Arizona “hero” Acquitted of What Was Obviously Murder

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About a year ago, 26-year-old Daniel Shaver was staying at a La Quinta hotel in Mesa, Arizona while working his job in pest control. He would himself be exterminated by two-legged vermin – in the form of trigger-happy cop Philip “Mitch” Brailsford.

Shaver – a regular guy with no criminal record – was apparently showing a woman he’d met earlier a pellet gun in his hotel room. There were no gunshots. No one had been threatened by Shaver.

He was not yelling or acting violently.

An “anonymous call” led to a body-armored thug scrum descending upon the La Quinta Inn, including AR-15 wielding Brailsford.

Without making any effort to ascertain whether Shaver was actually armed – let alone dangerous – the “heroes” scream orders at the clearly terrified man and his female companion as they walk out of their room, unaware of the presence of “heroes” with actual guns – AR-15 assault rifles – waiting for them in the hallway.

Both can be seen on the video – released after Brailsford’s acquittal – cringing in terror and immediately complying with the Shutzstaffel-style orders being screamed at them. But when Shaver – who was lying prone on the floor with his legs crossed and trying to get up in his knees as ordered by the “hero” – inadvertently fumbles behind him, he is summarily executed by Brailsford – who pumped five shots into him at near point-blank range out of an abundance of caution and fear for his safety.

Keep in mind that Shaver was on the ground and had been obeying every barked order – was in fact as supine as a piece of water-logged pasta – and had been begging the “heroes” not to shoot. 

It was not enough to prevent his murder by Bailsford – whose AR-15 was inscribed with “You’re Fucked” on it  – and insufficient to convict this murderer of even a misdemeanor parking infraction.

“If you move, we are going to consider that a threat,” the “heroes” state, as they draw down on the prone and clearly helpless and terrified man.

That’s all it takes to get snuffed by a “hero” in America these days.

Not to be an actual threat – but to be “considered” one, in the judgment of a “hero” looking for an excuse to kill someone.

Shaver is in the ground – but Brailsford is free to go. He will probably “serving” as a “hero” again.

Perhaps in your town.

. . .

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  1. It appears that the only thing that Shraver could have done to stay alive would have been to fall on his face and feign unconsciousness. At one point, when he was on his knees with his hands in the air and his legs crossed behind him,he was told that if he should fall he had better keep his arms extended above his head and fall on his face. He was then told to crawl forward, in that position, with hands raised and legs crossed behind him. He should have chosen to fall on his face and just not moved again, acting like he was unconscious. Brailsford still might have pumped five rounds through him, but the chances of that would have been decreased. I think the lesson to take from this is that if somebody is confronted with an aggressive cop like that, the thing to do is to just faint. Just collapse and lay there. It might keep you from being shot. Imagine people all over the country just fainting in front of police every day. This could become a movement. Arlo Guthrie might even write a song about it.

  2. Damm. Where in the Hell do you begin with this one?

    I’ll put my black helicopter in the air and suggest that perhaps…just perhaps…judges, cops, cop unions and prosecutors are somehow…out of our detection….threatening and manipulating these juries in some way. There is simply too much “acquitting” going on in these cases to think otherwise.

    If you are on a jury and you are to decide the fate of a member of the Stasi or the NKVD, a guilty verdict would be rare, if it at ll.

    You will trust American copping at your peril, ESPECIALLY if you’ve done nothing wrong.

  3. I felt sick watching that video.

    Clearly the police in this country consider the entire USA a battlefield, and it’s ‘them’ against ‘us’. I can only hope that Brailsford ends up receiving some street justice some time soon.

    • Doesn’t help that many heroes are ex or retired military. Many don’t see much difference between the streets of Bagdad vs your street here in the USSA.

      A good reform of police would be the non-hiring of former military.

      • This guy didn’t look ex military to me. I would be interested in a study which compared the number of incidents like this done by military versus non military cops.

  4. That was a pretty disturbing video. It was almost like a high-stakes game of “Simon Says”, with any wrong move resulting in death. I wasn’t there, and I’m not trying to “Monday-Morning-Quarterback”, but daggone, there had to be some other less-than-lethal way to handle that.

    • I was of the opinion that NYC cops were some of the worst but a Islamic radical tried to blow up a pipe bomb, injuring nobody but himself(burns, headache, dizziness I’d bet, ringing ears)and the cops walked up to him as he was down but moving and simply cuffed him, not knowing if that was all or if he had more to “give”. Then you have cowards like this guy. But cowardice isn’t all there is to that. He’s just plain evil, the worst kind of violent sociopath who needs to be put down.

      He’ll continue this type of thing until he is put down.

      • I agree, Eightsouthman. I don’t get why they would order the man to crawl toward them. He was out in the open in the hallway. At that point, why not just have him lie face down with his hands and feet outstretched and go to him to check for weapons, etc.? Not to mention that the cop’s orders were a bit confusing – especially for an intoxicated and visibly frightened man to follow. I especially cringed at the, “If you fall forward, you better fall on your face!” line. What human being isn’t going to instinctively and reflexively try to break their fall forward by using their hands? The whole thing just made me sick. That cop definitely has an air of evil about him.

        • I’ll second that also, this tatted up psychopath needs some street justice; I hope Mr. Shaver has a few relatives/friends that will administer that in the near future.

      • 8S no police will kill moozies as they are brought here to terrify citizens and cause the citizens to relinquish their civil rights, in the name of safety you see. That’s why those terrible moozies are never killed, they serve government purposes to a T.

  5. Damn, I just derailed your Golf review comments to ask if you had seen this already.

    Infuriating, isn’t it?

    Jebus, what more do Idiot AmeriKunts need to see before they realize this is a serious problem that needs to be reigned in, now.


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