The Diaper-Free Zone

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The Orange Man danced to the ’70’s disco song, YMCA – but there actually is a “place you can go” . . .  where you can “have a good meal” and  “there’s no need to be unhappy”  . . .

Or “masked.”

It is  Beckyjack’s Food Shack in Hernando County, Florida. This joint not only doesn’t require “masks” to enter or be served, it doesn’t dignify them. There is a big sign in front that reads: Face Diapers Not Required! Everyone Welcome.

Imagine that.

It is a big step in the right direction to leave it up to individuals to decide whether to wear a “mask” rather than force everyone to wear one, as in the “case” of a local bakery known to me that has a sign informing customers that they will not be asked about “masks” and are free to wear one if they want to and free to not wear one if they want to.

Imagine that.

One size does not and should not fit all, except when it comes to prison cells, perhaps – and that is what America is becoming, right down to the ugly prison terminology (“lockdowns” used to be for convicts, not the unconvicted) and the meant-to-humiliate stand here/walk there/behind the plexiglass barrier kabuki.

People who want to wear a “mask” have the same right to do so that neurotics have always enjoyed. Wear a halved watermelon over your head, if it makes you feel better. Nothing has changed in that respect. Tolerance – even of aberrance so long as harmless – is what made America a different kind of place, once.

What has changed is that the neurotic have been emboldened to regard their psychiatric affliction as normal and now insist that everyone else share it – or at least look as though they do. This has changed America into a different kind of place. An ugly, fearful, eyes-averted kind of place. A place where normal human interaction has been painted as pathological by the pathological.

This tears the formerly-in-effect obligation to be tolerant of neurotic people, tacitly understood by those not so afflicted, for the sake of pity and civility. It was bad form to make fun of a hypochondriac  . . . before hypochondria was weaponized and turned against the healthy.

Before that happened, psychologically normal people knew that afflicted people were afflicted – in need of therapy and compassion, not ridicule. On the same basis that one refrained from making fat jokes in the presence of the fat.

The healthy would pretend not to notice the sick person’s pathological dread of germs that weren’t there; of their strange aversion to shaking hands and perhaps even their even stranger wearing of a “mask,” a la Michael Jackson.

But such people are no longer extending the same courtesy to others. The sick go much further than publicly shaming those who do not share their disease. They actively hound them. Debar or even chase them out of stores and other public places. Treat them as pariahs. There has been a systematic campaign to dehumanize and thereby marginalize the healthy by the pathologically sick.

It is not overstating things to suggest that if this business isn’t arrested, things will get medieval. Indeed, they almost already are. Shrieking, hysterical people seemingly possessed and ready to do or egg-on every measure short of publicly burning the “witches” – i.e., those who do not share their faith – and possibly even that, if things proceed.

Beckyjack’s Food Shack has the cure for that.

Ridicule. Open, no apologies derision of the Face Diaper – this pathetic, imbecile and extremely dangerous to the health of the nation symbol of the effort to normalize the pathological.

Not a “mask.” A goddamn Face Diaper. All the connotations of that. The bag of shit around your face; the idiocy of it. People should feel stupid. It is the only way to restore health via sense.

It is no longer sufficient to be tolerant. Let those who wish to walk around with a Face Diaper – or two – continue to do so. By all means.

But their wearing of the Diaper doesn’t entitle them to the moral high ground, to be treated with respect when they have made it crystal clear they have none for others who do not share their faith. They are no longer entitled to the previous willingness on the part of the healthy to pretend we don’t see how sick they look – because of how dangerous they have become.

Let them feel the shame they ought to feel when approaching a store or restaurant that has a sign on the door indicating Face Diapers are Not Required. Let them feel how sane people have felt for going on a year now having to face signs on the doors of stores and businesses ordering them to wear a “mask” as a condition of being allowed entry – and being made to feel hard stares if they do not.

The healthy – physically and psychologically – have been practically beaten over their heads with clubs for objecting to being made to walk around with a “mask” on – on the basis of the pathological assertion that they might be sick in the absence of any support for that assertion – and might spread a sickness they haven’t got. It is almost as disgusting as the sight of used Face Diapers tossed on the ground like used condoms – and by the way, how come used Face Diapers aren’t treated as bio-hazards? Never mind.

So, it’s more than just time to take the “masks” off.

It is time to take the gloves off.

. . .

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  1. “What has changed is that the neurotic have been emboldened to regard their psychiatric affliction as normal and now insist that everyone else share it – or at least look as though they do.”

    In other words, the same hell that gun owners have been suffering in for the past 50+ years thanks to hoplophobes.

    When I go out to eat, I try to ensure a Karen-free experience by checking Yelp for the yelps of the Karens over COVID accommodations at various restaurants. Saw one yesterday about a Brazilian steakhouse — if you’re unfamiliar with the genre, roving “gaucho” waiters with skewers of various spiced meats continuously circulate around the tables cutting off strips for the diners. This Karen was incensed that diners were sitting at their own tables UMASKED while the waiters were slicing meats onto their plates. Moron, no one has ever gotten COVID from eating it, but if it’s possible, I hope you’re the first.

    • Hi Henry,

      We’re all dealing with the same and I think the only way to deal with them is to get in their faces when they get in ours. I’m a live- and let live guy by nature but that is just the point. These sick Freaks will not let us live unless we live as they demand we live. To Hell with that – and them. They feel emboldened to confront people; they need to feel afraid of uttering a word.

  2. Well, This article certainly stirred a lot of comments. Thanks for posting, Eric.

    I’m in agreement with most posters as I am an anarchist/voluntaryist and really do like being treated as an adult. It does my wee bit of ego great amounts of good.

    Having noted that, however, I have a few thoughts about places to live. I’m in Colorado now, and the state has devolved in the ten years I’ve been here as the communists have taken over the state government. So, like other posters, I think about moving also. What keeps me here are changes like our newly elected congress critter, Lauren Boebert, a feisty gun toting mother and business woman who helps scare the heck out of the DC communists. Good for her, and good for us. We need more like her in DC crime central.

    I suspect it is time for us to start looking at freedom in the various states and start voting with our feet. I notice that the more onerous communist states (NY, NJ, & Cali come to mind) are already losing some of their population. Good for the migrants. Screw the police states in which some of us live. Live free or die, eh?

    I think the freedom of the states rankings may assume greater importance to us in the coming months and years. Thank God someone is keeping track of the political mess we call home.

    Note that Florida is ranked as number one, and I have not seen Florida as number one before, so I have my own doubts about Florida. And reading up on freedom in the various states is healthy and educational as the rankers use some 200+ facts in their evaluations of the states. NH, however, is almost always number two, perhaps because of its state’s government structure. NH has perhaps the best local representation of local areas in its state legislature. I also suspect the 2020 events may shift some of the states rankings. NY, NJ, CA, however, are almost always at the bottom of the fifty states as far as freedom is concerned, and I don’t expect those rankings to change.

  3. Way back when, a hardware store in my hometown had a myna bird as a pet, kind of a gimmick to catch customers’ ears, as it were. When you walked into the store, you could hear the myna bird say things like ‘you dumb shit’ and ‘go to hell’. It was hilarious, you went there just to hear the myna bird repeat what was funny every time. The good old days of when America was really America, not the ‘murica we don’t want anymore, like the one we have now.

    The utility that provides the power had a monthly basic rate of eight dollars in 2007. Obama was elected, you heard him say electric rates would necessarily triple. The basic rate increase to 30 USD in no time at all, then went to 39.75 USD and is now 48 dollars per month basic rate, an increase of 600 percent, it adds up after ten years. What was $8.00 is now 48 dollars, 96 dollars per year raced all the way up to 576 dollars per year.

    The power industry didn’t object to Obama’s oppressive diktats. Obama is 30 million dollars richer and doesn’t care if it costs you six times more than what it once did, doesn’t lose any sleep at all, even right next to the Atlantic Ocean, which is going to rise and flood the eastern seaboard someday soon.

    The gov needs to stop worrying about masks, mandates, everything, really, and start worrying about how to prevent blackouts in freezing temperatures, pay attention to energy matters more than fake health emergencies, a lot of risk involved when the grid is vulnerable and becomes life threatening to millions.

    The leftist agenda of renewables (ruinables), wind and solar, while abandoning what really works leads to collapse. Texas went all Venezuela just like that right in front of your lying eyes.

    Culpable perpetrators of chicanery are responsible and liable for the failure. Those who maintain and operate the grid need to pay for the fubar, not the ratepayers. A mal-investment of 30 billion dollars is not the fault of the ratepayer, the victim now, the officers of the power companies made the wrong decisions, nobody else. The power companies will scream and holler when you make them pay, but too bad.

    The energy agenda is just plain wrong, scrap it and start over.

    10,700 wind turbines at a cost of probably more than 30 billion dollars end up iced over and unable to move, it is an epic fail, don’t work at all when needed the most. 30 billion dollars to fund 60 500 megawatt generating power plants, coal-fired, will be money well spent, an investment protected by what the power plant can and will do, generate electricity. A 500 million dollar power plant would have been working 24/7 no problem. Reduces risk, less liability involved.

    Better start building power plants for generating electricity, a reliable source, coal, nuclear, hydro, any of them. You’ll be happy you did. If China can do it, then Texas can do it also.

    Time to stop relying upon fickle feckless wind and solar, it is pure folly to abandon proven energy sources, resources to make the grid happen are there right now, no need to fiddle with it to kingdom come.

    With natural resources, you’re in good hands, nothing to worry about. There are uraniferous soils, uranium is there in nature. There is coal that has uranium, you burn the coal, haul the ash to a lab, isolate the uranium, voila, a nuclear power plant.

    Ruinables go all Seneca Cliff on everybody.

    A grid dependent upon politicized energy policies becomes a crime against humanity, you are guilty, can’t be exonerated, can’t be absolved of your tragic error, becomes a foul deed, indictments are necessary.

    You aren’t off the hook. You know who you are.

    And to hell with your mask mandates, ya dumbasses.

  4. Stay home, save lives » was a pure lie.

    Remove the following illegal, non-scientific and non-sanitary measures : lockdown, mandatory face masks for healthy subjects, social distancing of one or two meters.

    The lockdown not only killed many people but also destroyed physical and mental health, economy, education and other aspects of life.

    The natural history of the virus [the coronavirus] is not influenced by social measures [lockdown, face masks, closure of restaurants, curfew

    When the state knows best and violates human rights, we are on a dangerous course.

    Exclude your experts and advisers who have links or conflicts of interest with pharmaceutical companies :

    Stop the vaccination campaigns and refuse the scam of the pseudo-health passport which is in reality a politico-commercial project

    • “Lockdowns” are for criminals in prisons.
      If you didn’t know before, now you know what “our” government thinks of us.
      I guess that is why they are “hiding out” behind tall fences topped with razor ribbon, and protected from harm by 25,000 troops.
      No wonder they dare not show their faces in public.

      • Hi Turtle,

        I recall the first time I heard the use of the term – “lock down”- applied to ostensibly free men. I think it was after the Boston Marathon bombing. I had a bad feeling about it. I regarded it as a kind of testing-of-the-waters. Would people accept being treated exactly like convicted criminals inside a prison – without having been convicted of any crime?

        And the answer was – sadly – yes, they would.

        And so they do.

  5. Perhaps this is all part and parcel of the wider promotion of tiny minorities as the cause de jour. For example, the trans sexual population is about 0.5%, and many of those are likely just seeking attention, and getting it. Yet it’s demanded that we accommodate them in every aspect of our lives. Just another example of the inmates running the asylum, except it somehow escaped the asylum, and forced itself on our daily lives. At gunpoint.

    • I’m waiting for the second wave of “accommodation.” The first culminated in the ADA, which was inevitably abused by scammers and hucksters to extort settlements out of noncompliant mom-and-pop establishments.

  6. I applaud and admire and indeed patronize only places that don’t give you nonsense about the CCP Virus.

    There will be more and more.

    Even though it’s annoying, I relish the confrontations, rare as they are.

    It’s fun to either not speak to someone who is yammering on about masks or answer all of their questions with questions and revealing their absolute blind ignorance and lack of backbone to buy into this weaponized hypochondria.

  7. Addendum:
    There is another “scam in the making” which involves ASTM and a proposed “standard” for “Barrier Face Coverings” which filter out only a small fraction (as little as 20%) of airborne particles.

    Dementia Joe is pestering OSHA
    to issue workplace safety regulations which would use the bogus ASTM proposed “Barrier Face Covering” standard in lieu of NIOSH N95 spec,which requires 95% efficiency, user training, annual fit testing for each user, and leak testing at each use.

    OSHA regs have the force of law, and provide severe penalties for their transgression.

  8. This is an official U.S. Government document from CDC:

    Note that the light blue “doctor costumes” (surgical masks) *DO* *NOT* provide effective “respiratory protection.”
    In other words, these costumes are *NOT* “Personal Protective Equipment,” contrary to the (evidently) mistaken belief of many who wear them.

    Wikipedia articles:
    >A surgical mask is not to be confused with a respirator and is not certified as such. Surgical masks are not designed to protect the wearer from inhaling airborne bacteria or virus particles

    For more information on actual PPE, please visit:

  9. Good job, Eric.
    Keep it simple:
    T shirt slogan:
    Show Your Face
    Possible door signs:
    You must Show Your Face to enter these premises.
    Face coverings of any kind are prohibited on these premises.
    Our facial recognition cameras must see your entire face.
    Full facial nudity is required beyond this point.

    Q: Why does Dementia Joe wear a face diaper?
    A: To catch his drool.

  10. “Not a “mask.” A goddamn Face Diaper. All the connotations of that. The bag of shit around your face; the idiocy of it. People should feel stupid. ”

    Ahhh, Eric Peters… What would we do without ya?

  11. Does anyone know how big the global mask-making industry is? I’m guessing it’s already a multi-billion-dollar “growth” industry. I also recall that masks were China’s number 3 export to the U.S. last year. Can you just imagine what happens if that industry actually becomes “too big to fail”? Our psychotic leaders could invoke the Commerce Clause and force people to wear masks year-round for strictly economic reasons. What I’m saying is that too much money has been invested in masking for it to end anytime soon.

    • I was wondering that too, basically seeing it as every single ad on Fakebook in 2020. That could be a psychological warfare tool too.

      The way that many big companies are making branded facemasks as well as the very slick warnings signs, branded always in accordance with the company’s style guides, made me think back in the summer that they weren’t planning on this thing being “temporary.” It’s up to good people to make it temporary.

      • I’ve made it a point for any company that is see an add where the people are in face diapers in the ad i’m not doing business with that company. The list is growing long.

        • Same here – I just hate seeing commercials with people wearing face diapers – when will they wear them in tv shows like FRIENDS or shows like that. Thats when we know we are in trouble.

        • The first ad I recall seeing with the dildos wearing condoms…er, masks on their faces, was an AT&T one that was advertising their expanding “5G” network. I knew right then and there the masks were NEVER coming off (at least here in the northeastern US)!

  12. Last summer I made a late night trip to the convenience store. As I was pulling in, another car had pulled into the gas pumps and the guy was walking into the store when I heard the cashier say something over the intercom. I couldn’t tell what he’d said. So I got out and was walking in as the guy pumping gas had walked back to his car and was struggling to wrap a t-shirt around his face, grumbling about it. I told him to not bother, they aren’t enforcing it. The local PD had made it clear they couldn’t enforce the mask order because it wasn’t a law. So he dropped the shirt and we walked in together.

    It dawned on me that a year earlier if two guys walked into a convenience store in the middle of the night wearing masks, the cashier would have called the cops on us.

    This is what stores need to do. Post signs saying no masks allowed for security reasons. If we can’t see your face, you’re not allowed to come in.

    • My bank has gone to drive-in service only, mainly because of the mask mandate. Insurance policies for banks against robbery require that the insured post notices that no masks, or even sunglasses be worn when entering the bank lobby and the posted notices be enforced by bank security officers.

      That fact is somehow missing entirely from MSM news reports on covidpanic effects on our lives.

      • My local bank is the same as well. Lobby is closed. Have to have an appointment to come in, and they try to avoid that as much as possible. I am guessing it won’t open to the general public unless the masks go away, so they may have closed for good.

        It sucks because i am hard of hearing and those drive thru speakers are generally useless. But they added video screens of the teller so I can at least try to read their lips (how I hear for the most part, at least before this nonsense started). Some of them of course don’t like pulling down the masks, but when all i say over and over again is “could you repeat that” it does wear them down.

        It’s a big problem for the HOH and deaf community. It has really isolated people. It’s doubling annoying knowing that the masks don’t do anything to begin with.

        • I’m likewise afflicted. I have hearing aids, which cannot account for frequencies I simply can’t hear. Consequently, I’m barely functional on a telephone, land or cell. When dealing with someone wearing a mask, I have no choice but to continuously ask them to repeat what they said. I find that most of the masked rather quickly get tired of it and take their mask down. Some get a vein popping out on their forehead in frustration, and some get quite irate, but won’t take the mask down. In effect castigating me for having a disability. Exactly as if laughing at the crippled. A thing most of our mothers came down on us like a ton of bricks for doing.

      • I read somewhere within the past week that one European country now has a new law that you can wear a mask, a hat, or sunglasses, but not all three together.

  13. Michael Jackson wore the mask to protect his personal property from theft and exploitation without consent. Specifically, his face. Actually, the image of it, which was being used against his desire to generate wealth from those who (in his mind at least) didn’t deserve it. Why anyone would wish for a celebrity life is beyond me. You become a brand instead of a person.

    I’m starting to see more people in stores not in masks. Almost universally men, most with some grey hair. I’m sure they’ll massage out a “spike” in cases, just after Easter or spring break or whatever excuse they can find. Lockdowns are just too lucrative to stop now.

    • They’re already starting to put out the message, exactly according to script. Yesterday, all 3 local news stations reported that the new cases have dropped dramatically “because of the vaccine”. Of course they didn’t report that only about 10% of the local population has received the vaccine, so that certainly is not the reason for any supposed drop.

  14. I absolutely love this. Leave it to Florida and DeSantis to be leading the way. A random act of journalism occured with a question being posed to circle back spokesmouth of the pedo joe administration yesterday. The question was about why Florida with no mask mandate and no lockdown is actually having a better time dealing with the wu flu than completely locked down and diapered commiefornia. The answer- well we have no idea how this virus works. Really! That is your answer 12 months into this debacle!!! I thought part of pedo joe’s campaign was he had a “plan” to fight the virus? What was his plan? Triple diaper till we can kill you off with your jab of obedience? This would be comical if it didn’t have real world implications for the well being, mentally, physically, and financially of the entire country.

    • Me also, Antilles!

      So much so that I give more and more thought to a move to Florida. I love my place up in the Blue Ridge and would miss it very much; but the physical beauty of the state is marred by the ugliness of the political cretins who control it. I tire of it.

      • The thing is, moving is hard and time consuming and a big investment. At any point, the area you are moving to can change politically at the drop of a hat (or a few manufactured votes).

        • Amen. I got 20 good years out of a move from Boston to Phoenix, but the sunsets here are getting bluer every day. Two D Senators from Arizona this year, maybe that’s why West Texas froze over.

      • Beleive me Eric, all i want to do is move out of new jersistan. But since my wife won’t leave i’m stuck here. I”m sick and tired of these left wing nut jobs in charge here and the almost universal surrender by everyone to weaponized hypochondria. To the point that many of these sheep will wear their diapers from the moment they leave their house to the moment they get back. I’ve gotten to the point where i just wear head phones and listen to music loudly so i can just ignore the karens. That plus me going outside yesterday seeing 6 inches of snow on the ground and thinking wow this isn’t that bad, have me longing for warmer weather locations.

        • Speaking from experience, the only thing you’ll ever regret about leaving jersistan is not having left much sooner.

          One tiny example among thousands … AZ voters legalized recreational MJ in November; over 80 dispensaries started rec sales in January.

          By contrast, NJ says ‘maybe 3rd quarter’ as politicians dither, probably plotting how to extract more bribes and grift.

          Normal states don’t have sh*t like this (real estate exit tax if you’re leaving the state … JUST LIE):

        • Hi Antilles

          I feel your pain. These insufferable northeast liberal sheep. Self-righteous, arrogant, ignorant, self-important, effete pinkos. Almost all of them in face diapers, inside or outside, in their cars, just out walking their dog, jogging. I’m embarrassed for them, and my toes curl in my shoes at the sight of these ubiquitously diapered Bidet voters.

          I’m stuck in CT for a while, but then I’m moving the hell as far away from them as I can. Fortunately for now, I’ve found diaper-free oases to which I can retreat, lest I’d have gone insane.

          • Bac,

            I can’t take it. Between all the masked morons, the ever increasing property taxes, the absolute ridiculous infringements on my 2nd ammendment rights. (2 pistol permits, because in new jersistan you can’t buy a pistol without a seperate permit than your firearms id card, them took from Dec 22 to this past Wednesday process) the amount of self righteous busy bodies in this state i can’t take it anymore. I don’t give two craps about the benefits of being close to the mountains AND the beach. Who cares! I just want out.

            • Antilles: It’s been raining for like 10 straight days here in coastal NC now and I’m living behind a moat of 10 inches of water. So bear with me on this novella of a comment…

              I lived in Jerz for the first 35 years of my life. Moved to the Outer Banks, NC 11 years ago for ocean related reasons but learned to love almost all the other aspects of NC vs. NJ. No regrets. Although it’s still sparsely populated (out of season) where I’m at and I can still find solace in the ocean, things are not so good here now though re: convid. I had to shutter my small biz of 10 years due to the BS “restrictions” on businesses. Although I’ve moved on economically, I carry around some anger about that.

              True story. The other day I was walking to the beach and I passed a beachfront house (currently for sale for $1.3 mil) with Jersey plates on 2 cars in front. It’s off season and the weather can be tricky, so it was unusual for the house to be rented. Anyway, as I walk by a guy on the deck says how’s it going or something like that. I said hey and kept going. When I came back a while later the guy is walking his dogs on the lawn and I said “I see you’re from NJ, whereabouts are you from?” We start talking and I tell him I lived in NJ for years and then I asked him about the “insanity” up there vs. here and he starts talking about the snow. I then said “no, the other insanity, you know the convid.” We start a back and forth and I’m ripping on the whole BS insanity in NC and he tells me he’s the mayor of Mount Olive, NJ (I confirmed this later with a few internet searches).

              The guy really didn’t offer any good excuse for his own convid restrictions and tried to say he was really an ok guy because he was a Republican and “wasn’t any stricter than the governor.” Then he asks me if I’m a Republican and I told him “I used to be a minimal gov’t libertarian but recent events have converted me into a zero gov’t anarcho-capitalist.” He starts backing away (just kidding… maybe). He tried to weakly argue that his convid restrictions were somehow “the proper role of gov’t, to keep people safe & stuff” and that “liberty means different things to different people.” Again, laughable on it’s face, no real conviction, especially when I asked him where “health” or “emergency” were mentioned in state or federal constitutions. The guy’s a lawyer fer chrissakes! I also told him the “science” was bunk and he wasn’t anyone’s doctor. Anyway, we talked about a few other things and I kept it polite since, stripped of his official character, he acted like a normal person and seemed open to reasonable debate. Just another day in the hood.

              The episode really confirmed to me that this whole thing is coming from the very top and that the players at every level may not even believe in it but their status, wealth and most importantly, perceived legitimacy, are intertwined with keeping it going. They want to keep up the façade publicly for the sake of power but carry on personally as normally as possible on the DL. It reeks of hypocrisy.

              • Good on you for having the courage to confront and the wisdom of diplomacy. It is a challenge in this climate of immediate hostility on either side.

                I’m also getting tired of hearing about the “optics”. Seems that’s the latest limp excuse leaders are using to dodge responsibility of standing up and doing the right thing by resisting this nonsense. It seems like this entire scam is all about the optics.

                • That’s what the corporate life my wife and I left a decade ago was all about, optics and metrics. Phony BS. Now weaponized against us. But I wanted this guy to know, to borrow a phrase from Jay-Z, streets is watching.

      • I would love to move down to Florida, and do it long before retirement age. I have noticed a number of friends have the same idea. Not having to deal with winter would be a huge plus along with the better politics.

        Thinking maybe it would be a good idea to get a group together to pick a location there, and everybody move to the same general area so you have a few familiar faces. Even if it takes 15 years for the majority to move down there it would be good.

        I would rather live on the gulf side of the state. Miami would be about the only area I have no interest in. The downside of Florida is that it is growing rapidly and is getting very expensive in many areas. Some of the cities have growth boundaries too (at least the state repealed its version of that), which make getting a more rural location more difficult as well.

        I think I will be vacationing there this year, as most places aren’t worth visiting at the moment too.

        • Rich,

          The wife asked me where i want to go for spring break because she is done and needs to get away. I told her wherever we go i’m not wearing a face diaper. She said something along the lines of every state require masks, so i rattled off the 13 states thst have no mandate and said pick one because i’m not going anywhere else.

          • NC has a statewide mask mandate and it doesn’t really warm up until April (March is very hit or miss). That being said, my family owns and operates a close to the beach rental house in OBX. FWIW, you’d be doing biz with doctrinaire libertarians. If interested, check out Salvo Starry Nights on VRBO or Lodgify.

            • Hatteraszek

              Thanks, i will. I was thinking SC because they are 1 of the 13 that have said no to the insanity and after giving up oct & nov golf for rotator cuff surgery i’m itching to get back on the links. I lived in Burlington NC for 5 years in college and shortly after. I regret every day making the mistake of returning to nj and said at the time it was only temporary, that was 1998,FML.

      • I live in Las Vegas and I really the love the WEST! And I have spent a lot of money on fixing up my house – I really don’t want to move. I did spend xmas in Florida and was so happy for that week – other tourists wore masks even on the beach but I never did – I went grocery shopping, clothes shopping, and went to a restaurant for the first time. I just talked to a real estate agent in Florida – they are all making tons of money and housing prices are now going higher. I should have moved last year. Anyway I am giving it a few more months – we will see if after everyone is vaxed (not me) they still keep in place the mandates – if so I’m gone.

        • Amen, Jen –

          Maybe Florida is shaping up to be the Rump State of America, the last remnant of America. I am making the same bet you are. If Virginia pushes this Diapering (and Needling) business much farther, I’m out. I will sell my place at top dollar to some liberal Northern Virginia Wokester and be outta here and good riddance. I love the mountains and will be devastated to walk away from the house I’ve spent so many years and tears on – but so be it, if it comes to that. Maybe we’ll all end up neighbors!

      • Hi Eric,
        You’ve got friends in Florida. I’ve got a guest suite you’re welcomed to (sweetie also) if you want to check out the Sarasota/Venice area. Another positive of FL- well maintained roads, also less police harassment than some other states.

        • Thanks, libertyx!

          We may take you up on this. The Diapering here is waxing; I see more voluntarily Diapered faces at the gym lately and my local Kroger is all Diaper all the time, practically. We rarely go anywhere anymore because we’re so sick of not seeing people’s faces…

          • I too feel caged by my disgust with seeing multitudes eagerly complying with whatever the local Psychopaths In Charge put forth to “keep us safe”. Never mind that the single by far most dangerous thing any of us face is government, as they reserve unto themselves the authority to kill you if you don’t accept their insanity. Fortunately, I can go to an alternate market where only a small percentage are eating the male bovine fecal matter. It’s a rural county where people recognize the odor. The selection of product is small, and the prices a bit higher because of it being a sparsely populated market that’s off the beaten track. Well worth the sacrifice. I am bothered by my weakness in directly confronting the tyranny in the more urban market nearby. But I think those who occupy that urban market are beyond help. I could likely set myself on fire in protest and get little notice, and probably become yet another COVID fatality.

  15. ‘Beckyjack’s Food Shack has the cure for that. Ridicule.’ — EP

    Notorious Lügenpresse scribbler Paul Kurgman, compensating for his embarrassment and diminutive manhood, posted an angry screed in the Slimes headlined ‘Texas, Land of Wind and Lies.’ For failing to conform to Kurgman’s delusional warmunist ideology and keep its windmills spinning, 29 million Texans have to be flogged with a fresh round of urban-progressive struggle-session denunciation.

    Meanwhile, some resourceful hybrid pickup-drivin’ folks in Texas used their Ford F150s with built-in generator to power the freaking house:

    Randy Jones of Katy, Texas said he used his truck’s onboard generator to power appliances in his home for three days, until his power was restored Wednesday.

    “The truck saved the day,” Kerrville, Texas resident Jerry Hall said. Hall said his home lost power Sunday evening through early Thursday. “It would have been three miserable days without the truck.”

    Hall said he and his wife still spent those days without heat, but they were able to run extension cords from the truck into the house to power lights, the refrigerator, television and other luxuries.

    Hall said “the main reason” he bought the truck was its onboard generator.

    Effete New Yorkers like Kurgman don’t even own F150s, much less run cables up the side of their multistory rabbit hutches to keep the lights on … assuming they could find a parking place on the mean streets (and of course a running truck would be stolen in five minutes).

    And note well that it was hydrocarbon power, not battery power, that kept those F150 generators turning.

    An uppity deplorable ridicules Kurgman:

  16. I attended a street party last night, many of my neighbors were there. Of the approximately 40 folks, I counted recall only four that were (nearly) continuously masked. They did remove their masks to sample the appetizers brought by others, without asking for their food prep procedures.

    BTW, we live in central Florida, can you say DeSantis?

    • Hi Proud!

      I am beginning to like this DeSantis guy; I read an article that claimed during a conversation with Biden, he told him to “go fuck himself.” If true, I really like the guy!

      • I really like him too. He is courageous and principled. Much braver and more principled than my governor, Abbott, has turned out to be.

        My brother, who lives in Austin of course, dismissed DeSantis as “really dumb” the other day when we were discussing politics.

        I asked why and his whole reasoning was that DeSantis didn’t agree with the White House or the media. Therefore, according to my brother, that makes him, “dumb”. I presume as well the fact that deplorables like DeSantis is enough to make him “dumb” to those who think they are better than the deplorables.

        No consideration of the actual situation in Florida, no comparison of the statistics, no critical thought whatsoever, just “dumb” because he wasn’t a sheep like most other politicians.

        • Thanks JR, yes, if you don’t like someone then pick a derogatory adjective, dumb, racist, misogynist, whatever.

          It saves oneself from formulating a cogent argument.


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