“heroes” Acted “Within Policy”

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Here’s surveillance camera footage of a Colorado “hero” violently assaulting a man who did nothing to provoke it.

The man was apparently the target of an arbitrarily illegal “drug” bust. The surveillance camera shows him being approached by a “hero” who almost immediately cold-cocks him. The man is given no time to process that a “hero” is about to arrest him and – apparently – his momentary confusion (not physical resistance) is enough to trigger the usual escalation to violent assault.

When the surveillance video was made available to the higher-up “heroes,” they shrugged and stated that the arresting “hero” acted “within policy.”

The policy being to brutally assault people who don’t immediately go limp at the first barked order of an armed government worker.

Welcome to Palestine in America.

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  1. “They acted according to policy and within guidelines.”

    This is muttered in response to virtually all acts of violence by GovCo enforcers on the Mundanes (h/t Will Grigg).

    These “officials” are either lying or telling the truth.

    I’m not sure which scares me more.


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