They’re Just Doing Their Job…

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It takes awhile for most people – who are reasonable and decent – to begin to openly loathe the armed government workers who view themselves as “heroes” and are styled (quite accurately) “law enforcement.” Often, the break comes after watching a video like this one:

This woman, pulled over on the flimsiest pretext, is forced out of her vehicle while an armed government worker searches it using a dog. How does this differ from the infamous checkpoints in Germany or the old Soviet Union – where dogs were also used?

Perhaps someone will explain.

What sort of person could spend his days bullying and degrading other human beings – women, especially – this way?

Could enforce outrageous laws that arbitrarily criminalize merely “possessing” some substance the government has decreed to be illegal?

If you support the “war on drugs,” then you support a police state and will deserve it when the police state turns on you.

Meanwhile, these “heroes” … they are the dregs of the human pool. They haven’t even got the excuse of conscription that the German or Soviet costumed cretin could fall back on. These cretins are there by free choice – and could freely choose not to abuse their fellow humans for pay.

They choose otherwise – and are well-paid to abuse their fellow  citizens.


We should all regard – and treat them – as such. Shun them. Do not refer to them as “sir” or “officer.” They are not serving and protecting us. They are serving the government and protecting themselves.

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  1. Before Europeans arrived, Americans were sacrificed to feathered Gods like Quetzalcoatl.

    Big Bird and White Privilege

    As funny as such memes are. What’s funnier still is that young American’s infants are still sacrificed to a central authority to this very day. The swamps of power are still filled with preening birds of Authority who demand we sacrifice ourselves and our posterity to them or suffer their wrath. And still we are struggling yet ultimately complying.

    The technological wealth increases, yet the philosophical wealth keeps diminishing. Gaea becomes more of a Gaol wherever there are institutions of authority and control invovled.

  2. The last time I was pulled over, for the “crime” of circumventing clovers on a wide road that could easily accommodate faster than legal traffic, I just played completely dumb with the uniformed Goon. No words, no direct eye contact, no admission of anything. In hindsight, I’m actually surprised he didn’t forcibly extract my blood and perform a drug test. Luckily, that was the extent of it (plus the wallet raping). It’s only a matter of time before they jail or perforate me for some perceived offense. Sadly.


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