Segregation Revisited

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Americans used to oppose segregation – the legalized exclusion of a category of people from mainstream society (and commerce) based on the idiotic and evil assertion that every member of the outcast category was a potential danger and for that reason they all had to be kept at arm’s length.

Even contrary to the wishes of people who wanted to extend their hand.

Many Americans now seem to favor a Vaccinated Only society, in which a whole category of people – those who’ve declined to be forced to take the Jab, for sound practical and hugely important principled reasons – are to be forcibly excluded from the general society. This is no less evil (or imbecilic) a measure than remanding blacks to “Colored” water fountains – and so on.

But there is an interesting difference, this time.

In the days of legalized racial segregation – and even today – few object to voluntary segregation. It is certainly not illegal. Well, provided it is practiced by a politically protected category of people.

There are entirely black fraternities, for instance – and even black-only (or mostly) colleges and universities. And there is nothing wrong with this – if the principle is respected that all people have the right to freely associate, on whatever basis.

If some black people prefer the company of other black people, those black people have every right to associate according to their preference – provided there is no legal cudgel in place forcing them to associate only with those people nor denying them the right to associate freely with anyone who wishes to freely associate with them.

This is where the civil rights movement went off the rails – assuming its primary goal was, in fact, civil rights.

Of course, it was not that.

Rather, the putative goal was used to further the actual goal, that being the empowering of the administrative state to deny the right of free association, according to its whims. It wasn’t merely that it became unlawful – and rightly so – for black Americans to be denied equal access to public spaces, such as public transportation and other such things financed by general taxes and controlled by the government.

It was used to abrogate the right of some people  – e.g., whites who wished to associate with other whites in their own private places.

That may not be a laudable thing – but it is no less laudable than blacks having their own fraternities and colleges. But if that is their wish then it is their right – and ought to be respected.

Provided no one is forced to associate.

It is certainly a dangerous thing to abrogate anyone’s right to choose with whom they wish to associate – and an even worse thing to force anyone to associate with others they’d prefer not to.

Most of us would recoil at the prospect of being told whom we must marry or may not marry. Or even be friends  with people not freely chosen by us.

And us, by them.

That some other person – a bureaucrat of the administrative state – should be empowered to become the arbiter of our associations is perhaps the most obnoxious concept imaginable for it is a fundamental abrogation of our right to steer our own ship and to crew it as we wish.

Why not let us each steer our own ship?

If this principle were accepted, then segregation can become a solution rather than a tool of oppression.

People would be free, under the law, to associate with the “vaccinated” – or not. And the not would be free to do the same, each deciding for themselves and each respecting the others’ decision.

This could be the peaceful solution to what ails us.

No one forced to enter a store or restaurant or gym that admits the Unjabbed – and no store or restaurant or gym owner denied the right to decide who will be admitted to their store or restaurant or gym. The Jabbed free to associate with the Jabbed and the Unjabbed free to associate with the Unjabbed.

Maybe a mix of both.

Let people decide for themselves – and associate, accordingly.

This is the principle that made America diverse, by the way. Not just superficially – but actually. People free to do their own thing – the most fundamentally diverse thing there is. It is not coincidental that America has become depressingly homogenous in every way except for the most superficial bean-counting, color-coded ways in parallel with the rejection of this principle.

Another aspect of letting people decide for themselves was embodied in the safeguard political principle of divided sovereignty that once formed the basis of what used to be the American republic.

There were meaningful differences beyond the geographic and topographical when one traversed the distance between one state and another state. Virginia, for instance, was freer as regards firearms than Massachusetts – just as Virginia was less free than Montana as regards traffic laws. The existence of these differences – and the option to freely associate with those who were like-minded – served as both alternative and check.

If people who esteemed their right to keep and bear arms could move to a state where that right was more respected, it served as an incentive to states that did not respect them to at least not totally eviscerate them. And even if they did eviscerate them, one could always leave.

And freely associate.

But what is wanted now – as regards everything – is enforced homogeneity; a bleak one-size-fits all. To be enforced by an elite caste of managers, who will tell us what we will be allowed to do and with whom we may associate – and also forbid us from associating with those we wish to associate with.

It is something that only the sick minds of the authoritarian Left could conceive of. It is effective, because the innocent minds of the people used by the authoritarian Left generally do not see the machinations underneath the pretexts, because their minds cannot conceive of such pathological thoughts. They take things at face value, not seeing what’s behind the false face of brotherly love and wearing is caring.

But once seen, it cannot be unseen.

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  1. Advice For Businesses That Intend to Serve All Customers Regardless of Lockdowns, Mask Requirements, Vaccination Status or Capacity Limits Illegally Imposed by Government “Health Departments” or other Government Entities.
    In case of future “lockdowns” or capacity restrictions imposed by (illegal) “health department mandates” there are things that you can do to get around ALL mask, vaccination, or capacity restriction orders illegally imposed by “health departments” or other government agencies.
    Declare your business to be a “private club” with a “membership fee” of $1.00.
    Private clubs are not subject to illegal restrictions imposed by health departments or other government agencies.
    You can always “refund” your customers’ “membership fee” when you bill your customers.
    If you do this, you will get more business than you can handle.

  2. I imagine you guys have already seen this?:

    Burger King demands Vaccine card to buy a Whopper…

    The second part of the video was interesting, they demand to see yours, forget about seeing theirs. It’s a one-way street to them. It’s like The Soup Nazi on steroids, “get out!”


  3. This covid nonsense is really getting to me. I’m not sure it’s because I live in crazy California, but I’ve now lost several friends over this because I refuse to wear a mask outdoors, I refuse to were a mask where men with guns don’t force me to, and I refuse to show proof of vaccination anywhere, despite being vaccinated. I’ve lived in a “papers please” country for half my life, screw that.

    The best man from my wedding doesn’t talk to me anymore because I refuse to mask up, and I didn’t want to meet him outdoors with masks on for a chat (it was cold out). My local school is pissed at me because I don’t wear a mask to kid dropoff or pickup, despite there being no mandate. Another friend has stopped talking to me because I vocally oppose vaccine mandates (therefore, I’m an anti-vaxxer despite arguing that people should take them, but should not be forced).

    At least I had one little win – a parent asked me why I don’t wear a mask at the kid pickup. So, I said they’re pointless outdoors, this is all virtue signaling theater, and I’m not going to put on a performance because others are doing the same. A couple of days later, the woman asking the question didn’t have a mask, then a few days more, more people.

    • ‘I refuse to show proof of vaccination anywhere, despite being vaccinated. I’ve lived in a “papers please” country for half my life, screw that.’ — OppositeLock

      Thank you.

      I know others who were fine with voluntary vaccination, but are adamantly opposed to mandates and likewise will ADAMANTLY REFUSE cooperation with ‘papers please’ apartheid, even though they HAVE that paper.

      Total noncooperation is the order of the day.

      • My very favorite word is NO! It is far too seldom used. I have seen my supervisor sent into a loss of words and a complete disconnect when asked if I will work this weekend and I replied NO! They assumed their question was a polite formality.

    • I had a thought, I know that’s dangerous, I don’t wear a mask, ever, but if you feel you have to, how about one of those dust masks, which are almost free, with a magic marker phrase, such as “This mask is useless”, or “this mask serves no purpose”, or “this mask doesn’t work”.

  4. I was not served today and asked to leave a Panera Bread (Fairfield, CT) for want of a face diaper. The twit behind the counter offered me one to which I said No! and was told to leave, which I did. I heard some diapered old ladies lamenting my offensive presence as I walked out the door.

    Went next door to a bagel place and no issues. I gave the nice lady behind the counter a big tip. A soured mood made better by good people who seem to be in short supply.

  5. And you didn’t even have to bring up involuntary servitude to make your point. It’s a curious thing, that the most outspoken of those who oppose historical slavery are all for it now. Of course we should force this baker to make a cake for those people, whether they like it or not.

    • to the degree theyre “outspoken” and virtue signal about something that ended 150 years ago shows the extent of their moral courage

  6. ‘This is where the civil rights movement went off the rails.’ — eric

    Brown v Topeka Board of Education (May 17, 1954) held that ‘separate but equal’ public schools were unconstitutional. Most people agree that public services shouldn’t be differentiated on racial grounds.

    Little Rock’s plan to integrate its schools over a period of years was voluntarily adopted in May 1955. But when a segregationist governor tried to block the first step of the plan in 1957, President Eisenhower ‘federalized’ the Arkansas National Guard and overruled him at gunpoint.

    Taking the ‘federal shortcut’ rather than following the painstaking process of changing hearts and minds has become habitual. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 is enforced in federal courts, which constantly interfere with the states.

    Would the South ever have integrated on its own? I think so, but it might have taken 20 or 30 years in some of the hardball, peckerwood districts. Vividly do I remember young Ronnie F, as two black kids (Sylvia D and Al F) showed up on the first day of sixth grade.

    ‘My momma told me I have don’t have to go to school with no n*gg*rs,’ ranted Ronnie in the school yard. But once inside, he shut up and said nothing more. Later in PE class, a popular kid named Dale S cheered on Al F as he negotiated the overhead bars. The social issue was over; Al F was accepted.

    It’s just sad that a result many of us agreed with was achieved by the ugly means of federal coercion. Now federal coercion has metastasized into enforcing mandatory vaccination.

    Was it even worth it, when it ended up like this?

    • Since you mentioned schools, is it not curious that government was among the very last to dispose of segregation?
      On an historic note, the Confederate army was integrated. The Union army was not. The Union army was integrated after the war, until Woodrow Wilson segregated it again. It was not reintegrated until AFTER WWII.

  7. The new “Jim Crow” is alive and well in today’s COVID fear society.
    Those of us who cannot wear masks are being discriminated against. Soon it will be “proof of vaccination” that will be used to discriminate against us.
    We are told that we cannot enter businesses, are harassed by some business owners and employees for not wearing a mask, and in some cases refused service for the inability to wear a mask.
    It gets better. We are told that we can order on line, request “curb service” or home delivery. We are still being denied the ability to walk into a business establishment and being served without harassment or outright refusal. This is just WRONG.
    All of these “compromises” are no different than “Jim Crow” laws–in the past, African Americans being refused service, or confined to “carry-out service”, or being unable to walk into a store without being harassed or even being denied service.
    Those of us who are unable to wear masks are being discriminated against, “Jim Crow” style.
    The 1964 Civil rights Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act prohibits discrimination on the basis of race and of medical condition. Public accommodation is a necessary right that cannot be abrogated.
    Both Acts are being flagrantly violated by ANY business that harasses or denies service to those of us who cannot wear masks.
    Where is the enforcement of the Civil Rights Act and the ADA?
    It’s time to use their own laws to stop this…where are the “civil-rights” attorneys??

    • And it’s interesting (amusing?), I guess, when one considers that these diaper/jab supporters/hypochondriacs are the ones you would think to do the ordering online or curbside pickup instead of going into the crowded germ-infested hellholes that are where the nasty public goes.

      If they are truly so worried, why go inside and risk it? Oh…. right. Control, power, etc.

    • ‘Where is the enforcement of the Civil Rights Act and the ADA?’ — anarchyst

      A very good question indeed. Here is their answer:

      ‘The Civil Rights Division enforces federal statutes prohibiting discrimination on the basis of race, color, sex (including pregnancy, sexual orientation, and gender identity), disability, religion, familial status, national origin, and citizenship status.’

      Nothing there about ‘vaccination status.’ And the fanatically pro-vax FJB administration has no interest in adding it.

      But anarchyst has a vital point: time for a sympathetic member of Congress to file a bill that would add ‘vaccination status’ to the list of prohibited bases for discrimination.

      mNRA apartheid (it ain’t a vax, actually) is here, it’s ugly, and it’s getting real bad, real fast.

      Do we have to organize an unvaxxed sit-in at the freaking lunch counter — this time in hardball vax-segregationist New Yawk City, not Greensboro NC? Photo:

      I have a dream …

      • Hi Jim,

        ‘The Civil Rights Division enforces federal statutes prohibiting discrimination on the basis of race, color, sex (including pregnancy, sexual orientation, and gender identity), disability, religion, familial status, national origin, and citizenship status.’

        Because most people have been conditioned to believe that “rights” are merely conditional privileges granted by the State, they cannot see that the addition of “gender identity” to that list REQUIRES discrimination against one group and in favor of another. Properly understood, rights cannot conflict. If they appear to, one, or both, of the claimed rights is a privilege. For instance, if one cannot discriminate on the basis of gender identity, one MUST discriminate on the basis of biological sex.

        The concept of “positive rights”, embraced by Statists everywhere, necessarily pits actual rights against “granted rights” (which are merely privileges). This transformation of privileges into “rights”, and the consequent rejection of natural rights, serves well the interests of the SIC. All rights disputes become necessarily political; different groups are pitted against each other and seek recourse only through political force.


        • Thanks, Jeremy. I wondered about that too.

          As best I can find out, a proposed Equality Act that would add ‘gender identity’ to the Civil Rights Act has been passed by the House this year, but not the Senate.

          So how does the Civil Rights Division get away with adding gender identity to its blacklist without statutory authority?

          I am inclined to contact them and ask: ‘Do y’all just get to make shit up, with your stinkin’ badges?’

  8. “But what is wanted now – as regards everything – is enforced homogeneity”
    Driving us all to the lowest common denominator. A celebration of mediocrity, while punishing excellence.
    Meanwhile at the University of Bath in the UK, students are now required to wear a colored wrist band to denote their vaccine status. All that’s left is moving it up their arms and putting some sort of religious symbol on it.

  9. I hired a project manager for my Seattle project. I was in the office a couple of months ago and the usual banter was going on with everyone weighing in on the current topic. My new manager blurted out; everyone should just shut up and go get the jab so we can get back to normal. He was vaccinated of course. He just got Covid and is working from home for a week. This is not a vaccine.
    Also read recently do not…do not, do not… take Remdesivir if you end up at the hospital. 50% chance your kidneys will go into malfunction. Then you retain fluid. Then your lungs fill with fluid and you die of respiratory failure and called a covid death on your certificate.

    • India has just about conquered covid using Invermectin. I understand the WHO told then under no circumstances India should do this and should follow standard vaccine protocols. Invermectin was used as a prophylactic and costs about $2.00 for a 5-day dose. It worked. I heard India may bring charges against the WHO for their evil and outrages demands they made.

    • “go get the jab so we can get back to normal.” Sad to say but there is no normal to go back to. It no longer exists. Nor will it ever again. Unless you want to go back to the normal 100 years ago. I have the skills but not the ability to go back that far. My progeny has the ability but not the skills. Like their patriarch, me, they are just has hard headed as I am, and don’t submit to my superior knowledge. God bless them for it. Finding their own way will be far more instructive. If they survive it.

  10. That is, in essence a free market based solution that would work if given half the chance. Most of us know that those who run this s**t show are not interested in solutions, and that market, has been broken for some time. Maybe while we are it whites could be allowed to form groups like every other, celebrating our race, history, and achievements.

  11. The big bricks and mortar retailers have figured out how to compete with Amazon and lower costs with curbside pick-up. They don’t want customers in their stores. They want to convert them into warehouses. In California they don’t go after shoplifters because it’s not “worth the effort,” but the razor thin margins of retail say different. Not to mention the online infrastructure is in place for extremely granular marketing, much more effective than the end-cap or checkout stands for tracking impulse purchases. They are working out the kinks by testing curbside using vaccine requirements, but eventually it will roll out to everyone.

    Besides, who wants to shop anymore? “Oh, but only I can properly select the perfect tomato!” Give me a break. Your grocer has already rejected most of the bad ones, at least if you shop at a reputable store. And why not outsource vegetable selection to a professional?

    • Hi RK,

      Yes, but doesn’t “curbside pick-up” beg the question – why bother with the store, at all? Isn’t as or nearly as easy to just order online and have ti delivered to your home the next day? It saves the hassle of driving – and waiting – curbside.

      • Indeed, I often spot things I need but have forgotten to put on my list while walking through a store. Also, a social contact opportunity. They do serve a purpose.

    • The perfect tomato does exist RK, in my garden, from about June through October. This year they were Pink Brandywines and early girls.

      The whole curbside thing is of no interest to me. I like to wander through a store from time to time and check things out when I’m bored. I also enjoy people watching, which has become infinitely moar entertaining since this plandemic began. For me, shopping a couple hours a week, even if I’m not buying much, replaces any need for Tee Vee.

      • The very biggest mistake one can make with a freshly picked “perfect” tomato is put it in the refrigerator Which turns them into a different vegetable altogether. I’d rather eat a slightly gamy tomato than a refrigerated one.

    • No they haven’t. Not the independent grocers I go to.
      The strawberries I need to pick the container with ones that won’t be rotten the next day. I like slightly green bananas and most people like full yellow. And then there’s when I’ve found moldy or expired food on the shelves. Even at major chains. I worked in a grocery store as a teen. The last thing I want is someone else picking stuff out for me, I’ve seen the unseen aspects of the business.

    • I do that for two reasons: (1) my Monday morning pickup of pre-packaged salads for me, frozen chicken-type meals for #1 son, celery sticks, baby carrots, and fresh fruit in season is simple enough that I can just schedule an in-car pickup at the Wal-Mart on the way to work, takes less time and (2) I don’t have to rub elbows with DER UNTERMENSCHEN.

    • that describes a pretty bleak world. Even if its technically possible to never leave your house how the hell is that a good thing?

    • That’s where I channel my “Inner Walt (Kowalski)”…”GET OFF MY LAWN”. He had an M1 Garand that he took home from his Marine Corps service in Korea (his reference to telling the Asian ‘gangstas’, “We used to stack ‘fucks’ like you five deep, and use you for SANDBAGS!” referring to the November-December 1950 Battle of the Chosin Reservoir, one of the most famous USMC engagements. Me, I’d use my Mossberg, same purpose.

      • Either, I’m dreaming about posting comments here, or my comment got deleted somehow. Several comments.

        Is there a Moofie running around this website?
        (Microsoft Occasional Online Fuck-up Internet Explorer)

        Certainly no big deal to me tho.

        • Hi Helot,

          There was a brief “404” outage yesterday and as a result, we lost about two- hours’ worth of comments – and I had to re-do the Glaucoma article (thankfully, I had a copy). Hopefully, these issues will lessen if not disappear entirely now that I have found .44 caliber computer help!

    • What’s most amazing is that if you’re vaxxed you can also spread the virus according to all of the sham health organizations, but the TV doesn’t parrot on and on and on about that detail. So here we are.

    • Hi Zek,

      Even worse – at least “secondhand smoke” is a real thing. Someone is actually smoking. As opposed to the assertion someone is “spreading.” These people are either imbeciles or evil. Which is worse?

      • Still, if you enter an establishment that permits smoking, like most BARS used to do, you ACCEPTED the risk. Was anyone putting a gun to your back to drink? The “health Nazis” had no business getting involved in an issue best worked out between proprietor, employees, and customers.

    • But secondhand smoke doesn’t actually do that. They really had to torture the daylights out of the statistics for that one, because the data just didn’t say what they wanted it to.

      The success of the anti-smoking movement was a particularly important milestone in the the process of systematically taking our freedoms away.

      If you can make people stop smoking for public health, you can make them put on a mask for the same reason.

      Sadly, this ship sailed long ago. It will be very difficult (I did not say impossible!) and take time and sustained effort to turn it around.

    • Everyone must PROVE they’re “healthy”, and only accepting the “holy Jab” is proof of that…except that it DOESN’T prevent transmission or getting sick, or DYING.

      Be assured that if Trump’s rightful 2020 victory had been upheld, and we were experiencing the same with the “Jab” and the “Rona”, and especially if he’d put out that ridiculous Jab mandate that Xiden did, the caterwauling and screaming from the Loony Left would be nonstop.


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