Latest Reader Q (Sept. 24, 2017)

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Here is the latest reader question along with my reply:

J asks: It’s great you notified the public as to what the major tire houses are doing. What you completely failed to mention is that the only way to fix this is to vote with your wallet. Independent tires dealers abound, most of whom want to sell you tires and get your business rather than upsell you on BS. Why didn’t you suggest that people avoid the Firestones, NTB’s and Discount Tire stores and go to an independent – where VIN scanning is (to them) a huge waste of resources and time?

My reply: Thanks J – and, point taken. I ought to have suggested that people do as you advise. So I’m doing that now!

As others have observed – and I agree with them, too – if enough of us (and it wouldn’t take that many of us) simply refused to go along with things like this, things would change. Everything from “tire tyranny” to the TSA.

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