Why Aren’t We Free to Associate?

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How do you know whether you are free – or not? Ask yourself whether you are free to associate – or not.

We often take this freedom for granted, even when it has been massively eroded. We are still free to associate – or not – on the personal level. We are not yet obliged to be friends with people we don’t especially like, or date people we’re not interested in that way – though both of these forms of free association are under attack in the form of heavy social pressure to be “open” to being friends with and dating people we’d rather not  . . . associate with.

But outside of our private lives, freedom of association – which must include the right to not associate and for whatever reason – is essentially nonexistent. More precisely, it has been turned into an actionable offense to assert it.

If you doubt it, ask the Boy Scouts.

They did not wish to associate with girls for the evident reason implied by the name of their association. Boys not being girls – and vice-versa. Essentially for the same reason that girls generally do not want to associate with boys in certain contexts. It is why there is also an organization for them, the Girl Scouts. Each having a different focus and appeal. But that is not the relevant point because if one is free to associate then one need not explain why they wish to associate – or not.

You just do – or do not – and others are obliged to respect it, whether they like it or not.

The principle is, of course, both accepted and enforced in some contexts. Such as all-black fraternities, for instance. They are free to not associate with whites or Asians. But neither of the latter are free to associate – or not – on a similar basis.

An interesting side aspect of all the foregoing being that – for the most part – boys did not want to associate with girls – in the Girl Scouts – and did not insist that the Girl Scouts “accept” (that is, be forced to admit) boys. The boys in Scouts were untroubled by girls freely associating with other girls, exclusively. Similarly most white and Asian college students, who would never insist they be allowed to pledge an all-black fraternity – and the all-black fraternity forced to admit them.

Because who wants to be a member of a club – or whatever – where they are not welcome? Only an egomaniac who thinks the world – and other people – must defer to them.

And so it happened that the Boy Scouts were told they must associate with girls (and also homosexual men). And there is no question about what would happen to an “all white” or “all Asian” fraternity.

We saw how little freedom we have to associate during the past three years. Business owners were not free to associate with those who wished to freely associate with them.

Interestingly, no one who didn’t wish to associate was forced to do so. As in the case of the Boy Scouts and all-black fraternities, the attack on freedom of association was (and remains) one-sided. Those who weren’t terrified of the “virus” did not deny the right of those who were to avoid associating with whomever they did not wish to associate. They were free to not associate with anyone. To “lock down” themselves. Free to not go shopping or to the gym.

No one told them they couldn’t wear a “mask.”

But – as in the case of the Boy Scouts, et al – those who didn’t wish to wear “masks” were told they must, if they wished to be allowed to associate. Which of course meant they were no longer free to associate.

Just as none of us are free to do business – or not – with whomever we like, or not. Try, for instance, refusing to rent to someone just because. Or declining to perform a service – such as baking a gay wedding cake – just because you’d rather not. The reason why being – again – immaterial as regards the fact that you cannot refuse without risking official repercussions.

Try selling milk from the cow you own to those who wish to buy it. Try opening a bar for smokers that non-smokers are perfectly free to avoid.

Try worshipping with those of like mind when there is a “virus” afoot.

The social friction created by denying the right to freely associate (for some) has created incalculable social friction and resentment – the latter entirely justified. To be told you must associate with anyone you’d rather not constitutes a claim on you, a form of indenture that implies you owe them something. And it is more than just a material something, such as goods or services or accommodations. The implication of all the foregoing being you owe these people you’d rather not associate with a piece of yourself. That they have a “right” to compel you to serve them. To accommodate them – by dealing with them, contrary to your will.

In other words, to do as they say.

Is the above not a pretty good working definition of ownership? That is to say of slavery? For what else is it when another human being can force you to serve him? And could there possibly be anything more effronterous than being forced to associate with anyone? Other than perhaps being denied the right to freely associate?

Ironically, this assault on freedom came in the form of “civil rights” legislation. Superficially – that is to say, emotionally – it was sold on the basis of righting wrongs; viz, the poor treatment of blacks on account of their race. But that wrong was not made right by forcing people to associate with blacks – or anyone else. Just as chattel slavery was not corrected (by Lincoln and his armies) by making everyone a slave – to the authority of the federal government.

Slavery was a moral wrong and remains so to whatever degree it is still enforced. It is not eliminated by enshrining it in law.

No person has the right to own another – to any degree. That means leaving everyone free to associate (or not) as they like, whether you happen to like it or not.

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  1. Freedom of association was detroyed by Civil Rights laws. A business should be taken as an extension of the owner’s private life, not an enterprise to operate at the whims of the government. Much of the deep evil we are experiencing today came from 1960s legislation.

  2. Have you seen that bumper sticker, ‘the more people I meet the more I like my dog’? I’ve wondered why that is, perhaps the dog can not talk or criticize you, and the dog will show you unconditional love.

    Associating with others is a moral hazard, because many people want you to try something or do something you would ordinarily not do, like here try these cool drugs, or let’s rip off the 7-11. The slippery slope to hell is associating with less than moral creatures, which are of great abundance in our decaying society.

    People love to talk you into something, like this new condo for twice the going rate, or this car with more features you wanted, or a price you could not afford. So I have had many of these experiences as have you, and the older I get the less I want to associate with very many people.

    The problem with social media is this, people want friends and they want praise and they want to fit in. That is most definitely another slippery slope to hell, because if those were your guidelines, to gain acceptance and fit in, you would not question the vaxx, and would not not take it, and not question it even when your friends got sick or died from it. Going along to get along will get you killed these days.

    But of all those kind of things, I will tell you why I very much despise most people. I am very friendly and not judgmental, but I have to tell you all this, and that is I know that people are voting for the most corrupt scum on the planet, and no matter how much suffering and war that causes, they keep right on voting Left or Right, which is a ruse, because politics in Amerika is a uni war party.

    How in the hell does Nancy Pelosi, and Chucky Schumer, and Joe Biden, and these Republican RINOs keep getting voted in, like this gayish clown Senator Lindsey Graham who is the biggest and most blood thirsty war monger, but not someone who would ever go to war himself because he is a huge chicken hawk pussy.

    And my biggest pet peeve are these Christian Right voters, who say they are ‘pro-life’ yet love the war candidate like GW Bush. And they love to tell you we are in ‘end times’ when they also keep voting for the war party making the world like the end times, and which is turning everything into shit and making our country go down the toilet. Obviously, their voting habits is making a self fulfulling prophecy.

    I don’t have a dog, so I like to say the more people I meet the more I like being by myself. I am happy and content in my own little free man on the land bubble while the world spirals into hell. To hell with the world and to hell with these nations that make war for money, I am for myself and my own survival and loyal to none, I am loyal to my own integrity.

    • Yukon,
      I think it was Frederick the Great who once said, “now that I know men, I prefer dogs”.
      The beauty of dogs, and most animals, is that they are totally honest. Dogs are born thieves and prefer to steal a thing rather than have it given to them. They do not attempt to conceal that trait. Give two dogs two bowls of food, and in short order one will be eating out of the other’s bowl.
      Dogs do NOT render “unconditional love”. They have no such concept. They are pack animals, and if you are a member of their pack, they are loyal to you. It’s instinctive. They can’t help it. Much like if you run from one, they have no choice but to chase you. They are hardwired to do so.

      • Here is another view on dogs. I am not “anti-dog” by any means, but am merely critiquing irresponsible dog owners:
        Are you the alpha male for your dogs? If so, good for you…if not, YOU are the problem.
        The problem is that many dog owners are either stupid or just ignorant and unaware of their dog’s behavior and idiosyncrasies.
        Every friend of mine that owns dogs is impervious to the smell that their houses and furniture get from having dogs living with them, not to mention the hair, urine and fecal smell that their dogs and abodes secrete. However, such disgusting smells can be minimized.
        Some dog owners are so “brainwashed” that dogs actually control them. They put up with behavior from their dogs that they would not allow a human to do.
        Rather than the human owner being the “alpha male” which is the normal, proper order of things, the dog is the “alpha male” ruling the dog owner who is too stupid to see that he is being manipulated by an animal.
        Inconsiderate dog owners just laugh when their untrained, undisciplined dog “humps” the legs of visitors or begs for food by jumping on visitors, thinking that their dog’s behavior is “cute”.
        One of my pet peeves is sitting at the dinner table as a guest and having their dog bump and nuzzle, begging for food. THAT is a major irritant, in my book. If I can get away with it, a good “push” usually stops that behavior. There are those that disagree, saying it is up to the dog’s owner to discipline the dog, but I beg to differ with that assessment as the dog should have already been trained and restricted from the dinner table when guests are dining.
        A well-trained dog should NEVER beg for food and should be restricted from areas where and when humans are eating. Treats are given for reinforcing good behavior and are a valuable tool in which to reinforce and reward good canine behavior. Begging for food destroys that reinforcement.
        Dogs crapping everywhere is but another inconsideration that many dog owners overlook or ignore. Most dog owners do not pick up after their dogs, especially in public areas.
        I have run into many dog owners who insist that their dogs won’t bite, despite their snarling unfriendly behavior.
        Dogs can be valuable assets and, when in their place, actually enjoy the jobs that they are given, examples being on a farm, guarding and herding livestock or protecting the household. Undisciplined dogs are the result when owners do not give them something to do.
        Well-behaved dogs who know their place can be a pleasure, but unfortunately there are too many dogs and dog owners who need to “trade places”.
        As far as I am concerned, a dog that trespasses and attacks livestock or other farm animals MUST be put down. Shoot, shovel and shut up…
        I’m ready for the brickbats…

        • Hi Anarchyst,

          I agree with you – and I love dogs, too! The key – as you say – is being Alpha and being responsible. Our ten-month-old Lab-Shepherd mix is only just now beginning to be (mostly) civilized. He is a very willful, 96 pound handful. I have a kennel in one of the rooms I use as a training tool. When he doesn’t listen to a command, I say “Kennel”! in my command voice and he knows to go there and that he’ll be there for a while. He wants badly to be with us, so this is a very effective way to train him. I don’t tolerate him being aggressive toward the cats – and he isn’t. If he jumps on me or anyone else, he gets immediate correction. We do not permit him to interfere with our eating. We’re firm with him, but consistent – and kind. He responds to this. I think dogs are more relaxed when the rules (and hierarchy) are clear; I think they behave anxiously and unpredictably when they do not have a “pack leader” they respect. Training a dog can be hard but the results are rewarding!

        • “I have run into many dog owners who insist that their dogs won’t bite, despite their snarling unfriendly behavior.”

          Some dog owners have no sense at all, example;
          I’m out walking my AmStaff at the school field, by myself, when a woman and her Jack Russell walk through the gate. I see them so I put my dog back on his leash. As soon as they’re on the field she lets her dog off the leash. What’s the first thing her dog does? That’s right, comes running towards us. I’m like great, pitbull vs Jack Russell! Who’s going to be blamed for the carnage? So I pick up my dog in my arms and yell at the lady to get her dog away from us. She gets up to us and says, “it’s okay my dog won’t hurt your dog.” Then I tell her, “have you ever thought that maybe my dog might hurt your dog?” No clue!!!

    • The Christian right’s slavish support of that “sh!tty little country” in the middle east is a major problem. The present-day epicenter of zionist criminality is about to expand into the Ukraine, with the full “blessing” (and shekels) from the Christian right.

      • I agree and I have noticed that even thought Ukraine (which used to be part of the Soviet Union, and before that czarist Russia) is NOT in the strategic interest of the USA. Except little shits like Lindsey Graham, the darling big mouth of the Christian right, wants to use Ukraine to end Russia. These Christians who love God also love war, because war and chaos means their prophecies are coming true and thus the return of the Lord, or so they believe.

        So the irony here is that they vote to make their beliefs come true. They tell you they are pro-life (when it comes to abortion) but they endorse these wars that make so many adults dead. Amerika killed like 2 million Iraqis in the Gulf Wars, even though Saddam had nothing to do with 911.

        GW Bush was the doer of that evil deed, and these pro-lifers just loved him. I had a next door neighbor Baptist preacher brag to me he got everyone in his church to vote for GW Bush twice. I consider these Zionist Christians to be a devil worshippers and oh boy do they love Israhell.

        • It turns out that zelensky is doing the same thing to Christian churches that his “friends”, the jewish communist bolsheviks did when they took over in Russia in 1917.
          He has ordered Christian churches to be closed within Ukraine.
          Not one synagogue will be closed.
          Sorta tells you something…

  3. “Never mention the name of God-because God took everything from me.” – David Flood

    Aina Flood finally located her father in Sweden when he was old with a sad, broken heart.

    The story of Aina Flood, Aggie Hurst, is true.

    A very inspiring story, it will bring a tear to your eye.

    A Story of Eternal Perspective by Aggie Hurst

    Fauci, Rochelle, Pelosi, Biden, all those clueless hopeless fools need to do some soul-searching.

    There is hope.

  4. Eric, I agree with you on the entire thing. And, I agree with virtually all the commentators.

    I would like to add one more thing. If we have a Right to associate and peaceably assemble, as phrased in the 1st Amendment, does that not also imply we have the right to travel roads, byways and paths to associate? Ask any cop, lawyer, prosecutor or judge if you have the Right to be on said roads, etc. They will tell you it’s a Privilege granted by The State.

    This mentality, too, must be done away with.

    • You have the right to “assemble,” virtually, on Zoom, whenever we feel like it.

      And we will listen in, and log every word of the conversation, to be used against you later, in court, at a time and place of our choosing.

      So much for your precious f’ing “rights.”

    • Not only do we have the right to travel the public roads because of freedom of association, but as logistics are key in any conflict, your right to drive is implicitly protected by the second amendment. Doesn’t matter if you’re traveling by moccasin, canoe, horse, motorcycle, automobile, heavy truck, tank, helicopter, or UFO. Limitations on use of public roads in no way vitiate your natural and constitutional rights.

    • Laws concerning motor vehicles on public thoroughfares were initially applied to “commercial carriage for hire” and NOT the non-commercial motorist.
      Driving is NOT a “privilege” as most states imply, but is a “right” to be enjoyed by ALL as it is fundamental to the right to travel.
      Governments get away with attempts to restrict non-commercial travel by the roads being funded by taxpayers.

  5. Being a victim of child abuse, I seldom have any desire to associate with anyone. Eric’s crowd being an exception.
    That being said, there is no reasonable excuse for prohibiting anyone to associate, or choose not to, with anyone for any reason. If you are racist, and choose to govern your associations by that reason, have at it. It’s no skin off my nose, nor anyone else’s. Since we need to know who you are. Way back when, Jackie Robinson was denied a position with the Saint Louis Cardinals. Didn’t work out so well for the Cardinals. Never forget that most racism was inflicted, and preserved, by government. “Back of the bus” wasn’t inflicted by private business, it was inflicted by government. Private business realizes that more customers is better. And here we are, again, in a world where free association is forbidden, by government. Up to the point of involuntary servitude, slavery, inflicted on bakers.

    • “Back of the bus” wasn’t inflicted by private business, it was inflicted by government. -JK

      Most people seem to forget or never realize this. If you allow people to peacefully conduct their lives, you will get far more peace than what the govt imposes on everyone.

      • Same thing with redlining, it was enforced by government, not the real estate & mortgage industry. In fact was bad for business. But private business gets ALL the blame for the history of it though government holds most of the blame.

        My grandparents wanted to buy my great grandparents house but they couldn’t get a mortgage on it, because by that time it was deemed a black neighborhood. You alway hear about blacks being unable to get mortgages in white neighborhoods, but it went the other way too when whites tried to get mortgages in black neighborhoods.

        • One theory is through using UNDRIP all the land ownership will be returned to the indigenous people….but they won’t be able to manage it so the UN will step in and manage it….there you have it….. the one world UN run government with the wef….

          You don’t own land, you only have fee simple title…which means the government can confiscate it for another use….like giving it back to the indigenous people….

          What Is UNDRIP And How Does It Impact Indigenous Peoples?

          The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) enshrines the rights that “constitute the minimum standards for the survival, dignity and well-being of the indigenous peoples of the world.”[1] When the UNDRIP passed in 2007 –the 46 articles upheld the same fundamental freedoms that were already recognized in the Charter of the United Nations, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and in international human rights law.[2]

          The UNDRIP says that all Peoples have the right to self-determination, and part of this is articulated in a principle known as Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC).


      • I like to remind people that the residents of Jim Crow states went from living under laws that REQUIRED them to discriminate against people by color, to laws that FORBADE them from discriminating against people by color, without ever going through the freedom space that would have allowed them to discriminate or not discriminate AS THEY CHOSE PERSONALLY.

  6. We are not allowed to have freedom of association, because it is important.

    If it were not some kind of threat to TPTB, there is no reason for them to ban it.

    That they do, is proof that people should do it anyway.

  7. So many of these issues could be resolved if people would realize that these busineses and institutions weren’t always there, and that someone took the time to create them. Walmart and Target didn’t just appear, they had a beginning. Same as Sears, the Scouts, Masterpiece Cakeshop and the Catholic church. It took Martin Luther to create competition for Rome, but just about anyone can open a bakery with very little investment. Gay couples generally have a higher income than average, surely they could back a more left-friendly alternative for the community. And I’m certain there are plenty of left-leaning (even openly LGBTQIAAPP+) workers in the food service industry who would be thrilled at the opportunity to run a small business.

    Just more evidence that the goal of the left is punishing the right, not living well.

  8. In a way, governments that foisted lockdowns on the masses in 2020 also infringed on their rights to associate with churches or small businesses as churches and small businesses were declared “non-essential and had to close down”, while liquor stores, large corporations, and large grocery store chains were declared “Essential” and could remain open.

    I have little doubt that the authoritarians out there would LOVE to try this crap again, be it over some other manufactured health scare or “Climate Emergency”. They’re already itching to reimpose mask mandates because of “RSV, FLU, and COVID”. If and when they try this crap again, the masses need to stand up and unequivocally say “NO!”

    • John B – Liquor stores and big box stores generate a lot of tax reveune. Mom and pop businesses don’t. Big corporations have managers who are trained to not question orders, while a large percentage of small business owners question everything, which is why they don’t work for big corporations.

      • RK,

        You nailed it! My home state of Oregon, through its OSHA agency, fined small restaurants and businesses that didn’t close down, enforce arbitrary capacity limits, or force their customers to wear face diapers. I think another reason they closed down churches as well was because there were dark forces behind these draconian measures such as lockdowns who wish to become GODS themselves. Just look at the Klaus Schwab types at the WEF and what they’ve been pushing.

    • The “Rona” lockdowns in 2020 were the EXCUSE for the experiment, to see how much infringement on their God-given rights Americans would tolerate. Sadly, way too much.

      • Douglas,

        The media and unelected bureaucrats pushed a HEAVY fear porn campaign against the masses, claiming that the ONLY way to “Save people”/ “Protect Public Health” was to lock down the ENTIRE population (And subsequently “vaccinating” every last human, even if it had to be done by force). And remember the old campaign “We’re all in this together”? What a load of bull crap that was, as elitists who held elected office imposed lockdown orders and mask mandates on the masses, but then THEY went around breaking their own rules. There are people out there who fell for the fear porn campaign, and were willing to do whatever Tony Fauci and others like him decreed, even to the point of snitching on those who didn’t “Strictly obey ‘The Science'”. What was weird was not only was this fear porn campaign and draconian COVID measures happening in the U.S., but in virtually all the other “Western Democracies”. Why, there are even those who think WE should have gone full China and institute draconian ZERO COVID policies.

    • They pretty much eviscerated the 1A.

      Free speech? No, you must wear a mask.

      Freedom of the press? Misinformation! Cancel them!

      Freedom of religion? <SHUT. DOWN. EVERYTHING. (Especially church!)

      Freedom to assemble? Cower at home, slave!

      Freedom to petition for redress of grievances? Hah! Don’t make me laugh. Maybe you can try, but not if you support Trump, and it’s not like it ever did anyone any good anyway.

      • And barely anyone said a peep, let alone did anything about it. Not even the Supreme Court (which has been famously incapable of enforcing anything since at least the Jackson administration).

    • John B,
      My very favorite word. It’s easy to say yes, and avoid conflict. I’ve found that far too many are shocked if you say no. Often to the point of perplexity, not knowing how to respond to it, it’s so rare. Going along to get along is an exercise in futility. You won’t get along, you will just be abused further.

  9. Eric’s words: “That is to say of slavery? For what else is it when another human being can force you to serve him? ” “Or declining to perform a service – such as baking a gay wedding cake – just because you’d rather not. ”

    So, the bakery owner declines to bake a cake for a gay couple and gets sued and loses. What if the bakery owner, out of defiance, goes ahead and bakes the cake but does not put the quality he normally does and or does an intentionally bad job? Will the courts now enforce he must provide the same quality of service or face court, fines or imprisonment? In other words, the slave must be whipped into compliance to serve his master…government.

    • We all know where this is headed to…The Gulag Archipelago. Whites are the Kulaks to be blamed and the vessel for hatred and tearing down the constitution. Only to be replaced with tyranny, ironically to be run by whites who are Marxists.

    • That’s what I was always saying, i.e., the cake that I’m forced to bake will be the worst one I’ve ever made. 100% guarantee.

      • Indeed, XM. I wouldn’t consume that sucker! God only knows what may be in it- might be nasty, might be toxic, might be deadly.

    • Hans,
      I often wonder exactly what part of ‘involuntary servitude” is so hard to understand. It certainly isn’t for me.

  10. Great article, Eric … another grand slam!

    I clearly remember as a very young child my parents bewailing the passage of the Civil Rights Act, who understood that it voided their property rights, and spelled doom for my many relatives who still lived in neat, tidy urban neighborhoods in Detroit.

    My parents’ fears were realized 4~5 years later, as this “law” enabled the “white flight” that emptied cities of their productive citizens 4~5 years later, because these folks couldn’t legally say ‘No’ to the “block-busters” cashing in on the destruction of their neighborhoods. Home prices went into a death-spiral, as owners eventually had to take whatever offer came in, because next week it’d be 20% lower. Entire neighborhoods became crime-infested hell-holes almost overnight.

    • I grew up in Detroit, and personally witnessed the destruction of a once-great city. There are a number of reasons for Detroit’s decline that have never been explored or discussed.
      1. “Blockbusting” by greedy real estate agents. Real estate agents would send out postcards with the following: “A new family is moving into your neighborhood. If you want to sell your house, please call me at xxx-xxxx”. A “new family” was a euphemism for black families, and was used to “encourage” whites to sell their homes.
      2. HUD (Housing and Urban Development) speculators and real estate hustlers conspired to “buy up” and raze the best houses on every block, in certain sections of the city. Quite often, “shacks” were left standing while decent housing was purchased by HUD and razed. This was done purposely to depress property values, to make it easier for speculators to purchase properties at “bargain basement” prices.
      I realize that items 1 and 2 are at cross purposes, but they were a reality in 1960s Detroit.
      3. The 1967 riots did much to push whites out of Detroit. A little-known aspect of the Detroit riots was the application of spray-painted words on the exteriors of jewish and black-owned businesses. The words “soul brother” was spray-painted on businesses owned by jews and blacks so that the “angels of death” (actually rioters) would spare them from destruction. Whole neighborhood business districts around the city were destroyed, never to recover.
      4. The election of Coleman Alexander Young, Detroit’s first black mayor, who was overtly racist to Detroit’s white citizens while “getting along just fine” with the “movers and shakers” (big business people) of the day (as long as the campaign contributions kept coming in)….
      5. The abolition of the STRESS (Stop The Robberies, Enjoy Safe Streets) program. This anti-criminal program was put in by mayor Young’s predecessor and was quite successful in “cleaning up the streets” of criminals. In this program, police officers would disguise themselves as vulnerable old people and walk through neighborhoods as “decoys”. Predatory criminals would attempt to rob these elderly citizens and quite often, were dispatched to “the great hereafter”. One of Young’s campaign promises was the abolition of the STRESS program as too many of “his people” were being eliminated. Upon the election of Young, the program was disbanded.
      These are 5 reasons for this once-great city’s demise.

      • ‘I grew up in Detroit’ — anarchyst

        I grew up a thousand miles south of Detroit, but had an office mate from there who vividly recalled the Cobo Hall riot:

        DETROIT, Aug. 16, 1976 —City officials recalled 450 laid off police officers today after several hundred youths and adults descended on a rock concert last night and disrupted the event by snatching purses and wallets from members of the audience.

        The violence in the huge Cobo Hall spread to the Arena Plaza and nearby streets as the audience evacuated the building. Before the disturbance ended about midnight, one woman had been raped, another molested and dozens of persons robbed, the police said.

        There was no clear explanation for the violence. But police officials suggested that it appeared to be the latest manifestation of a crime wave in which black youth gangs have plagued the city’s East Side in recent weeks.

        The violence was carried out by blacks against both blacks and whites, according to the police. The authorities declined to describe the incident as racial.


        What to do, what to do? Hey, it’s easy:

        The red lettering once mounted on the side of Detroit’s largest convention center is gone. The building once known as Cobo Hall will now be called “TCF Center.”

        The change marks a small but notable shift in the city’s history, losing a reference to Mayor Albert Cobo, who led Detroit through a segregationist and exclusionary time period in the 1950s. — Alex McLenon, wdet.org, Aug 29, 2019

        All better now! 🙂

  11. ‘this assault on freedom came in the form of “civil rights” legislation.’ — eric

    Specifically, it came in the form of a new federal law, criminalizing the violation of a person’s civil rights. This created an overlay, so that when the US fedgov disapproved of a state statute or disliked the verdict of a state trial, it could step in and enforce its own federal law or federal trial.

    As a result, Amendment V prohibiting double jeopardy is now nullified. In notorious cases, ranging from Timothy McVey to Dylann Roof to the Minneapolis police officers who arrested George Floyd, redundant federal trials convicted them twice of the same offense, after state trials already had convicted them.

    Starting in 1789 with a Constitution that strongly protected defendants’ rights against the might of the state, Americans uniquely now live under a dual judicial code. Even for non-notorious crimes that don’t provoke double jeopardy prosecution, state and fedgov prosecutors routinely meet to divvy up defendants, according to which court can more efficiently railroad them into the gulag.

    Any resemblance between today’s dystopian horror and the Republic described in the Constitution (now safely locked in a glass case in Philadelphia where it won’t hurt anybody) is completely unintentional.

    Under Lyndon Butthole Johnson, 1964 was a bad, bad year with its Civil Rights Act and its Reynolds v Sims ‘one man one vote’ decision, both of which annihilated state sovereignty in favor of the whims of the US fedgov’s roiling mob.

    • Jim.
      I have never seen, read, nor heard any clear cut definition of “civil rights”, aside from “rights” granted by the state, which aren’t rights at all, since the state can just as easily take them away.

  12. Agree 100% Eric,
    Most people prefer to hang out with their own group – “birds of a feather flock together” sums it up well. It’s why most large cities have a “Chinatown”, “Little Italy”, etc. Actually surprised the woke crowd hasn’t gone after those titles as being “racist”.

  13. Anti-discriminatory laws fuel an insidious, underhanded, and despicable division between people which only benefits the ruling class and the petty vindictiveness of small minded people.

    For examples: Try going with a group of friends and taking your long-haired hippy friend to a favorite restaurant well known for its fabulous food and great service only to walk away because – for ‘some reason’ – the meal was lousy, the servers rude, and you got overcharged.

    Or, take someone with a skin color different from your own to a mechanic known for excellence, only to find the car runs worse, the counter people were rude, and your friend got overcharged.

    Or, go with a group and include someone with a different skin color and find your usual… you get the idea. Experience that enough times & you’ll see a pattern.

    I, myself, would much rather there was a sign on the door saying, “this or that type of individual wasn’t wanted around, go elsewhere” it would save much grief, strife, and direct valuable resources away from some, and towards others.
    And, such a sign would lessen the sneaky, no-good, underhandedness of the way things are now. Jmho.

    This video was instructive:

    ‘Mail and Female (1937) Clip – The He-Man Woman Haters Club’


  14. As everyone here may know, the hostility toward people who wouldn’t wear face diapers eventually became hostility toward people who wouldn’t become guinea pigs for the pharmaceutical industry. There was even hostility toward doctors and scientists who tried to argue the existence of natural immunity (something that has existed since the dawn of man), as well as an effort from Tony Fauci and Francis Collins (fmr NIH Director) to take down doctors behind something called The Great Barrington Declaration, which called for focused protection for the elderly, and ending lockdowns & allowing healthy children and adults to resume living normal life.

    And more document dumps from Twitter showed that Scott Gottlieb was involved in a censorship campaign of his own against his successor at the FDA, who tweeted a study showing that natural immunity is superior to vaxx immunity, and that people with natural immunity needn’t show proof of jab. Gottlieb must have feared that Pfizer would lose a LOT of money if people decided to take their chances with getting COVID instead of taking their chances with an experimental mRNA jab.

    With what we learn seemingly every day about the various bureaucrats and special interests behind this whole COVID insanity, one has to wonder just how DEEP it goes.

    • As an elderly person I have always wondered why it was okay to force this group to take a medication others thought dangerous and refused. It’s like when you turn 70 you lose your rights to a ‘normal’ life and are unable to make your own decisions. How many ‘we have to protect’ elders died is unknowns. Ask Coumo in New York…

      • The nazi needle was front running the pitch forks…

        It is dangerous having a pension plan, after the government thieves steal the money, they cull the population before they figure it out and get out the pitch forks…lol

        They went after the old people in the old folks homes first, ..gets rid of pension liability….

        The cull was focused on the G7 which have pension plans….

        Catherine Austin Fitts says it is partly to cover up a financial crime. around 1995 during globalization money was looted, went offshore, all the pension funds were looted, there is no money left.

        Note: Dr. Marc Faber says all governments steal between 5% (honest governments) and 100% (crooked governments) of the money collected, borrowed.

        in 1998 they knew the math didn’t work to fund pension plans, wouldn’t be able to pay the pensions.

        ATTENTION: in 2003 they said between 2020 and 2025 there would be a huge drop in the population numbers. it is like managing cattle, if there isn’t enough resources to keep the animals, you cull the herd.

        Then along came the bat germ, they can now say there is no money because of the bat germ problem…..lol
        (this is easier than trying to explain where all the money went….that is the key right there.)

        She thinks the elite nobility and the billionaires are tired of managing 7.5 billion people and want to cull the herd, they say 500 million is a better number.

        the depopulation agenda (they say is necessary because of global warming):

  15. All of this is why I believe that there really is no such thing as a “private company”. Rather there are non-corporate entities that are compelled to operate as the government dictates in the place of such. Never mind the thing about collecting sales tax but that counts too.

    The other thing is about these laws which clearly intend to punish a certain group of people in favor of others. But it wasn’t those people that did anything wrong in the stated regard. The government is the entity that did the wrong.

    They say that certain people benefitted because of the wrongs that the government did. OK, even if that is the case (it’s not to a very large degree), who is responsible for that outcome? Who asked for that?

    Then, the same entity that did the wrongs, now insists on doing other wrongs to somehow correct the situation they put in place using (once again) unfair and discriminatory practices. Hey! We’ve tried that shit before and look what it got us!

    People need to come to terms with this simple and universally true observation: the greatest common denominator of all human misery and suffering has been the government.

    How in effing hell will more of it make anything better??

    • There is a solution:
      As a condition of receiving a corporate “charter” (government permission and recognition to operate as a corporation) ALL Constitutional precepts must be adhered to…
      Any corporation that fails to adhere to Constitutional principles loses its corporate charter…
      Just throwing something out there…

      • anarchyst
        “There is a solution”
        The problem being, your solution is one for a problem the US Psychopaths In Charge consider a desired outcome.

  16. One can easily tell that most whites have been brainwashed by the incessant drumbeat of “racism” and “discrimination” being totally a fault of “white-run society”.
    A good example of “whites being their own worst enemy” is the (white) opposition to the “safe spaces” movement being advocated by “people of color”, mostly blacks.
    When proposals were made at various “institutions of higher learning” to allow certain facilities (living spaces and other meeting places) to restrict admission to only “people of color”, the outcry from whites was deafening. Complaints were made by well-meaning but misguided whites that this would promote “discrimination” and “exclusion”…to which I say: “what’s wrong with that?”
    There is absolutely nothing wrong with any racial and ethnic group voluntarily segregating themselves, as long as this policy is allowed “across the board” (including the right of us whites to do so as well).
    Whites are missing an opportunity to restore true “freedom of association” not only for blacks, but for ourselves as well. If “people of color” can have their own exclusive facilities, so can us whites.
    I, for one would have no problem being informed where I am not welcome and would not take offense to being so notified.
    Of course, we will have to contend with the “elephant in the room” (jews) who are totally against any form of voluntary segregation, separation or preference, (except for themselves) as such a policy would dilute ((their)) destructive, parasitic ability to marginalize and debase societies for their own nefarious purposes.
    It is interesting to note that jews reserve the right to establish their own exclusionary societies while demanding that “the rest of us (goyim)” succumb to the false, destructive siren song of “multiculturalism and diversity”.
    A good example of “jewish exclusion” is that of Kiryas Joel, New York. If you are not jewish you cannot purchase real estate within the city limits. The “public schools” are for “jews-only. Business licenses are available to “jews-only”. However when it comes to “social services” and “public assistance”, jews avail themselves of such “services” at a much higher rate than those in other parts of the state. Double standard indeed.
    Solution: Repeal ALL “civil-rights (for some)” laws that deal with restrictions on “freedom of association”.

    • Amen. And, along those lines, if ethnicities are not allowed to voluntarily segregate and associate, how in hell can we have the utopian goal of diversity?

      If we all become one grayed-out amorphous blob of indeterminate species (aka homogeneous), how is that anything diverse??

      More than anything else, it really seems as though the hypocrites that force all this shit just hate free will. It’s really simple as that. They absolutely hate the idea that people can do what they want, when they want, and where/how they want.

      You can use the old yardstick to measure it: if these people purposefully and openly hated free will and made it a program to abolish it, what would they do differently?


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