it is enforced.

As we make our way through the brush, we come at last to where we once were. To that place marked by a sign that says, live – and let live. It marks the trail we lost, so long ago but which we have found again, at last.

If we’re willing to look for it. If we’re willing to head back the way we came.

. . .

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  1. This article has deep wisdom. It really does. The only problem is getting the not-so-good men (and women) to go along with it. We don’t care if somebody *wants* the government to dictate everything about their life. The problem is when those people want to force others to do so as well.

    • Hi XM,

      I’ve come to accept that all I can change in a fundamental self is myself. And that may change others within my nimbus. I think this is how good parents raise good children. What we do does affect others. And what we do, collectively, has a big effect upon us all…

  2. Somewhat on topic, given “We associate with those we wish to associate and who wish to associate with us.”: Legalization of prostitution.

    Here is a positive move, if it occurs, though California will probably fuck it up. As some cop says in the article, there is a still a black market for pot, even though it was legalized. This is undoubtedly because they taxed the hell out of it, like so many used to advocate.

    • Morning, BaDnOn!

      Yup. Transactions – all of them – ought to be entirely between the parties freely consenting to them. If I wish to sell my time/labor/skill to someone who wishes to pay me for it at a rate mutually agreeable, that’s the our arrangement and no one else’s business. The same for a woman and her customer in the circumstances mentioned. Whether I or someone else approves is entirely irrelevant. Or rather, dangerous, if acted upon.

      • There’s a reason why I thank the cashier when I check out at the grocery store, and the cashier returns their thanks at the same time. We are both thankful we able to have a mutually beneficial exchange.

      • Well said, Eric.

        So many times I see that so-called “conservatives” aren’t really so different than “liberals”, save the objects of their prohibition efforts differ. They often both espouse interference in personal and/or professional transactions, and when one contrived group becomes a proponent of something, the other becomes its opponent.

        With this, an equilibrium of full-spectrum limitations and prohibitions is established.

  3. Good luck Eric. Somehow I don’t think it will happen.

    Oh,,, the side video of eleven traits of a ‘real’ man was obviously written by a woman and that has been a major problem with ‘real’ men over the last 100 years many males raised by single mums and educated by mostly women.

  4. There is a long list of evil people who are (expletives deleted) that need to have their empty heads stoved in.

    It is murder committed by these goons and there is going to be hell to pay. Not going to be much fun for those brain-dead fools, not anymore. They are doomed. They have done it to themselves.

    Crimes against humanity have consequences.

    Millions have been physically injured and mentally traumatized.

    The bodies are stacking as high as Charles Manson wanted to see happen.

    Millions are also in denial, they do not want to believe that a planned democide has been attempted.

    A democide that is not working as well as expected.

    The guilty will be punished, and there are perpetrators who are definitely guilty. You can’t feel sorry for them, nor will you.

    You cannot forgive nor can you forget, impossible to do.

    A good friend for more than 30 years was willing to receive the jab, the useless worthless drug.

    I wasn’t about to let it happen, advocate, the friend doing anything of the sort. If the friend would die after receiving the quackzine that does kill, it would probably be an overwhelming emotional reaction. Couldn’t take it.

    That was in the beginning, now I’m sure the old mechanic is happy to still be here instead of getting the clot shot and shuffle off into eternity.

    Quaffing a few today.

  5. #1, so happy to see the comment reply indenting back

    #2, the culture referred to in this article has gone from one instructed to young ones by family, neighbors, and social & religious institutions to where these things are increasingly being replaced by the government.

    Where are the examples of hard work, study & interaction? They now manifest as complaints of inequality, welfare & social media (which we know is run by govt)

    We are constantly being barraged about how bad life is, and we are getting the degradation of society as a response to the increased acceptance of this viewpoint.
    There are more reasons and causes than I can define, but I see it.

  6. That was beautiful, succinct and poignant, Eric!

    I think something that has long been forgotten is to “…say what we mean and stand by what we say. That our word is our bond…”. As also said in your meme: “A real man respect you and himself enough to NEVER tell lies, even about the small things.”.

    I think this has not only been forgotten, but in our current culture, the clever liars, con-men and grifters are actually revered! People think they are cool. THIS must be changed.

    Also, the further I go into my homesteading journey, the more I think that I’m lost, and I don’t know what the hell I’m doing. But also I believe there is nowhere else I’d belong or rather be. 😉

    Great article again, Eric.

      • Hi John.

        The second is preventing yourself from walking in circles. When ever you see people (or civilizations) in our dire situation ask yourself, who benefits? That gives you an idea of the enemy, as well as a starting point to examine their weakness. William S Lind has many insights into what comes next.
        Good luck to us all. We are all going to need it.

        • “Who benefits” is the first key to understanding EVERYTHING that people do, especially the Psychopaths In Charge, not just finding YOUR way.

  7. great article Eric, and great writing as well.
    The real man has been under attack for a long time. 30-40 years?
    It is simply to divide and conquer.
    My dad was one for sure, even with his faults as we all have.
    I believe I am one and I believe I am teaching the next Gen as well. My brothers are for sure.
    I have learned I do not like, nor belong in Metro areas, we are outnumbered, with regular ‘attacks’ by ‘others’. Yet, in my rural area, real men outnumber the rest. It is refreshing and life changing.
    I only wish I would have ventured earlier. And now why I am teaching my kids and their peers to get out of Metro areas.
    Some say that I am abandoning the problems for greener pastures, and that I need to stay and fight. I have struggled with this. My conclusion is the metro areas are lost, and un-winnable. These metro’s will bring the fight to the rural folk and that’s where I will draw the line.

    • Exquisite, Chris! Yes, the metropolises are cesspool’s of decay, and I believe those are worth their carbon will be compelled to flee to somewhere they’ll be free to thrive.

      Those parasites who wish to remain in cities will eventually come to realize that their hosts have fled, and may pursue, if only to extract blood.

      But they cannot prevail. They haven’t the gumption. 😉

    • “Yet, in my rural area, real men outnumber the rest.”
      You may also notice that such men are not often intent on inflicting their notions on others. That they may vehemently disagree with you, but respect you enough not to cast judgement upon you. I don’t have a racist bone in my body. A couple of my neighbors do. And I’ve often expressed my notions. But we manage to get along and trust each other anyway.

      • Yes John, and why I say it’s refreshing. So instead of getting chastised at every turn in the metro area, my new rural neighbors say things like ‘we need you here, we need you and your ideas/actions in this community’ and even, ‘we know where you came from and we know that you have seen the bad, and we want to avoid it like the plague that it is, you will see it coming’. They are correct, and I already have ‘advised’ them about such and such morphing. I’ve seen it time and time again.
        In the first few years in my rural place, they kept an eye on me, but did not engage, and I stayed quiet. After a few years, they realized I was like them, and started engaging and asking questions. These people push out the bad. Seen it.
        So my metro friends all ask questions but few will act, just human nature. But I know that there are a 1000 towns like this in the middle of the country.

    • Hi Libertyx

      If you simply ignore the political class of course their enforcers will overwhelm you.
      But there are different ways to participate… There are also different ways to undermine and subvert. The entire coercive system is based on the illusions/delusions of “authority”. Lacking those they must rule rather than govern. Which history has shown isn’t nearly as effective. Not to mention that the Empire has lost every war its been in since WWII. There are various reasons for that. There are a great number of people outside of the urban hives who will refuse to be ruled.
      Become ungovernable.

  8. Excellent, Eric!
    Society no longer values humility, which is one of the most valuable traits anyone can have, as it largely affects everything else. Instead, we now have a world awash with entitlement, presumption, and ‘self esteem’. Yeah…how’s THAT working out?!

    Manly gentleness is possessing strength and capability, but only exhibiting those traits in an aggressive manner when it is necessary to resist evil or maintain liberty. Meekness does not equal weakness, but rather the is the strength to restrain oneself when you have the ability to use your power to advance yourself or hinder another, but not the moral right. Or in some cases, even having the right, but choosing not to avail oneself of it for the benefit of others.

    Jesus Christ is the perfect example of meekness, gentleness and humility, while possessing ultimate power and the right to use it. The diametric opposite of everything politicians stand for.

      • No kidding with the “UFOs.” This just in from the Ministry of Truth: “Military Generals Won’t Rule Out Aliens!” Also: “Victory is within measurable distance in the war against East Asia” (or is it Eurasia?).

        Existence on earth seems to get more and more surreal on a daily basis with these lying sociopaths.

        • HAhaha! Been waiting for the UFO psyop since the 80’s. I think I’ve mentioned it hear several times before- the very last step in their setting up of the NWO- “Oh, we’re under attack by little green men! We all need to band together under a world government in order to mount a workable defense! Danger, Will Robinson!”…and so forth…

      • Hi Eric.

        Whats going to be funny is when those “aliens” invade and then get arrested by the Galactic Police. “This star system is under interdict until it matures. You have violated statute 387.5 of the Galactic Code. ” 🙂

  9. Forgive my snark regarding yesterday’s superbowl: It was all about race. (Gee, let’s point out this is the first superbowl lead by a black QB for each side-Wow!) I’m sorry, I’m done hearing about race, race, race any longer.
    I was at the gym last week working on the bench press. An African-American guy starting a conversation to which he spewed his hate and full racism while suggesting that Jesus is coming back to right the wrongs of slavery. Besides a creepy conversation, I de-escalated with him and tried to tell him it is how we treat each other in life and what we might have to answer for will get us into heaven. He went back to his workout.

    Bite-me and his Democrat-Marxists have filled this country with hate. Can’t leave it for 60 minutes of football and every commercial selling God knows what. I’m not a citizen of a country any longer but a Kulak within a former country, and damn proud of it.

    • Amen, Hans! I don’t watch football…but this is no longer my country and these are not my people. Might as well be living on Mars. There’s nothing here for me; I have nothing in common with these ‘Americans’.

    • Please keep in mind that the Kulaks of about a century ago were at first robbed by Lenin under “War” Communism, then let alone under his “New Economic Policy”, which was actually leaving the farmers and businesses the hell alone, as the Soviet Union, after this idiocy and years of civil war, was starving and on the verge of yet another revolution. Then, once Stalin was “large and in charge”, he decided to proceed apace with the “Collectivization”, and simply MURDERED the Kulaks, as they were by then considered enemies of the “people”.

      Yes, yesterday’s “Stupor Bowl” was nothing but a glorified Negro-fest which overshadowed a football game that, for a change, was well-played and of itself watchable. Not that I had any “dog in the hunt”, my “Forty Whiners” (49ers) had their “wheels fall off” a fortnight prior. I find it interesting that the much ballyhooed “black” winning QB, Patrick Mahhomes, with a different hairstyle, could “pass” himself off as white, not that it really matters to yours truly, but that he was raised by his white mother and her mother, so, culturally, what IS he? Only he knows, and truly, that’s his own business. The halftime show featured primarily a Trinidadian chanteuse, Robin Rhianna Fenty, aka “Rhianna”, and her all-African dance chorus. At least all of them, Ms. Fenty included, were dressed modestly, the NFL sure as hell didn’t want another “wardrobe malfunction”! I actually watched the game on my cell phone on the Fox app; my recuperating son had his friend over and they were content to entertain themselves with things other than footy-ball. I kept the sound off during halftime; there was nothing of Ms. Fenty’s that I cared to listen to; was simply curious as to what the NFL considers acceptable entertainment!

      The lot of are right…in the eyes of the PTB, this is NOT “your” country anyway, save that you’re expected to literally “slave” away and provide for this pampered class of DC’s pets, black Americans. I’m glad that quite a few black Americans are utterly disgusted by that and seek their own self-reliance anyway! I’d favor “white separatism” as a remedy, after all, if non-whites don’t like us and that “racism” is encouraged, then why inflict my presence upon them? Ah, but you see, THAT is also “racist”, to simply seek company of only white folks that feel likewise. No matter what, by default, I’m considered a “White Supremacist”, save that I endlessly display fealty to “woke” culture and continually apologize for who I can.


      • My daughter had it on to watch commercials- I glanced at the screen and blurted,”Is that a Klan rally?” At the sight of the red robed leader and the white robed and hooded twerk “dancers”… wife and daughters were suitably impressed…

    • Players at all levels of sports have become quite undignified. The ghetto culture has completed its infection, IMHO.

      Here in the buckle of the Bible belt ball fields are occupied nearly year round. “Keep the Sabbath day Holy” unless it’s travel baseball, or Dixie Youth baseball, or soccer…

      • Reminds me of a scene from The Simpsons:

        [Ned Flanders kids ask him to join in a game at a community picnic]
        Ned: “Sports on a Sunday….I’ll have to ask Reverend.Lo….”
        [Voice of Rev. Lovejoy off-camera]
        “Just play the damn game, Ned!”

  10. Like the last lockdowns?….new ones are coming…….

    Climate Lockdowns: 15 minute cities are coming

    The “15-minute city” is a key concept in Agenda 2030.
    Climate change and the environment are words used to justify changing our world into a climate prison. You will not be able to leave your designated zone or district without punishment.

    They will track what you eat, your movements, and who you interact with. Your home and your life will become a prison. Watch this video and see what they have in store for us all.

    • 15-Minute City Insanity Is Only ‘Climate Change’ Lockdown Madness

      “We are fast approaching the stage of the ultimate inversion: the stage where the government is free to do anything it pleases, while the citizens may act only by permission; which is the stage of the darkest periods of human history, the stage of rule by brute force.” – Ayn Rand

      Preparation, trials, and implementation of these atrocious prison-system cities are fully underway, and are being planned and sold as a public ‘good,’ an atrocious and deceptive lie.

      This is simply a climate lockdown trial meant to prepare the citizenry for continuous lockdowns, or more accurately, a minor existence in incarceration centers. Keep in mind that the plot to control the world depends on concentrating populations into smaller centers, with exhaustive technological measures of government regulation and authority that will require complete and total surveillance of all.

      This will be based on the ‘climate change’ lie, and world domination depends on a controlled, digital monetary system, that is also being structured by the central banking systems worldwide, and privately run by the ruling class. Once the centralized bank digital currencies become reality, all freedom will end. The idea and implementation of controlled digital currencies is anathema to all liberty, and is mandatory for state control.

      Without mass resistance to this totalitarian push, be prepared for more and more restrictions on every aspect of life; including movement, travel, thought, communication, health decisions,’ medical care,’ money and spending, carbon tracking, total and complete surveillance, social credit systems, and renewed climate lockdowns.

      Remember that the term ‘climate change’ is the basis of all future plans to take total control over everything, and that is and will be the weapon of fear used to round up the masses.

  11. “Such a man understands that which we tolerate we are condemned to endure.”
    Close to a quote by Frederick Douglass, if I’m not mistaken, again. (paraphrased)
    “What tyranny one will tolerate is exactly how much they will get.” There is always a socio/psychopath, or several of them, seeking to tyrannize us. Oppose it, by word if you can’t by deed.
    This is indeed one of your best works Eric, Rothbardian.

  12. I’m going to plug Tom Woods’ School of Life program. It has a bias toward entrepreneurship and small business startups, but that’s not the only focus. For sure it doesn’t have the “Amway” vibe of other sorts of these communities. And we rarely discuss politics. There are weekly webinars covering diverse topics like prepping, alternative health, buying real estate without banks, blockchain, homeschooling, etc. You also have access to a message board and chat system, and what I think is one of the best features, accountability groups. Last month we all met in Orlando for an in person event. And although Tom is well represented, it isn’t about him. The community might be a little too nerdy for this crowd but I’ll bet there’s a lot of crossover.

    For someone who recently jumped ship from the corporate world, my accountablity group has been a lifesaver. We have a regularly scheduled call on Monday, led by a professional facilitator, paid by the school of life. I can bounce ideas off the group, offer whatever advice I have, and it is just a little motivator to get moving, knowing that I have to give everyone an update on my tasks from last week. Maybe you don’t need that, at first I didn’t use the groups either, but going it alone, especially when starting out, is like skydiving without a parachute.

      • Hi John

        I like doctor Woods, but I agree he can be mono focus some times. But he is a great asset in spreading libertarian concepts (note the small L). I find nothing inherently wrong with self promotion. As long as one is honest and provides value in goods and or services.

      • True, he’s one of those “always be closing” types, and some of his passive income schemes are nothing more than multilevel marketing. But the amount of interaction I’ve had with Woods in the school is about 3 minutes of pitching a possible podcast guest to him in Orlando.

        There are other similar groups, like Exit, but I found their model a little more hard-core than I wanted. As the waves of instutional destruction continue I think these groups will become more prominent.

  13. One big problem we’ve had the past few decades is modern culture’s war on MANHOOD. REAL MEN (and fathers in particular) were viewed as dumb, brutes, toxic, etc. And now there appears to be a war on WOMANHOOD as well, as there are those disgustingly bent on redefining MEN & WOMEN, indoctrinating children (particularly boys) into believing they can “transition” to the opposite sex, allowing “transgender women” in women’s restrooms & sports, etc. Such evil ideas have already negatively affected REAL WOMEN, but most self proclaimed “feminists” & establishment media have been SILENT on that.

  14. ‘We ought to recover the gold standard our forefathers lived by.’ — eric

    This sentence can be truncated to ‘We ought to recover the gold standard.’

    For governments, the gold standard is a straitjacket. If they don’t have the gold, they can’t create and spend thin-air currency. Governments hated this, especially during wartime.

    Fiat currency finances the welfare/warfare state. Now it finances the War on Climate Change too … EeeVee subsidies; battery plant incentives; half a million EeeVee charging stations; a new $22 billion slush fund for ‘green energy’ projects, and on and on.

    Redeemable currency would halt this crap in its tracks. The US fedgov would be obliged to drastically downsize. Today’s Congressional default option of ‘compromising’ between R and D-party demands by funding all of them would stop.

    Realistically, the post-1971 global fiat-currency Ponzi scheme is going to have to smack the wall and burn, before it loses all credibility and gets replaced with something sustainable.

    Let it bleed.

    • Curious, I can’t find anywhere in the US Constitution an allowance for any branch of government to delegate its authority to any other branch, or as is the case with the Fed, a private organization. Congress either acknowledges that money is Gold and Silver as the coinage we use, and regulates the value thereof, or they don’t, and we have none.
      “Money” can be printed. Wealth cannot be. Simple.
      The plain and simple fact is that no money “management” is as smart as the free market, consisting of the decisions of millions of people. It’s a force of nature, and cannot be denied without dire consequence. Without sound money, that force is held back, with the dire consequences we now face.

      • Hi John K, You’re right the Constitution says only Congress can print money and regulate its value. So, how can they transfer it to a private banking cartel? Obviously that is invalid. The Fed creates money out of nothing. It is not backed by anything of value such as gold or silver. So, actually we have debt based system where new debt must be created constantly or the system would collapse. If the debt could be paid off, if that were possible, then there would be no money.

    • Hi Jim,
      I’m afraid fiat currency will be replaced with something even worse – the central bank digital currency. That’s the ultimate wet dream of these control freaks, I’m not sure if they’re competent enough to pull it off but I hope the hacker community will be able to shred it if it ever gets off the ground.

    • This morning brings news of a truly satanic witches brew:

      “The UK Telegraph reports, ‘Europe rushes to launch Covid-style plan to ramp up shell production for Ukraine,’ noting the ECB “could be used to raise funds to place orders large enough to convince defence firms to increase production.”

      ‘It notes, “European governments have backed plans to use the EU’s multibillion-euro fast-tracked coronavirus vaccine scheme as a blueprint to produce the ammunition so desperately needed by Ukraine.” — ZeroHedge

      Covid vaccines, fiat currency, and the Ukies: we’ve truly hit the failed-state trifecta. 🙁

      What could possibly go wrong?

      • Hi Jim

        Keep in mind how long its going to take to ramp up production. Many months at BEST (most likely next year). Given the reality on the ground, its not going to matter at that point. The Empire and its subject states have hollowed out their production systems. Its going to take time and vast amounts of funny “money” to correct that. I suspect neither the Empire nor the EU have the will or capacity to achieve that. DIE and ESG have rotted out their foundations.

  15. The trail isn’t lost, it’s reserved for the elites. The rest of us are being “given” the Primrose Path, to annihilation, that is. People are unfortunately vain, greedy, and collectively stupid.
    Behind all this legislation at ruins our live are assholes that go ahead and develop the technotraps that the PTB use to trap us, willingly, as subjects, not of authority, but as slimey do-gooders and “environmentalists. I’m all for taking them to where the path passes a 250 foot cliff, and giving them a push over it!

      • That said, a person is likely not going to have a successful go at it if they take their eye off the various balls headed their way.

        ‘Purple People Eaters’
        Defensive lines against 5G soup.

        …”Since most people have been programmed to never connect any meaningful dots about the world around them, [like the 20-something at the dinner wearing a mask while eating] it might be some time before Good Citizens begin the process of destroying all the Purple People Eaters in their cities, and who knows if that day comes before they become 6G transmitters themselves.

        It might never happen at all.

        And so “Get the hell out of the cities!” has never been more bang on.

        As is declaring independence from their diseased systems.”…

      • Reminds me of a line from Pirates of the Caribbean. (paraphrased)
        “These are the only rules that matter. What a man can do, and what a man can’t do.”


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