Passing Two Left Lane Clovers!

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Here are two left lane-hogging Clovers:

Neither of these jerks takes any notice of the fact that other cars are stacking up behind them – nor that they are traveling slower than cars in the right lane.

Even when exasperated drivers pass them on the right, Clover refuses to move over.

Take a hint, Clover: If you’re in the left lane, you should be moving faster than traffic in the right lane. If you’re not, then you shouldn’t be in the left lane.


  1. I’ve recently been watching vids of crazy Russian drivers. Just plain scary. Think yourself lucky Eric neither of those clovers mangled themselves – and you just to be sure. Then again, there wasn’t a Lada in sight so I guess your chances were better.

  2. “The Law” varies from state to state. Here in the ‘Freestate’ of Maryland, multi-lanes are frequently posted “Slower Traffic Keep Right.”
    Simple, easily understood, but not by Clover. “Surely they don’t mean ME!”


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