AZ “heroes” SWAT Bicycle Riders

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Here’s a video of a swarm of “heroes” SWATTING a couple guys out riding their bikes. You can’t  even do that anymore in this country – not without having to worry about a gaggle of government worker geeks in body armor and armed to the teeth hassling you over every petty “violation” they can gin up:

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  1. It was far better when they were peace officers rather than enforcers of the will of the state. He was riding a pedal bike for goodness sake, not a rocket….

  2. So, what’s really happened is that the hall monitors are now armed.

    I honestly don’t think there’s any turning back, we’re headed to the ‘Zombie Apocalypse’. There’s no way this kind of tyranny voluntarily rolls back. Now all I can hope for is that it happens sooner rather than later — while I’m still young enough to actually deal with this shit.

  3. This is why I ride 100% to the vehicle code. I’ve been stopped but they never have anything real to ticket me with. When they realize I know the vehicle code with regard to bicycles better than they do they might get angry, one even called me an asshole, but they ultimately have nothing to charge me with.

  4. You’ll have to hunt a while to find something more disgusting than what’s in this video.

    This is off the charts awful. I am speechless. All of us should be ashamed of ourselves for allowing this stuff to have slid this far into pure Hell.