Video Rant: The Disco is back!

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No, not the Staying Alive kind. The Land Rover kind!

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    • Hi Handler,

      It’s true LR has adopted a unibody layout, but unibodies are by no means impaired off-roaders. I have been with LR off-roading in some pretty rough terrain; can vouch for the opposite. There are several unibody platform vehicles (e.g., Jeep Grand Cherokee, Porsche Cayenne) that are very good off-road. Most crossovers are not good off-road because they’re built on a FWD-based layout and lack a true 4WD system (with transfer case and Low gearing).

  1. wow – can’t remember ever seeing a video review when someone took the cover off an engine!!! You really should do more video reviews / test drives…. would be quite interesting seeing a guy who likes cars review things and not get bedazzled by the flashing lights and touchscreen displays, and instead focus on the engine / drive / usability of the cars….

    • I enjoyed that too. I was surprised when he removed the cover, never saw that before. Nobody else seems to recall there’s an engine there…..somewhere.

      I have driven a truck so long I naturally check the engine on everything I use. I was surprised the owner’s manual on my Chevy 3500 said “Check oil daily….after all, it’s a diesel”. Wow, it says it just like that. Really good advice although it never used oil…..but it could have. The car and pickup sit with their hoods open and most of my neighbors do too. It’s more of a mouse and rat thing but you might as well check everything at that point.

    • Dammit… it’s because of the cats… I left the desktop at the house loading… while I went to go work at coffee shop… and one of my minions walked over the keyboard…

      • I had that happen so much I ended with 2 laptops that were screwed, one badly enough to need some files it doesn’t have just to do a destructive restore. It’s a Dell(strike one), it was cheap and has little to no ability to read much of anything externally. It was bought as an XP. It needs to be wiped clean of Winders 8.1 and returned to XP…..or not and have some form of Linux installed(or not, just booted off a drive except I don’t think it even has a drive).

        I now flip the keyboard over on the desktop and stick a small towel back into the laptop to keep the lid from shutting and the damned cats out.


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