Vaccination “heroes”

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Here’s a vid about “heroes” strong-arming parents to have their kids vaccinated per the government’s fatwas:

The question arises: Does the government have the moral right to force anyone – child or otherwise – to submit to medical treatment of any kind, regardless of the merits of the proposed treatment?

I don’t see that it does. Because “the government” is just various other people – people with titles and and, of course, the power to enforce/impose their wishes on the rest of us. But at the end of the day, they are not our masters or our parents – and if they are not, then they have no more right to force another adult or any other adult’s child to submit to any medical procedure or treatment, irrespective of the merits, than any other random person does.

Their titles – and their guns – don’t give them the right. Only the might.

Unless, indeed, we accept the idea that these people who are the government are, in fact, our masters and our parents; that they have an ownership stake in us; that we are their property in the same way that cattle belong to a rancher.

It’s not a view I accept.

How about you?

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  1. Vaccination like anything else has risks and benefits. To understand where things are we have to go back to where the modern vaccination issue starts. Wakefield. If you read his actual paper it’s not what we are told. It’s rather quite different and it’s pro-vaccination. However what does conclude is that there -may be- some risk associated with the MMR vaccine and suggests that individual vaccinations would be safer. That’s it. It just says vaccination method A might be safer than vaccination method B.

    So when this paper became known to the public in the UK people started doing the separate vaccines. The government decided this cost too much. They didn’t like it. So they pulled the approvals for the separate vaccines. People reacted by not vaccinating at all because that’s the choice government gives us. All or nothing. That’s how it is in the US of A. If it’s on the state mandatory list you can’t say no unless you say no to everything. And then of course only for narrow circumstances.

    Almost the entire vaccination problem would disappear if people had a choice. For the real bad things almost everyone would vaccinate. For the chickenpox and other minor things not so much.

  2. There is a reason why the government wants single payer “healthcare”. They want to make doctors, nurses, and other medical people agents of the state as well. As in, cops with MD degrees.

    Just wait until the bad habits of the medical industry are laws.

    God help you if you like to smoke, eat red meat, have chronic health problems, or you got old.

    • Once I was exposed to the idea of human farming everything began to make sense. But then again I always found it strange that new legislation was argued in terms of what it would do with regard to people’s productivity. Anyway, we aren’t people to the so-called elite, we’re livestock. Human resources.

      The reason for single payer is indeed power but it also makes the strip mining of our wealth easier and more complete. At least that’s what the medical industry players think it will be like. That all they’ll have to do is go to congress and get more instead of arguing with insurance companies and heaven forbid customers.

  3. That’s not a view I accept either. The vaxxers think that an unvaccinated child can somehow put all the vaccinated children at risk. How can that be, unless the vaccines don’t work? They tip their hand by saying that “herd immunity” is their goal, as if we’re a herd of livestock they own.

  4. You’re a better Johnny Appleseed than me, eric.

    I couldn’t keep casting my pearls of wisdom before all these squealing swine for so long.

    If you go completely dark, just send the article to if possible, or maybe as an SMS to 7027-34-0eight47 from US number and it will get posted to Facebuke at least.

    Also if you or anyone wants to make a facebook account I can add you as an owner to the site.

    I can even bow completely out of the Facebuke fan site, which could easily be changed to the official site, and then you could somehow verify the change.

    Or whoever, just send and email saying what works for you.

    My site I used to go to before here went to all facebuke at some point, and they seem to be doing just fine without the wordpress comments.

    I can make you a reddit or voat fan site or official site that will allow the same kind of saucy comments we’ve all been enjoying here.

    Nice thing is your monthly nut drops to peanuts,

    You could then start taking whatever donations you are able to raise and just put them into your pocket or pay for Reddit Voat and Facebook assistance that if its me, will be absolutely free, I may even pay you to do it.

    Maybe set up the Patroen account or Go Fund Me or whatever you once didn so it raises the needed money to get you a Mac Lap Top as a backup that you can use as a second access terminal to your site.

    Obviously Ii’m just a well meaning amateur, but I would definitely help, just don’t expect me to be a wage slave, because I don’t know how to be that. You can’t offer an hourly wage and expect me to deliver anything, I would rather go harvest tobacco and cotton by the acre, than be accountable by the hour to anyone.

    Also as a non wage slave, I’m mighty thin on Doll Hairs, because all I’m holding of them right now is maybe 5 thousand, and that’s already way to many to suit my tastes. I honestly cant send u or anyone cash money, because I need those Doll Hairs, they do things very few other assets can do unfortunately.

    You fellow Pakledian, still trying to finally make his Mondor Go,

    Tore Stun Moon Cough.


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