AZ Heroes Swarm Electric Bicycle

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Five “hero” wagons surround a guy on an electric bicycle; your tax dollars at work!


  1. This is how deviant behavior is dealt with.
    In the USA you are free to be like everyone else. Not act like a Chinese urban peasant with an electrically assisted bicycle. That’s deviant behavior and he should be harassed an if required punished until he buys a car and starts acting like everyone else.

  2. He must have been carrying custard filled donuts. That’s just blatant harassment and should be followed up with a civil suit.

    At least he’s saying most of the right things, but I would have asked if I were under arrest, because detainment prior to arrest is against common law. Had he asked who the actual flesh and blood victim was, the answer wouldn’t be forthcoming.

    It’s business as usual. Rather than knowing the “laws” they pull him over first and then take half the morning to check which ones he’s in violation of, testing how much cash they can suck out of his pocket.

  3. Eric, been following your spot-on writings for some time now. Here’s some possible material for a future post. Interested in your thoughts:

    Backstory… the deputy in the video is from Wichita County… two counties and 60 miles away from the scene of the shooting.

    Notice the yellow tape marking the perimeter. The news crew is nowhere near it, and is in fact across the street and at least two houses down. They are in no position to even remotely interfere with the investigation.

    Lastly, notice how it’s okay for Deputy Porkins to touch the reporter’s camera, and notice her nasty reaction when the reporter merely brushes her cuff with a fingertip.


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