Samizdat Revisited

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It is possible that those not afflicted with Sickness Psychosis will soon be entirely locked-out of public life. No more in-store shopping; no more even briefly going inside for the time it takes to grab a cup of coffee.

Not without playing your role in Sickness Kabuki. No Face Diaper? No entry. No alternative?

Not really.

If we make our own alternative. Sickness-free zones. A thousand points of mental health. Islands of sanity where Sickness Kabuki isn’t required. A place where healthy people can breath freely because they’re not rebreathing their own schnott through a filthy bandana. Where people can see that others aren’t sick – in the head.

Smile at one another – and be able to see those smiles.

Shake hands, even.

But it will probably need to be samizdat – the Soviet Russia-era term for secret. Because the Gesundheitsfuhrers, like the Soviet-era NKVD, are relentless – the lust for power being their limitless fuel. They will not abide a Diaper-Free Zone anywhere. Because that would give people a breath of fresh air – literally – which threatens to dissipate the fear they intend to maintain and the obedience they need to obtain by isolating and demoralizing refuseniks.

Lock them out of life so as to make their lives small and sad. Depress and demoralize them for not submitting.

The Undiapered retain their sanity at great personal cost – but cannot get groceries – and in some places, even go outdoors. Not without visibly confirming their submission by accepting their degradation – the installation over their faces of a filthy rag and pretending they believe just long enough to get what they need – and then contemptuously throwing the symbol of their submission away like a used condom (those actually serve a valid health purpose)

It is a loathsome transaction.

Many do believe, of course – but this is not addressed to them because one might as well address a chicken hysterically fluttering around the coop yard because it saw the shadow of a hawk, even though it was actually just the shadow of a wind-blown tree branch.

The Unbelieving Undiapered know the difference between a hawk and a shadow and also the Black Death vs. a sickness 99 percent of people who weren’t previously seriously sick or already very old don’t usually die from. They need a psychological break room; a place they can go where they aren’t expected to pretend they can see the Emperor’s New Clothes by putting a cloth over their faces.

A place to experience what it used to be like – just a few months ago – to live normally, like a human being. And be treated like one.

A place that’s open to anyone who wants to stop by and have a cup of coffee, maybe sit for a bit, check email on the laptop. C’mon in. There’s no Diaper Dispenser but there is a coffee pot over there in the corner; help yourself. The WiFi’s on, too –  and both are free. No payment is required or expected. This isn’t a business – so there’s no need for a license and thus Gesundheitsfuhrer “guidelines” do not apply.

But feel free to leave a donation in the coffee can by the coffee pot if you like. Maybe enough will to pay for the coffee and WiFi. It’s nice to help out friends when you can.

This same idea could just as easily be applied to a samizdat gym. No sign, no web page. No membership to sign. No Diapers.

No Gesundheitsfuhrers, either. Just a room with some weights and benches and friends who stop by to work out. Maybe they bring some weights – or a bench – to increase the equipment on hand for all to use. Not any different under the law than a friend loaning his tools to a buddy for the common cause.

Besides which, no one has to know.

Unless they actually force us refusniks to accept tracking – whether by app or vaccination – there is no way the Gesundheitsfuhrers can know you went over to your friend’s place the other day to get a cup of coffee – or hit the weights over at your friend’s place the following day.

The Gesundheitsfuhrers won’t know – chiefly because since you’re not in business and thus you didn’t apply for a license; i.e., their permission (revocable at whim) to be in business. This is why so many businesses are Decreeing Diapering; it is either that or be put out of business.

Gesundheitsfuhrers can only post their “guidelines” on the doors of businesses – and what they don’t know about they cannot decree “guideline” for – or put out of business.

Unless they shut everything down. Which they seem likely to try.

But resistance isn’t futile – if the goal is remaining human.

One such way is to have a cup of coffee with a friend. It is also a a great way to meet new ones. Good ones.  People who aren’t sick – in the head – but very much in need of someplace healthy to hang out.

I might know of just such a place in my neck of the woods. Maybe you know of one in yours. Spread the word.


It might be the start of something very healthy indeed!

. . .

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  1. I am 110% in support of such samizdat organizations opening, and would like to offer technical support.

    I’m literally just an average joe who is educating himself to resist the encroachment of the state and their snitches.


    • Hi Zap,

      Like minded people – sane people – should begin forming networks of association. I am doing this myself and encourage everyone reading this to as well. What we’re dealing with, in its essence, is a bad marriage and figuring out how to leave it. Speaking for myself, I mean no harm to the Diaperers; I simply wish to be free to not associate with them – and to associate with people who, like me, are not Diaperers.

      This latter is what the Diaperers – like the American Mussolini, Lincoln – cannot abide. It is not enough for them to live – and let us live. They insist on making us live they way they do – which is an affront to the concept of life itself.

      In 1861, the dividing line was geographic. Today, it is marked by the Diaper. It is the symbol of everything liberty-loving people loathe. And those who seek to force its wearing are the embodiment of everything aimed at the beating heart of liberty, whatever’s left of it.

      Diapering must be defeated – by making it clear to the Diaper-pushers that while they are free to wear the filthy rag they will be met with resistance if they deny our right to not wear it.

      Don’t feel safe going into a gym or shop where the owner isn’t Diapered and doesn’t force customers to Diaper? Then don’t go in.

      Go away.

      It’s as simple as that.

  2. Perhaps an improvement. Who’s to say that widespread socialization is a good thing? Perhaps a return to an era when folks didn’t travel exorbitant miles from home for any reason. A more local community. Perhaps one that puts no credence in what a gang of criminal psychopaths in some far away capital says. There was a time, and it wasn’t all THAT long ago, when folks often lived their entire lives going not very many miles from their home. Is such necessarily a bad thing? Perhaps, perhaps not. Perhaps a return to REAL communication between REAL people, instead of abbreviated bastardized “english” on a cell phone. To view the world through one’s own eyes rather than through a 3″X 5″ screen. To look someone in the eye while communicating instead of looking at their preferred photo upload. Given the current political disparity between the sane and the insane, perhaps we will indeed separate into smaller communities, with more in common with each other. The possible ramifications of what the nation is going through aren’t all bad.

  3. I live in Central Oklahoma, OKC to be exact. There are quite a few freedom loving people here. There are a lot more maskers, but I am seeking out like minded folks to hang out with, made a lot easier with Zuckerbergs tracking device. Checking out farmers markets and Co Ops. I think that food co ops and buyers groups are going to make a comeback, especially for those of us who refuse to mask.

  4. A little good news fir a change.

    Yale epidemiologist Dr. Harvey Risch has accused Dr. Anthony Fouci of waging a “misinformation campaign” against the drug hydroxychloroquine and Ohio has removed it’s ban on the Drug for now.

    A small breath of sanity? Maybe,,, We’ll see how long it lasts.

  5. We’re all going to DIE over this LIE!

    What the FACEBOOK-FACEMASK slaves don’t understand (or maybe they do) is that they’re going to GET US ALL KILLED BY STARVATION. Because they’re ENABLING the govt (~all criminal global cabal agents) to shut down restaurants/hotels/etc so the commercial farmers are plowing under crops — since the restaurants/etc are closed!!! AND regular/retail food production facilities are shut down or operating on low staff too!!! So the people are buying more food from the retail grocery stores … but guess what — there’s NOT ENOUGH (retail) FOOD now (and getting worse). PLUS since this criminal govt imported 10’s of millions of migrants recently, that’s more mouths to feed, so they’re using up even more of our dwindling food supply. PLUS the govt is making the trucking companies mad by making their jobs harder and imposing excessive shenanigans & stupid emissions laws on them Nevermind the jobloss/financial devastation… all because of LIES from criminal dictators that won’t even let the people VOTE on this.

  6. Better yet, form a new religious organization to avoid property tax and allow for the donations to be tax deductible to the congregation.

  7. If I sneeze, or cough, or even exhale warm moist air out of my pie hole just from breathing, all those little Covid viruses (125 nanometer in size) are riding along with the water vapor produced by my body.

    What about an explusion of gas from our butt hole?

    A Fart is still warm, moist air. It too is carrying all those little Covid viruses out into the environment.

    How come Fauci, Birx, Gates, or any of the other medical “know it all’s” are not anything about this?????

  8. First rule of samizdat club, throw your sail fawn in the woods or at least leave it at home. Because, among other things, contact tracing is live and persistent and being used against people in situations public and private for things real or imagined.

    • Hatterasman,

      There’s a way to stop tracking and bring your phone with you:

      It’s a mini Faraday cage that’ll stop all tracking, unless you’re right on top of a cell tower. Of course, if you pull it out, your location will show up; at least your route won’t show up. As long as you keep it in the pouch, you can’t be tracked.

      • Weird advice. If you can’t use your sail fawn, why bring it? This need of some folks puzzles me. If a battery is in it, you can be tracked. Period. This has been common knowledge for a decade or more. BTW, I wouldn’t put my faith in anything sold at the infowars store. Probably triples your tracking…

        • “Why bring it?”

          I refuse to own one of the damn things. I see these people with their heads shoved so far up their device they’re oblivious to the world around them. Why would anyone desire to be among the ranks of those zombies?

        • Because it’s one thing to go off-grid, it’s another thing to be out of contact with friends or family – or EMS.

          I once found myself unable to call 911 to report a car wreck because I’d been somewhere that was nobody else’s business. There were no payphones anywhere to be found, nobody bothering to stop and help.

      • Just wrap it in aluminum foil. Done that with mine just for hahas, had friends call and text, nothing came through, so gotta assume the cell tower can’t find it.

        • If you can’t get calls or texts or internet or anything else when it’s wrapped in foil of some sort, why do you still carry it? Why not leave it at home?

          • Hi Hatterasman,

            I’ve toyed with the idea of doing what you suggest – just leave the thing in a drawer and check it once or so a day. No more checkin it all day. I incline toward the view that it’s not healthy to be on the phone so much. We didn’t used to be. Pre sail fawn, when we had wall phones, most of us made a couple calls a day – and often, none. Life wasn’t primitive on account of it.

            I’ve read that sail fawns – texting and the rest – is a kind of electronic crack. Actually addictive – and anything one is addicted to is unhealthy.

            This doesn’t even begin to touch upon the ugsome personal privacy aspects, either.

            • The Corona was the excuse to deepen and weaponize the existing persistent surveillance under a new name, so-called “contact tracing”, while rubbing it in the face of the public. The pushback on here and in my dealings with folks to not carrying a “smart” sail fawn, the very key to the controllers data driven medical tyranny, boggles my mind. Samizdat and sail fawns don’t mix.

  9. Eric, here is some good news amongst all the face diaper insanity. There is a little convenience store in Bentonville, VA that has a sign on its doors. It proclaims “ No face masks allowed in store. Lower your mask OR go somewhere else. Stop listening 2 your Govt’t, they’re dumbasses. This is the store policy for our employees safety. Please comply or go somewhere else!” I thought that may brighten your day a little.

  10. So have you seen the next move by the insane health “experts”. That dude Foochi is now signalling goggles. I foresee we will all eventually be forced to wear scuba diving apparatus in order to participate in society. It seems the “expert” class is taking bets on exactly how far they can go with ridiculous mandates and the cattle accept it.

  11. “A place to experience what it used to be like – just a few months ago – to live normally.” — EP

    What we knew as normal, when 2020 began, is gone. I sure as hell miss it. But it’s probably not coming back.

    Today’s Gross Domestic Product report, stating that GDP dropped 9.5% from March 31 to June 30, reminds one of Frederick Lewis Allen’s book, Only Yesterday.

    Writing in 1931, Allen spoke about the boom years ending in September 1929 as if they were another, distant era. He was proved right: the 1920s normalcy of a booming economy in peacetime didn’t return until the 1950s.

    In an American culture that was already more isolated than the warm, family-oriented societies of Europe and LatAm, social distancing is a kind of slow-motion tragedy.

    We will make it through. But what emerges on the other side won’t be the same.

    In any case, when the IC-engined vehicles are confiscated by the federal green police, they’ll have rip the steering wheel from my cold, dead hands. 🙂

  12. Myself and a bunch of friends now have what we call the “Garage Guys”. 7 or 8 of us used to go the same a couple times a week for a few beers. Thanks to our governor, all the bars are closed, and ours has been shut down since March. So now we take turns at each other’s house, bring a chair, byob, and hang out in the garage so we don’t bother the wives. And, the more the merrier, all are welcome and we’ve met a couple new guys.


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